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Chapter 732 – Reaching the Peak and Xu Liguo’s Evil Interests

The circle formed by the Soul Lasher loosened. It then turned into a ray of light and disappeared.

After the domain fused with it, it no longer had a physical form. It became like one’s domain, something that couldn’t be seen but could still be felt.

Xu Liguo, who almost collapsed, immediately backed up a few steps. The terror in his eyes was still very strong. He had lost all the arrogance from before and his face was filled with flattery. He quickly said, “Master’s spell is indeed fierce. In fact, little Xu only did this in order to let Master get more practice. In fact, little Xus loyalty to Master is sky high without a thought of rebellion!”

Wang Lin looked at Xu Liguo and calmly said, “Since you can come out, there is no need to go back into the bag of holding. You can stay within 5,000 kilometers of this mountain. Go comprehend your ancient sword intent!”

Xu Liguo was startled, he didn’t expect this old field to be this easy going. His eyes turned and quickly said, “Master, Xu Liguo is reluctant to leave you. I only feel steadfast when I’m near you.” As he spoke, he carefully looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same and he nodded. “Since that is the case, then stay here.”

Xu Liguo revealed a smile, but his heart felt bitter. “Would this fiend really let me roam freely within 5,000 kilometers? This isn’t right, this doesn’t match this fiend’s personality.

“There must be some trick! Hmph, it is lucky that I, Xi Liguo, am smart, or else I might’ve suffered more.”

Xu Liguo felt very proud as he thought about this. He quickly took form and sat down. After a while, he was a bit disturbed. He would occasionally look at Wang Lin to try to find some clues.

Wang Lin stopped paying attention to Xu Liguo and slapped his bag of holding. The mosquito and the thunder toad immediately appeared. The mosquito lied comfortably on the thunder toad’s back. After it appeared, it let out a cry toward Wang Lin, but it remained laying on the thunder toad’s back as if it wasn’t willing to leave no matter what.

After they appeared, the other mosquito beasts followed them. Although they were still considered to be in their larvae state and not grown up yet, they all still appeared very ferocious.

As for the thunder toad, it seemed to be used to the despicable mosquito beast on its back. After it appeared, its belly expanded and it found a location on the side and seemed to hve gone to sleep.

Shortly after, the God Slaying War Chariot appeared and turned into the Thunder Beast. As soon as it appeared, it saw the thunder toad and began to roar.

Thunder toad’s originally lazy appearance suddenly disappeared. Its eyes were wide open and it stared at the Thunder Beast with its belly expanding. The mosquito beast was also full of spirit as it looked at the Thunder Beast with interest.

Xu Liguo was on the side, and his eyes opened wide. He carefully looked at the Thunder Beast and thought, “Master is really Master. It hasn’t been long, but now there is another dumb beast. Fight, it’s best if you all fight. Then you will all know that I have been with Master the longest!

“However, I have to say that Master really does have luck with beasts. I, old Xu, am very humble and only have luck with beauties!” Xu Liguo’s expression entered a trance as he thought about the little beauty in the Demon Spirit Land.

“Alas, since ancient times, sentiments lead to regret… This is a truth that old fiend Wang can’t understand.” Xu Liguo felt quiet regretful. He looked at the Thunder Beast, thunder toad, and mosquitos before looking at Wang Lin. He felt a sense of loneliness and pride.

The refining of treasures continued, but at this time this was not the focus as time was limited. Wang Lin decided to use what he saw of the third step and adjust his spells.

He began to ponder. Among the spells he controlled, the most powerful spell he could use was the Heavenly Chop. However, before he broken through the first step of cultivation and enter the Illusory Yin stage, it would consume his precious origin energy.

After that was the Stop spell. This spell wasn’t any weaker than the Heavenly Chop. If used at the right moment, it would play a decisive role.

Aside from those three spells, there were the Finger of Death, Demonic Finger, and Underworld Finger!

There were also the three abilities of the underworld river. Dao forms underworld river, formation of river soul, and power of the underworld river.

