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Chapter 683 – Shocking Qian Kuizi Into Retreat

Qian Kuizi was one of the Qian family’s three ancestors. He had cultivated for more than ten thousand years and was friends with the Huan family’s ancestor in their youth, so their relation was close. He rode a ray of light out of planet Thousand Illusion. He sat among the stars as he coldly looked into the distance, waiting.

He was not representing the Qian family on this trip but privately helping the Huan family’s ancestor. However, he wasn’t he helping for free, as he had his eyes on one of the Huan family’s treasures.

“I only have to kill that daring junior and I’ll be able to obtain that treasure. There are too many problems with this; that Huan Quqing has always been stingy, yet this time he is so generous…” Qian Kuizi looked like he was about forty years old. There not a single white hair on his head and he looked very handsome. The white robes he was wearing gave him the air of a celestial.

“This arrogant junior might turn out to be very difficult to handle. That terrifying sword energy that appeared in the Huan family before is very likely related to this junior. I can’t be impulsive in this matter. When that junior arrives, I have to observe carefully. If I can act, then I won’t mind killing in exchange for the treasure… If I can’t, then there is no reason to plant the seed of disaster for a treasure!”

Afte Qian Kuizi made up his mind, he closed his eyes and remained motionless among the stars.

Several days later, a ray of silver light came toward the planet like a meteor. Sitting on the silver light, Wang Lin coldly gazed at the distant planet Thousand Illusion that was giving off various brilliant lights.

He had come with killing intent, and anyone who dared to block him would be his enemy!

As the silver light rushed across space, Qian Kuizi opened his eyes and calmly looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin also saw Qian Kuizi. His pupils shrank slightly and became cold.

“He indeed has helpers!”

“Incomer, stop!” Qian Kuizi’s voice was faint at first, but it was like a spell that quickly spread like a bolt of thunder. Wang Lin’s gaze became cold as he looked at Qian Kuizi.

“Words that carry laws!” The silver light from Wang Lin’s star compass seemed dim from the pressure of these words. Naturally, he couldn’t see through this person’s cultivation with his own divine sense. However, with the fusion of the celestial guard, he could easily tell that this person was at the Illusory Yin of the Yin and Yang stage.

“Although the celestial guard puppet is also at the Illusory Yin stage, it can’t compare to a real cultivator at that stage.” Wang Lin knew of the celestial guard’s weakness. However, due to having spells unique to it, it wasn’t weak either.

Qian Kuizi’s eyes were calm as he slowly said, “Did you come because of the Huan family?” His tone was filled with a bit of disdain.

Wang Lin stood on the star compass as he stared at the man and coldly said, “Exactly!”

“Such a young age and already talking about wiping out a family. Has your elder not taught you at all? Tell me your elder’s name, perhaps they will be an acquaintance of mine and you can avoid being killed!” Qian Kuizi looked at Wang Lin and carefully observed him.

In his view, there was nothing strange about this child. This child’s cultivation level was also very low, not even at the mid stage of Ascendant. As Qian Kuizi’s eyes fell on the shadow under Wang Lin’s feet, his eyes narrowed.

“Illusory Yin puppet!!!” Although Qian Kuizi’s gaze was calm, he gasped in his heart.

“What kind of family would be so generous as to refine a powerful cultivator in the Yin and Yang stage into a puppet to gift to an junior? This… this is simply too terrifying!” As Qian Kuizi stared at the shadow under Wang Lin, his eyes revealed a trace of greed.

Wang Lin’s gaze was cold as he calmly said, “Senior, this is a personal grudge between me and the Huan family. Please don’t get involved.”

Qian Kuizi struggled in his heart. On one hand, he wanted this puppet, but on the other, he was afraid of this person’s family background. Eventually, the greed won over his rationality.

In his view, the price of an Illusory Yin puppet was simply too great! After all, he was acting for the Huan family. Ignoring how long it will take for this junior’s family to find out about this matter, even when they do find out, he could still blame it on the Huan family. With the Qian and Huan families together, even another family would have to carefully consider whether or not to fight.

Qian Kuizi’s eyes lit up and he slowly said, “Hand over your puppet and this old man will not get involved in his matter!”

Wang Lin’s eyes became even colder. He still had two rays of Ling Tianhou’s sword energy left. Before he entered the Tide Abyss, he had two rays. Then he used one to help the ancient demon and gained two more inside the Tide abyss for a total of three rays.

The shadow under Wang Lin’s feet flickered and the celestial guard appeared. A hint of battle intent flashed across its eyes as it stared at Qian Kuizi.

Wang Lin let out a shout. “Kill!” The celestial guard’s eyes lit up brightly and it took a step forward. At the same time, both of its hands moved and tore open several cracks in space.

Qian Kuizi’s pupils suddenly shrank, but he didn’t get up and remained sitting. His right hand formed seals before him and he began to mutter. He then spat out rune after rune and immediately became surrounded by them. Each of these runes gave off a powerful aura, and they quickly closed in on the celestial guard.

The celestial guard was made by Celestial Emperor Qin Lin with the intention of imitating an ancient god, so most of its abilities were displayed in the power of its body. At this moment, the celestial guard’s hand formed a seal and a burst of golden light appeared in his hand. Soon, the golden light surrounded his whole body and he became a golden man. He took a step forward and threw a punch.

