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Chapter 720 – Heaven Defying Bead Completed

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding as he pondered and a blue rose appeared in his hand.

This rose was extremely delicate and tender and gave off a blue light. The moment it was taken out, the blue light spread and gave off a sense of illusion.

A cold aura followed after the blue light and surrounded the area.

This cold aura gave off an unspeakable pride. Only those cultivators with their own domain could feel this pride with their origin soul.

A mortal only would feel their body become cold and feel like everything but the rose had disappeared for an instant.

However, in Wang Lin’s eyes, apart from the pride, he also saw a figure appear. This figure was extremely beautiful but also extremely proud.

Looking at the blue rose, Wang Lin pondered a bit and placed it below the crown.

His eyes glowed and stared at the crown. The moment the crown touched the rose, the five jewels shined brightly. An invisible force flowed from the crown toward the rose.

The blue rose slowly dissipated before Wang Lin. It turned into specks of blue light and fused with the crown.

The crown gave off bursts of blue light for a long time. The blue light gradually faded and returned back to normal.

Wang Lin frowned as he picked up the crown and examined it. Shortly after, he seemed to realize something.

This crown seemed to gain a hint of spirit compared to before. Wang Lin carefully examined it and could vaguely see a figure holding a sword inside.

Beyond this, he couldn’t find any other clues.

“This item was able remain undamaged from the ancient god finger, so it obviously isn’t ordinary, but how do I use it… Greed said that it took him the souls of 9,999 emperors to be able to activate this item.” Wang Lin began to ponder.

“What do the souls of emperors have to do with the five elemental spirits? What is the connection… Could the owner of the crown have been an emperor with five elemental spirits and that is the only way to activate it?” Wang Lin shook his head and couldn’t really understand it.

Also, Wang Lin examined it for a long time, and aside from the flame dragon bone, he couldn’t identify any other material. He was only able to identify the flame dragon bone due to the memories he had inherited from Tu Si.

It seemed the origin of this item was from a long time ago…

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin withdrew the bone and his gaze fell on the not-far-away Moongazer bone.

The metal element inside the Moongazer bone gradually decreased after days of being absorbed by the heaven defying bead…

Time slowly passed. Wang Lin had been vigilant this entire time as he wouldn’t allow anyone to disturb this. Although this place was remote, he still had to be cautious.

Three months of time passed by in a flash. No one came during these three months. At this moment, all of the metal element had disappeared from within the Moongazer bone.

Wang Lin was originally worried that half the Moongazer bone would not be enough to complete the heaven defying bead, but right now the image representing the metal element had reached completion.

The metal element of the heaven defying bead became complete before Wang Lin’s eyes!

The bead gave off a bright glow and turned into something resembling a crystal. An ancient aura suddenly came from the bead.

The power of the five elements intersected above the bead, causing it to gradually rise into the air.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light. He bit the tip of his finger and flicked out a drop of blood containing his divine sense imprint. The drop of blood quickly landed on the bead.

The moment the blood was absorbed, Wang Lin’s mind trembled. It was as if something extra had appeared in his origin soul.

At the same time, a symbol containing ancient aura appeared in his mind. Wang Lin looked at the heaven defying bead and revealed a decisive gaze.

He had waited almost 1,000 years to finally complete the heaven defying bead, but instead of being excited, he was cautious and calm.

This treasure had accompanied him for a very long time, but in the end his understanding of it was too shallow.

“What exactly is this heaven defying bead… Could it really have come from the ancient Celestial Realm like the woman said?” Wang Lin’s hand moved. His two fingers formed a brush and drew the symbol that appeared in his mind.

This symbol was extremely complex, and each stroke gave off an ancient aura. Under Wang Lin’s careful gaze, this symbol gradually took shape.

The ancient aura became extremely dense at this moment. The ancient aura that the scattered demon gave off when it took over Wang Lin’s body couldn’t compare to this at all.

As the ancient aura spread out, the entire planet was effected. All the vitality from the planet was gradually suppressed and cracks appeared all over it.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. At the moment the symbol was completed, he hit it with his palm. The symbol then slowly floated toward the floating heaven defying bead.

A ray of violet light came from the heaven defying bead. This violet light was so strong that Wang Lin could hardly keep his eyes open. The celestial puppet’s entire body gave off the scent of decay. Its body actually began to disintegrate at a visible rate.

