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Chapter 740 – Peerless, Battle of Dao

Xu Fenghan’s words were interrupted by the disappearance of the spear.

As his slender figure walked out from the dust, his face was pale and was in a somewhat sorry state. His eyes were cold and were carrying a crazy amount of killing intent.

“You’re very good, very good!” A cold voice came from his mouth and was also gnashing through his teeth. To be pushed this far by a first step cultivator was a disgrace! He had forgotten that he came here for the pieces of treasure fragments underground. The only thing in his mind was killing Wang Lin!

Wang Lin secretly sighed. It was very difficult to kill a second step cultivator. All of the calculations and attacks were done to give the celestial guard a chance for that punch. If it was any first step cultivator, they wouldn’t have been able to block that attack.

However, he could only injure but not kill an Illusory Yin cultivator who couldn’t even be considered to have truly reached the second step.

“This person is much more powerful than the Thunder Daoist from back then.” Wang Lin waved his hand and all the fragments exposed on the surface were gathered by him.

Wang Lin was staring at the devilish lotus flame above Xu Fenghan’s head.

Xu Fenghan took a deep breath, then he pointed at the sky with this right hand and grimly said, “Even if you have that puppet, thanks to the dao of my devil lotus that formed when I reached the Illusory Yin stage, you will still be reduced to ashes!”

“Devil Lotus Dao, first rotation!”

When Xu Fenghan finished speaking, his devil lotus began to slowly rotate. The rotation caused the devil flame to immediately become more intense and cover half the sky.

Wang Lin’s expression was very serious. This was a rare chance to see a cultivator with their own dao. The rotation of the devil lotus seemed to have replaced the world itself; it was as if the world was turning.

This feeling was very unreal but also extremely real. It was as if he had become a grain of sand in the world and was being mercilessly erased by the rotation of the world.

“I can’t let it keep rotating!” Wang Lin’s expression suddenly turned pale. Thunder suddenly echoed across the sky that was half-covered by the black flame from the devil lotus.

In an instant, an underworld river appeared in the sky. This underworld river was extremely long, as if a great river had suddenly appeared in the sky. Bursts of mournful cries came from within, making it seem as if the entire world was filled with endless resentment.

The underworld river squeezed into black flame’s territory, creating an opposing force. At this moment, the rotation of the world gradually stopped and Wang Lin revealed a serious expression.

Cultivators that had their own dao and could materialize it were terrifying! Wang Lin was very clear on this point.

Xu Fenghan’s eyes narrowed as he stared the underworld river and slowly said, “So you can materialize your own dao too. You can also draw the soul from the mountain and have so many magical treasures. If my guess is correct, you are a second step cultivator as well, but due to certain circumstances, your cultivation fell to the peak of the late stage of Ascendant!”

Only this explanation could prevent Xu Fenghan from feeling bad. Otherwise, he really couldn’t face the fact that an Ascendant cultivator could be this strong.

“I believe that that puppet is your original body and this body is your clone. You must be too injured for your origin soul to return to your original body!” The more Xu Fenghan spoke, the more clear his mind became and the more he was sure of his speculation.

“Let us see which of our daos is stronger!” Xu Fenghan’s eyes became cold and were filled with killing intent. The lotus above his head immediately began to rotate even faster. The black flame became even more monstrous to the point that it formed a wall of black flame that would make anyone’s throat feel dry the moment they saw it.

Xu Fenghan shouted, “Devilish flame, burn!” The flame vortex separated from the lotus and charged toward Wang Lin.

The vortex rotated rapidly, creating a powerful wind that carried intense heat. This wind created a storm that closed rapidly on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes released a golden glow. This battle was his first life and death battle since reaching the peak of the late stage of Ascendant. As the devilish flamed closed in, Wang Lin raised his hand and shouted, “Second ability, Condense River Soul!”

The underworld river immediately trembled and all the resentment inside condensed. This resentment was too powerful; it was all the resentment Wang Lin had gathered from all the mortals on planet Qing Lin. All of the resentment combined to form a monstrous amount of grievance.

The monstrous resentment turned solid and charged out as shadows. Each shadow had the figure of a mortal.

In an instant, countless shadows of mortals appeared in the world. At this moment, the world seemed narrow and crowded.

However, the mortals formed by the resentment all fused in the blink of an eye. The result was a human-shaped resentful spirit that had no specific appearance!

