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Chapter 646 – Greed’s Spell

This mosquito pierced through the group of its kind like a ray of purple light and let out a roar. It went straight toward Wang Lin. When it arrived next to Wang Lin, its huge mouth gently rubbed Wang Lin, and its eyes were filled with excitement.

The group of mosquito beasts rushing toward Wang Lin all stopped. Although their eyes were still vicious, there was a flash of doubt in their eyes.

The scene caused Greed to become completely dumbfounded. This even caused Chen Long’s eyes to light up brightly.

Greed’s face was gloomy as his hand formed a seal and he shouted, “Seven Magic Needle, imprint!”

A sharp cry came from within the depths of the herd, and the large swarm of mosquitoes immediately opened a path. From the center of the herd, a giant mosquito with seven silver needles stuck in its head slowly flew out.

There was struggle within its red eyes. The mosquito beast stared at Greed and let out a roar. Greed let out a roar and the silver needles on its head sank in three more inches. The mosquito’s body trembled and the struggle in its eyes became even stronger.

However, its eyes immediately showed a trace of resolve as it let out a loud cry filled with death! Its gaze moved like lightning and landed on Wang Lin’s mosquito beast.

Wang Lin’s mosquito was startled as it flapped its wings and flew away from Wang Lin. It went directly toward its companion and immediately arrived on the back of the giant mosquito.

Its large mouth suddenly stabbed into the body of the giant mosquito. As it began to suck, the struggle in the giant mosquito’s eyes disappeared and was replaced by a glimmer of relief.

The suction was completed in almost an instant. As the giant mosquito withered, Wang Lin’s mosquito gradually grew. Its body got larger and the purple on it became more dense. Then an aura that could only be felt by their own kind spread out.

This happened extremely fast. Wang Lin’s mosquito beast suddenly raised its head and stared at Greed before letting out a roar. All of the mosquitoes’ gazes immediately fell on Greed and then they immediately charged toward him.

Greed’s scalp went numb. His hand formed a seal and the Seven Silver Needles immediately came out of the withered mosquito corpse and flew back to him. The silver needles formed a silver light screen next to him and then he immediately charged off to the side.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and backed up. His right forefinger suddenly pointed at Greed and a Finger of Death shot out toward him.

In the distance, all of the mosquitoes around Chen Long had left, and his eyes had become cold as well. Without any hesitation, his right hand formed a seal and the giant sword behind him flew out. A black dragon with intelligent eyes appeared and let out a roar. He shot a ray of sword energy directly at Greed.

Although the two of them had never cooperated before, reaching this far in cultivation proved that they both had good insight. Their timing was great and both of their attacks were in the way of Greed’s path of retreat!

Greed’s pupils shrank. He knew that he must not be surrounded by the mosquito beasts, or else he would die for sure! He let out a cold snort. He had cultivated for tens of thousands of years and had faced scenes like this many times. He backed up while his right hand formed a seal and he clawed at the wall. He shouted, “Death Devourer first style!”

This claw caused a large amount of green gas to come out from the wall. There was simply too much green gas. The green gas gathered together and formed a green waterfall.

The green waterfall was pulled out from the wall as Greed moved his right hand. His eyes glowed green as he threw the green waterfall behind him!

The green gas suddenly shot out like a ray of light crossing the sky. Wang Lin’s finger of death turned green after touching the green gas and collapsed immediately after.

Chen Long’s dragon sword spirit let out a roar when it touched the green gas. On impact, the dragon spirit immediately collapsed and the sword flew back toward Chen Long.

“You little juniors dare to provoke old man Greed!” Greed let out a shout as he quickly moved. He was about to rush out of the mosquito beasts’ siege.

If he was able to escape the siege, no one would be able to stop him if he wished to fight or leave.

Chen Long shouted, “Wang Lin, we shouldn’t hold back! Let’s work together to kill this old thief. Otherwise, both of us will die!” He spat out a mouthful of origin blood essence and it fell on his sword. The sword began to tremble and cracks appeared all over it. Pieces of metal began to flake off as if the sword was shedding its skin.

The pieces that fell off contained bloodlust. They once again formed the black dragon and charged out with power several times stronger than before.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he touched the spot between his eyebrows with his right hand. A large amount of slaughter energy came out and gathered on his fingertip. The slaughter energy rapidly condensed; one million into one hundred thousand, one hundred thousand into one thousand, one thousand into only one!

Aside from the one strand he kept in his origin soul, all the other strands had been condensed at Wang Lin’s fingertip into one strand. The dense strand of slaughter energy shot out after being flicked by Wang Lin.

