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Chapter 735 – Unprecedented Ancient People

When the Thunder Celestial Realm opens, it produces celestial thunder. The celestial thunder acts as a guide and anyone with a thunder furnace will be led to the Thunder Celestial Realm.

As for why it was like this, no one knew. It was as if it had always been like this. Some powerful cultivators wanted to search for an answer, but no matter how hard they searched, they ultimately still found no answers.

Over time, people stopped looking for the cause of this. They all knew that as long as they had a thunder furnace, they could enter the Thunder Celestial Realm

At this moment, the celestial thunder arrived the moment Wang Lin put the thunder furnace away. The thunder had not yet landed, but the rumble could be heard.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light and his origin soul operated like crazy. Bursts of thunder came from his body and even spread to the outside world. The current him was like a master of thunder and lightning.

At the moment the thunder descended, Wang Lin’s body charged out like a meteor. He opened his mouth and devoured the thunder without any hesitation!

It was like magnificent sight.

After he devoured it, the wind and clouds changed and the entire world seemed to dim. The originally bright thunder was devoured by Wang Lin.

The loud series of thunderous rumbles quickly turned into muffled roars coming out from Wang Lin’s body. Wang Lin’s body trembled when he swallowed the thunder, and he had the illusion that he was hit by a punch from an ancient god.

He directly fell from the sky like a broken kite and smashed toward the ground with a rumbling coming out of his body.

At the moment his body landed on the ground, a large amount of thunder came out from his body and spread out. In an instant, the area with 5 kilometers of him was surrounded in a thunderstorm.

There was nothing but a large pit in the ground. Explosions kept going off inside Wang Lin’s body and the force of the thunder smashed his body deeper into the pit. His whole body kept discharging intense amounts of thunder and his eyes were shut tight. His origin soul was absorbing the celestial thunder like crazy. The thunder origin spell was also active, absorbing the origin energy from within the thunder.

This scene was like the thunder lake within the asteroid field!

The thunder in the sky echoed within the clouds as if the majesty of the celestial thunder couldn’t be challenged.

After the arrival of the celestial thunder, the clouds in the sky showed signs of dissipating and began to disappear. At this moment, deep inside the pit, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes exposed powerful thunder and also a hint of excitement.

He licked his lips. The origin energy within the celestial thunder was extremely rich. It was several times more dense than the origin energy from the thunder lake. He had already reached the limit in the amount of origin energy he could store due to his cultivation. However, this excess origin energy had caused his previous situation to change.

He quickly moved and charged out from the pit. At the same time, he slapped his bag of holding and the thunder furnace appeared in his hand once more!

The moment the thunder furnace appeared, the dissipated thunder clouds stopped and condensed once more. Then another bolt of celestial thunder descended.

Wang Lin laughed and put away the thunder furnace. Although that last bolt of celestial thunder had left his entire body aching and his origin soul was barely holding on, the amount of origin energy inside it was unimaginable.

If other cultivators saw Wang Lin’s current actions, they would be dumbfounded. This kind of action could only be described as crazy!

Devouring celestial thunder!

When the second bolt of celestial thunder arrived, Wang Lin’s body was floating in mid air and thunder was rumbling out from his body. Thunder moved around his whole body as the bolt of celestial thunder descended. Wang Lin charged out without any hesitation and devoured it!

A sound that shocked the entire planet echoed across the planet and the entire planet trembled. This time, the moment his body hit the ground, he immediately sat down in the lotus position. His entire body was trembling violently.

There wasn’t enough time for Wang Lin to absorb it. After the two bolts of thunder, the clouds seemed unstable and were quickly dissipating. This time it was dissipating several times faster than before.

A green light came out of Wang Lin’s head while he was sitting in the lotus position. The moment the green light appeared, a blue mist came out as well and Wang Lin’s origin soul came out from his body.

The moment his origin soul appeared, the thunder furnace came out from his bag as well. His origin soul absorbed the thunder furnace and then rushed toward the clouds.

The quickly dissipating thundercloud issued a few unwilling bursts. It then stopped dissipating and condensed once more. However, it seemed angry this time as it gathered almost all the thunder and formed a bolt of celestial thunder much more powerful than the previous two!

This thunder descended with a heaven-shattering rumble. At the moment the thunder descended, all of the thunder clouds were sucked into the thunder.

From a distance, it didn’t look like a bolt of thunder at all but a huge vortex instead. The vortex was formed by the thunder clouds with the third bolt of thunder at the bottom!

