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Chapter 687 – Devour

This wasn’t the first time Wang Lin had seen a soul extraction spell. Back in the Demon Spirit Land, he saw Greed take out a celestial mountain and extract the mountain’s soul.

The scene from then shocked him greatly. This kind of spell was very powerful and was not something ordinary cultivators could control and master.

Now that he was able to personally experience the scattered devil controlling his body and pulling out the planet’s soul, he could see that this spell was millions of times more profound than Greed’s spell.

Everything in the world, even each blade of grass, has life, and that means they have souls. These souls are very elusive and are impossible to see, but they can be clearly felt.

For example, if a mortal looks up at a tall peak, he feels a sense of shock and pressure. The pressure comes from the mountain’s soul. The mortal’s eyes can only see the mountain, while the pressure of its soul can only be sensed.

If even mountains and rivers have souls, of course a cultivation planet filled with spiritual energy does too.

It was very different from when the spiritual energy was taken away. This time the planet didn’t tremble in the slightest, but a very ancient aura appeared and slowly spread as if the planet had awakened.

This ancient aura wasn’t something that could form in merely hundreds of thousands of years. It was something that had slowly formed over countless years without any joy or sadness.

This aura only contained a sense of inclusion. Over the countless years, it included everything on the planet.

The scattered devil controlled Wang Lin’s body and reached out with his right hand. His aura began to gather in his palm like crazy, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into a grey mist. The ancient aura continued to fuse with the grey mist and compress. Explosions that sounded like bolts of thunder came from the grey mist.

Perhaps it was an illusion, but at this moment, Wang Lin felt like planet Thousand Illusion had suddenly lost its vitality. The grass withered, the rivers disappeared, and the peaks cracked…

With the grey mist in hand, the scattered devil laughed and then charged directly toward the celestial figure. The scattered devil moved like lightning and closed in on the celestial figure with the soul of planet Thousand Illusion.

Wang Lin had a feeling that his body had fused with the soul of planet Thousand Illusion. This attack was not with his own power but with the power of the entire planet.

The celestial figure also took a step forward with all the celestial spiritual energy transformed from all the spiritual energy on planet Thousand Illusion. It waved its hand and charged directly at the scattered devil.

Two unimaginable spells came closer and closer until they finally collided.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A thunderous roar echoed across the planet. At this moment, about about thirty to forty percent of planet Thousand Illusion’s spirit veins collapsed. This produced powerful shockwaves that spread in all directions.

The powerful impact caused all of the Huan family members to immediately retreat. They began activating the spiritual or celestial spiritual energies inside their bodies. They felt like if they didn’t do this, the impact would cause their bodies to collapse.

The celestial figure suddenly collapsed into smoke and began to dissipate. At the moment it completely dissipated, a piece of jade appeared.

The moment the jade appeared, A series of crackling sounds came from it. The jade shattered and turned to dust with all of the Huan family members watching.

However, at the moment it shattered, a ray of white light came out from the jade. The white light formed a light screen that covered everything within five kilometers.

The Huan family’s ancestor’s face was pale. The family had passed down this message: should the jade shatter, there will be one more defensive spell left. However, this spell was very weak. Its only value was to buy the Huan family some time in a time of crisis to escape, surrender, commit suicide, or leave their final words.

The scattered devil’s right hand trembled and then planet Thousand Illusion’s soul disappeared.

The ancient aura merged back with the earth and gradually disappeared.

The biggest benefactor in this battle was Wang Lin. A battle using these kinds of spells was something someone of his cultivation level could never hope to experience. It was completely above him.

Whether it was the celestial figure or the scattered devil, both had the power of a second step cultivator. For Wang Lin, it was as if this battle had opened a tightly sealed door for him.

At this moment, a small gap appeared in the door, allowing him to see the next level. It allowed him to personally feel the power of the next step.

“This… is the power of the second step… Compared to Greed, the Huan family’s ancestor, Qian Kuizi, who are all also at the second step, it is clear that they have just entered the second step.

“The second step of cultivation is too terrifying!” Wang Lin’s mind was shaken.

During this battle, the scattered devil brought him unimaginable benefits by controlling his body. The scattered devil only used one spell, but this one spell was activated through Wang Lin’s body. Everything that was hidden when looking from the outside was clearly displayed before Wang Lin. This included the way the celestial spiritual energy moved in his body and the commanding aura when extracting the soul.

All of this opened a big gap in the door that was blocking Wang Lin’s path to the second step.

Never had Wang Lin wanted to reach the second step as he did now!

“Even my celestial guard can’t even withstand one hit of one of these spells. The second step of cultivation is very strong! Each battle can easily collapse a cultivation planet. This is very close to the scene I saw when I received the ancient god’s inheritance.”

Not only him, even the Huan family members all seemed enlightened after the battle. It was as if a new world was opened to them. However, compared to Wang Lin, their gains were really insignificant.

