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Chapter 667 – A Special Magical Treasure Just for Wang Lin

A ray of red light was flying across the northern domain of the Allheaven Star System, and an ancient voice came from within.

“Mei Er, this is your teacher’s hometown and your future home. Thinking about it now, it has been thousands of years since I returned. If it wasn’t for the Allheaven Stone left by the Ancestor, it wouldn’t have been so easy for Teacher to bring you there.”

There was a woman inside the ray of red light. As the woman looked at this unfamiliar star system, there wasn’t any sense of belonging.

“The glass-looking planet is planet Thousand Illusion. This is one of the main five stars in the northern domain of the Allheaven Star System. Mei Er, my Allheaven Star system cares a lot about bloodlines. Without the family bloodline, you won’t be able to practice higher level cultivation methods and won’t receive protection from the family.

“From now on, aside from being my disciple, you are also my adopted daughter. Once I return to planet Thousand Illusion, I’ll cast the blood exchange ritual to change your bloodline. From then on you will no longer be called Liu Mei but Huan Mei! Do you agree?”

The old man’s eyes were bright as he looked at the woman. He was very satisfied with his disciple and didn’t want her to suffer due to some old tradition of the Allheaven Star System. Without a proper bloodline, she would have no status. Therefore, he didn’t hesitate to use the rarely used bloodline exchange ritual to change her bloodline.

The woman pondered. Master had already mentioned this to her on their way here. She pondered for a moment before nodding. “Everything will go according to Master’s will.”

The old man laughed and was very happy. “Mei Er, this old man will definitely nurture you into a second step cultivator. You’ll reach beyond this old man’s Nirvana Scryer cultivation level!”

The red light quickly flew by, leaving behind only the sound of laughter as it charged straight toward the bright planet Thousand Illusion.

The woman looked at planet Thousand Illusion and thought in her heart, “This trip to Allheaven Star System is a new life for me… Wang Lin and everything that happened on planet Suzaku are now in the past. With his talent, he probably hasn’t even reached the Ascendant stage yet. Also, it isn’t even certain whether he can pass the life and death trial when breaking into the Ascendant stage.

“The difference between him and me has been getting wider and wider. He is no longer qualified to be considered my opponent. Unfortunately, the special magical treasure I prepared for him no longer has any use.” The woman took a deep breath as she thought about the magical treasure that she had prepared especially for Wang Lin. There was a hint of heart breaking pain in her eyes, but that was soon masked by indifference.

“He is probably still on planet Suzaku. Compared to me… he is no longer on the same level.”

The ray of red light entered planet Thousand Illusion and disappeared.

On planet Ran Yun, a large amount of celestial jades floated around Wang Lin as he slowly absorbed celestial spiritual energy. After seven days, he opened his eyes. There was lightning moving inside his eyes, making them look very strange.

After taking a large breath and devouring the remaining celestial spiritual energy, a large number of celestial jades became dust. Wang Lin seemed to notice something as he looked outside, so he stood up and walked outside.

The youth under the stone was still cultivating. The youth let out two white strands of gas which circled around her body before gradually disappearing.

She opened her eyes while looking up at the sky and muttered, “My talent isn’t enough, but with diligence, I’ll reach the mid stage of Nascent Soul one day.”

Just at this moment, she suddenly frowned. A person walked toward her. This person had black hair and wore a purple robe without any ornaments.

This person looked like he was only thirty years old. He looked very handsome and gave off a fierce aura, making him seem very remarkable. As he stood there, it was as if he had become one with the surroundings. It was impossible to tell the two apart.

This person currently had his hands behind his back. He looked at the entrance as if he was waiting for something.

Noticing the gaze of the youth under the rock, he casually looked at the youth and then no longer paid any attention to her.

The youth under the rock frowned even harder. She couldn’t see through this man’s cultivation but she had a feeling that this was someone she shouldn’t provoke. She felt a sense of crisis coming from her soul.

There was a flash of light at the entrance of one of the rooms as a person walked out. It was Wang Lin.

The moment he appeared, the person wearing purple suddenly arrived. A sense of prestige and majesty came from Wang Lin.

A hint of battle intent vaguely came from the man in purple, but it was forcibly suppressed by him. Aside from Wang Lin, no one else could detect it.

The youth under the stone suddenly felt the surrounding climate become cold as if winter had arrived. Her heart skipped a beat and she vaguely felt like something bad was going to happen. When she saw Wang Lin come out, she immediately said, “Go back!”

Wang Lin was startled and looked at the youth under the stone.

The youth stood up. Her large robe looked very unbalanced, but she had a serious expression on her face. In a few steps, she arrived at the control point of the formation. She urgently said, “What are you standing there for? Go back. This person is obviously here to cause trouble for you. I’m in charge of the formation here, so I’ll keep you safe.”

As she spoke, she slapped her bag of holding and a jade appeared in her hand.

