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Chapter 733 – Stealing Furnace

A large formation was built above the the vast desert on the northwestern side of planet Qing Ling with celestial jades.

Wang Lin sat down in the center of the formation and cultivated. Everytime he took a breath, he would absorb a large amount of celestial spiritual energy into his body.

This repeated again and again. The celestial spiritual energy in his body was slowly condensing.

The peak of the late stage of Ascendant was not something unattainable for cultivators, but it was still a step only a few could take. The reason was not domain or celestial jades but origin energy!

If the origin energy fused into one’s origin soul was insufficient when they reached the Ascendant stage, then even if they could reach the Ascendant stage, they would never reach the peak.

At the same time, even if one gathered enough origin energy but suffered injuries to their origin soul, causing them to lose their precious origin energy that was fused with their origin soul, then they wouldn’t be able to reach the peak.

It could be said that origin energy was the key to reaching the peak of the first step of cultivation. 

Adding on the fact that Ascendant cultivators couldn’t absorb origin energy from the world to recover, it was natural that not many could reach the peak.

After Wang Lin cultivated inside the thunder lake, he reached the limit of origin energy his origin soul could hold and reached the most basic requirement. As his domain was refined, it helped drive his cultivation. He slowly stepped toward peak of the late stage of Ascendant as he absorbed celestial spiritual energy.

However, the amount of celestial spiritual energy required to reach the peak of first step was a terrifying amount. After absorbing for a year, Wang Lin used up all of the celestial jades. He then took out the celestial liquid and drank it without any hesitation.

The celestial liquid entered his body along with a powerful sense of drunkness. Wang Lin’s body gave off a white mist. This white mist contained the scent of wine and spread across the area.

At the same time, the celestial liquid gave off a large amount of celestial spiritual energy inside Wang Lin’s body. It was like a powerful force that was rapidly pushing his cultivation toward peak of the late stage of Ascendant.

To complete with just a thought and celestial spiritual energy moved along with one’s aura. This was the description for the peak of the late stage of Ascendant. One’s domain was complete without a single flaw and a firm dao heart. The body was filled with celestial spiritual energy, and it felt like even one’s aura was filled with celestial spiritual energy.

Wang Lin reached the peak of the late stage of Ascendant 19 years and 8 months after he arrived on planet Qing Ling!

All the celestial jades within countless kilometers of Wang Lin turned to dust when he broke through. Grass started growing out from the deserted land, and it was now filled with life.

Wang Lin slowly opened his eyes which contained the heavens.

“After 1,000 years of cultivation, I finally reached completion…” Wang Lin let out a breath of relief and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Looking back to those 1,000 years, he was once merely a little person at the Heng Yue Sect, but at this moment, he was at the peak of the first step and had even surpassed Zhuque Zi. This was something no one on planet Suzaku could have expected.

Wang Lin didn’t get up but touched his bag of holding and a golden celestial brush appeared in his hand. Wang Lin held it in his hand and began drawing before him as if his hands were dancing.

His previous limit was seven strokes. Now he completed seven strokes in one breath and then drew one more to complete the eighth stroke. The dazzling light from the runes was enough to take one’s mind.

“The power of eight strokes is one level above seven strokes!” Wang Lin’s eyes were peaceful. Right now he looked more like a scholar than a cultivator.

When he put away the brush, the rune disappeared. The divine sense split into the runes returned to Wang Lin’s body.

Wang Lin stood up, took a step forward, and disappeared without a trace.

Half a month later, a bolt of thunder left planet Qing Ling and went straight into the sky. Wang Lin sat on the back of the Thunder Beast with his eyes closed and remained silent.

All of the cultivators on planet Qing Ling raised their heads. Along with the respect in their eyes, they also relaxed a bit. It was as if that invisible pressure gradually disappeared as Wang Lin left.

Before leaving, Wang Lin picked all of the Celestial Ascension Fruits that had grown during these 10 years. Also, another wave of resentment had gathered. With this additional resentment, the underworld river soul was showing signs of awakening.

Thunder streaked across the stars and Wang Lin left planet Qing Lin after living there for 20 years.

This place was his cave. After obtaining a thunder furnace, he would come back here, as entering the Thunder Celestial Realm from here would be safer.

As the thunderbolt rushed through space, Wang Lin opened his eyes and began to ponder.

