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Chapter 688 – Let Dirt Return to Dirt, Let Dust Return to Dust

Huan Wuqing raised his head to look at the lightscreen and quickly said, “Speak!” If Liu Mei’s Ten Thousand Illusion Heavenly Devil Dao was complete, then he could just devour it. However, her dao wasn’t complete, so if she wasn’t willing to give it up, then it was very likely that her dao would collapse before he could successfully devour it.

Liu Mei softly said, “The first thing is to help me kill Wang Lin!” Her gaze pierced through the lightscreen at Wang Lin. Her eyes revealed a trace of a very complex hatred.

Even until now, her hatred for Wang Lin still filled her heart. This kind of hate was something even she herself felt was a bit unreal. However, deep in her heart, she couldn’t forget the youth she saw several hundred years ago at the Heng Yue Sect.

What she couldn’t forget even more was Wang Lin’s tenderness toward Li Muwan.

The matter in the Suzaku Tomb was what really lit up her hatred. After she left planet Suzaku and found out that she was pregnant, her hatred became even stronger.

However, her Ten Thousand Illusion Ruthless Domain made it so that she couldn’t really tell which was her true self.

In the end, ruthlessness and sentiment were still emotions. The difference between them was very small, but the distance was worlds apart.

These very complex emotions made it so that she couldn’t even tell what was the truth. This made her feel extremely complex emotions most of the time, especially when she looked at her child.

Without any hesitation, the Huan family’s ancestor decisively said, “OK, I’ll do my best to help you achieve this!”

“The second thing… If you can’t kill Wang Lin, then just… Give him this bag of holding!” Liu Mei took out a bag of holding from her bosom. She revealed a hint of softness as he looked at the bag.

The Huan family’s ancestor frowned but still nodded.

The scattered demon controlled Wang Lin’s body and landed punch after punch on the light screen. As countless ripples and cracks appeared on the light screen, the scattered devil laughed and shouted, “Break!”

After that one word, the sound of a mirror falling and cracking could be heard, but the sound was magnified several thousand times. This sound echoed across the heavens and earth. The last protective spell left by the Huan family’s celestial ancestor had shattered!

When the scattered devil closed in, it gave off a monstrous amount of devilish energy that diffused across the world. Within the devilish energy, Wang Lin could see Liu Mei sitting on the ground with the Huan family’s ancestor behind her. The Huan family’s ancestor had his eyes closed and his hand on Liu Mei’s forehead. The Huan family’s ancestor was giving off a strange aura.

“Eh?” The scattered devil was startled. At this moment, the Huan family’s ancestor suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes revealed a hint of grey, and in a flash, he flew into the air. His whole body was like smoke, giving off an illusory feel.

The scattered devil looked at him attentively and then said, with a smile that was not a smile, “Little child, your cultivation method is pretty good. It actually contains a bit of my ancient devil’s cultivation!”

Wang Lin’s gaze wasn’t on the Huan family’s ancestor but on Liu Mei. Her eyes were closed, and her aura… was completely gone…

He didn’t know what he was feeling. Wang Lin still didn’t withdraw his divine sense.

The Huan family’s ancestor was like smoke as he condensed in the air. The grey light in his eyes was very strong. He took a deep breath and calmly looked at the scattered devil controlling Wang Lin and slowly said, “I only have one spell. Do you dare to take it?”

The scattered devil laughed and said, “Show it to me!”

The Huan family’s ancestor closed his eyes. He had absorbed Liu Mei’s domain and recovered the celestial spiritual energy he had given her. Although his cultivation hadn’t completely recovered to what it was before, there wasn’t much of a difference.

However, he had no confidence in facing the scattered devil that had fused with Wang Lin. Even if he wanted to run, he wouldn’t be able to escape from the devil’s spells. That was why he had pinned all his hopes on the trace of the Heavenly Devil Dao in his body.

After devouring Liu Mei’s domain and fusing it with his own, he finally produced a trace of the Identityless Heavenly Devil Dao, but it was simply too little.

A strange aura came out as the Huan family’s ancestor closed his eyes. He revealed a painful expression and his body rapidly withered. In the blink of an eye, he seemed to have turned into a skeleton.

Shortly after, even his bones melted and completely disappeared. Finally, the Huan family’s ancestor completely disappeared, leaving behind a bag of holding. It was because of the Huan family’s ancestor’s dao that it didn’t dissipate and floated toward the ground.

A dense mass of grey smoke spread out at the moment his body disappeared.

The Huan family’s ancestor’s origin soul was inside!

The grey gas churned and entered his origin soul, causing it to gradually become more transparent. Eventually, it was as if his origin soul was about to disappear, but just at this moment, a powerful sense of crisis appeared in Wang Lin’s heart.

However, the scattered devil revealed a very interested gaze and said, “This spell is interesting, very interesting!”

