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Chapter 742 – Devil Lotus

The Thunder Celestial Realm was far larger than the Alliance Star System’s Rain Celestial Realm. To be more accurate, the Thunder Celestial Realm was better preserved than the Rain Celestial Realm. At the edge of one of the fragments there was a mountain that constantly gave off thunder.

Bursts of thunder the looked like silver snakes constantly moved through the mountain. Anyone who saw this would feel shocked.

The sky was dark and thunder would occasionally fall down on the mountain. It was as if the sky and mountain were linked. Thunderous rumbles would continuously echo and wouldn’t dissipate for a long time.

There was a cave in the middle of the mountain. Wang Lin was sitting in the lotus position in this cave, healing his injuries.

The celestial guard was also cultivating at the entrance recovering itself.

On this day, Wang Lin opened his eyes and released a golden flash. Before him were 10 pieces of differently shaped fragments that slowly floated into the air as if a giant hand was holding them.

Wang Lin began to ponder. He had not seen what the origin tool from the Thunder Celestial Realm looked like. However, he guessed that there was a 70% chance that these fragments belonged to an origin tool.

Wang Lin raised his hand and took one of the fragments. After carefully looking at it, he put it down before picking up another piece. Just like this, he engraved every piece in his heart and then closed his eyes.

Just like how he deduced restrictions, he began deducing the most accurate combination inside his mind.

Time slowly passed. One hour later, Wang Lin opened his eyes. He frowned as he looked at the fragments before him.

“It is impossible for these fragments to form a complete magical treasure, as there are pieces missing.” After silently pondering for a moment, Wang Lin waved his hand. The fragments were surrounded by celestial spiritual energy and began to move. The pieces connected together for form a vase.

There were scar-like cracks between each fragment, making it give off a sense of incomplete beauty. In addition, on one side of the vase there were several pieces missing that prevented it from being complete.

After looking for a while, Wang Lin waved his hand and the fragments fell apart once more. He then put them back into his bag of holding.

“That Xu Fenghan was an Illusory Yin cultivator, so why didn’t he have a bag of holding…” Wang Lin was puzzled by this after he killed Xu Fenghan.

After Xu Fenghan died, his body dissipated. Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out and he found out that he didn’t leave behind a bag of holding.

This was a very odd phenomenon.

“That person’s cultivation level was very high. Even if he didn’t prepare any magical treasures for this trip to the Thunder Celestial Realm, he still should have prepared some pills. Moreover, if he had any gains, he couldn’t just be holding them in his hand…” Wang Lin frowned and was completely baffled.

“There must be some reason I don’t know of, or there is a method of storage not known to outsiders!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he thought about the devil lotus inside the underworld river!

“Could it be…” Wang Lin’s eyes shined and with a thought the underworld river appeared around him. The underworld river was formed by his dao, so its size could change. Wang Lin’s right hand hit the underworld river, causing the large amount of resentful spirits inside to pull out Xu Fenghan’s devil lotus.

His eyes shined as he stared at the devil lotus. This thing couldn’t leave the underworld river for too long, or it would disappear. Only by being inside the underworld river could the dissipation be slowed.

At this moment, the devilish flame had already extinguished, leaving behind the bleak lotus. Wang Lin’s hand formed a seal and celestial spiritual energy gathered in his eyes.

He looked at the lotus!

There seemed to be a cloudy aura inside the lotus, but this aura was not dead, and it was slowly rotating. When Wang Lin looked at it, the rotation immediately sped up and he could vaguely hear a roar coming from inside. It seemed like it was using some mysterious method to come out through Wang Lin’s gaze.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he let out a cold snort. Not only did he not withdraw his gaze, he even gave the strange aura an opportunity to come out. The black gas came out and immediately turned into a devil that tried to devour Wang Lin.

The moment that devil tried to devour Wang Lin, its body immediately shivered as if it had discovered something unbelievable. It let out a scream and immediately turned around to return back into the devil lotus.

However, it was too late!

Wang Lin’s origin soul charged out and chased after it while giving out bursts of thunder. He directly grabbed the devil. As the devil gave off bursts of anxious screams, it was dragged back into Wang Lin’s body.

“I can’t refine a scattered devil, but such a small devil doesn’t stand a chance!” Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as the scream of the devil was drowned out by thunder. The scream became weaker and weaker until it completely disappeared and the devil was devoured by his origin soul.

Ordinary cultivators didn’t possess devouring abilities like this. Normally, this came from some demonic cultivation methods. As for Wang Lin, this was because he was a soul devourer.

After devouring the devil, Wang Lin’s eyes gave off a dark glow as if it contained a trace of devilish energy. However, thunder soon flash through his eyes, dispelling all of the devilish energy, and Wang Lin returned to normal.