This punch created a series of sonic booms among the stars. Countless cracks also appeared, and the punch caused all the runes in its path to collapse.

Qian Kuizi’s eyes revealed a strange light and he smiled. “It is even a puppet that focused on body refining. This old man will definitely have this puppet!” After that, he changed the chant. This time the chant became more forceful, sounding like pieces of metal hitting each other.

In an instant, all of the runes released bolts of lightning. In the blink of an eye, the runes turned into tens of thousands of bolts of lightning and bolted toward the celestial guard.

These lightning bolts seemed to attract each other and linked together. It was as if the lightning net intended to light up space itself as it descended on the celestial guard.

Still standing on the star compass, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He slapped his bag of holding and the god slaying war chariot flew out. It transformed into the Thunder Beast, let out a roar, and fiercely charged out.

The moment the roar came out, all the tens of thousands of lightning bolts paused. While Qian Kuizi was startled, all of the lightning left the runes and gathered toward the Thunder Beast before being devoured.

The Thunder Beast’s body suddenly increased one fold. It let out a full burp and its eyes filled with lightning bolts.

“This… This is… Thunder Beast!!” Qian Kuizi suddenly stood up, and his expression changed greatly. He stared at the Thunder Beast and gasped.

“That’s right, this is why you have such fierce sword energy and an Illusory Yin puppet! It’s because you are someone from the Thunder Celestial Temple!” Qian Kuizi sucked in a breath of cold air. He immediately withdrew all the runes and his heart no longer coveted the puppet.

Qian Kuizi’s expression was pale and he quickly said, “Little friend, please forgive me; this old man was reckless. It’s a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding!” He no longer had the attitude of a powerful cultivator.

“I actually tried to rob something from the Thunder Celestial Temple, this really is…” Qian Kuizi’s face was filled with bitterness.

He could provoke any family in the Alllheaven Star System, but he won’t dare to provoke the Thunder Celestial Temple. He didn’t even dare to show the smallest amount of disrespect toward the Thunder Celestial Temple. To him, the three words “Thunder Celestial Temple” were an existence that could never be provoked.

Originally, with his cultivation level and mental strength, he wouldn’t believe so firmly that Wang Lin was someone from the Thunder Celestial Temple. In the end, what made him so confident was the Thunder Beast!

Only the Thunder Celestial Temple had Thunder Beasts, and that was almost a dead set law! Likewise, a Thunder Beast was the symbol of a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple!

Qian Kuizi had cultivated for ten thousand years, but he had never heard of anyone not from the Thunder Celestial Temple with a Thunder Beast. Thunder Beast was something only a person from the Thunder Celestial Temple could have. This had become an eternal truth in his mind.

Wang Lin’s expression didn’t change at all as he stared at Qian Kuizi and calmly said, “A misunderstanding?”

Qian Kuizi bitterly smiled, but he felt anger in his heart. With his cultivation, even after finding out that this child was from the Thunder Celestial Temple, he wouldn’t be speaking like this. Normally, he only spoke like this when he was facing someone who was at the step second as well.

However, right now he was the first to provoke the other party, and he had tried to steal from someone from the Thunder Celestial Temple. In his mind, this child must have some status in the Thunder Celestial Temple, or else they wouldn’t have arranged a Illusory Yin puppet to protect him.

After hesitating for a bit, Qian Kuizi wryly smiled. “Little friend, I can’t help you against the Huan family because we belong to the same planet. Also, since you are from the Thunder Celestial Temple, you won’t need my help anyways. But little friend, my Qian family will not participate in this matter and will cut all connections with the Huan family!”

“I want celestial jades!” Wang Lin calmly looked at Qian Kuizi.

Qian Kuizi was startled and said, “Your Thunder Celestial Temple still lacks celestial jades? Yes, I’ll give them to you!” He bitterly smiled in his heart and thought that this was his punishment for being greedy. The people of the Thunder Celestial Temple couldn’t be provoked. Ignoring the fact that each of them had a life-saving spell, even if he did kill this person, there wouldn’t be a single place in the entire Allheaven Star System for his Qian family to exist!

“If this person wants celestial jades, I bet he wants an extremely large amount. He didn’t specify how many, so he must want me to decide myself…” Qian Kuizi clenched his teeth and took out a bag of holding. His heart bled as he threw the bag at Wang Lin before turning around and flying back to planet Thousand Illusion.

His expression was extremely dark as he stepped into planet Thousand Illusion. The moment he entered the planet, his divine sense spread out, surrounded the entire territory of the Huan family, and sent out a gloomy divine sense message.

“Huan Wuqing, you made me provoke someone from the Thunder Celestial Temple! I’ll remember this. Once your family is wiped out, I’ll definitely get back at you through your descendants!”

The Huan family’s ancestor frowned inside the Huan family’s ancestral home and sent out a divine message. “He isn’t from the Thunder Celestial temple, he came from the Alliance Star System like my adopted daughter!”

“Bullshit. Your divine sense was there as well; didn’t you see that Thunder Beast? Thunder Beast only exists in the Thunder Celestial Realm and is the symbol of the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple!” Qian Kuizi was very angry and thought, “Huan Wuqing, Huan Wuqing, things have already come to this and you still try to hide it from me. I’ll remember this!”

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