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Chapter 675 – Situ Nan Enters Closed Door Cultivation Once More

Huan Dong’s death was detected right away by the Huan family. As a great family on a main cultivation planet, a family member being slaughtered caused quite a stir.

The Huan family’s ancestor was furious when he heard this; however, his eyes suddenly lit up and he suppressed the Huan family’s proposal to get revenge on planet Ran Yun. Instead, he pushed up the date for the bloodline ritual.

“The family member who was killed was under Huan Mei, so after the bloodline ritual, let Huan Mei personally handle it!” No one dared to opposse the Huan family’s ancestor. Although everyone knew that it was the ancestor letting Huan Mei show her might, none of them dared to say more

This matter was settled.

“Seal planet Ran Yun with a planet sealing formation so that no one can escape! Huan Mei will deal with this after the bloodline ritual.”

The moment Huan family moved, the sky changed colors. With the planet sealing formation, planet Ran Yun was a caged bird.

As for Liu Mei, after hearing that Hua Dong had died, there wasn’t any change to her expression. It was as if the person that died was merely an ant.

Liu Mei looked up at the blue sky and whispered, “Planet Ran Yun… Is it a battle to show my might to the Huan family… According to Master, during the bloodline ritual, he will transfer me some of his cultivation. At the price of lowering his cultivation by one grade for two hundred years, he will help me reach the peak of the late stage of Ascendant. As for entering the Yin and Yang stage, it will depend on my own understanding.

“After that, the difference between me and that man from Suzaku will become larger. In the later years, once I reach the second step and see that person again, I don’t know what kind of mood he will be in. However, by then he will be an ant, just like that Huan Dong…”

Liu Mei faintly smiled. Her smile was very beautiful and would make anyone’s heart skip a beat. A pair of guards that were patrolling by saw her smile and were both startled. Obsession and fanaticism suddenly filled their eyes. These looks were shockingly similar to Huan Dong’s.

“The Ten Thousand Illusion Heavenly Devil Dao can put anything in the world under an illusion…” The gentle breeze blew by, causing her black hair to flow. She raised her finger to grab hold of her hair.

Just at this moment, waves of fluctuations came from inside her bag of holding. Although the fluctuations were confined inside the bag of holding, they were filled with resentment. This resentment slowly filled up the bag.

Liu Mei lowered her head and touched her bag of holding. The fluctuations inside lessened, but the resentment inside became even stronger.

Liu Mei softly said, “Be obedient. You can’t come out right now…” She bit her finger, stuck it inside the bag, and then revealed a painful expression.

The fluctuations gradually disappeared completely, and the resentment inside was forcibly suppressed.

“You, why do you do this…” An ancient voice came from behind Liu Mei. The Huan family’s ancestor slowly condensed and appeared. He looked at Liu Mei’s bag of holding and frowned.

“I’ve already told you before that it is too vicious and you shouldn’t touch it!”

Liu Mei pondered and didn’t speak.

The Huan family’s ancestor shouted, “Kill that thing right now and don’t raise it anymore. If you continue to act like this, you will ruin your dao heart. How will you get past the first step and get through the Yin and Yang stage!?”

Liu Mei raised her head toward the Huan family’s ancestor and softly said, “Master, Liu Mei knows what to do. Please don’t talk about this anymore, alright…”

The Huan family’s ancestor looked at Liu Mei. After a long time, he let out a sigh and said, “Why, why must you be like this?!”

As for Wang Lin, the silver dragon was charging straight toward planet Yun Xia. From a distance, planet Yun Xia was dark grey due to a veil of thick fog covering it. It was so thick that divine sense couldn’t pierce through it.

In addition, there were bursts of roars coming from the fog, as if warning everyone who was passing by to not enter.

The silver dragon brought Wang Lin outside of planet Yun Xia and stared at the thick fog. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, then he slapped his bag of holding and the Seven Star Sword Formation flew out. They began to rapidly rotate, creating a powerful, spiral force.

Surrounded by this force, Wang Lin took a step forward and put the star compass away. He entered the fog with the Seven Star Sword Formation piercing through it like a stake. The sword formation spun rapidly, pushing away all the fog before Wang Lin.

However, this fog was too thick; even with this method, the fog before Wang Lin looked endless. If one was looking from the outside, it looked like the fog had swallowed Wang Lin.

Even if someone passed by, they wouldn’t notice that there was someone rapidly descending through the depths of the fog.

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral. With the vortex created by the sword formation, none of the fog could get close to him. However, at this moment, his surroundings were completely grey and he couldn’t see a thing. His divine sense was also blocked, so he could only rely on his instincts and continue flying down.

After a long time, the fog before him gradually thinned out. Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and he immediately accelerated. He charged out of the dense fog like a meteor, and the scene that came into view before him caused his pupils to suddenly shrink.

