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Chapter 718 – Forming Flesh

Looking at the earth filled with thunder, Wang Lin’s origin soul felt even more comfortable. There were no plants as no living thing could survive under these conditions.

It was very rare for a place like this to exist.

Due to the asteroid field surrounding this place, it was impossible to notice it. If it wasn’t for Wang Lin’s origin soul, he would have never found his place.

Although there was no life here, there was powerful vitality coming from the planet. The amount of vitality wasn’t any less than a cultivation planet filled with spiritual energy.

However, there was no spiritual energy here. After all, any spiritual energy would immediately collapse under the dense thunder.

The entire world was surrounded by powerful thunder. Countless bolts of thunder descended from the sky. The ground would absorb the thunderbolts and the thunderbolts would move through the ground like silver snakes.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light. This place was simply too perfect for him.

“It will only take half the effort to cultivate the Thunder Origin spell!” Wang Lin’s origin soul landed on the ground. As if he landed in a pool of thunder, a ripple spread out from his origin soul.

Even the Moongazer Serpent’s bone was surrounded by thunder.

Wang Lin moved and the Moongazer Serpent’s bone landed on the ground. It was as if this planet had just gained a large mountain range. This large movement caused the planet to tremble.

It was as like throwing a stone into a pond and watching ripples spreading across the water. Right now the bone was like the rock and the ripples were thunder. At this moment, a large amount of thunder rippled across the planet.

The density of the thunder increased several fold. The rumbling of the thunder continued endlessly as if it came from ancient times.

Wang Lin’s origin soul sat down in the lotus position. He hadn’t completely absorbed the ancient thunder dragon. In his origin soul, there was a thin line. It distorted to form the outline of a dragon.

Both of his hands formed a seal and he placed it on his knees. Thunder appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes and a suction force immediately caused the thunder all around him to gather toward him.

Burst of crackling sounds came from all directions and countless sparks flew around. Each of those sparks would cause a first step cultivator’s expression to change, because it contained the might of heavenly thunder.

Wang Lin slowly closed his eyes and allowed the thunder to enter his origin soul at will. Dense thunder gathered around him and continued to increase. A giant ball of thunder slowly gathered around him.

Wang Lin was inside, and bolts of thunder descended on him. The thunder cycled through his origin soul and slowly disappeared.

The cycle continued, and Wang Lin completely forgot about time. He focused completely on the thunder. There was a powerful pressure here, and it was being absorbed by Wang Lin.

From the outside, aside from the thunder being a bit more violent than before, there was nothing unusual about it. The celestial guard was sitting in the lotus position on an asteroid near the planet. Although it had its eyes closed and was cultivating, its divine sense was spread out. If anything were to threaten Wang Lin, it would immediately act.

Loyalty was the main concern Celestial Emperor Qing Lin had when creating the celestial guards.

Time slowly passed. In a flash, ten years flashed by. Time left no trace. Even on the planet Wang Lin was on, it merely lost a bit of thunder.

During these past ten years, the celestial guard didn’t move at all. It was as if that was its life, waiting for time to pass for the chance of regaining its freedom.

Inside the thunder planet, a giant ball of thunder appeared where Wang Lin was. The thunder from the sky descended on the ball of thunder and was rapidly absorbed.

Even the thunder descending in the distance seemed to be attracted and turned toward the ball.

Wang Lin’s origin soul continued to recover inside the ball of thunder. This was the best place for him to recover, and the endless thunder was like the best medicine in the world for him. Wang Lin continued to absorb the thunder and his injuries slowly recovered.

Another ten years passed by in a flash. On this day, Wang Lin’s origin soul slowly opened its eyes. His eyes contained the might of thunder. The moment his eyes opened, the ball of thunder around him exploded. It spread out like a powerful thunder spell.

However, at the moment the thunder spread out, Wang Lin inhaled. All of the expanding thunder froze as if time had stopped. Then it all returned as if time was reverting and was inhaled into Wang Lin’s mouth.

At this moment, thunder covered his body as if he was wearing a suit of thunder armor. His hair moved without wind and emitted streams of thunder.

