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Chapter 736 – Thunder Celestial Realm

Every cultivator with a furnace was being pulled by their respective thunder furnace. Unless they were from the same cultivation planet, the distance between them was far too great to see each other.

When they looked around, aside from the light coming from themselves, it was all just darkness.

However, just at this moment, a powerful ray of thunder flew by like a meteor and carried with it a thunderous roar. The speed of this bolt of thunder was so fast that it had already reached an inconceivable degree.

It instantly passed by several cultivators. The impact caused by its passing made the light around those cultivators flicker as if they were about to extinguish.

These cultivators were all from the same cultivation planet, and their expressions changed greatly. When they focused in that direction, they only saw a flash in the distance before it disappeared without a trace.

What remained was the confusion and terror in the eyes of those cultivators.

One of the cultivators muttered, “What… What was that?”

Wang Lin was inside the meteor-like thunderbolt. The extreme speed made it so that he couldn’t open his eyes at all. It was as if there was something moving inside his body and countless concaves had appeared all over his body.

He didn’t even dare to spread out his divine sense. At his current speed, he would reach the range limit of his divine sense the moment spread out. Due to the extreme speed, he would lose that part of his divine sense and damage his origin soul.

His speed was too fast. This meteor-like thunder rampaged through the road to the Thunder Celestial Realm. Some of the first time cultivators were excited about reaching the celestial gate before they saw this terrifying meteor.

Each of them were so stunned that they forgot where they were for a moment.

Even those that wouldn’t easily reveal their true emotions were dumbfounded.

This was not the first time for some other cultivators, but even for them, when they saw the meteor-like thunder, their expressions changed and were filled with uncertainty.

In this environment, very few people dared to spread out their divine sense. Even if they did, it was impossible to lock onto the fast meteor.

What exactly was inside that meteor? That became the first question that appeared inside the hearts of almost all the cultivators before they had even stepped onto the Thunder Celestial Realm!

At the end of this empty space was the gate to the Thunder Celestial Realm. This gate was a huge bolt of thunder, only it was so large that it was impossible to see where it ended.

This bolt of thunder was dark red, it appeared from the void, and the other end disappeared into the void like a river. However, there was no life coming from it as if it was a person whose life had come to an end.

There were many legends about this bolt of thunder in the Allheaven Star System. The most accepted one was that originally there was no gate to the Thunder Celestial Realm. The entire Thunder Celestial Realm was a giant lake of thunder and it didn’t need the gate.

As for this dark red bolt of thunder, it was formed by the souls of all the celestials when the Celestial Realm collapsed. This became the gate after the collapse.

At this moment, there were already several people sitting in the lotus position under this dark red bolt of thunder. Shengong Hu was among them.

Aside from the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple, there were some of the rare, solo cultivators from the Allheaven Star System. In the Allheaven Star System ruled by cultivation families, there weren’t many solo cultivators. Without a terrifying cultivation level to back themselves up, it would very difficult for survive.

Almost every single solo cultivator was a powerful existence.

The people under the gate to the Thunder Celestial Realm rarely talked to each other. All of them had their eyes closed as if they were unwilling to be disturbed by others.

Sometimes there would be individual cultivators arriving through the guidance of the thunder furnace. Often, the first waves of cultivators were all those that had reached the second step.

If one met an acquaintance, they would often exchange a few words, sit next to each other, or sit alone after greeting each other.

A middle-aged man in blue was sitting next to Shengong Hu. His face was pale with no trace of color, but there was a coldness in his gaze.

The middle-aged man had a strange tone as he slowly said, “I heard that the always arrogant Shengong Hu now has an lord. I didn’t believe you at first, but seeing that brother Shengong is missing a part of your dao soul, it seems like it is true! A pity! A pity!”

Shengong Hu’s expression remained the same as he coldly looked at the middle-aged man before he calmly said, “A short-sighted person who has no ambition can’t understand the ambition of an man with great intellect. A superficial person can’t comprehend the thoughts of an ambitious person! Tang Yangfeng, you’re not me!”

The man named Tang’s eyes became cold and he gloomily smiled. “I want to see what kind of intelligence you have!”

Shengong Hu no longer spoke. During these 20 years, he had been under a lot of pressure. This pressure came from his family and the Thunder Celestial Temple.

All of this was became he had pledged to Wang Lin!

