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Chapter 663 – Sun Lao

After waving his right hand, the three magical treasures glistened and landed in Wang Lin’s palm. They slowly rotated while giving off dazzling light. They were very eye-catching.

The quality of these treasures couldn’t be compared to real celestial treasures at all, not even low grade ones. However, celestial energy could be used to activate the domain and spells left on them.

Even without celestial spiritual energy, cultivators below the Soul Transformation stage could activate these treasures with their spiritual energy, but their power would be a lot weaker.

Wang Lin whispered, “Pseudo celestial treasures!”

These were the highest quality magic treasures he could make. After all, Wang Lin only had a rough understand of treasure refining. Most of his understanding came from the jade from the country of Hou Fen back on Suzaku.

Generally speaking, he couldn’t create these kinds of treasures. However, Wang Lin had his own dao and his cultivation had reached the Ascendant stage, and the most important part was his control over restrictions.

His gaze withdrew from the three treasures. He wasn’t satisfied with these treasures. After pondering for a bit, he picked up the bronze mirror and began deducing the restrictions.

“If I can give this treasure an inheritance affect, the price will definitely increase by a lot.” Wang Lin closed his eyes and continued the deductions.

Ordinary treasures only allowed the user to imprint their divine sense so they could use it freely. However, once it was stolen, the new owner would only have to erase that divine sense and it would become theirs.

Only inheritance treasures required not only a divine sense imprint but also a special method to control it. Thus, even if someone else obtained it, they wouldn’t be able to use it.

Therefore, magical treasures with inheritance were valued much higher among treasures of the same rank.

Wang Lin’s Billion-Soul Soul Flag and God Slayer War Chariot were this kind of treasure. He closed his eyes and began pondering about the secrets of inheritance. However, only grandmasters in treasure refining would have methods to refine treasures with inheritance. Those methods wouldn’t be easily spread, and those kinds of treasures were rarely refined. That was why inheritance treasures were rare.

Not long after, Wang Lin opened his eyes. He frowned and muttered, “Inheritance… I can’t see through it. Maybe I’m thinking about this problem in the wrong way. I don’t need to figure out how to make it require inheritance but simply place a restriction on it. Then I’ll sell the jade to release the restriction along with the treasure. This way, even though it doesn’t have an inheritance, it has the same effect.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. The key point of this pseudo inheritance was the strength of the restriction. If the restriction was strong enough that no one could break it, then even though it didn’t have a real inheritance, it would have the same effect as a real inheritance treasure.

Restriction deductions flashed across Wang lin’s eyes. His left hand formed a seal and placed a restriction on the mirror. Then his left hand didn’t stop and he continued to place restrictions on the mirror. These restrictions combined together to form a complicated black rune.

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin looked around the room until his eyes landed on a candle. He pointed at the candlestick with his left hand and it immediately lit up. When the smoke was about to be sucked away by the bead on the ceiling, he caught the smoke and pressed it on the rune.

The symbol immediately began to melt and became a strange strand of smoke before entering the bronze mirror. Then he touched his bag of holding, took out a jade, and left the method to break this restriction inside the jade.

After putting away the bronze mirror, Wang Lin didn’t put the pseudo inheritance restriction on the remaining two magical treasures. Outside, the sky was gradually getting brighter. Wang Lin closed his eyes and began to cultivate.

The sun covered the sky and slowly dispersed the darkness. Wang Lin opened his eyes, got up, and pushed open the door. The sunlight hit his body and a warm feeling immediately appeared in his mind. The spiritual energy around him was very rich right now, so it immediately made made his mind very clear.

A calm feeling filled his heart. Wang Lin’s body flickered and he walked forward. As he passed through the exit, the young man under the rock was still cultivating to absorb all the essences of the heavens and earth.

It wasn’t until Wang Lin’s figure was far away that the youth opened his eyes and revealed a flash of contempt.

“Which of the foreign cultivators didn’t spend all day cultivating and absorbing as much spiritual energy as possible? Although this person’s talent is ordinary, it can be made up for with hard work, but this person gave up cultivating in the morning when spiritual energy is most dense. I’m certain that this person will never be able to form his nascent soul!”

The youth withdrew his eyes and began to cultivate again. His speed became even faster as if the spiritual energy he was absorbing now was stolen from someone else.

When Wang Lin came yesterday, he saw that there was a free market on the west side of the city. There were many cultivators exchanging magical treasures and materials there.

“There aren’t many Nascent Soul level cultivators there, so it is not the best place to go.” Wang Lin pondered a bit before looking toward the youth under the rock and walking over.

Wang Lin clasped his hands and said, in gentle tone, “Fellow Cultivator, I wonder if there is any place in the city that deals with high-ranked treasures.”

The youth opened his eyes. Aside from the contempt in his eyes, there was also a hint of impatience as he coldly said, “The Whole Treasure Pavilion in the east side of the city!” After that, he stopped looking at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin faintly smiled and left.