“If I wasn’t here, it would have taken several times longer to recover my origin soul.” Wang Lin raised his head and looked up at the sky.

“The most important thing right now is to recover my body! Reforming a body is something a normal cultivator can’t do. This involves the ancient god tactic!” Wang Lin began to ponder.

His body had collapsed once before and only recovered due to the ancient god tactic.

“Only the original body has been cultivating the ancient god tactic. However, using only a part of it to reform my body is something I can still do.” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed resolve and his hand formed a seal. This was a seal from the memories of ancient god Tu Si.

An ancient aura suddenly spread out from Wang Lin’s hand and enveloped the world. The might of thunder also entered this ancient aura.

Wang Lin’s two hands slowly touched the earth and he spoke a few complex words. Then his eyes emitted a mysterious glow.

“Gather!” Wang Lin said the last word.

The thunder covering the earth seemed to turn into actual water. It was slow at the start, but it quickly spread out and all the thunder rushed toward Wang Lin.

The thunder quickly entered through Wang Lin’s two hands. However, they didn’t go into the depths of his body but condensed around his palms.

A numb feeling gradually came from Wang Lin’s hands. This feeling only existed when one had a body. Wang Lin didn’t look down but kept his eyes closed. He was as stable as a mountain.

As large amounts of thunder gathered, it was as if Wang Lin wanted to absorb all the thunder on the planet. If one looked from above, they would clearly see the amount of thunder on the surface of the planet visibly decrease and gather toward Wang Lin.

Bursts of dazzling thunder flashed by. Wang Lin’s hand seemed to control all the thunder in the world. It was as if he only needed to flip his hand to make all the thunder bow to him.

His hands gradually absorbed the incredible thunder, and it began to condense. Flickers of golden lights would appear and disappear on his hands.

These sparks increased more and more as thunder was gathered. There seemed to be some mysterious connection between them, and they slowly linked together to form the bone structure of the hand.

This hand bone was formed completely from golden specks and gave off the powerful might of thunder.

As time slowly passed, the thunder from the earth arrived like waves into Wang Lin. The amount of golden specks gathered at Wang Lin’s hands reached a peak and finally a pair of hand bones suddenly appeared.

If an outsider saw Wang Lin now, they would gasp. This scene was simply too strong. Aside from the pair of hands, everything else was transparent. Only the pair of hand bones was completely solid.

Wang Lin’s absorption didn’t stop. As more and more thunder was absorbed, the specks of light increased and began to extend toward his arms.

His arm bones gradually condensed. Time slowly passed by, and Wang Lin was constantly immersed in absorbing the thunder. When all the thunder disappeared, a full skeleton had formed.

His body slowly rose up into the air. When he was in the air, all of the thunder in the air seemed to find an opening and descended on his body like crazy.

Bolts of thunder as thick as an arm continued to descend from the sky. Intersecting green and red lines continued to appear outside of Wang Lin’s skeleton. They continued to appear and spread across his body.

At this moment, Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out and covered the entire planet. The thunder in his origin soul seemed to have become the owner of all the thunder on this planet.

“Suck!” The divine sense turned into a spell, and with one word, the planet trembled. All of the thunder on the planet was sucked out. Then a large amount of thunder appeared and rushed toward Wang Lin.

This scene caused a huge thunderstorm that caused the earth to crack, and the thunder in the sky was about to collapse.

Even the celestial guard outside the planet opened its eyes and looked over with glowing eyes.

All of the thunder on the planet gathered on Wang Lin as his flesh and blood slowly condensed. At this moment, thunder filled Wang Lin’s body, and his body was connected to the entire planet.

There was also powerful vitality being absorbed along with the thunder. This vitality was a vital component to Wang Lin’s new body.

Time quickly passed by. Including the time it took for his origin soul to recover, 60 years had passed.

It was as if this entire thunder planet had gone through its entire life cycle in the past 60 years. The thunder on the planet was no longer dense, so even the celestial guard could enter the planet.

All of the thunder and most of the vitality condensed into a 30-foot-tall cocoon!

On this day, the cocoon opened!

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