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Chapter 662 – Scheming Jade

Allheaven Star System, planet Ran Yun.

At the moment Wang Lin appeared, three powerful divine senses rushed over. At the moment they arrived, Wang Lin disappeared and gave off no aura. Two of them seemed to dread each other, so after these two searched the area, they withdrew.

Only the other divine sense viciously swept across the entire planet. After finding nothing, it let out a cold snort and then disappeared.

This person’s cold snort spread across the entire planet and also entered Wang Lin’s ears.

Wang Lin’s figure appeared in a plain in the northern part of the planet. He raised his head to look at the sky and thought, “One mid stage Ascendant and two early stage Ascendant cultivators. This Allheaven Star System is interesting. Such rich spiritual energy, but this cultivation planet only has three powers, and each power only has one Ascendant cultivator.

“If this planet Ran Yun was in the Cultivation Alliance, I’m afraid it would have been robbed, taken over by an old monster in the second step, or a rank 6 cultivation country would migrate here. There is no way such a planet would only have three Ascendant cultivators in the Alliance Star System.”

While Wang Lin pondered, his aura began to withdraw. In the blink of an eye, his Ascendant aura disappeared and he only displayed the aura of a Core Formation cultivator.

Wang Lin’s cultivation was already at the early stage of Ascendant and his origin soul was extremely strange. Unless there was someone with a higher cultivation level than him close by, it would be impossible to see through him with a mere sweep of divine sense.

Of course, this was not the case for those old monsters who were in the second step.

“I shouldn’t be found if I hide here. Even if the All-Seer and company chase me to the Allheaven Star System, they wouldn’t think I’d be hiding in a cultivation planet like this.” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and gradually grew less fierce. Even though his eyes were still crystal clear, the eye-catching luster was completely gone.

“From the expression of those four little fellows, planet Dong Lin is extremely powerful. Before I’m strong enough, I can’t go there!”

Wang Lin revealed a smile. A gentle, spring breeze blew out and then all the coldness on his face disappeared. He took out an ordinary-looking flying sword and flew off on it.

While he flew, his appearance slowly changed. Not long after, his entire appearance changed completely. At this moment, even people familiar with him wouldn’t be able to recognize him.

Almost all high level cultivators were good at this kind of appearance-changing spell. However, for high level cultivators, this spell had too many weakness. Any high level cultivator only needed to focus a bit to see some clues, and when facing people with vision spells, they would be able to see through the spell at a glance.

However, Wang Lin was different. He didn’t use the spell himself; it was casted by the celestial guard hiding in his shadow. Not many people could see through it.

After flying for a short period of time, a city appeared before him. This city was surrounded by walls made of large, blue stones and gave off a commanding majesty. Above the gate were two large characters.

“Sun Family”

Wang Lin put away the flying sword outside the city and landed. He dusted his clothes and calmly walked toward the city.

Maybe it was because they noticed that he was only at the late stage of Core Formation, but the city guards weren’t too strict on the inspection. They merely told him that there were cultivation caves especially prepared for foreign cultivators. Wang Lin paid the spirit stones for temporary residence and received a token. Then he walked into the city controlled by the Sun family.

There were a lot of mortals in the city, but there were also many cultivators. All kinds of shops that were filled with stuff cultivators commonly needed lined the sides of the road. Of course, there were some shops just for mortals as well.

Wang Lin didn’t feel any discomfort while walking on the street. It was as if he was someone from this city. Since he decided to settle here, he was going to find a place to stay.

After entering the northern part of the city, Wang Lin immediately felt the silence and thick spiritual energy that covered this area. There were numerous solitary houses with restrictions guarding them.

There was a restriction at the entrance preventing mortals from entering. There was also a three hundred feet tall rock with seven or eight black token hanging on it.

There was a nascent soul young man sitting under the rock. He had his eyes closed with with stream of hot air coming out of his nose.

Wang Lin stood outside the entrance and looked inside. The restriction was extremely simple in his eyes. He didn’t even need to break it and simply walked in without causing any reaction from the restriction.

As he was looked at the restriction, the young man under the rock opened his eyes. He looked at Wang Lin and said, “There are only eight open rooms. Which one do you want?”

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same as he calmly asked, “Are there are any differences between them?”

The young man revealed a look of impatience and said, “The upper rooms cost one thousand high quality spirit stones and the lower rooms cost one hundred.”

Wang Lin pondered for a bit before taking out one hundred spirit stones and placing them down. The young man revealed a look of contempt as he waved his sleeves and collected the spirit stones. He took a token off the rock, threw it toward Wang Lin, and said, “The fifth house from the west, go!” After that, the young man closed his eyes and focused on cultivating.

