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Chapter 660 – Arriving in Allheaven

Allheaven Star System.

Bright starlight spread endlessly in all direction. The Allheaven Star System was very large and had numerous cultivation planets. Aside from a few people within the Alliance Star System, most cultivators didn’t know of the existence of other systems.

However, the Allheaven Star System wasn’t the same. Almost all of them knew that there was a star system below each of the Wind, Rain, Thunder, and Lighting Celestial Realms.

This had a deep relationship with the fact that the Cultivation Alliance was the sole power in the Alliance Star System, and they had hidden a lot of things. Including Wang Lin, almost every cultivator thought that the Cultivation Alliance was the only power under the stars.

The Allheaven Star System had much more freedom. However, some secrets were still tightly kept.

One difference between the two star systems was that there were no sects in the Allheaven Star System; there were only cultivation families. What the Allheaven Star System cared about was bloodlines!

Only by having the same bloodline would people gather and create their own force.

Several rays of light flew by. There was a total of four people, three male and one female. Although it was hard to tell their exact ages, their appearances were relatively young. There wasn’t much difference between their cultivation levels. Aside from the woman, who was a mid stage Soul Transformation cultivator, the other three were all at the early stage of Soul Transformation.

The woman looked like she was in her twenties. Although she was beautiful, there was a hint of coldness coming from her. However, instead of pride she gave off a lady-like atmosphere.

The three male cultivators were all very handsome. However, right now their expressions were gloomy and they constantly looked behind them.

One of the males quickly said, “Let’s throw away the Brilliant Red Stone. Otherwise, these Dark Fog Insects will not stop chasing us. Once they trap us…”

The woman softly said, “The Dark Fog Insects will still chase those who took the Brilliant Red Stone even if they throw it away.”

A large, grey mist was chasing after them. If one looked closer, they would see countless finger-sized insects in the mist. The mist came from something their bodies gave off.

Every single one of them had a star compass under their feet, so they were going fast. However, if it wasn’t for the woman, who would occasionally scatter large amounts of crystals to block the grey mist, the insects probably would have caught up long ago.

Even so, the woman became more and more exhausted, while the insects got closer and closer. Finally, the mist suddenly charged forth and surrounded the four of them.

From a distance, one could only see the giant mist and not the four people trapped inside.

The four of them came from planet Ran Yun. The woman’s name was Ran Yue. The three males’ names were Ran Chen, Ran Feng, and Sun Xueshan.

The four of them originally came to train, but due to certain events, they obtained a Brilliant Red Stone. This led them to be chased by a large amount of insects, and in the end, they were surrounded.

The mist the Dark Fog Insects gave off was poisonous to cultivators. Just touching it could injure the origin soul and stop all spells, so it was extremely terrifying. The four of them were trapped inside the mist. If not for the woman’s jade bracelet, which gave off faint rays of thunder, keeping the mist at bay, the four of them would have been long swallowed by the mist and had their origin souls destroyed.

The remaining three all used various spells and treasures in an attempt to break out of the mist. However, the mist was too thick, and in the end they still couldn’t charge out.

As time passed, the celestial spiritual energy inside the four gradually dwindled and there weren’t many pills left.

Ran Yue frowned and softly said, “The Dark Fog Insects fear thunder spells the most, and I have already requested help from the family. This place is a bit far away from the family, but we must resist until a senior good at thunder spells comes and saves us!”

Her celestial spiritual energy consumption was the highest; most of it was absorbed by the bracelet. If the bracelet wasn’t there, they would be swallowed by the insects in an instant.

The only male who was not in the family, Sun Xueshan, let out a bitter smile. He looked at the countless insects in the mist and despair appeared in his heart.

“We can only blame ourselves for being greedy. If we hadn’t pried out that Brilliant Red Stone, we wouldn’t be in the present crisis.”

At this moment, a ray of silver light flew by the mist. This ray of silver light looked like a dragon, and there was a young man sitting on it. He was wearing a snow-white robe with his hair tied up behind his back. Although his looks were ordinary, his skin glistened and his eyes were proud. Lightning would occasionally flash across his eyes, making him look even more fierce.

He was Wang Lin!

After Wang Lin entered the vortex, it was as if he had entered a transfer array. When he came out, he was amongst the stars. There were bright nebulae around him, but not a single person.

This was a foreign star system to Wang Lin, not his home, the Alliance Star system. This was the Allheaven Star System under the Thunder Celestial Realm.

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin took out the star compass. Then, with a trace of confusion, he began roaming the star system.

The grey mist in the distance attracted Wang Lin’s attention. The silver light flashed under him and he arrived next to the mist. Lightning flashed across his eyes, allowing him to immediately see what was strange about the mist and spot the four people trapped inside.