“Ling Tianhou’s Broken Sword Spirit and the All-Seer’s Celestial Slaughter Art!” Greed’s eyes glowed brightly, but there was a hint of mockery in them. He retreated and said, “Although these two spells are powerful, your mastery over them isn’t complete. Before this old man’s eyes, they are simply too weak!”

Greed slapped his bag of holding and a small mountain immediately flew out. After the mountain flew out, it immediately grew into a mountain several hundred feet tall and floated in the air.

This mountain was covered in carvings of mysterious runes. As the small mountain moved, the runes flashed and the mountain became very strange.

Greed’s right hand turned into a claw once more. He placed his hand on the mountain and shouted, “Death Devourer second style! Extract mountain’s soul!”

The entire mountain trembled and an ancient aura suddenly appeared from within the mountain. It was like the aura of an ancient cultivator who had cultivated for countless years!

This was the mountain’s soul!

As Greed shouted, this aura was pulled out by him. An illusion of the mountain appeared and was pulled out by Greed.

An incomparably powerful aura immediately appeared. After the mountain’s soul was extracted, it began to tremble and countless cracks appeared. Eventually, the entire mountain collapsed into rubble and fell from the sky!

However, the illusionary mountain soul was still in Greed’s hand!

“This old man’s cultivation can’t compare to old child Ling Tian or that old thief All-Seer, but this old man Greed’s spells have no flaws! You juniors merely learned others’ spells and really think they are your own!” Greed’s eyes were filled with mockery as his right hand pressed down.

With a loud bang, the mountain soul descended.

The black dragon formed by Chen Long’s broken sword let out a whimper as the incredible pressure from the mountain soul pressed down. After a series of rumbles, the black dragon was trapped under the pressure of the mountain soul.

Chen Long’s expression turned pale. He coughed out a mouthful of blood and his eyes filled with shock.

“This… What is this spell!?”

Wang Lin’s slaughter energy flew through the air and the mountain soul seemed unable to stop it. The slaughter energy pierced through the mountain soul. Wang Lin’s eyes turned cold and he shouted, “Scatter!”

The slaughter energy that pierced into the mountain soul scattered. It turned from one to one million!

One million strands of slaughter energy moved within the mountain soul. It was as if they wanted to rush out from the mountain soul and tear it into pieces.

However, powerful celestial spiritual energy came out from the mountain soul, and in the blink of an eye, the strands of slaughter energy collapsed one by one.

Wang Lin sucked in a breath of cold air. If it wasn’t for the fact that he always kept one strand in his soul to allow him to endlessly recover his slaughter energy, he would have been greatly pained by the loss!

“There is even celestial spiritual energy within the mountain soul. This celestial spiritual energy doesn’t look like it came from Greed; it seems to belong to the mountain itself!” Wang Lin’s expression sank.

With the help of the mountain soul, Greed was finally able to escape the mosquito beasts’ siege. He laughed loudly. “Little juniors, do you know what mountain this is? This is a mountain from the Celestial Realm! This old man pulled it out tens of thousands of years ago and sealed it!”

Just at this moment, the constantly shrinking purple mist was about to finish. It shrank from one thousand feet into ten feet, forming a dense ball of purple mist.

There was still no sound coming from inside the ball of mist, but Wang Lin knew that there was one living person inside, a Da Lou Sword Sect disciple!

With a bang, the ten foot ball of mist shrank again and was now seven feet!

A token gradually began to appear inside the mist. This token was made of the mist and was quickly condensing.

There was a trace of greed in Greed’s eyes. He was about to rush toward the token when the large mosquito herd behind him suddenly let out a fierce roar.

The mosquito beasts charged out one by one like crazy, completely disregarding their own lives. Their speed was several times faster than before. Their sudden movement caused Greed’s expression to immediately change.

Wang Lin’s mosquito inside the herd let out a roar, and suddenly all of the mosquitoes’ bodies released red light. Those closest to Greed unexpectedly collapsed into large clouds of flesh and blood that gave off a red glow. They arrived directly next to Greed and then mysteriously formed back into mosquito beasts again!

Not only did those mosquitoes use this spell, every mosquito beast did. They all collapsed and restored themselves in the next instant. They all did this in an instant and completely trapped Greed!

The purple mist rapidly contracted and the token inside became more solid. In an instant, the final step was complete. After all the mist dissipated, an ancient token giving off purple light floated in the air.

There was golden light mixed in with the purple light…

Wang Lin’s and Chen Long’s gazes fell on the token at this moment!

Chen Long immediately charged out toward the token. No one dared to use teleportation near the exit. The pressure here was too great, so if anyone tried to teleport, they would be trapped in the void!

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he flew out at the same time. His hand formed a seal and the celestial spiritual energy inside his body surged. He was preparing the Stop spell.

“You juniors dare!” Just at this moment, an angry roar came from within the herd of mosquito beasts.

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