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Chapter 659 – Leaving

This palm landed on the gate to the Demon Spirit Land, but what it shook was the entire Demon Spirit Land. At this moment, all nine countries of the Demon Spirit Land trembled.

The entire Demon Spirit Land was filled with cries, and the sky was no longer blue but dark. The clouds churned and a giant vortex formed.

This vortex was simply too big; it spread out and slowly rotated. Sword energy came from inside the vortex and spread out in the sky.

An aura as overbearing as the sky appeared. At the same time, seven rainbow-colored lights appeared from the vortex and descended.

At this moment, all of the ancient demons came out from their respective holy lands and stared gloomily at the vortex in the sky.

Bei Lou’s eyebrows tightened as he looked up at the sky. After taking a glance, he waved his sleeves and disappeared.

Several people walked out from the vortex in the sky. Ling Tianhou stood in the sky wearing green robes. He looked down on the earth and shouted, “Greed, come out and meet this old man!”

His voice spread out like thunder rumbling across the sky. The ground immediately began to crack and spread. In the blink of an eye, Ling Tianhou’s voice spread across the entire Demon Spirit Land.

Strangely, everyone else seemed to already know that Greed had come here, so they were not surprised.

The Blood Ancestor’s eyebrows furrowed and his face sank. The moment he stepped into the Demon Spirit Land, he swept the entire land with his divine sense but discovered no trace of Yao Xixue. It was as if she had completely disappeared, and this made him even more uneasy.

He took a deep breath and began to secretly activate a spell. He scanned again with his secret spell and his expression became even more gloomy.

The All-Seer raised his right hand and pinched his fingers to calculate. From the outside, there was the East Demon Spirit Sea interfering with his divination, but now he was inside the Demon Spirit Land, so there was no longer anything obstructing him.

Just at the moment these old monsters entered the Demon Spirit Land, Wang Lin leaped into the Tide Abyss. He flew down toward the bottom like a meteor.

The suction force was like a powerful thruster that pushed Wang Lin deep into the pit.

Ling Tianhou’s expression was gloomy. After his voice came out, he spread out his divine sense to sweep the area. In the extremely northern area, two other divine senses suddenly appeared and collided with him. Ling Tianhou let out a muffled groan and his body trembled slightly, then his eyes shined brightly.

At the same time, a cloud silently appeared before them. This cloud wasn’t solid but only an illusion. A man and a woman were sitting on the cloud.

These two were the Celestial Cloud Couple, Wang Wei and Hu Juan.

Wang Wei calmly looked at Ling Tianhou and company. When his gaze landed on the All-Seer, his pupils shrank an unnoticeable amount. The All-Seer still had his eyes closed. He was calculating even after the two of them arrived.

Wang Wei smiled. “Fellow cultivators, long time no see!”

Hu Juan also faintly smiled but didn’t speak.

Ling Tianhou looked at Wang Wei and coldly said, “Fellow Cultivator Wang , I noticed that Greed is with you. Give him to me, I have important questions to ask him!”

Wang Wei smiled as he said to his lover, “Look, after so many years, not only has the Sword Saint’s temper not lessened, it became even worse.”

Hu Juan revealed a tender gaze and smiled. “It is understandable that the Sword Saint is worried about his disciples.”

Ling Tianhou’s expression was extremely gloomy. If it wasn’t for that fact that he dreaded these two, he would have already attacked them, given his personality.

Wang Wei slapped his bag of holding and two people immediately flew out. One of them was Chen Long and the other was Greed.

After Chen Long saw Ling Tianhou, his eyes were filled with joy. He knelt down with moisture in his eyes and said, “Master!! It was Greed, it was him who harmed all my junior apprentice brothers!”

Greed’s expression was neutral without any changes. After he appeared, he just stood behind Wang Wei and Hu Juan as if he was an old slave.

Ling Tianhou didn’t look at Chen Long but stared at Greed and gloomily said, “Greed, you sure have guts!”

Although Greed’s heart skipped a beat, his expression didn’t change at all. He coldly looked at Chen Long and said, “Little kid, did this old man personally kill a single person of your Da Lou Sword Sect?”

Chen Long viciously stared at Greed. Now that his master was here, he felt empowered and shouted, “Although you didn’t personally kill us, you trapped us in the purple mist. If it wasn’t for that, how could my junior apprentice brothers have died?!”

Greed laughed and said, “This old man trapped you all inside the mist in order to get the token, but did I harm a hair on you all? Instead of looking for the man who killed your junior apprentice brothers, you come and accuse me. What nonsense.”

Chen Long was about to speak, but unexpectedly, Ling Tianhou waved his sleeves and coldly said, “Chen Long, say no more!” Ling Tianhou looked at Greed with killing intent and said, word for word, “Greed, where is the token?!”

Greed bitterly smiled and said, with a bitter expression, “You all may not believe me, but I swear upon my tens of thousands of years of cultivation that the token is not in my hands!”