The youth sneered. “He’s only a little Core Formation cultivator and he wants to exchange for high ranked magical treasures. I’m afraid he doesn’t even have the qualifications to step into the pavilion!”

After walking out of the northern part of the city, Wang Lin casually walked toward the east side. There weren’t many mortals here, mostly cultivators. The shops here also had much more imposing atmospheres that came from both sides of the street.

There were even some shops, perhaps due to the customs here, that had incredibly large spirit stones in front. These were not refined spirit stones, so they retained their original shapes and gave off thick spiritual energy.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a look of interest. These kinds of displays indeed told everyone the power of these shops.

It has to be said that ordinary cultivators couldn’t possibly dig spirit stones like these out of spirit veins.

The sizes of the spirit stones were also related to the shops. Some of the spirit stones outside the shops were twenty feet tall. Just the presence of each spirit stone created a sense of pressure.

There was even a shop with high quality spirit stones outside. This discovery immediately made Wang Lin interested in this store.

He carefully looked at the store. This shop wasn’t large and only had two floors. Although it wasn’t as majestic as the surrounding stores, it was very elegant. There was a giant plaque with the fancy written characters: “Green Bamboo Pavilion.”

Wang Lin didn’t go in; he withdrew his gaze and walked forward. On the eastern end of the city there was a huge pavilion. There wasn’t just one spirit stone outside this building, there were eight. These eight high quality spirit stones were thirty feet tall and seemed to be placed in a formation. They gave off waves of spiritual pressure.

This pavilion seemed to have fused with the surrounding. Just looking at it it felt a bit illusionary. There were long strips of spirit stones with three words carved on them: “Whole Treasure Pavilion.”

A pressure was spreading out. There was even a hidden layer of restrictions preventing divine sense from checking inside. Wang Lin didn’t force his divine sense in, as he wasn’t very interested in the Whole Treasure Pavilion.

Wang Lin stepped inside but immediately frowned. He saw a middle-aged man walk out from the pavilion and block his path. He examined Wang Lin and calmly asked, “Does fellow cultivator not know my Whole Treasure Pavilion’s rules?”

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral as he calmly said, “Oh? I wonder what the rules are.”

The middle-aged man was extremely shocked at Wang Lin’s calm expression. He had seen many cultivators, and aside from those old monsters, very few cultivators could be this calm under the pressure of the pavilion.

“There are two entry rules and one exit rule in my Whole Treasure Pavilion. Those below the Nascent Soul stage can’t enter! Those without one hundred thousand high quality spirit stones can’t enter! Those that don’t make a trade can’t exit!”

Wang Lin frowned slightly.

The middle-aged man saw Wang Lin’s expression and suddenly realized something. He asked, “Does fellow cultivator have one hundred thousand spirit stones?”

Wang Lin didn’t have many spirit stones inside his bag of holding. After all, once he reached the Soul Transformation stage, he primarily used celestial jades.

The middle-aged man smiled. “Fellow cultivator does not meet the requirements to go inside. Even if you go inside, then I’m afraid that you won’t meet the condition to leave. Please return.”

“Will you accept this treasure?” Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he looked at the middle-aged man. He slapped his bag of holding and the flying sword that he refined appeared.

The middle-aged man glanced at the flying sword and revealed a hint of contempt. He was able to tell at a glance this flying sword was refined by a very poor method and that there was nothing special about it. Even the sword’s light was extremely bleak. He didn’t even use his divine sense and could tell with his naked eyes that this flying sword was extremely poor quality. It probably wasn’t even a low quality magical treasure.

He was responsible for verifying for the Whole Treasure Pavilion for many years, so his eyesight was very good. He had seen too many people with low cultivation levels try to sell treasures that they thought were very good. In his mind, Wang Lin was one of those people.

This flying sword treasure presumably had its abilities, but the middle-aged man wasn’t interested. He smiled and shook his head. “We won’t accept it. Please leave!”

Wang Lin coldly looked at the middle-aged man before turning around and leaving.

When Wang Lin’s gaze landed in the middle-aged man’s eyes, it made him feel like cold water was suddenly poured over his head and his body trembled. Wang Lin’s gaze was like ten-thousand-year-old ice; it caused his nascent soul to freeze and almost collapse.

Terrified, the man took several steps back and his expression became extremely pale. He looked at Wang Lin walking away, completely speechless. In his heart, he vaguely felt like there was something unusual about that flying sword.

At this moment, an ancient voice came from within the pavilion.

“Lu Feng, what happened?”

The middle-aged man quickly turned around and said, “Elder Sun, just now a cultivator came to sell a magical treasure.”

An old man walked out from the pavilion. He had a hunched back and looked very old. His face was filled with traces of time and his gaze was very dim. He looked at the middle-aged man and calmly asked, “What kind of treasure?”

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