He licked his lips. At this moment, he could clearly feel that not only had all his origin energy been recovered, but it had also increased a bit. It was as if all the origin energy had been compressed.

After the black gas disappeared, the inside of the lotus was no longer cloudy and Wang Lin could see another space inside the lotus. There were four crystal clear beads emitting bright light floating inside. However, they looked unstable, like they could break down at any moment.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin looked over and one crystal bead collapsed and dissipated.

Seeing that the other crystal beads were about to collapse, Wang Lin’s right hand immediately reached in and grabbed two beads. Just as he was about to grab the third, that bead collapsed.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he withdrew his right hand with two beads inside. After taking them out, the beads stopped collapsing. Wang Lin’s divine sense entered the beads and he was immediately shocked.

“What an interesting spell, using something formed by dao as a bag of holding.” Wang Lin took a deep breath and understood why Xu Fenghan didn’t have a bag of holding.

“Using one’s dao to form its own space and store precious things inside for maximum protection. This spell is very practical.”

At this moment, after the lotus lost the crystal beads and the black gas, it withered rapidly. It was as if thousands of years had passed; it completely withered and eventually disappeared.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and crushed one of the crystal beads, causing a pill bottle to appear. The bottle was still sealed by wax, which meant that it had never been opened before. A very delicate “Xu” was engraved on the bottle.

After breaking the wax, the smell of celestial spiritual energy came out, making one feel extremely comfortable both physically and mentally. There was only one pill inside the bottle, and although Wang Lin didn’t know the effect of the pill, it was absolutely not normal.

After looking at it for a long time, Wang Lin put away the pill and broke the other bead. There was a flash of light and a talisman appeared. This talisman looked extremely ordinary with nothing unusual about it.

There was a simple rune drawn on it using cinnabar.

“What is this…” Wang Lin was startled, and he picked up the talisman to take a closer look. This looked liked the talismans he had seen in his early days of cultivation that were used by low level cultivators.

“If Xu Fenghan stored it inside his dao, it can’t be normal!” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed, and after looking at if for a long time, he still couldn’t find any clues.

After pondering for a while, he put away the talisman and no longer thought about it. Then his body flickered and he moved directly out of the cave. The celestial guard followed and merged with his shadow.

Right before the mountain of thunder was the edge of the fragment. There was a field of thunder at the edge of the fragment. The thunderbolts were like rusty chains that extended into the darkness.

“In the Rain Celestial Realm, there were transfer arrays. However, the thunder in the Thunder Celestial Realm is too powerful to place transfer arrays, so traveling depends on the power of one’s feet.” Wang Lin pondered, he didn’t rush to leave this fragment but carefully searched the area for any location with celestial spiritual energy fluctuations.

As he flew, Wang Lin’s expression suddenly changed. Two rays of sword energy flew toward him from the front. There was a man and woman on those two rays of sword energy.

The man was wearing dark blue robes with his long hair bundled up in a blue ribbon. He looked around 30 years old and had an extraordinary appearance. The woman looked to be around 28 years old, and although her appearance was also beautiful, her phoenix eyes looked evil and made it look like she had some strange temper.

While the two of them were flying, they caught a glimpse of Wang Lin, and the two couldn’t help but stop. They carefully spread out their divine senses and were slightly relieved to find that Wang Lin was only at the peak of the late stage of Ascendant. The two looked at each other and without a word flew far away.

While the two were probing Wang Lin’s cultivation, Wang Lin also saw through theirs. Both of them were at the peak of the late stage of Ascendant and hadn’t broken through yet.

They didn’t have much origin energy inside their origin souls, unlike him, who had already reached a point of saturation.

The two of them didn’t want any trouble and quickly left. Wang Lin only took one look before withdrawing his gaze and continuing to look at the ground.

The Thunder Celestial Realm had opened many times, so the harvest each time would be less. However, once there was a harvest, there was a high chance for it to be some top quality treasure.

Wang Lin had experience from the Rain Celestial Realm, so it was much easier. In a flash, the remainder of the month passed by. Wang Lin didn’t meet many cultivators, only three to five people.

Among them, he hadn’t seen any Illusory Yin cultivators. Most of them were Ascendant, and there was even one Soul Transformation.

Wang Lin searched the entire fragment once in one month of time and found nothing. After pondering a bit, he stopped searching and moved at full speed back to where he started.

On this day, while Wang Lin was flying, his eyes suddenly narrowed. On the ground in the distance, a restriction formation had suddenly appeared.

Although this restriction was hidden, it was clear as day to a restriction master like Wang Lin. He clearly remembered that he hadn’t seen this restriction when he passed by here before.

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