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Chapter 674 – Smell the Wind and Listen to the Rain. The Soul Knows and Remembers All

The Finger of Death turned into a ray black light as it shot out. Ripples appeared around it, and even the ripples had lightning crackling along them.

The sound echoed and continued to expand before becoming bursts of thunder that were descending from the sky. The power of thunder around the Finger of Death was even more powerful; it was as if it was the wrath of the divine retribution lightning.

With one finger, the light around Huan Dong’s body disintegrated without any resistance. His expression immediately became pale and he quickly retreated. The power of that finger was too strong, to the point that even with his cultivation, his heart trembled.

However, that ray of black light was like a black dragon. It charged directly at the retreating Huan Dong.

Huan Dong slapped his bag of holding and a metal sword came out. At the same time, his right hand formed a seal and he pressed it down on the sword. He shouted, “Might of metal!”

The metal sword flew directly at the Finger of Death.

An earth-shattering explosion suddenly erupted in the sky. A series of crackling sounds occurred when the Finger of Death collided with the metal sword before the metal sword shattered inch by inch until the sword disappeared. The Finger of Death pierced through space like a ray of lightning and arrived before Huan Dong. In the moment of crisis, Huan Dong’s hand formed a seal and collided with the Finger of Death.

A thunderous roar echoed throughout the area. Huan Dong’s body trembled and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. He retreated like he was a meteor, and as he did so, lightning flickered all over his body. Every time the lightning flickered, his injuries became worse. This lightning was extremely strange, as a portion of it surrounded his origin soul, making his origin soul struggle with extreme pain.

His face was pale and filled with terror.

“What kind of thunder is this?! What kind of cultivation does this person have!? If just one spell was enough to seriously injure me like this, then this person is definitely not from planet Ran Yun. I can’t fight; I must quickly leave and report this back to Miss!” Huan Dong slapped his leg and white light immediately began to shine from it. He became even faster, to the point that half of his body had already disappeared into the void and he was just about to teleport away.

When Wang Lin was at the early stage of Ascendant, but his spells had already surpassed those of mid stage Ascendant cultivators. The gap between the late stage of Ascendant and the earlier two stages was too great, but he could fight against mid stage Ascendant cultivators.

Now, although he was still at the early stage of Ascendant, the amount of celestial spiritual energy in his body was infinitely close to what mid stage Ascendant cultivators had. He only needed an enlightenment in his domain to break into the mid stage of Ascendant.

Therefore, killing this Huan Dong was as easy as waving his hand.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold after seeing Huan Dong trying to escape. Since he took their payment, he would need to get rid of the disaster. Sometimes it was impossible to tell what was right or wrong.

Wang Lin gently slapped his bag of holding and the Seven Star Sword Formation flew out as seven rays of light. The Seven Star Sword Formation was created by Sword Saint Ling Tianhou, so how could anyone defend against it? In the blink of an eye, the seven swords charged out and arrived before Huan Dong the moment he was about to disappear into the void. The seven souls from the swords immediately appeared and fused into one. The fused beast let out a roar and fiercely clawed at Huan Dong.

A sound like mirror breaking echoed across the sky. Inside the void, Huan Dong’s eyes were filled with terror, and the beast forcibly pulled Huan Dong out from the void. When he was out, the seven swords surrounded Huan Dong, their tips pointing close to his body. If he moved even the slightly, the swords would penetrate his body and destroy his soul.

From the moment Huan Dong appeared to when he was captured, everything happened extremely quickly; only several breaths of time had passed.

The Ran family’s ancestor sucked in a breath of cold air. Although he had personally felt Wang Lin’s spells and knew that they were powerful, watching one as a third party was a completely different experience.

There was dread in his eyes. Before, when Wang Lin attacked him, there was only the flash of a black shadow and he almost died. Now he realized that the black shadow wasn’t Wang Lin’s only spell. It seemed like every spell Wang Lin used was extremely terrifying.

He completely made up his mind that he would never make an enemy out of his Xu Mu!

The terror that Carefree Shenren felt in his heart wasn’t any weaker than what the Ran family’s ancestor felt. He looked at the Seven Star Sword Formation and took a deep breath. At this moment, he had no doubt that if Xu Mu wanted to kill him, he wouldn’t be able to resist at all.

“I’m afraid his cultivation might be at the peak of the late stage of Ascendant!”

Relatively speaking, Sun Xi was much more calm. In his heart, he thought that Wang Lin’s cultivation level was extremely high. At this moment, he felt better and thought, “If this Xu Mu is this strong, I need to make sure I have a good relationship with him.”

Huan Dong’s scalp went number. The seven swords around him were like knives of death hanging above his head that could fall at any time. He stared at Wang Lin but also saw the other three behind him and shouted, “Ran Xuefeng, Sun Xi, Zhao Chuawen, are you guys looking for death?!”

The three silently pondered but didn’t speak. However, there was a flash of coldness across their eyes.

Huan Dong saw this cold light and secretly realized that something was wrong. He shouted, “I’m only here on orders of the Huan family. If you kill me, the Huan family will send others to come. Do you think you can kill them all? With your mere power, if you resist my Huan family, you will die for sure!

“Release me and I’ll seek a fair judgement for all of you!”