If he wanted to go to the Thunder Celestial Realm, he would need a thunder furnace. Without it, there would be no way to enter the Thunder Celestial Realm. Wang Lin naturally knew this.

However, the Allheaven Star System was different from the Alliance Star System. The furnaces were not randomly dispersed. For some unknown reason, they all appeared together inside the Thunder Celestial Temple. The Thunder Celestial Temple would then assign a set amount to each cultivation family.

Now there were only three months until the Thunder Celestial Realm would open. This was when all the families would obtain their thunder furnaces. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he made a decision.

“Since I don’t have a thunder furnace, let’s just steal one!” Wang Lin’s right hand lightly patted the Thunder Beast’s head. The Thunder Beast let out a roar as if it was enjoying it.

In truth, if he searched for Shengong Hu, he could get one from him. However, Shengong Hu’s cultivation was too powerful. If they met too often, Shengong Hu might see through him, so unless it was important, Wang Lin didn’t want to look for that person.

Not every cultivator that entered the Thunder Celestial Realm had entered the second step. After all, there weren’t many second step cultivators; most cultivators were between the Soul Transformation and Ascendant stages.

At the southern domain of the Allheaven Star System, with the help of the jade that Shengong Hu left behind, Wang Lind found a cultivation planet. Wang Lin didn’t bother to check the name of the two families. Every time the Thunder Celestial Realm opened, the two families here would obtain 1 or 2 furnaces. More importantly, neither of the two families had someone beyond the peak of the late stage of Ascendant.

After arriving on the cultivation planet, Wang Lin scanned it with his divine sense. He found that the two heads of the two cultivation families weren’t there. He drifted among the stars as he closed his eyes and cultivated.

Time slowly passed. One month before the Thunder Celestial Realm opened, more than 10 rays of light came toward Wang Lin like meteors.

Among the 10 plus cultivators, one of them was at the Illusory Yin stage, while the others varied between the Ascendant stage and Soul Transformation stage. They moved very fast but suddenly stopped in the distance as their gazes fell on Wang Lin.

The cultivator at the Illusory Yin stage was an old man who had silver hair and his eyes were shining. There wasn’t much origin energy inside his body and the origin energy that was present wasn’t very stable yet. It was obvious that he had just reached the Illusory Yin stage not long ago. He stepped forward as he carefully looked at Wang Lin and his eyes revealed a look of uncertainty.

The old man asked, “Why has this Lord Messenger come to planet Zheng Tan?”

Wang Lin opened his eyes and frowned indiscernibly. His eyes were calm as he slowly asked, “Did you all come back from picking the thunder furnaces?”

The old man’s expression changed and he said, “That’s correct. What does Lord Messenger want? Please speak!”

Wang Lin calmly said, “I need a thunder furnace!”

The old man looked at Wang Lin for a long time and then laughed. His laughter contained a hint of arrogance. His eyes lit up and he shouted, “During this trip to the Thunder Celestial Temple, I heard some rumors of someone posing as messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple. Originally, I thought it was absurd, but today after seeing you, this old man has determined that you are a fake!”

“Oh?” Wang Lin’s expression remained neutral as he calmly looked at the old man.

The old man sneered. “Which messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple doesn’t have a lot of subordinate families? Obtaining a thunder furnace would be extremely simple. Moreover, I have met all the messengers in the southern domain, but you are extremely unfamiliar!

“More importantly, all of the messengers are gathered at the Thunder Celestial Temple. Until the Thunder Celestial Realm opens, they won’t come out!”

Wang Lin nodded and no longer wasted time with this nonsense. The shadow behind him moved and the celestial guard appeared. With one step, it immediately charged out and threw a punch.

This punch contained contained a large amount of sonic booms as it charged toward the old man.

The old man’s expression changed. He thought that Wang Lin was only at the peak of the late stage of Ascendant. He even thought that the Thunder Beast under Wang Lin was fake. He never would have expected Wang Lin to have such a puppet.

After a cold snort, the old man formed a seal and pointed forward. A black flame suddenly appeared in his hand. With a flick, the flame shot out and split into countless sparks that immediately surrounded the area.

His family members had already retreated and were watching from a distance.

The celestial puppet didn’t mind the sparks at all and let them land on its body. Not only did it not slow down, it moved even faster. The punch whistled through the air and with a step it arrived before the old man. The punch broke through space and shot toward the old man.

