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Chapter 713 – Extracting the Bone of the Moongazer Serpent

In the memories of Tu Si, there was something inside the Moongazer Serpent called the Moonflower. It was extremely poisonous, and nothing beside the blood of an ancient god could cure it.

The value of this item would come into effect when the Moongazer Serpent died. It would cause the entire Moongazer Serpent to expand like a balloon until it exploded. This would kill everything in the star system except ancient gods!

The larger the Moongazer Serpent, the stronger the explosion!

This was why there were no remains of dead Moongazer Serpents!

This Moonflower was what the Moongazer Serpents cared the most about. If anything endangered the Moonflower, it would enrage the Moongazer Serpent to wipe out all dangers.

“I once heard that this Greed doesn’t go anywhere if there aren’t treasures to be found. Could he have mistaken the Moonflower for a treasure!?” Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy.

In the memories of ancient god Tu Si, the Moonflower couldn’t be taken out. If it was taken out, then it would immediately explode.

“If this is true, then an explosion from a Moongazer Serpent of this size could wipe out more than half of the northern domain!” Wang Lin’s scalp tingled.

If no one provoked the Moongazer Serpent, even after countless years, it wouldn’t die. It would just remain in its second form until it naturally died. Even then, it would take a very long time.

Even if someone came, with how strong the Moongazer Serpent was, it would be impossible for anyone to take the Moonflower; that person would just be giving up their life.

“If this is Greed looking for death, it has nothing to do with me!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he continued to search.

Time slowly passed. Wang Lin had searched almost every part of the Moongazer Serpent aside from some inaccessible places. During this time, he didn’t encounter any more Moongazer Serpents.

“If he wasn’t killed by the Moongazer Serpent, then he was swallowed by it. Everything that the Moongazer Serpent swallows gathers at the point where absorption and excretion happens. I need to check that place.” Wang Lin moved quickly toward that location.

The Moongazer Serpent has its own circulation system. Its excretion didn’t get expelled to the outside world, it was instead absorbed again by the body for nutrients.

Several days later, Wang Lin carefully arrived at the absorption and excretion location of the Moongazer Serpent. There was a foul stench coming from the soil around here.

Wang Lin frowned. He didn’t go in far but circled around the edge. Just as his divine sense spread out, he suddenly heard a faint divine sense message coming from inside.

“Is there a fellow cultivator outside? Save me, save me and there will be great rewards!”

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. He was very familiar with this voice. It was Greed!

“Fellow Cultivator save me, I have a lot of treasures. If Fellow Cultivator saves me, I’ll give you all of them.”

In the Moongazer Serpent’s absorption and excretion spot, Greed’s body was very thin. He had lost a lot of his flesh, blood essence, and celestial spiritual energy to counter the absorption force here over the last 100 years.

If it wasn’t for the furnace, he would have already turned into nothing.

Back then, he sensed that there was a powerful treasure hidden here. He only had this strong of a feeling back when he got this mysterious furnace. He was tempted by this and entered this place.

Planet Yun Xia was very calm, and he successfully entered deep into the place toward the treasure he was sensing. The treasure he had his eyes on was the Moongazer Serpent’s Moonflower.

Along the way he saw the metal vein, and after hesitating for a bit, he stabbed the celestial mountain into it. He was very greedy and wanted to pry off large sections at a time.

Unfortunately, this great pain caused the Moongazer Serpent to awaken. If it wasn’t for him taking out the furnace quickly enough, he would have already been killed.

This shocked him greatly, and Greed hid himself for several years until the Moongazer Serpent calmed down. He no longer dared to even think about the metal vein and rushed toward where he sensed the treasure.

Back then he already noticed that there was something wrong with this place. He intended to only take a look. If it was easy to take, he would take it, and if not, then he would immediately leave.

With his life of seeking treasures, he successfully arrived at where the Moonflower was. Greed only took one look before he sucked in a breath of cold air and his eyes shined with greed.

He didn’t know what the Moonflower was, but he could clearly feel a powerful destructive force inside. He felt that even Ling Tianhou would be destroyed by this force!

Due to his greed, Greed gave up on leaving and was ready to take this treasure. However, the moment he touched it, it seemed as if the entire planet truly awakened.

At that moment, the Moongazer Serpent began transform into its third form. Greed was only able to split a bit of his divine sense into the Moonflower before a large mouth swallowed him.

