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Chapter 741 – Stealing One’s Spot

Xu Fenghan’s body felt cold the moment the whip hit his body. All of the chaotic thoughts in his mind surged forth like a flood. They became an extremely chaotic existence inside his body and made him feel like he was being torn apart.

His steps involuntarily slowed and even his dao became unstable.

He couldn’t imagine what kind of whip this was to have such a terrifying power. At this moment, Wang Lin charged out. He didn’t charge toward Xu Fenghan but toward Xu Fenghan’s lotus.

Stealing one’s spot!

At this moment, Wang Lin’s hair moved without any wind and his cloth flapped in the wind. His eyes were shining like lightning, and although his face was pale, he gave off an extraordinary aura.

Standing on top of Xu Fenghan’s dao lotus, Wang Lin turned around. His eyes were bright as a torch as he looked at Xu Fenghan.

He stood on the lotus, which was the same as standing on Xu Fenghan’s dao. Although in reality this had no effect, symbolically, it was was amazing attack on one’s mind!

Xu Fenghan finally suppressed all the chaotic thoughts in his mind. His dao heart had already weakened, and when he saw Wang Lin standing on his lotus, his expression immediately paled.

Wang Lin didn’t say a word as he coldly stared at Xu Fenghan. He waved his sleeves and actually sat down on the lotus. At this moment, the power of the underworld river became even more intense, and it instantly surrounded the lotus.

Xu Fenghan had lost the battle of dao… His expression turned pale and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. He then immediately retreated with a self deprecating smile and at the same time his hand formed a seal. The origin energy inside his body instantly gathered at his hands.

“I still have an origin spell! Origin-Formed Devil God!” Xu Fenghan’s face became ferocious. He already hated this enemy, whose name he didn’t even know, to the bones!

Origin energy gathered in his hands and then a black devilish flame suddenly formed between his hands. This devilish flame was like a flickering candle flame. It was as if there was a heart-devouring devil struggling inside the flame.

In the blink of an eye, the devilish flame absorbed a large amount of origin energy, causing it to flash brightly and, expand greatly. It gave off thick, black smoke that turned into the shape of a single-horned devil. Its appearance was similar to the scattered devil, but it was not as strong.

A powerful sense of crisis appeared inside Wang Lin’s heart. His right hand hit the lotus and then he jumped off it. Then his right hand pressed between his eyebrows and he charged directly toward the devil.

His speed was extremely fast, and when he closed in, the third eye between his eyebrows released a powerful, red light. The red light didn’t spread out but gathered. Right now he looked extremely demonic.

The moment the devil it appeared, it let out a roar and bit Xu Fenghan’s shoulder. It then dragged him into the air and swallowed him.

After it finished devouring him, it turned its head and stared at Wang Lin. It then charged out while letting out a roar and swung its claws. The claws seemed to be tearing the heavens and earth, releasing a harsh shrill.

At this moment, the veins on Wang Lin’s face bulged. The third eye between his eyebrows instantly opened and released a ray of light in the shape of a fan.

That devil’s body was immediately exposed to the fan-shaped red light and looked as if it was becoming transparent. Even Xu Fenghan, who was like a fetus inside the devil, became visible!

The moment the devilish claws closed in, Wang Lin’s right hand pointed at it and he shouted, “Stop!”

The Stop spell descended like a great force; it was as if the entire world had stopped at this moment. Although the devil recovered almost immediately, that pause gave Wang Lin an excellent opportunity!

Right now the devil was completely surrounded by the red light and its body was giving off a large amount of black smoke. It let out bursts of miserable groans and its screams were extremely violent. Even Xu Fenghan, who was in an dormant state inside the devil’s body, opened his eyes.

Wang Lin’s expression was pale. He couldn’t maintain the red light from the third light for too long, because this spell used up too much origin energy. Wang Lin only kept the third eye open for two breaths of time before the red light disappeared.

However, at this moment, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the celestial sword appeared in his hand. He raised the sword and it quickly fell!

Heavenly Chop!

A thunderous roar echoed across the heavens and earth! What was chopped wasn’t the flesh or power but the law of the world. At the moment the law was chopped, the spell would naturally collapse!

This chop also allowed Xu Liguo to play his part. Dense ancient sword intent immediately filled the world.

The celestial sword had fallen, but the devil wasn’t injured at all and Xu Fenghan’s eyes lit up inside the devil. However, at this moment, whether it was the devil or Xu Fenghan, neither of them moved an inch.