In his family, he was scolded for his rash decision. Although he was a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple, he couldn’t do anything against the family elders.

As for the Thunder Celestial Temple, they didn’t agree with a messenger pledging to someone else. Although they didn’t obviously state anything, Shengong Hu could feel that the Thunder Celestial Temple was alienating him.

For example, with his talent he shouldn’t have been here at all right now. He should have been with the majority of the other Thunder Celestial Temple messengers and entered the Thunder Celestial Realm through another path.

Although he wasn’t the only messenger here, those people couldn’t compare to him at all in term of status.

Thinking about this, Shengong not only felt no regret, he felt a powerful sense of pride. Not only did he feel that he wasn’t wrong, he also felt like it was the best decision he ever made in his life! What he said to Tang Yanfeng was also the same thing he said to the elders of his family!

“Even the head elder of the family is stuck at the Nirvana Cleanser stage, so there is not even a need to talk about the legendary third step… What qualifications do they have to guide me!?” Shengong Hu’s eyes shined brightly.

Tang Yanfeng sneered. This Shengong Hu was the first one among their generation to become a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple. However, due to one misstep, he was now in such a situation.

Just at this moment, a bright light suddenly appeared in the distance. After an instant, a thunderous rumble rushed closer like a storm.

All of the cultivators opened their eyes and looked over. Tang Yanfeng was no exception.

At the moment he looked over, the light suddenly intensified and headed straight for this place. The light carried with it a powerful rumble and closed in at an incredible speed.

It was too fast and closed in in an instant. There was not a lack of powerful cultivators here. Many of them spread out their divine senses, trying to lock on the meteor-like thunder to try to find some clues about it.

However, due to its crazy speed, the meteor like thunder already quickly closed in before they could even lock on to it. It brought with it a powerful force, making everyone’s eyes become even more serious.

As it closed in, not only did it not stop here like normal, it became even faster. It flashed by the crowd and charged directly at the gate!

Under everyone’s dumbfounded gazes, the meteor-like thunder suddenly hit the dark red bolt of thunder. Following a muffled rumble, the bolt of thunder disappeared into the dark red thunder, leaving everyone dumbfounded.

“Enter… It entered?” One of the cultivators was completely stunned.

Not only him, but almost everyone around immediately stood up and stared at the gate.

They had never heard of someone that could enter before the gate opened. It was completely beyond their expectations.

Tang Yanfeng stared dumbfoundedly at the Thunder Celestial Gate. He muttered, “What is this… How could someone enter before it opened… Could it be that you can enter before it opens?” He frowned.

He wasn’t the only person who had this idea, but no one dared to try, except for one person. This person’s body flickered and a clone walked out from behind him. He pointed forward and the clone charged toward the dark red thunder.

Everyone’s gazes immediately followed. They all saw the clone touch the dark red thunder, but its body trembled and quickly collapsed!

At the same time, a bolt of dark red thunder shot out toward the cultivator that sent out the clone.

This cultivator’s expression changed greatly. He was at the Illusory Yin stage, but when facing the thunder, his scalp felt numb and was about to lose his wit. He turned and quickly ran, but the red thunder chased closely after. The red thunder entered the person’s body and flew back after making a cycle through that person’s body.

That cultivator trembled, then his entire body, along with his origin soul and bag of holding, collapsed!

Silence, all of the surrounding cultivators became silent.

No one noticed that at this moment, Shengong Hu had lowered his head, but his eyes were filled with shock and unimaginable excitement. When he saw the meteor-like thunder pass, he felt a trace of his lord’s aura inside due to his dao soul.

“I, Shengong Hu, was not wrong. Senior is really amazing person. The thunder he attracted reached this degree and could enter the Thunder Celestial Realm before it opened. This kind of cultivation is really… unbelievable!”

A person was standing on a peak covered in countless bolts of thunder on a fragment of the unopened Thunder Celestial Realm.

This person was an old man with a head of white hair flowing in the air. As his white clothes fluttered in the air, he had his hand behind his bad and frowned as if he was thinking of something. However, he was startled as he looked into the distance and softly exclaimed.

“Interesting!” The old man revealed a look of interest. A gust of wind blew by and his body turned into countless golden specks and disappeared from this thunder mountain.

If Wang Lin was here, he would immediately recognize that when the old man disappeared, there was a faint aura of returning to the origin…

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