Although Huan Dong’s words were to the Ran family’s ancestor and company, his gaze would occasionally sweep to Wang Lin. It seemed like he had a certain amount of fear of the person who had captured him. He was also guessing what background he might have.

After the Ran family’s ancestor heard this, there was a hint of hesitation in his eyes, but it was immediately replaced with determination. He calmly said, “Fellow cultivator Huan, I wonder why you came to planet Ran Yun.”

Huan Dong stared at the Ran family’s ancestor and then looked at the other two. Huan Dong smiled. “So the Huan family member was really killed by you three four years ago. Ran Xuefeng, Sun Xi, Zhao Chuawen, your families’ bloodlines have reached their end!”

The Ran family’s ancestor’s expression became gloomy as he turned to Wang Lin and said, “Fellow Cultivator Xu, how about handing this person over to us?”

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same and he nodded.

“Named Xu! Who exactly are you and why do you want to get involved with my Huan family’s matter?!” Huan Dong suddenly turned toward Wang Lin and snapped, “My Huan family’s ancestor has already returned; do you really think you can fight against my Huan family’s ancestor? I’ll let you go, and I promise not to mention you to my lady; I will definitely not drag you into this matter!”

“The Huan family’s Miss?” Wang Lin looked at Huan Dong.

Sun Xi explained, “Fellow Cultivator Xu, you don’t know about this, but the Huan family’s ancestor brought back a woman from the Alliance Star System. He accepted her as his disciple and will be using the bloodline ritual to change her bloodline.”

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and asked, “What’s the Huan family’s ancestor’s cultivation level?”

Huan Hong relaxed a bit and said, “The ancestor’s cultivation has already reached the second step. Several thousand years ago, he was already at the Yin and Yang stage!”

Wang Lin looked at the Ran family’s ancestor and company with a smile that was not a smile. There was a hint of mockery in his gaze, causing the Ran family’s ancestor to lower his head.

Wang Lin calmly said, “I’ll be handing him to you guys. This has nothing to do with me anymore.” Then he waved his hand and the Seven Star Sword Formation circled around Huan Dong, sealing his origin soul. Then the swords flew back to Wang Lin’s side.

“I still have important matters to attend to and will return in a few months!” With that, Wang Lin turned around and left.

Huan Dong’s eyes revealed despair and he shouted, “If you kill me, my miss will not let you guys go. Lady Huan Mei is the ancestor’s only disciple, and she will be my Huan family’s head in the future!”

Wang Lin suddenly stopped and turned around. He looked at Huan Dong and calmly asked, “Huan Mei? What was her original name?”

Huan Dong sneered and said, “If you let me go, I’ll tell you…”

Before he could finish, Wang Lin frowned and reached out. Huan Dong’s body immediately flew into Wang Lin’s hand. Wang Lin pressed his hand on Huan Dong’s head and then a ray of lightning flashed across his eyes. The shadow behind him quickly moved through his arm and completely surrounded Huan Dong’s body.

“Soul Search!”

Huan Dong’s cultivation was, after all, at the mid stage of Ascendant, so if he wanted to use the Soul Search spell, he had the borrow the power of the celestial guard.

Huan Dong’s memories were like pieces of fragments as Wang Lin looked through them with the help of the celestial guard. As he looked, Huan Dong’s body began to shake violently and his eyes revealed a painful struggle.

As he searched through the memories, Wang Lin suddenly locked onto a beautiful woman, and his expression became gloomy. He loosened his hand and hit Huan Dong’s body. Huan Dong’s body collapsed and his origin soul was caught by Wang Lin. Wang Lin threw Huan Dong’s origin soul into the one-billion-soul soul flag.

The sudden scene caused the Ran family’s ancestor and company to become startled, and they each had their own thoughts.

“Liu Mei…” Wang Lin frowned, and scenes from back on planet Suzaku flashed across his eyes, including what happened back in the Suzaku Tomb.

“That woman had a great stroke of luck and came to the Allheaven Star System…” Wang Lin silently pondered for a long time. He looked up at the sky and didn’t speak as he left.

The Ran family’s ancestor and company no longer dared to block him. They helplessly looked at Wang Lin’s figure gradually disappear.

After leaving the atmosphere, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the star compass appeared. It turned into a silver dragon and disappeared into space.

Wang Lin sat in the lotus position on the silver dragon and muttered to himself, “This Liu Mei woman doesn’t have any deep enmity with me. If she knows what’s good for her, everything will be fine. If she still acts like she did back on planet Suzaku, then I can only kill her. As for the Huan family’s ancestor, I don’t have to fight him to the death. If he appears, I can just leave with the help of the celestial guard. Also, I’m by myself, while he has a family. If I can’t kill him, I’ll kill some of his family members for revenge.”

After he made up his mind, Wang Lin no longer thought about Liu Mei’s matter but focused on the map in his mind. He was heading toward planet Yun Xia.

“The metal element flame metal vein on planet Yun Xia is extremely important to me, as it is a perfect opportunity to complete the heaven defying bead. I won’t allow anyone to stop me. If anyone dares to try to steal it, I’ll kill them!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he flew through the stars.

Along the way, Wang Lin didn’t rest at all. One month later, planet Yun Xia appeared in this divine sense far in the distance.

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