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Chapter 717 (2) – Thunder Prison

Wang Lin was startled but then was immediately ecstatic. He sped up, and after a long time, he noticed that the Moongazer Serpent was no longer chasing after him. The distance between them was getting larger and larger.

Wang Lin let out a big sigh of relief and his eyes revealed trace of lingering fear.

“This Moongazer Serpent is simply too powerful. If not for the fact it’s slow, I would have already died! Compared to the one in Tu Si’s memories, aside from their appearance, there was nothing similar between the two. How could that Moongazer Serpent be so powerful!?”

Wang Lin turned around at the northern domain and began to ponder.

“With how strong the Moongazer Serpent is, why was it afraid of coming here… Could there be something here that it is terrified of…”

He couldn’t understand and let out a sigh. After checking the state of his origin soul, he let out a bitter smile.

“Although the origin soul breaking through that barrier is a good thing, I lost my body, and I don’t know how long it will take for me to form a new one. If I were to possess a body, there would be too many limitations, and if there are no good bodies, that won’t be good either.”

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin stopped hesitating and flew forward.

“First, I have to find a place to go into close door cultivation to refine this bone and see if it can complete the heaven defying bead. Then I’ll have to work on forming a new body.”

Wang Lin’s eyes shined as he charged toward the endless space before him.

The Moongazer Serpent looked into the distance, and its huge eyes revealed signs of hesitation. After a long time, its large body began to retreat. It seemed to remember that someone had warned it not to go there.

However, this memory was from too long ago and was a complete blur. However, that sense was crisis was so powerful that it affected its thought process even more.

It gradually backed away and its tentacles swayed back and forth as it gave off a terrifying pressure. Along the way, many cultivators noticed the Moongazer Serpent. However, they only took one look before all their hair on their bodies stood up and they fell into complete shock. They turned and ran, hating that they couldn’t escape faster.

The Moongazer Serpent stopped somewhere between the five main planets of the northern domain and its body began to slowly curl up into a sphere. The countless tentacles slowly withdrew until they all returned to its body.

Bursts of fog came out from the Moongazer Serpent’s body and surrounded the area.

The Moongazer Serpent returned back to its second form and began its deep sleep…

However, the position it chose this time made the hearts of all the cultivators in the northern domain tremble. This was too close to the five main planets.

In the northern domain, there was a relatively primitive planet. The spiritual energy on this planet wasn’t strong, but there were still mortals living on it. On this day, something fell from the sky. This thing was covered in a rainbow-colored light, and it landed in a plain on the northern part of the planet with a loud bang.

All of the bones in Greed’s body were broken, and the insides of his body had collapsed. His origin soul was heavily damaged, but he was not dead!

Not only did he not die, but his eyes were filled with ecstasy.

When he came to the Allheaven Star System, his body was filled with brandings. Each of these brandings contained unimaginable power and could easily kill him. However, when the ancient god finger closed in, something mysterious happened and caused all the brandings to simultaneously collapse!

Only the All-Seer’s branding still remained.

“As long as I have enough time, I’m confident I can recover someday!” Greed took a deep breath, slowly sank into the ground, and disappeared from the plain.

From this day forth on this ordinary planet, all of the inhabitants would smell a faint stench, but no matter how much they searched, they couldn’t find the source.

It seemed this stench was coming from the earth.

Wang Lin was currently flying through the southern domain. He didn’t go for the planets with cultivators, he set his eyes on the abandoned planets.

His origin soul had a vague feeling that there was a place in the southern domain that made him feel extremely comfortable. He subconsciously flew toward that direction, and as he got closer and closer, it seemed like even his origin soul’s injuries were improving.

He slowly got closer. When Wang Lin saw the place that made him feel comfortable, his eyes revealed a mysterious light.

Before him was an asteroid field. Countless asteroids of all sizes seemed to be held together by a mysterious force. They orbited an area and seemed to form a natural barrier.

Wang Lin could feel that the location that made him feel very comfortable was within the depths of this asteroid field. He pondered for a bit and decided not to go himself. He came out from the star compass and held onto the Moongazer Serpent’s bone as he controlled the celestial guard to slowly enter the interior of the asteroid field.

