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Chapter 642 – Purple Mist Mosquito Beast

The gentle breeze caused the grass on the ground to shake slightly. The man’s and woman’s clothes also swayed with the breeze.

The man looked at the ground with a look of admiration in his eyes and smiled. “These restrictions include ancient restriction techniques… Ehh, there is also a hint of celestial restrictions. Not simple!”

The woman beside him played with her hair next to her ear. She looked on the ground and gently nodded. “The ancient restriction techniques are very skilled, but the celestial restrictions are a bit rough. It looks like this person had just learned celestial restrictions.”

The man nodded in agreement and said “This must be a cultivator with heritage from ancient cultivators. This person is so skilled with ancient restrictions that he must have cultivated for at least 10,000 years.”

The woman shook her head and gently said, “That might not be true. You haven’t personally met the person who placed the restrictions.”

The man laughed and said, “Juan Er, are you trying to test your husband? How about you and I make a bet? If the person who placed the restrictions hasn’t cultivated for 10,000 years, it is my loss. How about it?”

The woman smiled and looked at the man with tenderness in her eyes. She said, “How could such a small restriction catch the attention of Cloud Celestial Wang Wei, who claims to be able to see through all celestial restrictions?”

The man smiled and shook his head. “You’re avoiding the issue. I don’t believe you haven’t already seen through these restrictions. Although the restrictions are rough, there was much thought behind them, and they are extremely ingenious. Look at these restrictions; if it was anyone other than the two of us, and they were just a bit careless, they would not have noticed the restrictions.

“These restrictions were not made to kill, so they give off no killing intent. However, they are linked by divine sense, so if anyone were to enter this area, they would immediately be detected by the person who placed the restrictions.

“These are not the main point. If this was it, it wouldn’t have caught my interest. Look over there!” The man pointed to some grass. The wind blew and the grass moved with the wind. There didn’t seem to be anything abnormal there.

The man’s eyes revealed a mysterious light and he said, “If I’m not mistaken, there isn’t just one restriction here! Instead, there are a chain of restrictions linked together. As long as not all of them are broken at once, the person who set the restrictions will still know that someone has triggered a restriction.” As he spoke, his right hand reached out. All of the grass was pressed down except for one that still moved with the wind.

“Placing restrictions in the air is considered a low level method. Placing it inside an object is only considered a mid level method. However, look at this grass. Juan Er, look carefully; can you see what is different about this grass?”

The woman was quite surprised. She knew Wang Wei too well. Although he was easygoing, when he encountered restrictions, he would become a different person. However, because of this, it was impossible for ordinary restrictions to catch his eyes. The light in his eyes right now was a rare sight.

The woman took a careful look and then revealed an astonished expression. She softly said, “The grass contains falseness within the truth!”

Wang Wei’s eyes revealed a hint of joy and he waved his right hand. The blade of grass was pulled up from the root and fell in his hand. He nodded. “Yes, this blade of grass is real, but the liquid inside is fake!”

As he spoke, he rubbed the grass with his two fingers. A strand of white grass suddenly appeared around the blade of grass. As the white gas circled the blade of grass, the liquid inside quickly came out.

As the liquid came out, the grass was no longer green but slowly turned yellow. Soon, a drop of crystal clear blue liquid appeared above the man’s palm.

This drop of blue liquid was crystal clear. One after another, the restrictions inside flashed. It was dense due to the countless restrictions inside.

The man revealed a look of admiration once more. He looked at the liquid above his palm and whispered, “There are more than 1,000 restrictions here, and they are perfectly linked together. The restrictions can take the form of a drop of liquid due to how stable the structure is. Although these restrictions are very common, the more common the restriction, the harder it is to perfectly link them like this. This is why only someone who has cultivated for over 10,000 years can create a restriction like this. Only a cultivator that has experienced various changes in life, someone who’s experienced countless life and death scenarios, and someone who has found their own dao can have the cunning to deduce such a restriction!

“If it wasn’t for ten thousand years of time, how could one experience all the changes in life? How could one see through life and death? How could one forge such a exquisite scheme?

“Making restrictions doesn’t have much to do with talent; it is much more related to mentality and one’s ability to scheme!” Wang Wei’s eyes revealed a hint of reminiscence.

The woman’s eyes were filled with tenderness. She stood beside the man and said, “Don’t think too much. Didn’t you want to bet with me? I bet that the person who placed these restrictions hasn’t cultivated for 10,000 years.”

The man smiled, and the reminiscence in his eyes disappeared. He looked meaningfully at the woman and smiled. “OK! We’ll just wait here to see the result while we wait for that Greed to appear!”

