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Chapter 651 – Gray Robe

This token was completely purple and there was a trace of golden lighting within it. It looked like a piece of purple gold. When touching it, one could feel that it was neither wood nor gold texture.

The universe was simply too big for someone to recognize every single material. Wang Lin didn’t focus too much on what the token was made of and carefully looked at its appearance.

There were some broken runes on the surface of the token. After a moment of hesitation, Wang Lin scanned it with his divine sense and revealed a strange expression.


There was a unique space inside the token. Although the space inside was filled with purple mist, it was indeed a storage device.

There was only one thing inside, and that was a sword. It wasn’t a celestial sword, but one of the swords from the Twelve Swords.

After thinking about it, Wang Lin deduced that this sword came from the last Da Lou Sword disciple trapped inside the mist. For some reason, when that disciple was sacrificed to the token, the sword was absorbed by the token.

With a thought, the sword flew out and stabbed into the ground beside Wang Lin.

After carefully searching the space inside the token, Wang Lin withdrew his divine sense. He looked at the token and began to ponder.

“Aside from the material of this token, there is nothing surprising about it. If I hadn’t seen it form from the mist directly, it would be difficult to imagine that this thing is something people like the All-Seer, Ling Tianhou, and the Blood Ancestor want to steal!

“This token is the key to opening the cave. Only with the four fake caves open can the final door be opened. According to Yao Xixue, the All-Seer and company don’t know that a fourth fake cave exists…

“But the Blood Ancestor knows this.

“Chen Long and Greed know that I obtained the token. However, Chen Long didn’t see everything. If I were him, I would think that Greed would have taken the token in the end!”

After taking a deep breath, Wang Lin withdrew his gaze. Looking out of the crack at the pitch black darkness outside, he revealed a bitter expression.

“Even if I got the token, what’s the use when I’m trapped here and can’t get out? There is no need to try to teleport when even people as cunning as Greed didn’t teleport once. I just don’t know if I can enter the cave from here.” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed as he touched his bag of holding and a crystal appeared in his hand.

After a long time, Wang Lin let out a sigh and bitterly smiled. “I’m unable to activate it!”

He pondered a bit and looked around. This crack wasn’t big, only few dozen feet wide. He was able to clearly see everything with one look. Shortly after, he stood up and arrived at the entrance of the crack. The suction force outside never stopped. After moving a little bit more forward, he could clearly feel it, and even his body showed signs of being sucked in.

Wang Lin backed up. His eyes flickered.

“I wonder how the mosquito beast is doing right now… Also, what is the result of the battle between Senior Zhou Yi and Greed… However, even if Zhou Yi won, he still won’t know where I am. After all, even his sword divine sense can’t reach here.”

He looked up at the wall and his body moved as he attempted to use the earth escape spell. However, as soon as his body touched the wall, he was stopped. After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin landed on the ground and slapped his bag of holding. He took out the soul flag, took out a soul, threw it at the wall, and carefully observed.

That soul floated into the wall like a strand of smoke, but Wang Lin immediately felt a miserable scream from the soul. It was as if the soul that went inside was torn into pieces and was immediately sucked toward the bottom by the strong suction force.

“Danger spot!” The bitterness in Wang Lin’s eyes became even stronger.

He let out a sigh and sat down on the ground in the lotus position with a gloomy expression. Shortly after, he touched his bag of holding and three swords, a severed arm, and a skull immediately flew out.

The three swords were from the Twelves Swords, and adding the one inside the token, they were the snake, horse, chicken, and dog.

Wang Lin currently had seven of the Twelve Swords’ swords.

The three sword formation also flew out from Wang Lin’s bag and fell beside him. Wang Lin waved his right hand and the seven swords immediately flew around him. He opened his mouth to spit out some origin energy. The origin energy wrapped around the seven swords.

There was an extra strand of thunder inside his origin energy. After it touched the swords, lightning moved throughout the swords. The seven swords were also connected by lightning, forming a mysterious sword formation.

“Seven swords can form the Seven Star Sword Formation! Also, with my thunder linking them, the power of the sword formation will increase by thirty percent!” Wang Lin with drew his gaze. With his origin energy refining the swords, he no longer had to pay any attention to them. He then turned around and looked at the severed arm and head.

The origin soul of the owner and also Ling Tianhou’s sword energy were sealed inside them.

Wang Lin was very experienced in refining souls and extracting the sword energy. Two mouthfuls of origin energy allowed Wang Lin to extract Ling Tianhou’s sword energy and devour it. Normally, after devouring Ling Tianhou’s sword energy, his origin soul would feel waves of pain and would only stop after he recovered for a bit.

However, right now, after devouring two sword energies in a row, not only did his origin soul not feel any discomfort, it actually felt very comfortable.

