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Chapter 661 – Mei Er

“Thunder Celestial Messenger…” Wang Lin’s expression didn’t change as he calmly looked at the four of them. He neither admitted nor denied it.

Although Ran Yue’s heart was in shock, she quickly calm herself. After she saw that Wang Lin didn’t speak, she began to speculate. Although Wang Lin’s spells were shocking, the status of a Thunder Celestial Messenger was extraordinary, so she was suspicious as well.

Moreover, what really made her surprised was that she couldn’t see through Wang Lin’s cultivation. This made her even more uncertain Wang Lin’s identity.

As for the remaining three, especially Sun Xueshan, they were very respectful. Especially Sun Xueshan, who was even excited to the point of fanaticism. After he heard Ran Yue’s words, he was determined in his heart that this person must be a Thunder Celestial Messenger.

Sun Xueshan respectfully said, “If Senior wants to go to planet Ran Yun, junior is willing to lead the way.”

Wang Lin nodded as he sat on the silver dragon and flew toward the north. Sun Xueshan quickly followed with Ran Yue and company behind them.

After flying for a short period of time, Wang Lin frowned. The four of them were too slow. Going at this speed would take seven days. He pondered for a bit before slowing down the star compass and keeping pace with the four of them.

He was foreign to the Allheaven Star System, so he wasn’t anxious to rush around. Instead, it would be better to gain an understanding of the Allheaven Star System to make it easier for him to travel around later.

Wang Lin calmly asked, “What other cultivation planets are around planet Ran Yun?”

Sun Xueshan was secretly looking at the silver dragon star compass under Wang Lin’s feet and revealed a gaze of admiration. When he heard Wang Lin, he quickly said, “Planet Ran Yun is affiliated with planet Thousand Illusion, one of the major five planets in the northern domain. There are many other planets affiliated with planet Thousand Illusion as well.” He had some doubts about why Wang Lin didn’t know this. However, thinking about how there were simply too many planets in the Allheaven Star System, he relaxed.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same, but his heart trembled.

“Planet Thousand Illusion… Thousand Illusion… This name is very familiar. Back then, Zhuque Zi had a disciple named Liu Mei, who cultivated in the Thousand Illusion Ruthless domain. There should be no connection… After all, this is a different star system.”

“Northern domain. It looks like the Allheaven Star System is divided into east, west, north, and south domains. It looks like I’m currently in the northern domain.” 

Through just one sentence from Sun Xueshan, Wang Lin gained a vague understanding of the Allheaven Star System.

At this moment, Ran Yue softly said, “Senior saved all of us, but we still don’t know your name…”

Wang Lin calmly said, “Xu Mu.” He didn’t know when the All-Seer and company would come chasing after him, so he hid his real name.

“Surname Xu…” Ran Yue’s eyes faintly flickered and her mind trembled. She felt that Wang Lin’s identity had become even more mysterious.

“Xu is the biggest family on planet Thousand Illusion. The Xu family is like a giant tree. Could he be from the Xu family…” If she hadn’t guessed Wang Lin’s identity earlier, it wouldn’t have mattered much hearing that he was named Xu. However, Wang Lin had shocked her too much earlier, and this caused her to question Wang Lin’s identity. Now her imagination was going wild.

After hearing Wang Lin call himself Xu Mu, even Sun Xueshan’s pupils shrank, and he became more respectful.

Ran Yue raised her head and asked, “Where did Senior Xu come from?” Right after she asked, she immediately regretted it. As a junior, asking such questions could easily arouse someone’s anger. She then quickly said, “Senior, please don’t take offense; junior knows she was wrong.”

Wang Lin calmly looked at the woman. This woman was intelligent and very ladylike. It was obvious that she was the leader of these four people.

“Do you know about planet Dong Lin?” Wang Lin withdrew his gaze. His tone was very calm, so it was not possible to tell his current emotion.

“Dong Lin!” Sun Xueshan’s expression changed greatly. His gaze toward Wang Lin quickly turned from shock to terror. He subconsciously took a few steps back and his face became pale.

Not only him, aside from Ran Yue, the other two’s faces became extremely pale as well. Their gazes turned from shock to terror.

Even Ran Yue sucked in a breath of cold air. All the guesses in her heart about Wang Lin’s identity were swept away.

Their reactions didn’t seem to match their cultivation levels. Although Soul Transformation cultivators were not as cunning as Ascendant cultivators, they wouldn’t be so easily moved. Compared to them, these four seemed somewhat immature.

Combined with his understanding, Wang Lin suddenly had a feeling that he understood something. It seemed like within these cultivation families, the family members rarely experienced deadly situations.

Without experiencing countless life and death situations, then no matter how high their cultivation levels were, they would never become true powerhouses.

Wang Lin calmly looked at the four of them. “Do you guys know about planet Dong Lin?!”