What he needed to adjust were the three fingers! If he continued to use them, then it would harm him greatly on his path toward the third step. These three spells were not complete and would cause his body harm. As for why they would be harmful to his path to the third step, Wang Lin didn’t know, but he had a feeling.

As he pondered, he flicked his finger and used all three spells to gain some insight. The spells came out one after another. He gradually increased the speed of the spells and kept casting them one after the other.

Wang Lin frowned as he used the vague feeling in his mind to look for clues and gradually improve the spells. This process was extremely tiresome, so it didn’t take long before he felt tired

After resting for a short while, Wang Lin began once more.

The wheel of time moved once more and two more years passed. During these two years, Wang Lin spent most of his time focusing on refining the spells. However, in the end he wasn’t able to achieve satisfactory results.

Wang Lin understood that he was too impatient.

However, he didn’t give up and did this best to slowly improve his spells. If someone at the second step saw this, they would be shocked. This kind of improvement was the same as deducing the original celestial spell from the current spell. Not to mention for him, this was something very difficult for even people like the All-Seer.

During the two years of time, the thunder toad and Thunder Beast were very hostile to each other, but they didn’t fight. The thunder toad was too weak and the Thunder Beast felt disdain even though it felt that the thunder toad could potentially pose a threat in the future.

As for the mosquito beast, its interest shifted from the thunder toad to the Thunder Beast. It flew around the Thunder Beast as if it wanted to lie on the Thunder Beast’s back.

However, every time it tired, it wasn’t successful, but that only made it more interested.

Xu Liguo felt disdain toward all of this. As time passed, he noticed that Wang Lin had completely forgotten about them. After considering it carefully, he went 1,000 feet away from Wang Lin and cheerfully roamed the mountain.

However, he did remember Wang Lin’s words and didn’t dare to go more than 5,000 kilometers from here. He gradually became bored as there wasn’t a single person within the 5,000 kilometer area. People tend to stay far away from this area, which made Xu Liguo very depressed.

About one and half years ago, there were some cultivators outside that were originally afraid to come in. He ended up using spells to trick them into entering. After playing around with them, he released them.

However, from then onward, no more cultivators dared to come. Even many years later, whenever those cultivators thought about what had happened to them, their hearts would turn colder.

On this day, he was extremely bored while flying around the area, hoping for some mortals to enter. He suddenly shivered and an excitement that he hadn’t felt for a long time immediately filled his body.

Xu Liguo’s eyes glowed as he stared at the fog and began shouting excitedly.

“Someone finally came!!!”

Zhang Xinhai appeared outside the fog with a tired face and his body was filled with death aura. Beside him was a very tense middle-aged man. This person was wearing black robes and his cultivation level was also at the peak of the Nascent Soul stage.

The middle-aged man looked rather warily at the black fog in the distance and whispered, “Dad, do we really have to go?”

Zhang Xinhai said, in a serious tone, “Of course we have to. Your father’s lifespan is about to be over. Aside from completing Senior’s request, this trip is to also introduce you to Senior as my successor. Once I die, you will replace me and act as the messenger for Senior to ensure the existence of our Zhang family forever!”

The middle-aged man hesitated and said, “But Dad, I heard from some friends that this Senior… has some quirks… More than a year ago, a few friends were…” Before he could finish, Zhang Xinhai stared at him and the middle-aged man immediately shut up.

Xu Liguo was like a ghost as he quickly approached the area. He was hiding in the black fog, so the Zhang father and son didn’t notice him. Xu Liguo’s face was filled with excitement as he looked at the father and son and muttered, “Yes, yes, that old one is dying and won’t be able to withstand me playing around. Your grandpa Xu will be nice and let your body go. As for the little one.. Hehe…” The excitement in Xu Liguo’s eyes became stronger and stronger as he looked at the middle-aged man from the fog. There was even a trace of depravity in his eyes…

He let out a dry cough and spoke in a upright tone, “Who is it? State your name!”

Zhang Xinhai took a deep breath. He stopped 5,000 kilometers away from the mountain and didn’t enter. Instead, he clasped his hands and respectfully said, “Junior Zhang Xinhai has completed Senior’s request and requests to meet Senior!”

