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Chapter 759 - Precise and Ready

Chapter 759 - Precise and Ready

Wang Lin held the brush and slowly closed his eyes. After a long time, he suddenly opened his eyes and his hand began writing according to the text. He gradually found a trace of what the celestial was feeling.

His mind gradually became anxious as he wrote. This was a feeling of hesitation and confusion mixed together. This aura remained in this room even to this day.

Finally, Wang Lin’s right hand suddenly stopped in the air. He looked up outside through the window on the second floor.

“This celestial had just finished the painting, but he became even more confused. After leaving these words, there was a change. Someone must have arrived!” Wang Lin put down the brush and looked outside.

He more or less figured out some clues. After looking at the paper, he waved his right hand and the paper burst into flames.

After burning it clean, Wang Lin put away the paperweight. When he walked down from the second floor, he saw Li Yuan taking down the paintings from the first floor and putting them inside his bag.

Wang Lin hesitated a bit before saying, “Brother Li, you must be careful about where you store the paintings. You mustn’t let outsiders see them; otherwise, it will cause a great catastrophe!”

Li Yuan seemed to realize something and nodded.

Li Yuan asked, “There should be more magical treasures or jades inside this storage space. Is Brother Xu not going to look a bit longer?”

Wang Lin shook his head. “Brother Li can look for them.” After seeing the contents of the paper, his heart was filled with the mysteries of why the Celestial Realm had collapsed.

In particular, after seeing the second valley, Wang Lin felt that even if there were treasures remaining, there would be very few. This was because the most important treasure, the beast bone, was already taken by him!

This beast bone was obviously the broken treasure mentioned in the note that was being refined.

“OK, while I place down the collapse restrictions, I can also look around. I also need to find an exit out of here, and if there isn’t one, it will take some time to connect one.” Li Yuan clasped his hands at Wang Lin and looked up at the second floor. He didn’t go up but walked out the temple.

Wang Lin sat down outside the temple. He took out the nine beast bones and began to slowly study them. Time flew by and one month passed in the blink of an eye.

Li Yuan didn’t have much harvest in this month, so after a while, he stopped looking. However, what was worth mentioning was the eight short swords that attacked Wang Lin. Li Yuan used some unknown method and managed to control them.

Wang Lin was very shocked about this, but when he considered Li Yuan’s restrictions, he seemed to understand.

In this one month of time, Li Yuan placed restrictions at all the collapse points he calculated inside the storage space. Li Yuan seemed to show even more interest in plotting against the Blood Ancestor than Wang Lin.

Every time time he thought about how his restrictions could possibly help kill a god, Li Yuan would become short of breath. Although he was very alert, he had one glaring weakness, and that was his blind self-confidence in his family’s restrictions.

In addition, he also considered what would happen if the Blood Ancestor didn’t die, so he made his decision. He would only secretly help in this matter but not participate. After the arrangement was finished, he decided he would separate from Wang Lin. After all, this matter was too big, even if he was indebted to Wang Lin.

In truth, to help in secret was also his limit. It was already very difficult for him to even help at this point.

On this day, Li Yuan returned to the temple with a serious expression. He looked at Wang Lin with a complex gaze and let out a heavy sigh. Then he waved his right hand and a crystal restriction ball flew out and floated before Wang Lin.

“Brother Xu, I have placed 1,465 collapse points using the Annihilation Restriction. All you need to do is activate this restriction ball with your celestial spiritual energy and this storage space will completely collapse!” 

Wang Lin held the restriction ball and scanned it with his divine sense. After making sure there were no problems, he clasped his hands and said, “Many thanks!”

Li Yuan’s expression darkened and he said with hesitation, “Brother Xu, in fact, I have a method if you don’t wish to be found by the Blood Ancestor. All you have to do is hide inside a cave and not leave… until that Blood Ancestor has forgotten his hate....”

Wang Lin calmly smiled and said, “I’ll remember Brother Li’s kindness. If there is no way to fight against the Blood Ancestor, then I might really have to trouble Brother Li.”

Li Yuan silently pondered, and after a long time he took out a jade. He handed the jade to Wang Lin and said, “Brother Xu, this is a record of my Li family’s Annihilation Restriction. Although I can’t give you a piece of the restriction heart without being at the ancestral temple, studying it it should help you. There are even several methods for hiding your aura!”

Wang Lin silently accepted it and nodded.

Li Yuan let out a sigh as both his hands formed a seal and a transfer array appeared before him. This array was not stable; it seemed as if it could collapse at any moment.

“Brother Xu, this transfer array can only be opened three times. You… You have to be careful!” Li Yuan looked at Wang Lin again as he stepped into the transfer array. He didn’t look back but softly said, “If I didn’t have any responsibilities tying me down, I would definitely stay and witness how my Li family’s restriction plotted against a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator!

“Brother Xu, take care!” Li Yuan’s sigh echoed. His figure disappeared within the flashing transfer array.

Wang Lin raised his head and his eyes became cold. He muttered to himself, “Blood Ancestor… Yao Xixue… Even though both of you have Blood Soul Pills, I’m going to gamble this one time to see if you guys can completely revive under the power that can destroy everything from the collapsing space!”

Wang Lin had a bag of holding on him. This bag belonged to Yao Xixue, but he couldn’t open it. He could only place restrictions on it to make the aura not spread out too far.

In addition to this bag of holding, Wang Lin originally had a real Blood Soul Pill, but it was used in his battle against the scattered devil. He knew that there was at least one other Blood Soul Pill, but he couldn’t open the bag.

“It’s impossible for anyone to have many of these heaven-defying pills, even the Blood Ancestor. After many years of consumption, I fear that having even one or two is the limit for the Blood Ancestor.”

While he sneered, Wang Lin took out the restriction ball holding Yao Xixue. He no longer had any interest in asking questions, so he threw the restriction ball. It immediately flew out and was buried deep inside the distant mountain.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin took a step and entered the transfer array. There was a flash of light and Wang Lin disappeared.

“Blood Ancestor… Since you aren’t willing to let me go, then I will do as Li Yuan said: try to kill a god!”

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