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Chapter 760 - Finally Arrived

When he walked out of the transfer array, what appeared before him after the light faded was a foreign land. The sky was still gloomy and was filled with thunder. At a glance, he wasn’t able to see the edge of the land.

Although it was unfamiliar, it still had a familiar aura. This place was still the Thunder Celestial Realm.

“Li Yuan is very talented!” Wang Lin looked into the distance. He rarely admires people, but he admired Li Yuan’s ability to use various restrictions.

It required a lot of knowledge about restrictions to be able to build a transfer array to leave the storage space of a celestial. Wang Lin knew that it would be very difficult for him to do this.

After withdrawing his gaze, Wang Lin raised his hand and waved at the transfer array behind him. The transfer array shrank into a fist-sized crystal and was put inside his bag.

He looked around before turning into a ray of light and flying into the distance. After flying for several days, Wang Lin secretly noted the area. He carefully landed on a mountain, and after determining there were no abnormalities nearby, he went underground. After diving deep into the mountain, he hid the bag he couldn’t open that he got from Yao Xixu.

After setting a few more restrictions, Wang Lin carefully left.

It would be too conspicuous for him to keep holding onto the bag, and it wouldn’t help his plan. After hiding the bag, Wang Lin quickly moved underground until he was very far away and resurfaced on a plain. He looked back at the mountain in the distance before turning into a ray of light and flying off into the distance.

He moved very fast and didn’t stop anywhere on this fragment. Soon, he arrived at the chains on the edge of the fragment and quickly crossed it.

After flying cautiously on the chain over the void, Wang Lin saw another fragment. He took a deep breath and went directly underground after reaching the new fragment. After finding a location, he began placing down restrictions.

During this one month of flight, Wang Lin researched the restrictions on how to hide his aura that Li Yuan gave him. Wang Lin’s research progressed extremely fast due to the threat of the Blood Ancestor closing in.

He couldn’t completely conceal himself from the Blood Ancestor, he could only make himself harder to detect. If it was under ordinary circumstances, he would eventually be found, but combined with Wang Lin’s current plan, it might be possible for him to really stay hidden.

Strands of restrictions appeared around him, forming a ball of restrictions, and he sat down inside. Just as the restriction ball was about to close, the celestial guard stepped out.

Looking at the celestial guard, Wang Lin revealed a grim smile. He threw the transfer array crystal at the celestial guard and slowly closed his eyes. A portion of his divine sense split from his body and directly entered the celestial guard.

This was one of the celestial guard’s spells. It allowed the divine sense of the person who refined it to enter and control it.

After the portion of origin soul flew out, Wang Lin’s eyes began to close. Right before his eyes closed, one last restriction flew out from his hand and completed the restriction ball. The ball rapidly shrank until it disappeared in a flash of light.

The celestial guard opened its eyes and its eyes became cold. It grabbed the transfer array crystal and swallowed it before quickly charging out from underground.

After moving his body and getting over the discomfort of a few body, Wang Lin checked underground with his divine sense. He was unable to detect where his body was.

“If I didn’t have the celestial guard, I wouldn’t be able to deceive the Blood Ancestor. However, I’m taking the initiative, and once he becomes aware of the origin soul inside this body, he won’t be able to avoid this attraction.”

Wang Lin lowered his head and looked at his body. He charged into the distance like a meteor with his divine sense spread out. He was like a bright light in the dark. If someone was looking for him, they would immediately be able to lock onto him.

Wang Lin flew unbridled along the way. He had been suppressing his feeling since he came to the Allheaven Star System. After all, he had escaped here, and those old monsters from the Alliance Star System could have chased him over at any time.

The reality of it all made him cautious.

However, since the Blood Ancestor had already arrived and how strong this body was, Wang Lin decided to let go of his caution. Although the celestial guard couldn’t compare to his original body, it was far stronger than any cultivator and even some body-refining cultivators.

As a result, Wang Lin naturally had an arrogant aura while he flew.

“Blood Ancestor!! Now I’m waiting for your arrival!” Wang Lin’s eyes were extremely cold. He was going to kill!

His killing intent had reached the level of Illusory Yin because of his current body. Even if he encountered other cultivators, they would hesitate and avoid him.

Wang Lin didn’t even look for treasures as he quickly flew from fragment to fragment. Every time he arrive on a fragment, his divine sense would spread out like crazy.