The sky was covered in dense fog, so no sunlight could get through, making the earth completely dark. However, this didn’t affect the sight of a cultivator.

The earth was filled with cracks, making it seem like there were many big mouths trying to devour everything.

A powerful aura of death filled the heavens and earth. This death aura wasn’t coming from one person or thing, but from the entire planet!

The crack-filled ground was covered in these almost rotten tentacles that were slowly swaying. At first glance, it looked like the earth was covered in hair.

This sight would make people’s hearts become heavy and suppressed.

Waves of roars were coming from planet Yun Xia, and a majority of them were coming from underground.

“This is a completely wasted cultivation planet…” Wang Lin silently pondered as he flew forward with his divine sense spread out, looking for the metal vein. As he flew, he saw the ruins of several cities. It was obvious that this place was once an extremely prosperous place, but everything was in ruins now.

The tentacles from the ground were wrapped around the ruins of the cities. One couldn’t help but feel their hair stand up when taking in this sight.

As he silently flew across the sky, Wang Lin’s gaze looked across the cities. At this moment, all of the tentacles, which were originally swaying, suddenly stopped. Then they all rapidly shrank back and disappeared from the surface.

At this moment, a heaven-shattering roar came from the distant horizon. A red cloud that covered everything charged toward Wang Lin like crazy.

There was a massive fierce beast riding on the red cloud. This beast looked like a dragon, but it wasn’t a dragon. Its long body was tens of thousands of feet long and its head was triangular. It could be said to resemble a snake, but its whole body was covered in hair.

As this beast roared and quickly rushed over, even the fog in the sky split apart as if there was a pair of invisible hands opening a path.

When Wang Lin saw the beast with his divine sense, his expression changed greatly and he exclaimed, “Moongazer Serpent!”

The ancient god had a very deep impression of this beast. Wang Lin sucked in a breath of cold air. Without a word, he immediately descended and went underground through one of the cracks.

At the same time, the information about the Moongazer Serpent from ancient god Tu Si flashed through his mind. Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly revealed a mysterious light.

“A Moongazer Serpent isn’t something born from nature, it’s a unique parasite that lives in an ancient god’s body. When an ancient god is alive, they absorb the blood of the ancient god to survive, but they can’t leave the ancient god’s body. Sometimes they were used like magical treasures by the ancient gods.

“Once an ancient god dies, the parasite dies as well. However, there is a rare chance that the Moongazer Serpent doesn’t die but is able to leave the ancient god’s body. The stronger the ancient god, the stronger the Moongazer Serpent.”

“All of the Moongazer Serpents inside ancient god Tu Si died, so they didn’t appear. However, a Moongazer Serpent appeared here. Could… could this place have the remains of an ancient god!?! But if that is really the case, this makes no sense either. How could no one in the Allheaven Star System have recognized it? If a powerful cultivator saw this creature, they wouldn’t simply let it go.”

Wang Lin was inside the crack in the ground, looking at the red cloud in the sky. The Moongazer Serpent’s giant gody gradually flew off into the distance, and he began to silently ponder.

At this moment, on a very ordinary-looking cultivation planet in the Alliance Star System, two women wearing colorful clothes entered the capital of a mortal country.

Each of the women had a ball of bright light floating above their right hand. These balls gave off a powerful killing aura.

While the two women were floating in the sky, one of them shouted, “Situ Nan, come out here!”

A curse came out from the capital, followed by a man in purple rushing out. He didn’t even look at the two women and immediately fled.

“Situ Nan, the sect master has already given the order. You are wanted on planet Luanfeng and all the planets under it. You won’t be able to escape!”

That man was Situ Nan. He was currently in a sorry state and shouted back, “Tell that smelly girl that if she keep forcing this old man, I will engrave the scene of her flirting onto ten thousand jades and spread it across the Alliance Star System. Damn it, chased me for almost a century; it’s so vexing!”

“Hmph!” The two women immediately fused the two balls of light in their hands. The balls immediately melted together and turned into the figure of a very attractive woman.

“This time I won’t let you escape!” The woman’s figure took a step and raised her jade-like hand. The sky suddenly darkened and even the earth began to shake. The heavens and earth were quickly compressed.

Situ Nan let out a strange cry and a flame seemed to burn inside his body as he charged out. Although he had charged out, he coughed out a large mouthful of blood and his face immediately became pale.

“Smelly girl, just you wait! This old man will make sure that all the cultivators and mortals in the Alliance Star System see your flirty behavior! This old man will make you very famous in the Alliance Star System! This old man will keep his word!” Situ Nan coughed out another mouthful of blood and fled like crazy.

“At most I’ll just go into closed door cultivation again, you just wait!” Situ Nan’s eyes were bloodshot. He had already made up his mind to go into closed door cultivation again. If he couldn’t reach the Nirvana Scryer stage, he wouldn’t come out!

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