After checking his origin soul and finding nothing wrong, Wang Lin wryly smiled to himself. “Can this still be considered an origin soul…” He once again touched his bag of holding and took out a sphere of restrictions.

The small sphere grew after it came out, and by the time it landed, it was five feet tall already. There were countless restrictions flashing on the sphere. Wang Lin’s right hand formed a seal and then pointed at the sphere.

A restriction sphere began to split down the middle as if a flower was blooming, revealing a handsome man inside.

This person was the red division’s Du Jian. His eyes were closed and his face was pale. After the restrictions were lifted, he opened his eyes and stared at Wang Lin. It took a long time before his empty eyes slowly regained their color.

However, after checking himself, he immediately found that his origin soul had been sealed. Right now he had basically become a mortal.

Wang Lin’s voice was calm as he slowly said, “Senior Brother Du, you can tell me Master’s secret now!”

Du Jian revealed a bitter expression. He looked at Wang Lin with a complex expression. After silently pondering for a bit, he said, “Even if I talked, I’m afraid it would be difficult to avoid death…”

Wang Lin’s gaze swept Du Jian. A hint of lightning appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes and penetrated Du Jian’s eyes. This caused Du Jian’s mind to become shocked. He pointed at Wang Lin and exclaimed, “Your… Your eyes…”

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and calmly said, “Senior Brother Du, my patience has a limit!”

It was as if Du Jain hadn’t heard Wang Lin at all, and his eyes were filled with aghast. He still hadn’t recovered from Wang Lin’s gaze. Du Jian had encountered a lot of cultivators and even seen a lot of powerful cultivators.

He had seen cultivators whose eyes had lightning within them. However, all of that lightning was created by spells. Although it was still lightning, it couldn’t compare to the heavens’ lightning.

However, at that moment, the lightning from Wang Lin’s eyes made him felt like he was standing below the vast sky and looking up at a thunderbolt. It was the feeling of not knowing what to do when dealing with the might of the heavens.

Wang Lin frowned. He no longer wanted to deal with this nonsense, so he grabbed Du Jian and dragged him toward the opening of the crack. Near the opening, Du Jian became aware of the huge suction force. Even with his cultivation, he felt like his origin soul was about to be pulled out of his body.

He began to exclaim due to the terror.

“Speak!” Wang Lin’s sentence was simple; there was only one word.

Du Jian’s expression became even paler, and the shadow of death enveloped his body. Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he grabbed Du Jian and pulled him toward the opening of the crack once more.

Du Jian suddenly felt the suction from outside by increase ten times. At this moment, his origin soul was pulled out from his body and left his body. No matter how hard his origin soul struggled, it was still being slowly pulled out of his body.

Du Jian’s trembling body shouted, “I’ll speak! I’ll speak!”

Wang Lin pulled back his right hand, threw Du Jian to the side, and coldly looked at him.

Du Jian trembled slightly as his origin soul gradually returned to his body. His eyes contained fear as he said, “I’ll tell you everything I know, but you have to promise not to kill me!”

Wang Lin calmly said, “It possible to not kill you, as I have other uses for you.”

Du Jian took a deep breath as he looked at Wang Lin with a complex expression and said, “Swear on your dao…”

Wang Lin frowned as he coldly looked at Du Jian. He slowly raised his right hand and was about to throw him toward the opening of the crack.

Du Jian’s body trembled and he quickly said, “I saw Master devour Sun Yun!”

Wang Lin’s eyes glowed brightly as he silently stared at Du Jian.

“I didn’t see it personally, but a mountain goblin saw it. After I entered the Heavenly Fate Sect, I cultivated a technique that could absorb spiritual energy from beasts. I was in the back mountains when I found a mountain goblin that was nearing the end of its life. As I was absorbing its spiritual energy, I extracted some of its memories for some reason.

“There was one scene from its memory from a long time ago, and that was when master devoured Sun Yun!”

Wang Lin was startled.

Du Jian quickly said, “In the memory, Sun Yun and Master had a huge fight, but in the end, Master used a spell that devoured Sun Yun, then he left.” This was his biggest secret. When he saw the memory that day, he was completely shocked, and at the same time, fear appeared in his heart.

This was why he respected and feared the All-Seer all this time. This secretly was buried deep inside his heart, and it was the first time he had told anyone.

Wang Lin asked, “What was Master’s expression like back then?”

“This… It looked like there was regret, it should be regret.” Du Jian carefully recalled before hesitating as if he was thinking of something. Then he said, “However, there was something strange about Master inside the mountain goblin’s memory. I have never seen Master wear grey before!”

Wang Lin’s eyes glowed even brighter as he stared at Du Jian and said, word for word, “Are you sure he was wearing a grey robe?”

Du Jian nodded and said, “That’s right, it was a grey robe!”

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