Wang Lin caught the token and looked at it. There were two restrictions on the token, and one of them was to get through the entrance. Wang Lin withdrew his gaze, put the token away, and walked inside.

At the moment he entered, the young man under the stone opened his eyes and muttered to himself in contempt, “Another foreign cultivator who wants to borrow the spiritual energy of my Sun family to form their nascent soul. Hmmph, how can forming one’s nascent soul be so easy? This person’s talent is pretty average; even reaching Core Formation stage was probably due to pills!”

Wang Lin naturally heard the young man’s words. He turned around and looked back before continuing forward. Soon, he arrived before the fifth house from the west.

The house looked simple, but it was filled with spiritual energy. After looking around the room, Wang Lin was satisfied.

There was only one bed and a meditation mat. There was also a pill furnace and a semi-enclosed closed door cultivation room. Although it was small, it was very elegant.

Outside the room, Wang Lin casually waved his hand and perfected the restrictions on the house. This made the restrictions ten times more powerful than before. He sat down in the lotus position inside the room and breathed in the thick spiritual energy.

His expression relaxed as the spiritual energy filled his body. Shortly after, Wang Lin released a mouthful of foul air and revealed a hint of regret.

“It has been a long time since I cultivated spiritual energy. Unfortunately, no matter how dense the spiritual energy is, it won’t raise my cultivation level.” Almost all of the celestial jades in Wang Lin’s bag were depleted when he broke through to the Ascendant stage. There weren’t enough left for him to cultivate daily.

“There are five drops of the celestial liquid left. The four drops I took when I was under the effect of the Celestial Ascension Fruit allowed my body to have endless celestial spiritual energy, but that obviously won’t last long. In just a few years, the celestial liquid in my body will be used up and I won’t have endless celestial spiritual energy anymore.

Also, one drop of this celestial liquid allowed me to break into the Ascendant stage, but the amount of celestial spiritual energy required after is much higher. Consuming some now won’t have the same effect as before. Instead of wasting them now, it is better to save them for when I’m injured or when I need endless celestial spiritual energy for a short period of time! Considering all of this, the first thing I need to do is obtain enough celestial jades for my daily cultivation needs.”

The sky outside gradually darkened, causing the room to darken as well. Wang Lin waved his hand and the candlestick immediately lit up with a crackling fire. The house was immediately enveloped by the light from the candle.

There was a fist-sized blue bead on the ceiling. The smoke from the candle rose up and was absorbed by the bead. Soon, the bead was filled with smoke and began to lit up.

This phenomenon aroused Wang Lin’s interest. He had never seen such ingenious design. He looked at the blue bead that was as bright as the moon

Half an incense stick of time later, the bead inside glowed brightly and a blue light fell. It was very soft, but it extinguished the candle. The bead was now the only thing lighting the room.

“There are three restrictions inside the bead. The three gather the smoke, turn the smoke into heat, and use the heat to produce light. In this respect, the Allheaven Star System is much better.”

A faint smell of sandalwood came from the bead. This small calmed people’s hearts.

“The third formation is this sandalwood smell.” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Not only was there no poison in this smell, it could actually speed up a cultivator’s cultivation speed. It was an uncommon alchemy material.

While sitting inside the room, the outside was completely silent. Wang Lin pondered for a long time and a thought suddenly entered his mind. After pondering for a moment, he erased that thought.

“Stealing is beneath me, and after all, the amount of celestial jades I need is something only Ascendant cultivators would have. Maybe some of the big families here have enough.

“However, if were I do this, I would have to leave planet Ran Yun and go somewhere else. So that is not a good plan.”

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin raised his head and made a decision. He slapped his bag of holding and some refining materials flew out.

He spat out a mouthful of origin energy and surrounded the materials with it. The materials quickly melted and formed three molds according to Wang Lin’s divine sense.

A flying sword, a bronze mirror, and a hairpin.

Wang Lin’s hand formed a seal and countless restrictions landed on them. Gradually, the three treasures began to release pressure. Also, because they were refined by Wang Lin’s origin soul, lightning would sometimes appear on them.

After placing down the restrictions, Wang Lin pondered a bit, recalling the cultivator back on Suzaku that had the domain of time. With his current cultivation level and due to having his own dao, he was able to imitate it pretty well.

With a wave of his right hand, the bronze mirror fell and the time domain entered it.

Then Wang Lin recalled again. This time it was Liu Mei’s Thousand Illusion Ruthless domain. Endless illusions flashed across his mind until they eventually turned into a ray of light that entered the hairpin.

As for the flying sword, Wang Lin didn’t leave any domain inside it. He placed a teleporting imprint inside the sword.

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