A moment later, cracks appeared on the devil and devilish energy escaped from the cracks. After all the devilish energy dissipated, Xu Fenghan was exposed.

Xu Fenghan was already dead!

A trace of blood came out from the corner of Wang Lin’s mouth. Killing an Illusory Yin cultivator was really difficult. Wang Lin put away the celestial sword and reached out toward the ground. He collected all of the shattered fragments of the treasure and quickly left.

As for the devil lotus inside the underworld river, it didn’t disappear for some reason. Instead, it was absorbed by the underworld river and was slowly being refined.

When he noticed this, Wang Lin revealed a thoughtful expression.

“I wonder if the physical manifestation of dao can be refined into a magical treasure…”

As he flew, Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out. This battle would definitely attract some cultivators, so Wang Lin quickly flew away. Even after he was tens of thousands of kilometers away, he still didn’t stop.

This fragment was extremely vast, and it was far more stable than the Rain Celestial Realm. If this was the Rain Celestial Realm, this battle would have definitely caused the fragment to collapse.

Wang Lin flew for three days before he finally saw the edge before him. At this point, he stopped and looked around. Not far away, there was a mountain filled with thunder.

Wang Lin charged directly toward the mountain. He used the celestial sword to make a cave before sitting down and cultivating.

During the battle with Xu Fenghan, Wang Lin used the Heavenly Chop and Third Eye, so the origin energy inside his body was consumed. However, he had devoured two and a half bolts of celestial thunder that he had not refined but kept inside his body. He quickly refined them and recovered the origin energy he had used in the battle.

In addition, this place was the Thunder Celestial Realm, so everything here, including the plants and mountains, contained thunder. This was like a holy land for Wang Lin, and cultivating here would be much faster than outside.

He was like a fish in water.

While cultivating, Wang Lin took out the lotus from the underworld river. The lotus was bleak, and at the moment it left the underworld river, it showed signs of dissipating.

Wang Lin observed it for a moment before putting it back into the underworld river.

Then he took out all the fragments he had gathered. From the fragments, he could tell that this was a vase-shaped treasure.

The celestial fluctuations coming them were extremely strange. It looked like celestial spiritual energy but also not.

While looking at the fragments, Wang Lin began to think. Then his eyes suddenly narrowed and he muttered to himself, “Could this be a shattered origin tool?”

At this moment, a blood-red light quickly flew through the Allheaven Star System. At the end of this red light was a dark red planet.

This planet was very large and gave off a very strange aura. It was impossible to determine if this aura was celestial spiritual energy, devilish energy, or demonic energy. In the end, it was extremely strange.

This planet wasn’t stationary but slowly moving.

The red light stopped before the planet and then disappeared, exposing a person. This person had red hair, red eyebrows, and was wearing a red robe. He looked very handsome and was in his 40s.

As he looked at the surrounding space and the dark red planet, a trace of melancholy appeared in his eyes. He clasped his hands and respectfully said, “Yao Luodong’s son, Yao Kong, returns to the family!”

The surroundings were completely silent. After a long time, the dark red planet suddenly stopped and a hoarse voice came from within.

“When your father left the family, didn’t he say that no matter how many generations passed, you all would never return…”

Yao Kong let out a sigh. He really didn’t want to come back to the Allheaven Star System and use the Allheaven stone his father left him.

However, if he didn’t return to the Allheaven Star System, he couldn’t be at peace. All of this was for his daughter, Yao Xixue!

This person was the Blood Ancestor!

“I…” Just as he spoke, he was interrupted by the hoarse voice.

“Leave this place and go back to the Alliance Star System your father chose. My Yao family’s temple doesn’t have the name Yao Luodong!”

This voice was filled with determination and resolve, and it didn’t allow any to doubt or question it.

The Blood Ancestor clenched his fist and said, “Grandfather!! My only daughter, Yao Xixue, was kidnapped from the Alliance Star System and was brought here. Whether she is alive or dead is unknown! She has the blood of the Yao family!”

That hoarse voice became silent. After a long time, an ancient sigh came from it.

“Yao Xixue…” The voice was very soft. After a while, it slowly said, “I have calculated that she is inside the Thunder Celestial Realm. You go and bring my great granddaughter back. Go to the Thunder Celestial Temple with my token and they will send you in. If you are late, then even they won’t be able to send you into the Celestial Realm.”

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