The Dark Fog Insects actually trembled under Wang Lin’s gaze as if Wang Lin’s gaze had solidified into something. They all dodged his gaze, which created an opening.

The four people trapped inside were immediately startled. Ran Yue’s eyes lit up and she was secretly shock. A mere gaze was enough to force the Dark Fog Insects back. This kind of spell completely shocked her mind.

Her beautiful eyes moved and saw Wang Lin on the silver light outside the mist.

The despair in Sun Xueshan’s eyes immediately disappeared. He immediately clasped his hands and shouted, “Senior, junior is from the Sun family on planet Ran Yun. I hope Senior can help us; junior will definitely thank Senior!”

Ran Chen and Ran Feng both quickly clasped their hands. They sincerely and respectfully asked to be saved.

Ran Yue looked at the young man on the silver light and her eyebrows loosened. She clasped her hands and softly said, “Senior, junior is from the Ran family on planet Ran Yun. We are trapped by these Dark Fog Insects. If Senior saves us, the Ran family will definitely reward Senior.”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as his gaze swept the four of them. He withdrew his gaze and the mist immediately churned, swallowing up the opening.

Exclaimations came from inside the mist. The expressions of the people inside immediately became ugly. Sun Xueshan quickly shouted, “Senior, we have a Brilliant Red Stone. If Senior saves us, then we will give this stone to Senior as thanks first.”

Wang Lin didn’t know what the Brilliant Red Stone was, so he wasn’t tempted. He looked at the mist and began to ponder. He was too unfamiliar with the Allheaven Star System, so he had to gain information as soon as possible so he could go to the Xiang family that the woman inside the scroll talked about.

The four people trapped inside the mist couldn’t see outside. At this moment, aside from Ran Yue, the other three were filled with tension and anxiety.

Ran Yue’s brows began to furrow. There weren’t many pills left in her bag, and if this continued, the consequence would be unimaginable. She clenched her teeth and said, “Senior, I…”

Before she finished speaking, Wang Lin’s voice entered the mist.

“Where is planet Ran Yun?”

The four of them were startled. Sun Xueshan quickly said, “It is about seven days of travel from here toward the north! If Senior wants to go, junior can lead the way to repay Senior for saving us.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He raised his right hand and pointed at the void. Suddenly, a ray of lightning came out from his origin soul and he flicked it with his right hand.

When the mist dispersed due to his gaze, Wang Lin guessed that these insects feared thunder spells.

At this moment, a bolt of lightning shot out from the tip of his finger. It flew through space with a thunderous rumble like it was a thunder dragon. It gave off a powerful pressure as it suddenly charged into the mist.

The Dark Fog Insects immediately began to scream and retreat. A large amount of mist came from the insects and pounced on the thunder. If it was a normal thunder spell, it would have weakened when facing the mist. After all, even though the Dark Fog Insects were weak to thunder, the poison in their bodies was still extremely powerful.

However, this thunder wasn’t thunder formed from ordinary spells but real heavenly thunder. It was an ability Wang Lin had gained when his origin soul combined with the Ancient Thunder Dragon!

The thunder dragon roared and then a large amount of mist dissipated. The lightning moved through the mist, causing large numbers of Dark Fog Insects to retreat. They could clearly feel the pressure from the thunder. They were already afraid of thunder, and the heavenly thunder was like their natural enemy, so they quickly retreated.

In the blink of an eye, as the thunder dissipated, all of the Dark Fog Insects flew far away. The four of them immediately flew out and arrived next to Wang Lin. Without any exception, the four of them felt like they had just escaped the jaws of death, but what they felt even more was shock.

Sun Xueshan’s gaze toward Wang Lin was filled with shock. As someone from the Allheaven Star System, he wasn’t unfamiliar with thunder spells. Although he couldn’t use any himself, the Allheaven Star System was connected to the Thunder Celestial Realm. Here, thunder spells were the most powerful.

His shock came from the might that came from the ray of thunder. He didn’t know what kind of spell could cause an illusion ray of thunder to contain trace of real thunder might! This was something not even the elders and ancestors of the family could do!

Ran Yue and the other two Ran males were also shocked. Especially, Ran Yue who sucked in a breath of cold air. Her eyes suddenly lit up when she looked at Wang Lin.

After all, she had reached the mid stage of Soul Transformation, so her position in the family was higher than that the other three, meaning she knew more secretive things. Her mind was in shock as she recalled everything that had happened. She took a deep breath and respectfully said, “Junior is part of the ninth generation of the Ran family. Is Senior a Thunder Celestial Messenger?”

After she said that, Sun Xueshan’s expression changed. He thought to himself, “Indeed, he must be a Thunder Celestial Messenger! However… why would a Thunder Celestial Messenger want to go to planet Ran Yun…”

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