The true Identityless Heavenly Devil Dao was to completely become an Identityless Heavenly Devil. Every life in the world could become a devil and therefore had no identity. Collecting the evil intent of all creatures and infusing it into the Identityless Heavenly Devil Dao would allow one to become a carefree heavenly devil!

The Huan family’s ancestor’s body dissipated and his origin soul turned into nothing. At this instant, countless illusions appeared from all directions. Waves of terrifying auras came from these illusions. Each of them were no weaker than Yin and Yang stage cultivators, some of them were even more powerful.

The Identityless Heavenly Devil Dao spell was very shocking, and it hadn’t display its true power yet; this was merely the start.

However, just at this moment, a mass of black smoke suddenly came out from Wang Lin’s head. The scattered devil rushed out of Wang Lin’s body and leaped out with an ecstatic laugh. At the same time, it opened its mouth and began swallowing. In an instant, a majority of the illusions were devoured by it.

“What good nutrients! You little children really suit this devil’s tastes. You sure know what to bring to honor this devil. If it wasn’t for the fact that I have already made a promise, I really wouldn’t want to kill you!” The scattered devil laughed and devoured another mouthful.

Without the scattered devil, Wang Lin regained control of his body. In a flash, he arrived on the ground and with one step he stood before Liu Mei.

Liu Mei’s eyes were already closed and there was no vitality left in her body. Her cultivation had already reached the Ascendant stage, meaning her origin soul and domain had already fused. Devouring her domain meant devouring her origin soul as well.

On the other side, as the scattered devil continued to devour, all of the illusions eventually disappeared. In mid air, the almost illusionary Huan family ancestor condensed once more and his face was filled with bitterness.

He only had a sliver of the Identityless Heavenly Devil Dao. If Liu Mei’s domain was complete, he would have become a true Identityless Heavenly Devil and wouldn’t have become the scattered devil’s nutrients.

After letting out a sigh, the Huan family’s ancestor’s body moved and prepared to escape.

The scattered devil let out a laugh and his devilish energy spread out. The Huan family’s ancestor was wrapped inside and was devoured by the scattered devil.

“Little doll Wang Lin, this devil has fulfilled his promise!” The scattered devil suddenly turned around and gloomily looked at Wang Lin. Then it took one step toward the void and disappeared without a trace.

The surroundings were completely silent, the Huan family members were all quiet. Everything that had happened today shocked them greatly and made them deeply respect Wang Lin.

Wang Lin calmly looked at the close-eyed Liu Mei. For a long time, he didn’t speak.

Huan Fengshen hesitated for a bit before stepping forward and saying, “Fellow cultivator, before Liu Mei left, she made a deal with… Huan Wuqing. If he couldn’t kill you, he had to give you a bag of holding.”

Wang Lin raised his head and his gaze fell on the bag of holding that fell when Huan Wuqing lost his body. He waved his hand and the bag landed in his hand.

There was a pill and a piece of jade inside and nothing else.

Holding the jade, Wang Lin’s divine sense went inside…

“The pill is an antidote to the child’s resentment. Combine it with a thunder cultivator most of the resentment can be dissolved… Back then, Master told me to leave my shadow in your heart. Back then, I couldn’t do it… however, now I did.”

The gentle spring breeze blew by, sweeping away some of the dust on the ground. The breeze blew on Liu Mei’s body. A diamond-shaped fragment gradually flew off Liu Mei’s forehead and went with the wind.

At the same time, more fragments came out of Liu Mei’s body and were blow away. Eventually, her entire body turned into these butterfly-like pieces. They were all caught by the wind as they drifted far away with the wind…

It was as if Liu Mei’s figure appeared in the sky. She looked down on the earth, played with her hair, and smiled. She went further and further until she reached the edge of the horizon…

Wang Lin raised his head as he looked at the sky and remained silent.

“Above life and death is karma. The karmatic cause of the past will cause the karmatic effect of today… Let dirt return to dirt, let dust return to dust. All of this is just a fragment of memories of the past. A dream that one has not awakened from…” Wang Lin let out a sigh as he turned around and left.

“Did she really die…” As Wang Lin left, he didn’t continue to pursue this question. Whether Liu Mei had really died or not no longer mattered. The dust had settled and the dirt had returned to the earth.

Wang Lin’s back gradually disappeared from the Huan family’s view until he disappeared completely over the horizon. What was left were the lingering memories of generations of the Huan family’s descendants.

Wang Lin didn’t wipe out the Huan family. He was very tired, very tired…

What was tired was not his body but his heart.

He had experienced too much during his eight hundred years of cultivation…

On planet Ran Yun in the Fallen Moon Village, there was one extra family. This family was very strange; there were only two people. One was a young-looking youth with an ancient aura and a baby.

At the same time, in the Allheaven Star System, Greed was wandering around with a gloomy expression. There were simply too many restrictions on his body, to the point that every time he thought about them his scalp would go numb and his heart would turn cold.

“Damned Wang Lin, if I can’t find him soon, one of the restriction on my body will activate and I will die without a grave!”

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