His voice was hoarse as it slowly entered the black fog.

Xu Liguo’s eyes turned and he said, “The old one can come in. I’ll take you to meet my master!” Zhang Xinhai was startled and hesitated for a bit before stepping into the black fog. The moment he entered, he felt a wind wrap around him and his body was rapidly sent forward.

Shortly after, he arrived at the peak and the wind dissipated. He immediately saw Wang Lin and respectfully said, “Senior, Junior didn’t disappoint you and gathered all the resentment on planet Qing Ling.” As he spoke, he took out the jades, 1,000 in total. He placed them all on the ground and the respectfully took a few steps back.

After Xu Liguo sent away Zhang Xinhai, he excitedly returned back to the edge of the fog. He looked at the middle-aged man outside and said, “Little brat, come in, don’t be afraid. Your grandpa Xu will give you some benefits.” When he saw that the middle-aged man was still hesitating, he immediately shouted, “Why haven’t you come in?!”

The middle-aged man clenched his teeth and stepped into the black fog…

Wang Lin opened his eyes and scanned the jades. He immediately felt the resentment inside them. There was an alarming amount of resentment, as if there was a storm of resentful aura.

Wang Lin slowly said, “Very good. The person you brought will be my messenger outside of Heng Yun Peak in the future!” After pondering for a bit, he took out a pill and threw it at Zhang Xinhai.

“Give it to your son. If he is gifted enough, perhaps he can rely on the aura inside the pill and gain a slightly higher chance to reach the Soul Formation stage!”

Zhang Xihai’s face was filled with ecstasy. He quick took the pill and put it away like a treasure. The he emotionally said, “Thank you, Senior!”

Wang Lin commanded, “This resentment is an illusionary thing, and it will regenerate. In the future, your Zhang family will be in charge of collecting it every few years!” Then he took out a few red seeds and gave them to Zhang Xinhai.

“These are called Celestial Ascension Fruits. Get people to planet them and speed up their growth with spiritual energy. Over the next 10 years, plant as many as possible.”

Zhang Xinhai quickly nodded.

Wang Lin had gotten those seeds from Qian Kuizi’s bag of holding.

Zhang Xinhai and his son left the Heng Yun peak. However, the son seemed to be in a trance, giving off a strange expression and even a trace of savoring….

As for Xu Liguo, he was grounded by Wang Lin! If it wasn’t for the fact that what Xu Liguo did wasn’t too bad, Wang Lin would’ve directly refined Xu Liguo.

After being grounded to be within 1,000 feet of Wang Lin, Xu Liguo had an expression like he was wronged. He no longer dared to sneak out. All he did was look into the distance all day and sigh in his heart.

“I was just taking over their physical bodies and then enjoying the feeling of having flesh. How big of a thing can it be, alas…”

Wang Lin didn’t have time to pay attention to Xu Liguo. After grounding Xu Liguo, he once again focused on perfecting his spells. During that time, he slowly absorbed the resentment into his underworld river.

After absorbing the resentment, the underworld river was different from before. After absorbing the resentment, the soul of the underworld river gradually took shape.

Time quickly passed. The improvement of the spells cost Wang Lin too much energy. Although he still wasn’t successful, the constant improvement allowed him to continue comprehending the direction of the third step, so Wang Lin’s domain was gradually becoming stronger.

Finally, on his 18th year on planet Qing Ling, his life and death domain reached completion without any flaws. This meant that once he had enough celestial spiritual energy, he would truly be at the peak of the first step!

Wang Lin still had some celestial jades, but he didn’t know if he had enough. Even if it wasn’t enough, Wang Lin could still drink the celestial liquid. This time he had to reach the peak of the late stage of Ascendant and reach the peak of the first step of cultivation!

“The first step of cultivation…” Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly.

“When I reached the Ascendant stage, Ancient Demon Bei Luo said that heaven defying cultivators would attract divine retribution. I wonder if divine retribution will arrive once more when I break through the first step and enter the Illusory Yin stage!” Wang Lin looked up at the sky and his eyes turned cold.

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