This asteroid field was extremely large. The celestial guard had flown for a long time, but it still hadn’t entered the interior. However, it saw a mysterious scene.

There was an abandoned planet. This planet was not very big; it was only half the size of planet Ran Yun.

However, there were bursts of thunder coming from the planet. It was as if the planet was covered by a net of heavenly thunder. This thunder was endless and continued to descend on the planet.

This planet was nameless and was in an extremely remote location of the southern domain. It was also blocked by dense layer of asteroids, so it was hard to discover from the outside.

Wang Lin had left a sliver of divine sense on the celestial guard, so he naturally saw this planet. The comfortable feeling was getting closer and closer. However, he knew that the source of this comfortable feeling wasn’t this small planet but in the depths of this planet. But there was a mysterious force blocking his divine sense and preventing him from examining the planet.

Although this was the case, this small planet still gave Wang Lin a comfortable feeling.

“This place is an excellent place to make a cave!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he took the Moongazer Serpent’s bone and headed toward the celestial guard. Soon, the small planet appeared before him.

“I found this place due to the feeling of my origin soul. When I’m here, the injuries to my origin soul heal extremely fast!” Wang Lin pondered as the celestial guard cleared the way toward the small planet.

“Let’s stay here for now. After I recover and reform my body, I’ll go check out the depths of this place.”

Wang Lin understood that after devouring the ancient thunder dragon, his origin soul had mutated and all thunder spells had no effect on him. As long as the thunder was not of a higher grade than the ancient thunder dragon’s, it couldn’t harm him.

Earlier, when his body was destroyed by the ancient god finger, it broke the barrier that was trapping his origin soul inside his body. However, his origin soul was injured, and after that, he was too busy escaping, causing the injuries to become worse.

Under these circumstances, not even Wang Lin knew why his origin soul seeked this place out.

However, at this moment, he understood. If an ancient thunder dragon was injured, it would find an environment like this where it could recover fast. It would feel extremely comfortable here and even feel a sense of security.

After his body collapsed, his origin soul was free. Right now his origin soul was like an ancient thunder dragon, which was why he was attracted to this place.

After understanding karma, Wang Lin’s heart was calm. When looking at the small planet filled with thunder, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of familiarity, as if this was his hometown.

As he continued to move forward, the sound of thunder rumbled in his hearts. The dense thunder would sometimes strike Wang Lin, and this made him feel very comfortable.

This feeling came from his origin soul, as if there was a hand gently massaging his soul.

At this moment, Wang Lin’s origin soul emitted a blue light and bursts of thunder entered his body. As he moved, a portion of his origin soul extended to the Moongazer Serpent’s bone and made it release a series of crackling sounds.

However, the celestial guard immediately stopped. Its eyes revealed a rare sign of hesitation as if it held extreme fear toward thunder.

Wang Lin turned around and began to ponder.

The celestial guard shouldn’t be afraid of thunder. After all, he had used his origin energy to refine the celestial guard, so the guard contained the power of thunder. It had also fought many enemies that used thunder but never showed the hesitation it did now.

“Could the thunder here be different?” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed as he carefully looked at the thunder around him. After a long time, his eyes revealed enlightenment.

The thunder here was formed by the heavens and not by some spell. Its characteristics were extremely similar to Wang Lin’s origin soul.

“No wonder the celestial guard is afraid.” Thunder falls into two categories: acquired and innate. Acquired is all thunder formed by spells. Innate is not formed by spells but naturally formed by the heavens.

With a command, the celestial guard backed away and started cultivating on a large asteroid not far away.

Wang Lin turned around as he put away the star compass and carried the Moongazer bone deep into the planet.

The closer he got, the more dense the thunder became, until it reached a terrifying degree. If it was anyone else, they would fear this place just like the celestial puppet. After all, the thunder here had reached a level that surpassed what one’s body and origin soul could resist.

However, for Wang Lin, especially for his origin soul without a body, this thunder had no effect on him. The closer he got, the more comfortable he felt.

If Wang Lin still had his body, he would be limited by it. His body wouldn’t have been able to reach this point, but due to current circumstances, he was able to move even faster and gradually entered this thunder planet.

The planet’s surface was also covered in thunder. The entire planet inside and out was filled with this dense thunder as if it was a thunder prison!

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