Ran Yue’s expression gradually became pale and she respectfully said, “Senior, planet Dong Lin is the number one planet in the northern domain. It has another name, Dong Lin Slaughter. There is also something strange about the planet, which is that it is sometimes there and sometimes it just disappears…” Ran Yue didn’t say one more thing, and that was that everyone who came from planet Dong Lin were ruthless people. There once was a cultivator who came from planet Dong Lin and slaughtered an entire cultivation family.

Planet Dong Lin was a terrible nightmare for most people in Allheaven Star System.

After that, even Sun Xueshan didn’t dare to look at Wang Lin. His heart was filled with uncertainty. He didn’t know why this Xu Mu wanted to go to planet Ran Yun.

This doubt became even stronger in the hearts of the other three. This doubt became stronger and stronger in their hearts, causing them to become slower and slower. They were now somewhat unwilling to bring Wang Lin to planet Ran Yun.

However, even if this was the case, the four of them didn’t dare to refuse. Although they were unwilling, their direction was still toward planet Ran Yun.

In their eyes, although Wang Lin barely spoke, this Xu Mu seemed to know everything. Many times the four wanted to change directions, and every time they were met with Wang Lin’s cold gaze.

Several days later, a blue planet appeared before Wang Lin. It seemed like oceans occupied most of the planet. From far away, planet Ran Yun was very beautiful. It gave off dense spiritual energy that nourished everything.

Through the four’s expressions, Wang Lin knew that this was planet Ran Yun.

The spiritual energy from this planet was far above Wang Lin’s home planet of Suzaku. Wang Lin moved first and the star compass turned into a ray of silver light that flew into planet Ran Yun. Then the silver light disappeared and Wang Lin floated under the blue sky.

Spiritual energy came from the ocean below him. It was even more dense.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, then his body flickered and he disappeared.

The four of them that led the way had ashen expressions. They immediately headed back to their families and explained everything that had happened.

When Wang Lin entered planet Ran Yun, a terrifying, dark red light was flying through the Alliance Star System. This red light gave off a terrifying aura. It looked like a bolt of lightning as it flew across space, and it was giving off earth-shattering pressure.

There was an old man inside the ray of red light. There was a vicious gaze on his thin face. What was most amazing was that he didn’t use any magical treasure to fly through space; every single step he took was as if he was teleporting.

He wasn’t alone. There was a woman beside him. She was an incomparable beauty. Her lips were red, her eyebrows weren’t too thick or thin, her phoenix eyes were pitch black, and she had matchless beauty. Her shining eyes would cause anyone to lose their breath.

Her three-foot-long hair was split into three strands. One curled up behind her head with the help of a white jade butterfly pin. The other two strands casually hung over her shoulders. She was wearing a beautiful, light, flower imperial top. Below she wore a smoky green flower dress. While she moved, she was outstanding and dazzling.

This woman wasn’t any less beautiful than Red Butterfly. It won’t be an exaggeration to call her a national beauty. In addition, aside from her appearance, she gave off a charming aura that made her even more attractive.

She was following the old man. She didn’t use her own speed; she was being brought along by the old man. Otherwise, even though she had reached the Ascendant stage, she wouldn’t be able to keep up with the old man.

While they flew, she turned around and looked at the star system behind her, and her eyes revealed a strange color. It was as if she was recalling the past. It also seemed like she was sighing, but what she felt the most was a very complex feeling.

“I’m about to leave…” The woman sighed.

“Mei Er, are you still reluctant to leave?” The proud old man turned around to look at the woman. There was a hint of kindness in his eyes.

“Disciple grew up here and feels a bit relucent now that I’m leaving.” The woman played with hair hair and tightened her red lips.

The old man laughed. “There is no need to feel reluctant. Once your cultivation level is high enough, you can return. Although I didn’t find the treasure I was looking for, accepting you as a disciple made this trip to the Alliance Star System worth it!”

The woman smiled but didn’t speak. However, her gaze toward the star system behind her became even more complex.

The old man withdrew his gaze. The woman before him was someone who he met by chance a few hundred years ago. He immediately recognized that she was cultivating the Thousand Illusion Ruthless domain and was progressing toward the Ten Thousand Illusion Heavenly Demon domain. This discovery shocked him greatly.

The ruthless domain wasn’t exclusive to one star system, and there were many methods of cultivating it. The key was comprehending the heart. However, for someone to be able to reach the Thousand Illusion stage by themselves was rare, but that by itself wasn’t impressive. What made him accept her as a disciple was the vague sign of her developing toward the Ten Thousand Illusion stage.

He was the head elder of the Huan family on planet Thousand Illusion, the head planet in the Allheaven Star System’s northern domain. He had seen many juniors in the family, and aside from a few people, none of them could match her talent. Even among those limited few, they were still lacking compared to her in terms of potential.

This was why the old man immediately made up his mind to accept this woman as his disciple!

After being together for several hundred years, he grew to love his disciple even more. He even gave up on searching for the heaven-defying bead to take her back to the Allheaven Star System.

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