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Chapter 734 – Got a Great Bargain

The old man coldly snorted before he retreated and said, “I just stepped into the Illusory Yin stage two years ago. If I had a few more years, then no matter how much more treasures you have, you wouldn’t be this old man’s match!”

Wang Lin withdrew the scattered mountain soul and calmly said, “I’m talking with you about exchanging this spell!”

The old man sneered. “Don’t even think about it. You already took the thunder furnace, now leave quickly!”

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed, then he raised his right hand and a ray of black light immediately shot out. The moment the black light appeared, the old man felt like his life force was about to be drained.

The black light charged out directly toward the cultivation planet and immediately disappeared. However, the old man’s divine sense closely followed it and saw the black light land on a plain. The vegetation on the plain immediately withered before turning into countless strands of vitality that flew out from the cultivation planet and entered Wang Lin’s body.

Wang Lin calmly said, “This spell is named Finger of Death!”

The old man snorted and said, “If I hadn’t reached the Illusory Yin stage, then it would’ve barely caught my eye, but right now it is worthless!” Although he said this, in his heart he was secretly shocked at how tyrannical it was. He wasn’t interested in the spell’s power but in its ability to absorb vitality.

Wang Lin’s right hand pointed once more and a demonic aura appeared around his fingertip. It shot out like a bullet and stopped before the old man.

“This spell is the Demonic Finger. It turns celestial spiritual energy into demonic energy. When used with the Finger of Death, its effect is even better!”

The old man stared at the black aura before him and began to ponder. He lifted his right hand and immediately caught it with his hand before scanning it with his divine sense. After a long time, he looked at Wang Lin and slowly said, “Rumor has it that people from planet Dong Ling are good at demonic aura spells. So you are from planet Dong Ling! However, this spell is still worthless!”

Wang Lin pondered a bit. Back then, what Situ Nan cared most about was the Underworld Finger.

The old man was startled and his heart was filled with disbelief. Even though the spell had defects, it wasn’t something Wang Lin could use for an exchange. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he raised his right hand and slowly said, “This final spell is something I learned from a Nirvana Shatterer senior. If you still don’t find it interesting, then forget about this matter!”

Wang Lin’s mind gave a command and then the celestial guard behind him turned into a ray of golden light and charged toward the cultivation planet.

The puppet’s movement caused the old man’s expression to sink.

Shortly after, the celestial guard returned with a fierce beast in its hands. The beast looked extremely ferocious and its whole body was covered in thorns. It had the arm of a mortal in its mouth. Apparently, it was eating when the celestial guard caught it.

Wang Lin’s two fingers from his right hand formed a sword. He hadn’t used the celestial slaughter art in a long time. The countless strands of slaughter energy he condensed back then were placed inside the puppet and were all consumed in a battle.

However, Wang Lin still had a profound understanding of the celestial slaughter art. After all, he had cultivated the spell for more than 100 years.

At this moment, he focused for a moment and sword energy gathered in his finger. The ray of sword energy shot out into the beast and the beast immediately let out a miserable groan. The old man’s eyes suddenly widened as the beast quickly withered and turned into a skeleton.

A strand of grey gas came out from the beast’s corpse and wrapped around Wang Lin’s fingers.

Wang Lin flicked his finger and the grey gas flew out. He then pointed at it, causing it to immediately change into a life seal and fly toward the old man.

“This spell is named the Celestial Slaughter Art!”

The old man was moved. His right hand reached out and grabbed the seal. His divine sense carefully examined the seal. The more he examined it, the more shocked he became. In the end, his eyes were glowing.

With his cultivation, he was almost immediately able to see through the Celestial Slaughter Art. The life seal obviously had a certain protective element and the grey gas had offensive capabilities.

Although it wasn’t powerful, this spell could obviously be used many times and could be stored.

“This life seal is formed from the Celestial Slaughter Art! It involves relying on slaughter to gather vitality and surrounding one with vitality to form life seals. The more life seals there are, the more powerful the defense will be! Back then, the senior who taught me the spell said that if one had one trillion life seals protecting them, then even if the cultivation planet collapsed, one would still be safe and sound!” Wang Lin wasn’t lying, this was exactly what the grey-robed All-Seer told him.

For the first time, the old man’s expression revealed hesitation. It was obvious that this celestial slaughter art had moved him, With his insight, he could naturally see how powerful the celestial slaughter art was and that it was not something ordinary cultivators could get a hold of. There was a certain credibility that this was learned from a Nirvana Shatterer senior.

However, this third eye spell was a family inheritance, so it couldn’t be casually taught to outsiders. The origin of the spell was unknown; it seemed to be something his ancestors had accidently obtained.

If it was the Alliance Star System, a family like his would never be able to keep the spell to themselves. However, in the Allheaven Star System, where families held power, almost each clan had inherited something, and those things were not easily taken.

What was more important was that he was the first person to successfully learn it after his family had obtained it.