Ling Tianhou stared at Greed without a word, waiting for him to continue. At this moment, aside from the All-Seer, who still had his eyes closed, all of the old monsters, including the Blood Ancestor, turned their sharp gazes at Greed.

Greed’s scalp went numb. Among the people present, aside from Chen Long, he had the lowest cultivation level. At this moment, he was being stared at by all of these powerful cultivators, and he felt his mind tremble. It took a moment for him to regain himself. He took a deep breath and quickly said, “It was the Heavenly Fate Sect’s Wang Lin who took the token. Nephew Chen Long can testify to that! It was also him who killed the people of the Da Lou Sword Sect!”

Ling Tianhou frowned and looked at Chen Long.

Chen Long quickly said, “Master, disciple only saw that Wang Lin had the token and was trapped by Greed. I don’t know of what happened after. However… He did indeed kill several of my junior apprentice brothers!”

Just at this moment, the All-Seer suddenly opened his eyes and looked toward the east.

“He wants to leave!” The All-Seer’s hand moved even faster and his gaze seemed to penetrate into the distance. It landed directly at the entrance to the Tide Abyss in the Water Demon Country and penetrated down to the opening of the pit. However, his gaze didn’t stop there and went straight down the pit.

As Wang Lin descended, he immediately noticed. Then he immediately became one with the suction force and moved down even faster. The All-Seer felt his gaze being affected by the suction force. He hesitated for a bit before penetrating the suction force and going further down.

The All-Seer’s spell immediately caught Ling Tianhou and company’s attention. Even the Celestial Cloud Couple had surprise in their eyes. These old monsters all spread out their divine senses at this moment and followed the All-Seer’s vision deep into the Tide Abyss.

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral as he slapped his bag of holding and the seven star sword formation flew out. The formation rotated around his body, making him even faster.

Wang Lin rushed directly toward the bottom of the pit and soon he arrived at where the vortex was. At this moment, the All-Seer and the divine senses of all the old monsters descended!

Ling Tianhou immediately saw the seven star sword formation. This immediately made him enraged.

The All-Seer also saw Wang Lin without any of the Celestial Slaughter branding. This made the All-Seer’s gaze show a hint of coldness.

Wang Lin stepped on the vortex, then he turned around and coldly looked at everyone before gradually sinking into it.

A powerful force came out from the vortex and spread out. This power was simply too strong even for the All-Seer and company’s divine sense. They could only retreat and watch Wang Lin completely enter the vortex.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to stop him, but the power coming from the vortex was the power that connected two star systems. This power was simply too strong!

The moment Wang Lin’s figure entered the vortex, the Blood Ancestor’s divine sense stared at Wang Lin, and his expression was very gloomy. Just a moment ago, he felt Yao Xixue’s aura on Wang Lin. It revealed Yao Xixue’s struggle and rebellion, which made the Blood Ancestor conclude that Yao Xixue’s disappearance had something to do with Wang Lin. It was very likely that Yao Xixue was captured by Wang Lin!

His expression was extremely dark and he shouted, “Wang Lin, where is my daughter!?”

“There are not only three fake caves, but four!” Before Wang Lin disappeared, he left this sentence.

Other people might not understand Wang Lin’s words, but the Blood Ancestor immediately understood. The fourth fake cave was a secret only he and Yao Xixue knew. It was something Yao Xixue would not tell anyone else!

This was also Wang Lin’s hope. Although he was going to leave, he was going to completely stir this pot up! If the Blood Ancestor hadn’t noticed Yao Xixue, it would have been fine. However, since he found out, Wang Lin must counter attack. His purpose was to make it so that the Blood Ancestor couldn’t chase after him personally due to Yao Xixue! He believed that with these old monsters’ minds, his words would help them make many associations.

Wang Lin disappeared.

The area around the vortex was completely silent. All these old monsters had gloomy expressions. They originally all had their own plans, and after hearing Wang Lin’s words and seeing the Blood Ancestor’s reaction, they all looked toward the Blood Ancestor.

The Blood Ancestor felt like there were needles on his back. He pondered for a bit and said, “There is indeed a fourth fake cave, but it has obviously been occupied by this Wang Lin. He also has a token, so if he isn’t captured, then there is no chance for us to enter the real cave!

“We already knew that this vortex was an entrance to the Allheaven Star System, but the power inside the vortex was too strong. This Wang Lin somehow obtained an item that allowed him to enter!

“All of us have tried to enter but could not succeed. However, if we join hands and only send one person, we should be able to do it!”

Ling Tianhou asked, in a heavy tone, “Who goes?”

“If I say I’ll go, then fellow cultivators would all be suspicious of me. The best choice is no doubt Greed! Each of us will leave a restriction on him and then this Greed will never escape our palms. He can only obediently capture Wang Lin and bring him back! Also, Greed’s cultivation level is high enough to deal with Wang Lin!”

The All-Seer silently stared at the vortex and his eyes revealed a mysterious light. No one knew what he was thinking.

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