The old man’s expression changed slightly and he immediately retreated. At the same time, his hand formed a seal and a flame shield immediately appeared in front of his body. The celestial guard’s punch landed on the flame shield, creating a loud explosion.

Cracks immediately appeared on the flame shield and then it collapsed.

As the sound echoed, the old man retreated with a pale face. The celestial guard was also pushed back several steps. There was a black flame burning its arm and slowly spreading over its body.

“I only want a thunder furnace!” Wang Lin calmly looked at the old man.

The old man stared at Wang Lin. The punch from the puppet shocked him greatly. Unless he used origin spells, it would be impossible for him to defeat the puppet that was similar to his cultivation level.

“For this person to have such a puppet, he must not be ordinary. Even if he is impersonating a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple, it has nothing to do with me. It’s just… If I were to just hand over a thunder furnace, then all of my Zhang family’s face will be lost…” The old man was in a difficult situation. If Wang Lin had reached the second step, then perhaps the old man would have just handed one over. After all, the family had obtained three thunder furnaces, so giving one away as a gift wasn’t an issue. However, Wang Lin was only at the peak of the late stage of Ascendant. If he were to just directly surrender one, then he would lose all face.

Wang Lin didn’t want to deal with this nonsense. Although this person’s cultivation level was outside his expectations, the old man had just entered the Illusory Yin stage and was not stable. With Wang Lin’s peak late stage Ascendant cultivation, along with his spells and treasures, battling this old man was not difficult.

He slapped his bag of holding and a mountain stone immediately appeared in his hand. The stone immediately became a large mountain. It gave off rich celestial spiritual energy along with a hint of pressure.

Wang Lin’s right hand pressed on it and the mountain immediately trembled. Then an ancient aura gathered below his right hand. When he raised his hand, strands of fog gathered to form a fist-sized cloud of fog.

At the moment the old man saw this, his expression changed greatly. Without any hesitation and with horror in his eyes, he exclaimed, “Soul extraction spell! You’re only at the peak of the first step, how can you use a spell like this?”

Wang Lin’s gaze was calm as his right hand pushed forward and the fog immediately flew out with a powerful pressure toward the old man. At the same time, Wang Lin charged out, following closely after the fog. He raised his right hand and a bolt of thunder gathered in his hand. The roar of thunder suddenly came from the stars and in a flash, a real bolt of thunder formed in Wang Lin’s hand.

Right now Wang Lin was a like a celestial that controlled thunder and lightning. With the lightning in hand,his eyes were cold as he walked toward the old man.

The old man’s expression changed greatly and he retreated once more. Both of his hands formed a seal and pointed between his eyebrows. The spot between his eyebrows began to move strangely and a gap immediately formed as if there was a third eye!

His third eye became crimson as the blood in his whole body rapidly circulated and seemed to have condensed on his face. The origin energy in his body also moved like crazy and gathered between his eyebrows along with his blood.

Doing all of this made him feel as if he was being torn apart. The moment the large amount of pain filled his body, a third eye slowly opened between his brows. The old man let out a roar as he stared at Wang Lin. Then both of his hand formed a seal and pointed at the two pressure points below his ears.

In an instant, the third eye between his eyebrows suddenly opened. A red light came from inside it and spread out like a fan.

Wang Lin’s expression changed. This person’s spell was simply too strange, so he decided to slow down a bit. At this moment, the mountain soul closed in, and at the same time, the third eye opened.

Within the red light, the mountain soul began to rapidly disintegrate. This caused Wang Lin’s eyes to narrow and he threw the bolt of thunder in his hand without any hesitation.

The bolt of thunder charged straight at the old man. The old man was unable to use the origin spell at its full power, because he had just reached the Illusory Yin stage two years ago and was lacking in origin energy.

Due to this, the red light from the third eye only lasted three breaths of time before he could no longer bear it. The third eye automatically closed and dissipated.

As the lightning and the mountain soul that wasn’t completely disintegrated closed in, the old man clenched his teeth. He then took something out from his bag of holding and raised it above his head!

Wang Lin’s left hand reached out and took the thing in the old man’s hand. This object was the thunder furnace!

After putting away the thunder furnace, Wang Lin didn’t leave. His eyes gaze off a strange light as he looked at the old man and slowly asked, “Would you exchange the spell you just used with me?”

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