This kind of opportunity was simply too scarce. In this world, how many second step cultivators as strong as Ling Tianhou would descend upon someone and have a fight with someone who was also in the second step?

If second step cultivators really needed to battle seriously, they would just personally come; they would rarely battle through controlling someone else’s body.

The scattered devil controlled Wang Lin to look down at the celestial spiritual energy lightscreen and let out a light snort. His right hand formed a fist and he threw a punch. Just a casual punch caused a sonic boom. This punch carried with it a thick devilish energy as it fell on the lightscreen.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Cracks appeared on the lightscreen, but it didn’t collapse.

Under the lightscreen, the Huan family’s ancestor’s face was deadly pale.

Huan Fengshen said, in serious tone, “Ancestor, hand over Liu Mei…” He let out a sigh. Although the other party was only an Ascendant cultivator, his magical treasures and spells were simply too strong, especially after the devil appeared. Even if the Ancestor’s cultivation hadn’t fallen, the Ancestor still wouldn’t be a match.

The Huan family’s ancestor looked at the not far away Huan Fengshen and withdrew his gaze. He then gloomily looked at Liu Mei.

The Huan family’s ancestor hesitated for a bit and slowly said, “Liu Mei…”

However, before he finished speaking, Liu Mei looked up at him with her beautiful eyes. She moved the hair that had scattered behind her head and softly said, “Master, if Liu Mei leaves, I’ll definitely die”


The celestial spiritual energy light screen withstood another one of the scattered devil’s attacks and even more cracks appeared. When the light screen was about to collapse, the scattered devil’s arrogant laughter came from outside.

The Huan family’s ancestor’s expression was gloomy. He was just unwilling to surrender Liu Mei like this. However, if he didn’t hand her over now, once that scattered devil descended, it would be impossible for him to resist it with his own power. The Qian family wouldn’t help him, and the Xu family had promised to help but still hadn’t appeared, so clearly something was wrong. Right now he could only depend on himself.

His eyes became cold as he stared at Liu Mei and said, “Liu Mei, since you will die if you go out, why don’t you give up your domain to this old man? With the help of your domain, I can complete my Identityless Heavenly Devil Dao, and then I might stand a chance!”

He took Liu Mei as his disciple because she had showed a trace of the Ten Thousand Illusion Heavenly Devil Dao!

The Huan family’s celestial ancestor once left two domain spells. They were respectfully the Heavenly Devil Dao and the Identityless Dao. However, the Heavenly Devil Dao was simply too difficult, so up to this day, no one in the Huan family had successfully learned it.

These two spells were in fact split from one domain. That domain was the Identityless Heavenly Devil Dao. This Identityless Heavenly Devil Dao was formed before the Celestial Realm’s collapsed. The Huan family’s celestial ancestor had gotten entangled with a heavenly devil, and after combining with it, he gained comprehension in this domain. However, celestials don’t cultivate domains, so he took this comprehension and gifted it to his descendants.

After the Huan family lost their protection when the Celestial Realm collapsed, they were able to firmly keep their place because of the Identityless Heavenly Devil Dao. However, their glory was no more.

It was because of Liu Mei’s Ten Thousand Heavenly Devil domain that Huan Wuqing was tempted. To make it easier to devour her later, he lowered his own cultivation to change her bloodline.

He also sped up her cultivation. Although this wouldn’t stop her from increasing her cultivation level, it made it so that she would only be able to reach the Yin and Yang stage. As a result, she would be in his complete control and wouldn’t cause any problems when he devours her in the future.

He had calculated it all and just needed to wait for Liu Mei to reach the Yin and Yang stage. Then, after her domain underwent its transformation and became the real Ten Thousand Illusion Heavenly Devil Dao, he would devour it and cultivate the true domain of the Huan family, the Identityless Heavenly Devil Dao.

However, all of this was completely destroyed by Wang Lin, someone who had come out of nowhere. Instead of handing over Liu Mei, he might as well devour her now and still get a trace of the Ten Thousand Illusion Heavenly Devil Dao. In the future, he would just have to be diligent in comprehending dao and maybe he would achieve a grand dao one day.

With this idea in mind, Huan Wuqing was staring at Liu Mei, and his eyes revealed a strange gaze.

Liu Mei’s eyes were calm. With her intelligence, she had already seen some clues back when they were in the Alliance Star System. She knew that no one showed kindness unless it was toward loved ones. Even if there was any, there was definitely some purpose behind it all.

However, Huan Wuqing’s power was not something she could resist. She could only pretend to not know and be brought to the Allheaven Star System and accept the bloodline ritual.

From the moment Huan Wuqing was willing to damage his cultivation to help her achieve the peak of the late stage of Ascendant, she was confident that this Huan Wuqing had some deep motive behind all of this.

However, she was powerless to resist.

With her previous status as the disciple of the Suzaku, how could she not know the damage of increasing one’s cultivation level so forcibly?

Liu Mei softly said, “You have to promise me two things…”

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