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Chapter 645 – Decisive!

The purple mist shrank like crazy and a thick layer of purple gas formed around its edge. No matter how hard the disciples of the Da Lou Sword Sect tried, they couldn’t break through the purple gas. The purple gas seemed to have corrosive properties, so they looked dispirited and irritated.

One of the Da Lou Sword Sect disciples even used Ling Tianhou’s sword energy, but it had no effect. It was quickly absorbed by the purple gas.

Chen Long’s expression changed greatly. He turned toward Wang Lin, who was backing off, and urgently shouted, “Brother Wang, right now we are facing a crisis. Can your friend help?!”

“Wang Lin, this old man originally didn’t want to kill you so early, but since you ran head first into this matter, no one can save you!” Greed’s voice slowly entered the purple mist.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He didn’t speak but quickly retreated. At this moment, the purple mist was rapidly contracting. If he retreated too slowly and was invaded by the purple gas, there might be other dangers.

The Da Lou Sword Sect disciples also quickly retreated, and Chen Long urgently shouted, “Fellow Cultivator Wang!!”

“Fellow Cultivator Chen Long, I don’t even have the ability to save myself, so please don’t mention this matter!” Wang Lin shook his head and immediately disappeared into the purple mist. Zhou Yi’s celestial sword circled around his body.

“You!” Chen Long’s expression was gloomy and he let out a sigh. The Heavenly Fate Sect and the Da Lou Sword Sect were like fire and water. He understood why Wang Lin refused to help.

“I’m to blame for hesitating so much. If I had decided earlier to rebel against Greed, we wouldn’t have ended up like this if we used Master’s sword energy!” There was regret in Chen Long’s eyes.

However, Greed was a senior from his master’s generation, so he knew of their sword energy. He understood that even if they used their master’s sword energy, he was afraid Greed would already be prepared for it. As a result, victory was not certain. Also, it was very likely that all of his junior apprentice brothers would die.

He wasn’t willing to pay such a price for his suspicion, so that was why he couldn’t be decisive and had waited a century!

At this moment, the purple mist rapidly shrank, and in the blink of an eye, it became ten times smaller than before. As the purple mist shrank, the purple gas at the edge became even stronger. The people of the Da Lou Sword Sect constantly retreated.

“Wang Lin, if we don’t leave, it will be hard to rush out, even with my abilities!” Zhou Yi’s anxious voice echoed in Wang Lin’s mind.

“Wait a bit more!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He was still inside the mist. As he looked at the Da Lou Sword Sect Disciples in the distance, his eyes became cold.

“Five people… Four rays of Ling Tianhou’s sword energy, five treasured swords…” Wang Lin’s eyes became even colder.

Chen Long’s eyes revealed sadness as he looked at the junior apprentice brothers beside him. He closed his eyes, then he suddenly opened them and his eyes contained a rare hint of decisiveness!

“Fellow Junior Apprentice Brothers… I’m sorry! I’m really useless…” Chen Long clenched his teeth and quickly pointed to between his eyebrows. A ray of red light immediately appeared between his eyebrows. This red light turned into sword energy.

This was Ling Tianhou’s sword energy, but it was several times stronger than the ones Wang Lin had seen. It was on a completely different level compared to the others.

This sword energy was formed when Ling Tianhou refined the four smalls worlds into the four swords. It was one of the life sword energies that he refined inside his soul! The eleven strands of sword energy that he gave the other disciples were things he created by simply waving his hand. The difference was too big!

It was because he had this strand of sword energy that he regretted that he wasn’t decisive enough to act sooner!

The moment the sword energy appeared, the shrinking purple mist slowed for a moment. Outside, Greed’s eyes turned cold. He quickly noticed that there was something not right about this Chen Long, and he had guessed correctly.

Chen Long let out a sigh, then the sword energy surrounded his body. He rushed directly at the purple gas, and at the moment he collided with the purple gas, there was a loud sound as if there was intense friction. It looked like there was fire around Chen Long’s body!

In the end, a small opening appeared in the purple mist and Chen Long charged out with the sword energy. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to take his junior apprentice brothers with him, but he calculated that if he took even one person, he wouldn’t be able to break through!

At the moment Chen Long charged out, the purple mist immediately condensed even more. The purple mist was so dense that one couldn’t see inside it anymore; not even sound could escape the mist at this point.

The four Da Lou Sword Sect Disciples’ eyes were filled with despair. Wu Ma let out an angry roar. “Three junior apprentice brothers, since things are already like this, why despair? I know that Wang Lin is still in here. Help me kill this man so that I have no regrets!”

After he said that, the other three Da Lou Sword Sect Disciples released killing intent. Indeed, if they were going to die, they might as well kill that Heavenly Fate Sect person. If it wasn’t for that person appearing, they might’ve had a chance to survive.

“Wang Lin, you still aren’t going out; what are you waiting for!?” Zhou Yi was already roaring inside Wang Lin’s mind.

“Senior, help me lock onto the other four with your sword divine sense!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he moved like lightning. In the purple mist, where divine sense was obstructed, he was like a ghost.

“Wang Lin, in ten breaths of time, even if you resist, I’m taking you outside!” After Zhou Yi sent this message, he spread out his sword divine sense through the shrinking purple mist and locked on to the four people of the Da Lou Sword Sect!