Then he appeared in this place.

He had analyzed this strange place. This planet was a very large beast. Terrified by this, he gave up on the treasure and was ready to flee.

He relied on the power of the furnace to switch places many times to escape. However, each time he tried, he would be caught, swallowed, and thrown back into this place. Moreover, after the last time, these tentacles wrapped around the furnace as if they were absorbing its power and made the furnace lose its effect.

With Greed’s intelligence, he had naturally deducted that this was the beast’s absorption and excretion area. He just didn’t understand why the beast hadn’t killed him and kept bringing him here.

This was the first time in 100 years that he felt someone outside. The excitement he felt was indescribable.

“Fellow Cultivator, save me. This old man swears there will be great rewards!” Greed kept sending out divine sense messages.

Wang Lin still hadn’t said a word. Instead, he turned around to leave.

Wang Lin knew that with his current cultivation level, it would be easy to enter, but it would be impossible to leave. After finding out that Greed had been trapped here and that no one had come to rescue him, Wang Lin was able to deduce that Greed was the only person who came from the Alliance Star System.

After understanding this, Wang Lin no longer had anything to worry about. If he were to waste time talking with Greed, then he wouldn’t be Wang Lin.

He turned around and left without any hesitation. He was not tempted by the treasures Greed talked about at all. Those that he should get, he would naturally get them, and those that he shouldn’t get, he wouldn’t be greedy over them. Otherwise, it would be the same as wasting his 900 plus years of cultivation.

This was why Wang Lin gave up the last time he came here until he gathered enough Celestial Ascension Fruits.

He moved like the wind through the dirt. After an unknown amount of time, he arrived back at where the crack in the bone was. He carefully observed for a long time before determining that there was no other Moongazer Serpent around. Wang Lin sat down in the lotus position and let out a breath of foul air.

He didn’t move after he sat down, and the celestial guard came out and carefully observed its surroundings. After the danger he encountered last time, Wang Lin didn’t dare to risk it.

His hand formed a seal and the seal he placed in the countless tentacles sealing the Celestial Ascension Fruit liquid collapsed!

If one looked from above, they would see that a majority of the countless tentacles covering planet Yun Xia suddenly trembled. Bright red light came from the root of these tentacles. Without the seals, the Celestial Ascension Fruit liquid was instantly released!

If only one portion of Celestial Ascension Fruit liquid was absorbed by the Moongazer Serpent, it was like a drop into the ocean. Like a mosquito bite, it wasn’t painful or itchy.

If there was time between each dose, it wouldn’t be a big deal either. After all, the Moongazer Serpent’s body had its own way of detoxing. However, at this moment, a majority of the tentacles were absorbing the liquid at once.

As a result, it was as strong as a storm. At this moment, most of the tentacles stopped swaying and began to tremble. The power of the Celestial Ascension Fruit suddenly spread out.

The mysterious force of the large quantity of Celestial Ascension Fruit liquid entered the Moongazer Serpent’s body from its roots. This was the same as 100 streams form a creek, 1000 creeks form a river, 10,000 river forms a ocean.

The mysterious force of the Celestial Ascension Fruit seemed to form an ocean, and it diffused across the Moongazer Serpent’s body.

The ground trembled greatly and a very excited aura came from the earth. All of the tentacles seemed to have lost their aggression and began to drunkenly sway around.

If Wang Lin’s cultivation was insufficient or he didn’t have the experience of the scattered devil pulling the planet’s soul, then he would only have felt the earth tremble and not feel the sense of excitement coming from the Moongazer Serpent’s soul.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Without any hesitation, his arms spread out and touched both sides of the split bone. It was as if he was linking them with his own body.

“The third ability of the underworld river, power of the underworld!” Wang Lin’s underworld river appeared.

It split into two parts along his arms and charged out like two fierce dragons. It moved very fast along the bone and covered it.

Wang Lin shouted, “Bone extraction!”

A powerful suction came from the underworld river. This third ability came from the Tide Abyss in the Demon Spirit Land. This power was gained from an enlightenment Wang Lin had when he experienced the invisible force created by the intersection of two star systems.

Its power would grow indefinitely along with his dao. At this moment, he used it with his late stage Ascendent cultivation, and it was enough to cause the entire planet to tremble. Even the fog around the planet was affected!

Waves of muffled roars that gave off an ancient feeling came from the earth and spread very far.

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