Wang Lin waited for a moment. After seeing that the old man was still hesitating, he waved his sleeves and stepped toward the Thunder Beast. He then said, “Since fellow cultivator is still unwilling, then let’s forget this matter!” With that, the Thunder Beast under him turned into a bolt of thunder and flew off into the distance with the celestial puppet following closely after.

The life seal in the old man’s hand collapsed and became ash. As it dissipated, a wave was set off in the old man’s heart. It felt like it should have been his spell and it just was stolen away.

Upon seeing Wang Lin disappearing into the distance, the old man’s expression changed. He clenched his teeth and shouted, “Fellow cultivator, stop. I’ll trade it for the Celestial Slaughter Art along with the Finger of Death and Demonic Finger!”

Wang Lin stopped. The Thunder Beast let out a roar and turned around. It stopped 100 feet from the old man. Lightning came out of its nose and its eyes were filled with disdain.

The old man clenched his teeth and said, “Exchange. This old man agrees to your exchange, but you have to promise not to spread it to others!”

Wang Lin nodded. Without wasting any time, he took out three pieces of jade. After recording the details of the three spells, Wang Lin threw them out, not fearing that the old man would back out.

The old man looked through them. Although his expression was neutral, he admired Wang Lin’s actions in his heart. He also took out a jade and recorded the method for the third eye spell before throwing it at Wang Lin. However, he schemed and made a few alterations. If one cultivated according to this, there will be great hidden dangers in the future.

Wang Lin caught the jade and examined it. He secretly tried the spell and even spent painstaking effort to compare it to the moment when the third eye activated. He was immediately able to see through the issues, but he didn’t point them out and simply nodded.

Looking at the elder, Wang Lin felt somewhat bad. After all, he had gotten a great deal in this transaction. After hesitating a bit, he said, “Fellow cultivator, it is best not to cultivate more than 100,000 strands of slaughter energy, or else there might be great danger!” After he said that, he immediately left as if he was in a rush to leave.

The old man was startled before looking down at the jade in his hand. After pondering for a moment, he quickly returned to the cultivation planet with the others and then immediately went into close door cultivation. He had cultivate as much as possible so that he would be prepared for when the Thunder Celestial Realm opened in one month.

Wang Lin sat on the back of the Thunder Beast with a strange expression on this face. He shook his head and said, “Trading three spells with problems for a spell with a hint of the third step seems a bit too much…. A bit too much…” Wang Lin looked at the jade in his hand and a smile appeared on his face.

The old man only treated it as an ordinary spell. Even if he cared about it, it was only to a certain extent. However, Wang Lin felt that this spell was extremely powerful as it contained a trace of returning to the origin.

If Wang Lin had not seen the third step, he wouldn’t have seen the potential of this spell. He suppressed the excitement in his heart and carefully examined the jade.

Wang Lin didn’t care about the mistake left by the old man. As long as he had enough time, he could fix the mistake. This was a lot simpler than fixing the three other spells.

The Thunder Beast rushed through the stars extremely quickly. Its target was Wang Lin’s cultivation planet, Qing Lin!

The cultivators of Qing Lin felt lucky that the eccentric senior with special interests had finally left. However, only a few months later, it became oppressive again as that senior with the special interests had returned.

The area with 5,000 kilometers of Heng Yun Peak became a restricted area once more, so no one dared to take half a step inside.

After returning to his own cultivation planet, Wang Lin spent his time studying and fixing this third eye spell. He also slowly attempted to control it.

More than half a month quickly passed. On this sunny day, there were no clouds in the sky and the sky was very blue. The gentle breeze carried with it a sense of warmth.

Wang Lin stood at the Heng Yun Peak with the thunder furnace in his hand. This furnace was only the size of his hand and thunder moved through it. There movement of the thunder created crisp sounds.

A subtle gap would occasionally appear and disappear between his eyebrows, giving off red light. At this moment, he looked extremely strange; no one would believe that he was a righteous cultivator. No matter how one looked, there was a trace of evil about him.

All this was due to the gap between his eyebrows.

Not long after, thunderclouds appeared in the blue sky. These clouds appeared abruptly without any signs. The sky was blue before and then it was immediately covered by the clouds.

Bursts of thunder moved within the clouds and gave off a series of rumbles. At the same time, the thunder furnace in Wang Lin’s hand seemed to respond and the thundercloud grew denser.

Just at this moment, a thick bolt of thunder descended from the clouds toward Wang Lin!

As Wang Lin stared at the thunder, his eyes revealed a strange light. He knew that as long as the thunder hit the thunder furnace, he would be guided through the void toward the Thunder Celestial Realm.

However, he withdrew the thunder furnace!

“This is celestial thunder, ah…” Wang Lin muttered to himself, then the strange light in his eyes became stranger. His next move was unprecedented in the countless times the Thunder Celestial Realm had opened…

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