A loud rumble echoed echoed across the planet. None the cultivators dared to spread out their divine sense at this moment. All of the mortals, even the tyrants in the market and the experts of the martial arts world that didn’t believe in cultivators, knelt on the ground, praying like devoted followers.

Wang Lin’s origin soul floated in the sky and stared at the terrifying thunder. He couldn’t help but reveal a wry smile. “It seems… It has gotten out of hand…”

Watching the thunder descend, Wang Lin’s origin soul moved and quickly elongated until it looked incredibly similar to the ancient thunder dragon.

After letting out a roar, Wang Lin’s origin soul rushed out and devoured the thunder. However, he only devoured half before quickly retreating. The celestial thunder let out an angry rumble and angrily chased after Wang Lin.

His origin soul moved extremely quickly toward the ground and threw out the thunder furnace. Then his origin soul returned back into his body, and as he opened his eyes, his right hand grabbed the thunder furnace.

The thunder chasing after him seemed to let out a reluctant roar as it landed on the thunder furnace. Even the intense vortex that followed the thunder also landed on the thunder furnace.

The thunder furnace flashed like crazy. It was so intense that even Wang Lin’s right hand felt numb.

Even when he held lightning, he wouldn’t feel this kind of numbness. This just shows how terrifying the thunder was.

At this moment, the thunder vortex above the thunder furnace rapidly rotated and absorbed everything inside. From afar, it looked like the entire world was going to be absorbed by the furnace.

Someone who didn’t understand anything would think that this furnace was a top quality treasure because it seemed like would absorb the world!

In almost an instant, the huge vortex entered the thunder vortex. As the vortex disappeared, the thunder furnace gave off crackling sounds and a crack appeared on it!

This was the first time a crack had appeared on a thunder furnace since the Thunder Celestial Realm opened!

This kind of phenomenon had never happened before over the countless years. The amount of thunder furnaces was alway the same and they could not be destroyed or lost. Every time the Thunder Celestial Realm opened, they would appear from the void and then return to the void. When they reappeared again, it would always be the same amount.

However, right now it seemed like all of this was going to change.

Wang Lin’s face was filled with a bitter smile. He really felt like he had overdone it. He didn’t know if he would be affected if the thunder furnace collapsed; maybe it would prevent him from entering the Thunder Celestial Realm.

“It should not collapse… This thunder furnace is something from the Thunder Celestial Realm after all…”

As Wang Lin stared dumbfoundedly at the thunder furnace absorbing all of the thunder clouds, more and more cracks appeared on it until it finally shattered!

A thunderous echo echoed across the heavens and earth, forming a giant storm on planet Qing Ling.

The thunder furnace shattered into countless fragments and each fragment had thunder connecting them together.

Wang Lin let out a breath of relief. As long as the fragments were there, there was a chance to fix this…

However, the moment the fragments split, they collapsed once more. This time the fragments shattered into dust…

This was the first thunder furnace that had collapsed since the Thunder Celestial Realm opened! From this day onwards, no matter how many times the Thunder Celestial Realm opened, it will forever be short one thunder furnace and an entry will be lost for eternality!

This was the first time this kind of thing had happened in countless years. As for what would happen afterwards, no one knew.

The thunder furnaces were originally indestructible; breaking one was even very difficult for people at the second step. Even if someone could do it, they wouldn’t because it would gain them no advantage and have an extremely negative impact on the system.

Wang Lin’s bitter smile became even stronger.

The moment thunder furnace shattered, all of the thunder inside it exploded forth. An unimaginably powerful thunder gushed out and surrounded Wang Lin. This thunder pulled him toward the sky at an extremely fast speed.

This speed was too fast ,as if it was trying to tear his body apart!

Others would take the thunder furnace and be led toward the Thunder Celestial Realm, so their speed was relatively slow. Wang Lin’s thunder furnace had absorbed the entire thundercloud to the point that the furnace itself couldn’t withstand it anymore, so naturally his speed was several times faster.

In almost an instant, this crazy thunder broke through the void and disappeared along with Wang Lin.

His speed was almost indescribable, as if time was passing by in the blink of an eye. This space was clearly different from normal space. Wang Lin wasn’t able to see his surroundings at all before he flashed by.

There were many cultivators from the Allheaven Star System on the road to the Thunder Celestial Realm. They didn’t have to fly on their own and were automatically being pulled by the thunder furnaces toward the celestial gate to wait for the gate to open.

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