The resentful spirit was born from the underworld river. Just as it appeared, the underworld river wrapped around the spirit and charged at the devilish flame vortex.

The resentful spirit and devilish flame vortex collided, creating an unimaginable power. At this instant, an extremely harsh sound came from the sky!

The entire sky seemed to be torn by this power!

The earth shook violently under the impact of the force. A crack appeared before Wang Lin and Xu Fenghan and quickly spread. It was as if the entire continent was being split in half!

The resentful spirit shattered into countless strands of resentment and returned to the underworld river. The underworld river collapsed!

The underworld river was his dao, and its collapse meant the collapse of his dao. When Wang Lin felt the effect of the collapse, his expression immediately turned pale and he staggered a few steps backwards. The devilish flame’s power was transmitted into the underworld river, and when the underworld river collapsed, it was transmitted into Wang Lin’s origin soul.

This devilish flame burned as if was going to burn the entire world. Wang Lin’s face turned red, then he coughed out a large mouthful of blood and was immediately filled with killing intent!

“Third ability, Power of the Underworld River!” Wang Lin’s head jerked upward and he stared at the crumbling underworld river. His unyielding nature was revealed through his gaze.

He would never yield. If his dao collapsed, then he would reform it once more! If the underworld river collapsed, then he would reform it once more! The devilish flame was forced out through the pores in his body. The devilish flame was invisible, but then black gas rose into the air.

Xu Fenghan’s expression was also pale and he also took several step backward. Although the devilish flame formed by his dao didn’t collapse, it was as if rain had fallen on it, and more than half of the flames had extinguished.

Even his body was eroded by the resentful spirit from the underworld river. Luckily, his cultivation was powerful enough that he could suppress it after many attempts. If he hadn’t suppressed it, it would’ve invaded his mind and he would have gone crazy before Wang Lin even had a chance to attack.

“Battles of dao are the most dangerous; those words are not false!” For the first time, Xu Fenghan put Wang Lin on the same level as himself.

Battles of dao often shake the roots of cultivators. This was not their origin soul or their flesh but their dao heart. The consequences of a damaged dao heart were extremely terrifying as it was extremely difficult to recover!

Xu Fenghan saw that Wang Lin’s underworld river had collapse, but at this moment, a powerful, unyielding will actually caused the collapsing underworld river to reform!

This scene shocked him greatly and his eyes revealed a mysterious light. This was the first time he had seen a dao spell like this. His eyes lit up and knew he couldn’t retreat right now. This was a battle of dao, and if he retreated, the consequences would be very serious. His right hand formed a seal and he shouted, “Devil lotus, 100 rotations!”

The lotus trembled and rapidly rotated. At this moment, the feeling that the world was rotating appeared once more.

This feeling was so terrifying that Wang Lin’s body retreated subconsciously. He didn’t want to retreat, but he had no choice. It felt like he would be obliterated by the rotating world if he didn’t retreat.

“I have killed Illusory Yin cultivators before, so it’s not impossible to kill another!” Wang Lin’s right foot stomped on the ground and his body stopped. His unyielding gaze fell directly on the underworld river.

This will also contained Wang Lin’s confidence. This combination of unyielding will and faith caused the underworld river to stop collapsing. A powerful suction from came from within the underworld river!

This suction was extremely powerful; it was as if it wanted to suck everything into the underworld river. No matter how one rotated one, couldn’t escape from the suction comprehended from the intersection of two star systems!

This suction was so powerful that it even caused the lotus to slow down. It was as if it was inside water, as its rotation was obstructed and slowed down.

This change caused Xu Fenghan’s expression to change greatly. Without hesitation, he jumped up. He was about to sit down on the lotus and use his own power to make the lotus rotate.

How could Wang Lin give him that chance? Wang Lin immediately shot out. Under the suction of the underworld river, his right hand pointed into the air. His eyes were filled with killing intent as he shouted, “Karma Whip!”

A curved line suddenly appeared between Wang Lin’s eyebrows. This thin line slowly extended until it became a long whip!

The moment the whip appeared, it immediately shook and gave off snapping sounds. It caused countless ripples to appear, and it was like an intangible object. It mercilessly whipped at Xu Fenghan, who was charging toward the lotus!

The whip was only lashing at the air, but it mysteriously affected Xu Fenghan. His body trembled, his face turned pale, and his body paused.

The Karma Whip attacks karma!

“This person’s dao heart has a flaw!” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and he rush out without hesitation.

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