Wang Lin carefully looked at the youth and said, “You’re not his match.”

The youth frowned again. She held the jade up and said, “You don’t have to worry about this. If you insist on coming out, then I’m not going to help with this matter!”

Wang Lin was stunned. He took two steps back and went back inside the formation. The youth immediately arrived before Wang Lin. She looked at the man in purple and loudly said, “Senior, this is a housing area of my Sun family. I wonder why Senior is here.”

The man in purple was also startled, and the battle intent completely disappeared. His eyes were filled with interest as he carefully examined the youth and smiled. “What is your name?”

The youth’s expression froze for a moment and she said, “Junior’s name is Sun Ling.”

The man in purple nodded and said, “You’re very dedicated to your job, good! You can leave. The person I’m looking for is the person behind you.”

The youth’s expression changed and she said, “Senior, if he leaves the area, then junior won’t do anything. However, since he is still in the housing area, then this is junior’s responsibility.

The man in purple frowned and coldly looked at the youth. Then his gaze went past the youth and landed on Wang Lin.

One gaze caused Sun Ling’s body to tremble. She suddenly felt like the person standing before her was not a cultivator but an ancient beast. That gaze was like a warning; if she said any more or didn’t move out of the way, she would be torn apart by that ancient beast.

Wang Lin’s expression was still calm. He was completely indifferent to the man’s gaze. The youth’s origin soul was trembling, but she still stood before Wang Lin. Wang Lin looked at the youth’s back and began to ponder.

Sun Ling took a deep breath and clenched his teeth. “Senior, as long as he doesn’t step out, I’m responsible for his safety… Besides, he is only a Core Formation cultivator. Senior…”

The man in purple frowned. Being refuted so many times with his identity made displeasure appear in his heart.

“You, back…”

However, before the man in purple finished speaking, Wang Lin suddenly spoke up.

“Enough.” Wang Lin’s expression was neutral as he walked out of the formation at the entrance.

At the moment he walked out, Sun Ling immediately said, “Why did you leave? Come back!” She was about to crush the jade in her hand. This jade would send out a message.

Wang Lin turned around. He faintly smiled and said, “There is no problem.” With that, Wang Lin walked toward the man in purple. A blue mist appeared. It surrounded the area and blocked Sun Ling’s sight.

There were thirty steps between Wang Lin and the man in purple. Wang Lin looked extremely calm as he walked toward him. The man in purple was initially very comfortable, but as Wang Lin closed in, he felt a pressure coming from Wang Lin.

This pressure was very powerful. When Wang Lin was only 10 steps from him, the pressure almost reached its peak.

The man in purple’s expression slightly changed and his eyes lit up brightly. He stared at Wang Lin, and instead of stepping back, he forced himself to stay still.

Wang Lin didn’t stop and took another step forward. The moment that step landed, it was as if a thunderous roar exploded in the man’s mind. It was as if that step hadn’t landed on the ground but in his mind.

The man couldn’t help but back up one step.

Back up one step, back up many steps!

Wang Lin took eight steps, and each step was like a thunderclap in the man in purple’s mind. As he took each step, the effect seemed to stack. This created a storm inside the man’s mind.

As he continued to back up, his expression became pale. His eyes were filled with shock as he looked at Wang Lin.

On the final step, Wang Lin lifted his foot and looked at the man in purple. There was a hint of coldness in his eyes as he suddenly stepped down!

If the steps from before were gradually building up power, then this last step was an outburst of all the power that gathered from before.

The man in purple’s expression changed greatly. He backed up without hesitation and clasped his hands. “Fellow Cultivator, I had no ill intent.”

Wang Lin coldly looked at the man and walked past him. The man in purple let out a wry smile and followed after Wang Lin.

When the blue mist disappeared, there was no trace of anything that had happened. Sun Ling didn’t feel what happened inside the mist. She let out a sigh and sat down in the lotus position under the rock once more.

“It will be very difficult for him to live after being taken away by that senior.” The youth was afraid for a while before closing her eyes and going back to cultivating. She had fulfilled her duty.

After reaching the northern part of the city, Wang Lin leisurely walked toward the Whole Treasure Pavilion on the east side. The man in purple put on a wry smile and said, “Fellow Cultivator Xu, my name is Sun Xi. I had no ill intent earlier.” Due to his status, he would normally never speak to someone with the same cultivation level as him like this. However, when he tested this person earlier, this Xu Mu’s cultivation was too mysterious and he wasn’t able to see any clues at all.

This wasn’t the most important part. He felt a sense of confidence and powerful killing intent from Wang Lin. This aura could only come from someone who had killed someone of the same cultivation level, and not just once! This was the only way to gain this aura of self confidence.

This Sun Xi was one of the three Ascendant cultivators on planet Ran Yun. He was the old ancestor of the Sun family, an early stage Ascendant cultivator. After finishing his cultivation at the seabed, he rushed over to this city.

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