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Chapter 719 – Heaven Defying Bead Absorption and Greed’s Treasure

A naked body ripped open a gap from inside the cocoon and slowly walked out. Rich thunder came pouring out from the gap. This thunder wasn’t from the cocoon but from the body.

He was Wang Lin!

Wang Lin took a deep breath as he looked down at his own body and revealed a strange expression.

He had spent 60 years absorbing a lot of thunder and vitality to form this body. This body contained the power of thunder and formed a close connection with the thunder in his origin soul.

With a thought, Wang Lin’s origin soul left his body. After wandering around a bit, he returned to his body.

A long laughter came from Wang Lin’s mouth. This sound was like rumbling thunder!

The rumble of the thunder echoed across the world. It was like a cry that challenged the heavens.

“I gained a new life. I should not waste it!” Wang Lin waved his hand and his bag of holding came out from his origin soul, then a set of white robes appeared over his body.

He landed on the ground and sat down in the lotus position. His gaze fell on the mountain that looked like a crouching dragon..

Wang Lin’s eyes shined and he slapped his bag of holding. The one-billion-soul soul flag appeared in his hand. He waved his hand and countless soul fragments flew out. If the thunder around the planet still remained, these soul fragments wouldn’t have been able to withstand this place at all.

The large amount of soul fragments gathered to form three primary souls and wandered the area.

After setting up the protection, Wang Lin spread out his divine sense and carefully checked the area. After determining it was safe, Wang Lin took a deep breath and pressed his right hand between his eyebrows. A ripple appeared on his forehead and a crystal bead slowly formed.

Wang Lin’s eyes were glowing like fire as his hand formed a seal and pointed. The heaven defying bead immediately flew out and landed on the mountain-like Moongazer bone.

Compared to the huge mountain, the heaven defying bead was so insignificant.

Wang Lin’s expression was extremely cautious. This heaven defying bead was his number one treasure, and it came from the Allheaven Star System. His divine sense was spread out, and if there were any sign of trouble, he would immediately take the necessary measures.

This was why he had to wait until his body had formed before taking out the heaven defying bead. Without his body, he couldn’t use his full power. If he were to directly take out the heaven defying bead, it would be too dangerous and unwise.

The heaven defying bead gave off a golden glow. Under this golden light, the Moongazer bone trembled slightly. The metal inside it turned into golden threads which were slowly absorbed by the heaven defying bead.

This process was extremely slow, and Wang Lin didn’t know the reason why. Compared to when absorbing the water element, the closer the bead came to completion, the slower the absorption became.

Wang Lin’s divine sense kept sweeping the area, always on high alert. He even sent out the fourth soul to hide somewhere near the planet.

Wang Lin used the fourth soul as a springboard to spread his divine sense out even further.

The heaven defying bead’s absorption was very slow. After all, the Moongazer bone was simply too big. After a few days, Wang Lin split off a portion of his divine sense and took out a few magical treasures.

These treasures all belonged to Greed. These were Wang Lin’s harvest from 60 years ago.

The first treasure was that giant mountain. Although it was damaged, the celestial spiritual energy coming from it was extremely rich. What was even better was that Greed’s divine sense imprint had already dissipated.

This was one of the reasons why Wang Lin was extremely tempted.

The dissipation of Greed’s divine sense didn’t mean he was dead; it was wiped away after 100 years of assimilation with the Moongazer bone.

Wang Lin placed his right hand on the mountain and recalled when Greed extracted the mountain’s soul. His eyes were calm as he slightly rubbed the mountain.

Wang Lin had a deep impression of extracting the souls of things with spirit, like planets, mountains, and rivers. This was something only second step cultivators should be able to do, but Wang Lin was able to experience it personally when the scattered devil controlled his body.

As his right hand rubbed the mountain, Wang Lin’s hand suddenly stopped and his eyes revealed a stranged light. He slowly raised his right hand, then an ancient aura with rich celestial spiritual energy came from the rock. As Wang Lin lifted his right hand, an illusionary mist ball formed between his hand and the mountain.

He slowly raised his right hand. Wang Lin’s movement was extremely gentle. His gaze was like lightning as he stared at the small ball of mist in his hand.

This small ball gave off a powerful aura. What shocked Wang Lin the most was that the celestial spiritual energy was perfectly contained within the ball, as if a celestial was using this spell.

“Although this mountain soul is much weaker than back when Greed used it, it is still extremely powerful! However, the mountain soul is extremely unstable, and if I’m careless, not only will it not hurt the enemy, it might harm me instead.” Wang Lin’s eyes glowed.

He knew that the reason for this was because the mountain wasn’t complete, which caused the mountain soul to become damaged.