Wang Lin was extremely shocked. With a thought, the celestial guard returned to his shadow and the decay finally stopped. However, the scent of decay still lingered.

Not only the celestial guard, but the three primary souls were the same. If it wasn’t for Wang Lin responding quickly, they would have disintegrated completely in a few breaths of time.

The violet light became larger and slowly spread. It eventually covered the entire planet. It was like the planet was wearing a layer of purple. At this moment, the violet light reached its peak.

The entire planet began to disintegrate as if a spell had been cast on it.

This violet light didn’t stop and continued to expand. Even some of the asteroids were caught in the violent light. Some of them immediately collapsed into dust.

It was as if Wang Lin and the bead were the only things left. Everything else was this terrifying, violet light.

This strange scene caused Wang Lin’s heart to shake violently. Although he had many speculations about the heaven defying bead, he never would have thought it would change like this upon completion.

The violet light stopped spreading while Wang Lin was still feeling shocked. A majority of the five elemental forces that had gathered dissipated at this moment. Almost all of the energy gathered over the past 1,000 years was released at once.

The violet light was still dense around where the heaven defying bead was, and a large door slowly appeared with a loud rumble!

This door was too big; Wang Lin was like an insignificant ant before it.

A restriction formed and covered the area that the violet light was touching. Wang Lin only took one look at the restriction and his heart trembled. There was no need to talk about studying it.

No living creature could enter this restriction!

It was as if the area the violet light covered was dug out from the Allheaven Star System using an unimaginable spell and was isolated from everything.

Only that huge door still existed in this world.

Looking at the huge door, not only did his mind tremble, he even felt a sense of fear. This kind of emotion was extremely rare for Wang Lin.

Upon feeling his own fear, Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a sign of struggle. His dao didn’t allow him to fear, but this fear was almost instinctive, and he simply couldn’t erase it.

It was as if what was before him was on a completely different level and it was a gap that was impossible to cross!

Wang Lin hadn’t felt like this for a very long time. Even when facing the Moongazer Serpent, he was only shocked. He didn’t experience this trembling in his soul that made him feel like he couldn’t even resist slightly.

It was as if he was once again a mortal teenager standing below the peak of the Heng Yue Sect looking up at the towering cultivation sect. He was feeling the kind of awe that came from the bottom of his heart!

As Wang Lin’s cultivation and experience increased, this kind of feeling gradually vanished. Even when he was facing the divine retribution in the Demon Spirit Land, he still relied on his dao heart to persist and resist!

But at this moment, although this huge door was giving off no pressure, his mind and body were shaking!

Never give in!

Wang Lin’s eyes were bloodshot and his body was trembling as he clenched his teeth and raised his head. He would never lower his head!

Just like back at the Heng Yue Sect when he was filled with perseverance when he was climbing the mountain. Even if his entire body was covered in blood, he would still struggle!

At this moment, the awe coming from the soul tried to drown him like the tides, wanting Wang Lin to yield. However, Wang Lin couldn’t and wouldn’t!

Because what supported him were Wan Er and Wang Ping’s souls inside the heaven defying bead!

He would never allow anyone to hurt those two souls!

“Heaven defying bead, it was I who completed you. If heavens want to kill someone I care for, I’ll slaughter the heavens. If you defy me, then I’ll destroy you!” Although Wang Lin’s voice was trembling, it had an unyielding aura as he shouted each word!

The unyielding dao caused the ancient thunder dragon inside his origin soul to move through his body like crazy. Lightning and thunder also filled his body made of thunder.

Thunder spread out from Wang Lin’s feet and rose into the air. At this moment, Wang Lin was like a thunder celestial!

He controlled the power of thunder! This thunder contained unyielding will and Wang Lin’s persistent dao!

The earth collapsed, but Wang Lin’s body still struggled. His eyes were bloodshot as his dao suppressed the sense of awe coming from the depths of his soul. He stared at the huge door with indomitable eyes!

The huge door that appeared in the world was covered in dense, violet light. It was like something hiding inside fog. At this moment, under Wang Lin’s gaze, the dense, violet light formed a giant arm outside the door. It waved toward Wang Lin as if calling him.

Due to Wang Lin’s great eyesight, he immediately noticed that this giant arm didn’t belong to an ancient god!

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