Time slowly passed. In the blink of an eye, five months passed. Wang Lin charged through everything. Naturally, because he had important things to do, he didn’t look for trouble. However, if those without eyes came looking for trouble, he would not hold back.

The powerful body and the spell from Wang Lin’s divine sense caused his strength to reach its peak peak. In these fives months, he had gained a little prestige among the cultivators here.

In particular, the power of the body that could match magical treasures caused many Ascendant cultivators to avoid him on sight. Even Illusory Yin cultivators would frown and avoid him as well.

However, Wang Lin wasn’t moving blindly. He moved around the fragments near the one where his body was. This limited his movement and had two advantages.

The first was that he wasn’t moving around randomly and therefore wouldn’t end up accidentally missing the Blood Ancestor. Second, he was indirectly protecting his body. After all, if he went too far and his body was found by the Blood Ancestor, then he would be on the defensive side.

He was searching for the Blood Ancestor and at the same time the Blood Ancestor was searching for him! The two became closer and closer...

The Blood Ancestor was wearing a red robe as he moved through the void. One step from him was like teleportation, and he moved across the chains extremely fast.

His expression was calm, as if he wasn’t angry at all. However, his eyes became redder every day. With his cultivation, even if the heavens collapsed, his mood wouldn’t change, but his only daughter, Yao Xixue, was his only weakness!

He was willing to fight against the heavens and kill everything in his path for his daughter. Even if he had to choose between his daughter and reaching the third step, he might struggle and hesitate, but in the end he would choose his daughter.

This was where he was completely different from the All-Seer and Ling Tianhou. If it was the All-Seer, he would give up everything and choose the third step!

For his own daughter, he was even willing to give up his own dignity, give up on the oath his dying father made him take, to never take half a step into the Allheaven Star System...

“Father…  When you made me make the oath, why did you leave behind an Allheaven Stone…” This question had existed in the Blood Ancestor’s heart for a very long time.

The Blood Ancestor calmly took a step and landed on the fragment. His divine sense spread out like a storm and covered the entire continent.

However, at this moment, his originally calm face became cold. He slowly raised his head and looked into the distance. His eyes revealed killing intent strong enough to almost become corporeal.

“Wang Lin…”

His killing intent was so powerful that a mountain in front of him was affected by this killing intent and immediately collapsed.

As the rocks and dust flew everywhere, the Blood Ancestor took a step and disappeared without a trace.

At the moment before the Blood Ancestor stepped foot on the fragment, Wang Lin moved like a meteor on the chain on the other side of the fragment. Just as he was about to arrive and spread out his divine sense, the sky suddenly darkened and dark clouds began gathering in the sky.

Even the fragment began trembling.

All of the cultivators on this fragment immediately felt this tremble in their souls, no matter what cultivation level they were at. Even Illusory Yin and Corporeal Yang cultivators were no different...

The difference in cultivation levels made it impossible for them to resist; it was as if the heavens’ might was descending.

Wang Lin immediately moved and his eyes shined brightly as he stared into the distance. He revealed a cold smile.

“You’ve finally arrived…”

There was a thunderous roar and the clouds split apart as if there was a giant pair of hands ripping them apart. Blood-red light appeared and covered the land. The powerful divine sense was like a storm that swept across the entire fragment.

This divine sense was too powerful. The second step spell contained within the fragment actually almost caused the fragment to collapse. The red light coming from the clouds before Wang Lin was even more bright.

It was as if at this moment the fragment was surrounded by red light, it was as if it had been thrown into a blood pool.

The red light condensed 1,000 feet before Wang Lin. In almost an instant, the figure condensed, revealing a red-haired and red-eyebrowed middle-aged man in red robes!

This man was was so handsome that even Qian Feng[1. Zhuque Zi’s disciple and Liu Mei’s senior] felt somewhat lacking compared to him. This man had a unique aura around him. When he appeared, he calmly looked at Wang Lin and didn’t say a word.

However, Wang Lin could clearly see a red fire that could burn the world hidden inside those calm eyes. The Blood Ancestor didn’t waste any time with Wang Lin. He raised his right hand and pointed at Wang Lin!

After he pointed, cracking sounds came from the sky as if it was being ripped open by that finger. That force charged straight for Wang Lin’s forehead.

Wang Lin stared at the Blood Ancestor. As the finger closed in, he slowly said, “If you kill me, even though Yao Xixue has the Blood Soul Pill, she will surely die!”

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