The woman smiled. “I wonder what that Greed will do when he sees us. Will he resist, or obediently hand over the token?”

“He won’t dare to resist!” The man smiled. His tone was very calm without any trace of anger.

The moment Greed entered the Demon Spirit Land, the Cloud Celestial Couple was already aware of him. After all, the two had spent tens of thousands of years here. They had thoroughly researched one of the fake caves here, and the treasures they obtained were countless.

In addition to being good at restrictions, Wang Wei was also good at divination. Although not as good as the All-Seer, it was possible to calculate the location of Greed and other changes.

As for the token, the two of them had also calculated its location. However, this token was extremely strange, and to obtain it, the two of them must do it at a certain time. This was why they hadn’t done anything earlier and were now waiting at the exit in the Fire Demon Country.

Forgetting the two of them for now, inside the Tide Abyss, Wang Lin was riding on Zhou Yi’s celestial sword as they charged directly toward the exit like a bolt of lightning.

Zhou Yi’s speed was extremely quick. After several days, they traveled through the corridors to the crack under the Fire Demon Country. All they needed to do now was fly out from there to leave the Tide Abyss.

The Fire Demon Country’s exit was the only place without any resistance going up. Instead, there would be resistance going down.

Here, one’s speed would seem to be pushed infinitely by a force, allowing one to become even faster!

While flying inside the crack toward the Fire Demon Country, Wang Lin’s eyes were very calm. He stood on the flying sword, heading straight up, and everything beside him seemed to have turned into a blur.

Just at this moment, the celestial sword under him suddenly slowed down. The sword circled a few time before stopping and Zhou Yi sent a divine sense message.

“Wang Lin, there is something wrong. I was using my sword divine sense to check in front of us and found that there is purple mist ahead. There seems to be some cultivators trapped there, but what is strange is that my sword divine sense can’t pierce this purple mist.”

“Trapped cultivators?” Along the way, Wang Lin didn’t see Murong Zhuo and the two women. Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and he wondered if it was those three.

The moment Wang Lin and Zhou Yi paused, the dense swarm of mosquitoes spread out on the other side of the purple mist. Their deep red eyes fiercely stared at the purple mist.

The mosquito beasts already looked fierce, and adding on their fierce gazes, they looked even more frightening!

They flapped their wings and released a buzzing sound that echoed across the area. However, due to the mysterious pressure pushing upward toward the exit, the sound didn’t travel far.

These mosquito beasts were huge, but their abdomens were flat. They had clearly been hungry for a long time. However, their long mouths gave off a cold light as if they were sharp swords.

They weren’t all black; some of them were gray. The hair on their bodies was like thorns; it made them look very frightening.

They surrounded the purple mist but didn’t enter deep into it. They kept circling the purple mist, and the oppressive atmosphere they gave off became even stronger.

There were a few pieces of cloth and dried blood stains on the wall. There was also a large sword that was completely dim.

Inside the dense mosquito swarm, sometimes their mouths would collide and sparks would fly. This made the mosquitoes buzz even louder as if they were about to kill each other.

Every time a situation like this happened, a loud buzz would come from the depths of the mosquito swarm. When this sound appeared, the surge to slaughter each other would immediately be suppressed.

However, maybe due to staying here for too long, the mosquito beasts’ violent nature was becoming more difficult to suppress. At this moment, two mosquito beasts’ mouths touched, and they both immediately let out howls and began killing each other.

A sharp cry came from the depths of the mosquito swarm. The two mosquitoes fighting immediately paused for a moment, but their fierce nature took over. They disregard the roar and continued to fight.

The sharp cry came one more, and this time the mosquito sawm dispersed, making a path. This time a mosquito around 100 feet long that contained a small hint of purple slowly flew out.

Although there was purple on this mosquito beast, it was very faint.

There were seven needles stabbed into the head of this mosquito beast’s head. The needles would release bursts of light and the mosquito’s eyes would sometimes reveal a hint of pain. Its appearance immediately caused the two mosquitoes that were fighting to stop. Both of their eyes were filled with ferocity.

The mosquito with some purple on its body let out a cry. This cry seemed to contain some kind of spell, and it caused all of the mosquitoes to immediately tremble. Using this change, the purple mosquito moved its wings and moved like lightning. It immediately arrived next to the two mosquitoes, then its huge mouth stabbed at the two. After inhaling, the two mosquitoes immediately withered and the two withered bodies fell from the air.

The purple mosquito turned around and coldly looked at the surrounding mosquitoes. The rest of the mosquitoes immediately let out submissive buzzes and no longer dared to fight with each other. The purple mosquito turned around and slowly went back into the middle of the herd. The purple mosquito’s body gave off a sense of age.

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