There was also no obstruction when he tried to extract the mountain soul. It was as if Wang Lin could extract it with just a thought. This was what really shocked Wang Lin. His eyes shined as his right hand gently pressed down on the mountain and the soul returned back into the mountain.

Wang Lin’s right hand immediately pressed down on the earth. With a thought, he lifted his hand and the entire planet seemed to tremble. However, this was only a feeling of his divine sense. In reality, the earth didn’t move an inch!

The moment the ancient aura appeared, it immediately dissipated. If was as if one had thrown a wooden bucket into a well and pulled up a bucket full of water. However, on the way up, the bottom of the bucket collapsed and all the water returned to the well.

The person who was pulling the bucket would naturally feeling a force. If that person was a bit careless, they could hurt themselves.

Wang Lin felt like this when he failed to extract the planet’s soul. The moment the ancient aura dissipated, he felt a powerful force hit his body. Sounds of popping came from his body and his face turned white. It took him a while to recover.

Looking at the mountain before him, Wang Lin took a deep breath. What made this mountain valuable was that it allowed him to experience the soul extraction spell that only second step cultivators could use.

“This item is very useful to me. I just don’t know how Greed discovered and refined it!” Although Greed was Wang Lin’s enemy, after seeing this spell, he somewhat admired Greed.

“Ancient thunder dragon, celestial mountain, ancient god furnace, mountain and river screen, and that strange crown. There are also the unknown treasures in Greed’s bag of holding. He really is blessed by the heavens!” Wang Lin let out a sigh. Any one of those treasures would cause the people outside to go crazy. However, what surprised Wang Lin was that no one had stolen those treasures from Greed.

He was completely baffled by this.

He looked at the celestial mountain and his eyes revealed a hint of excitement.

“It should be possible to repair this, but it will require origin energy…” Wang Lin put it away and then slapped his bag of holding to take out another item.

This was the mountain and river screen!

Wang Lin had never heard of the mountain and river painting. However, some of the famous figures of the cultivation world knew the mountain and river painting well.

Among the top 10 high grade celestial treasures of the Celestial Realm, the mountain and river painting was ranked 5th!

Rumor had it that the mountain and river painting was unpredictable. However, what really made it powerful wasn’t the mountain and river spell on the surface but the ink of the painting!

Although this ink seemed black, it was really dark red, as it was formed by blood. This blood was where the true power of the mountain and river painting lied.

Rumor had it that the blood that drew the mountain and river painting was the blood of the heavenly dao. However, the heavenly doa had no form, so how could it have blood? This became an eternal mystery.

Thus, this item was also named the heavenly dao painting!

What Greed obtained wasn’t the real mountain and river painting but a copy imprinted on a screen.

As for what kind of spell could imprint the mountain and river painting onto the screen, Greed racked his brains and searched many ancient records but still wasn’t able to find out how.

Wang Lin’s gaze fell on the screen. This screen looked very simple with nothing extraordinary about it. It was similar to those seen in the big houses of those who were not so rich.

The mountain and river painting seemed slightly blurred, but if one looked for a long time, it seemed extremely clear.

However, right now a crack ran across from the left as if it dividing the mountain and river. It looked very uncoordinated.

The divine sense imprint on this treasure had long since collapsed under the power of the ancient god finger. Wang Lin waved his right hand and left his own divine sense imprint. After pondering for a bit, he opened his mouth and sucked the screen into his origin soul.

He began refining this item with the thunder from his origin soul.

The final magical treasure was the crown. Wang Lin personally saw that under the power of the ancient god finger from the Moongazer Serpent, not a single crack had appeared on the crown!

Holding the item with his left hand, Wang Lin scanned it with his divine sense and found nothing abnormal about it. It was just like the crown of a mortal emperor, nothing unusual about it.

However, the five beads on it caught Wang Lin’s attention. Wang Lin was able to immediately tell these five beads contained the power of the five elements!

These five elements were similar to Red Butterfly’s five elemental spirits, only with more spirit. While staring at the crown, Wang Lin pondered for a bit before putting it on his head like Greed did.

At this moment, a mysterious force immediately appeared from Wang Lin’s head. After making a trip though his body, it returned to the crown and remained inactive.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange color. He took off the crown and carefully looked at it before pondering.

“That power wasn’t very strong. When it moved through my body, it felt like it was looking for something. When it couldn’t find what it wanted, it eventually returned back into the crown… What was it looking for?”

“Five element bead.. Searching for…” Wang Lin was startled. His eyes flashed and he softly said, “Pseudo five elemental body… Red Butterfly…”

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