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Chapter 686 – Scatter Devil Appears

A thick, devilish energy that diffused across the world appeared with this laughter. This devilish energy was so thick that it caused devilish flames to appear in the sky. It immediately collided with the celestial spiritual energy from the figure walking over!

Inside the devilish flame, a thick, black smoke came out from the top of Wang Lin’s head. This black smoke condensed into the figure of a single-horned devil. After it appeared, it let out another crazed laughter.

Its voice had endless penetration power. It was like a sharp spike that could penetrate the world.

Scattered devil!

Wang Lin was planning to refine it into his second origin soul! After a century of refining, all Wang Lin had managed was to deepen his control over it but not truly refine it.

After the control imprint was placed on it, its divine sense went into slumber, so its strength was greatly reduced. Otherwise, if it was completely awakened, Wang Lin would have a difficult time controlling it.

At the moment the scattered devil appeared for the first time, the Huan family’s ancestor’s expression became completely pale. He took a few steps back as he stared at the devilish figure for a long time before revealing a bitter expression.

“So this was his ace!”

Huan Fengshen gasped and felt glad at his own decision just then. All of the Huan family’s disciples behind him felt the same.

The Qian family’s Qian Kuizi heart jumped like crazy. This scattered devil was too strong. Even with his cultivation, when he saw the scattered devil, he actually shivered.

“Too terrifying. What exactly is this… devil! No wonder he is from the Thunder Celestial Temple he simply has too many abilities. Thunder Beast, puppet, sword art, and this… devil! This person must be an extremely important person of the Thunder Celestial Temple; otherwise, how could he have all of this?!”

The Xu family’s old man was moved for the first time. His divine sense even showed a hint of excitement as he stared at the scatter devil’s figure.

“Scattered devil! A scattered devil created by an ancient devil!”

The scattered devil appeared and let out a creepy laugh after its roar. It charged out from Wang Lin’s head into the air and became a huge figure. It didn’t even look at the celestial figure coming toward him but locked his fierce gaze on Wang Lin.

“Little cultivator, this devil will fulfill your agreement and help you with this battle! But if you don’t release me from your imprint after this, then even if I have to destroy my soul, I’ll fight with you to the death!”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he said, “Once this battle is over, I’ll set you free!”

“Good!” The scattered devil laughed, then his body turned into fog and wrapped around Wang Lin. Its devilish energy turned into even strands that entered through Wang Lin’s seven apertures.

In an instant, a powerful devilish aura spread out around Wang Lin. At the same time, he slapped his bag of holding and the devil armor flew out. It immediately wrapped around Wang Lin, forming that fierce full body devil armor.

During this process, Wang Lin revealed a painful expression. However, his gaze became even colder and there were black smoke moving within his eyes.

This was why Wang Lin had come by himself, it was because of this crazy idea he had. If he wanted to kill Liu Mei, who was being protected by the Huan family’s ancestor, it was simply impossible. Even with the celestial guard, it was impossible.

The Huan family had been around for countless years, so they must have something special. Wang Lin naturally understood this.

This was why he gave up on the scattered devil that he couldn’t refine. Instead, he awakened it and offered it freedom to make it fight for him!

Although the scattered devil was strong, the imprint was not simple, as it was placed with the help of the Ancient Demon Bei Lou. This imprint contained a spell from Bei Lou and was deeply imprinted in the scattered devil’s soul.

Even with the scattered devil’s strength, it still couldn’t break it in a short period of time. Normally, when being controlled by Wang Lin, it could only use a small portion of its strength. However, this time was different. Under Wang Lin’s call, it had completely awakened!

Due to the scattered devil’s devilish personality, he would normally not communicate with Wang Lin. However, the imprint in his body was too strong, so even after it fully awakened, it couldn’t leave Wang Lin’s origin soul. Even if it did, it would still have to leave its root in Wang Lin’s origin soul.

As a result, he made an agreement with Wang Lin for his freedom.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to occupy Wang Lin’s body after awakening, but with the imprint there, all of it was useless. Now that Wang Lin had given it a chance, as long as it fought for Wang Lin, Wang Lin would give it its freedom. However, because of Ancient Demon Bei Lou, unless Wang Lin’s cultivation reaches a certain level, it will be impossible to release the seal.

However, the scattered devil had other thoughts. As long as Wang Lin gave it its freedom, it was confident that it could destroy Ancient Demon Bei Lou’s seal within several hundred years. At that time, he will truly be carefree!

The scattered devil entered Wang Lin’s head. Devilish flame appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes as he walked toward the celestial figure. He didn’t use any spell and directly threw a punch at it.

Wang Lin’s was currently in a state of separation. His body was being controlled by the scattered devil, and all of the celestial spiritual energy inside his body had turned into devilish energy in an instant. With the scattered devil’s soul entering his body, it all became devilish energy.

This punch contained the power of the scattered devil and the force of the devil armor. This punch turned into a dragon made of black light as it charged toward the celestial figure.

The celestial figure’s right hand formed a seal and pointed forward. The surrounding celestial spiritual energy immediately condensed to form a giant vortex. It rushed toward the black dragon, and in an instant, both turned into nothingness.

The celestial figure withdrew his hand and opened his arms. Each of his hands had a different seal, and endless spiritual energy gathered here from all over planet Thousand Illusion. Through a mysterious method, the spiritual energy was transformed into celestial spiritual energy.

This celestial spiritual energy was too dense; it was as if it had became solid and then condensed like crazy above the celestial figure’s right hand. In the blink of an eye, there was suddenly a gap in the cycle of spiritual energy on planet Thousand Illusion!

At this instant, planet Thousand Illusion had no spiritual energy!

All of the spiritual energy was transformed into celestial spiritual energy, and it formed a milky white ball above the palm of the celestial figure.

This method caused Wang Lin’s eyes to narrow, but the scattered devil controlling his body coldly smiled. “A mere celestial transformation spell. It is only a spell from a branch of the ancient demon clan, and you dare to display it before me!”

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm, but the devilish energy around him became even stronger. Under the control of the scattered devil, he pointed at the sky with his right hand and said, “Ancient devil!”

These two words were said in the language of the ancient order. At this instant, Wang Lin’s right hand formed a claw and was surrounded with devilish flame. The flame left his body and formed a giant devil claw several dozen feet long.

Reaching out toward the earth below him, Wang Lin spoke once more in the words of the ancient order. “Extract the planet’s soul!”

At this moment, planet Thousand Illusion trembled and an ancient aura began to rise up. The scattered devil’s grasp was able to pull out planet Thousand Illusion’s planet soul.

“If you are using all the spiritual energy on the planet, then I’ll use the planet’s soul! Let us see which is stronger!” The scattered devil laughed and released an astonishing amount of devilish flames.

Although his body was being controlled by the scattered devil, Wang Lin still had a direct connection to his body. This gave him a very deep impression of the ancient devil’s planet soul extraction spell and allowed him to gain some enlightenment.

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