Wang Lin moved like lightning toward one of them. This person had the lowest cultivation level among the four, only mid stage Soul Transformation. This person’s divine sense was useless in the purple mist; it was as if he was blind and deaf in this situation.

The moment Wang Lin closed in, this person only felt a breeze. However, this breeze quickly became cold, and it left with his head!

Wang Lin held the head with the sword energy locked inside. After putting away the treasured sword, he charged toward the next target.

Si She controlled his treasured sword, but he was frustrated and his eyes contained despair. He opened his eyes wide, but he could only see seven feet before him. Everything after that was just purple mist.

His eyes suddenly blurred as if he had seen a figure flash before him.

“Who?!” Si She’s heart trembled and he immediately threw his sword into the mist. However, at the moment he threw the sword, he felt a cold hand press against the back of his neck. He felt his origin soul tremble, and the life force inside him instantly left his body. After letting out a miserable scream, his body was mummified.

However, at the moment he died, Ling Tianhou’s sword energy inside his body suddenly erupted and collapsed along with his body.

Wu Ma’s eyes were completely red. After losing his treasured sword, he hated Wang Lin to the bone. Now that he had activated Ling Tianhou’s sword energy, if he felt as much as a breeze, he would immediately release it.

At this moment, the purple mist before him churned as if someone was rushing over. Wu Ma’s eyes became ferocious and he shouted, “Wang Lin, die!”

He was just about to release Ling Tianhou’s sword energy in his hand when his junior apprentice brother Xu Gou’s voice suddenly appeared.

“Senior Apprentice Brother, it’s me!”

Wu Ma was startled and he withdrew his right hand. However, just as he was about to speak, a hand silently appeared from the mist on his right. A forefinger touched the spot between Wu Ma’s eyebrows.

Wu Ma’s eyes bulged and he spat out a mouthful of blood. His eyes were filled with unwillingness and he wanted to reactivate the sword energy he just withdrew, but there was no chance.

After exactly ten breaths of time, Zhou Yi forcibly took Wang Lin and charged out of the purple mist!

“Unfortunately, there’s still one sword!” Wang Lin let out a sigh.

From the four Da Lou Sword Sect disciples, he only managed to get two more rays of sword energy. Adding the one he had before, he now had three.

The four of them had been trapped in the purple mist for a century, so they were very impatient and felt despair to the point of collapse after Chen Long left. If it wasn’t for those and various other reasons, even Wang Lin couldn’t have taken the sword energies in just ten breaths of time. Even so, one of them was still able to successfully activate the sword energy. Fortunately, Wang Lin was prepared, so he wasn’t injured.

If it was another location and conditions were different, Wang could only retreat when facing four Da Lou Sword Sect disciples with Ling Tianhou’s sword energy! He wasn’t afraid of the four of them, but he was very cautious of the sword energies.

Zhou Yi personally witnessed this, and his admiration for Wang Lin increased. Wang Lin acted boldly and decisively. If it was someone else, they would have only thought about escaping and would not have considered anything else.

He didn’t know that compared to back when Wang Lin was at the Sea of Devils, Wang Lin took the chance when the dragon died at the graveyard to take its body away before it fell into the pit. Compared to that, this really wasn’t much.

The mist shrank like crazy. Right now it wasn’t even one thousand feet wide.

Outside the purple mist, Chen Long’s expression was extremely gloomy. Ling Tianhou’s sword energy was in his hand, emitting a harsh light. Countless mosquito beasts had surrounded him and were currently fighting him.

“Greed, I want to see how you will explain this to my master in the future!”

Greed was standing in the distance and was surrounded by mosquito beasts. The mosquito beasts were extremely tyrannical and their eyes were filled with a fierce light. If it wasn’t for the constant roars coming from within the group, they would have already pounced even if it was Greed!

Even after controlling the king beast, which allowed him to indirectly manipulate the herd, Greed still didn’t dare to get too close to these mosquito beasts. These mosquito beasts’ nature was too violent and they couldn’t be tamed at all. If he slightly let his guard down, he would suffer an attack from them.

If there were only dozens, he wouldn’t care. If there were hundreds, it still wouldn’t be a big deal. Even if there were thousands, at most his expression would change. However, there were tens of thousands of mosquito beasts here!

As a result, how could his scalp not go numb? Even though he had control, he was still very cautious!

“When your master learns of this matter, I’ll naturally have an explanation. Also, it’s not known if he will even find out about this matter.”

Just at this moment, Wang Lin’s figure appeared from the purple mist. As he stood on top of the celestial sword, it released powerful sword energy.

Wang Lin’s appearance immediately made Greed’s eyes become cold. He sneered and sent out a command with his mind. A large group of the mosquito beasts immediately let out a roar and charged toward Wang Lin.

Greed let out a cold snort. He didn’t intend to immediately kill Wang Lin, but wanted to extract his origin soul to find Situ Nan’s whereabouts. When he saw Wang Lin outside the East Demon Spirit Sea for a moment, he felt Situ Nan’s aura on Wang Lin!

Wang Lin looked at the mosquito beasts coming at him and revealed a strange expression.

Just at this moment, an even more sharp cry suddenly came from inside the herd that completely replaced the previous roar. At the same time, a purple figure rushed out toward Wang Lin. This figure was Wang Lin’s mosquito beast!

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