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Chapter 635 – Location of Zhou Yi

These finger-sized insects could change their colors and were extremely unpredictable when they dispersed into clouds. One often couldn’t tell the difference between the cloud and the cliff with one’s eyes. Most of the time, with just a blur, the cloud of insects would have already pounced on you.

After these insects appeared, they split into five groups and charged toward everyone.

Du Jian’s expression changed greatly and his face became extremely pale. He had personally witnessed how powerful these insects were. The puppet had all its flesh and soul devoured seconds after the insects drilled into its body.

At this moment, he slapped his bag of holding without any hesitation and took out the life-saving jade the All-Seer gave him. This jade only had three uses. He had used one a long time ago, and now was the second time.

The jade gave off a rainbow-colored light and immediately shrouded Du Jian’s entire body. At the moment the rainbow-colored light appeared, all of the insects grouped together instead of scattering. They all surrounded the rainbow-colored light around Du Jian and then sounds of crunching came from the rainbow-colored light.

This sound caused Du Jian’s scalp to go numb. He immediately shouted, “Save me, Brother Murong! Save me!”

Murong Zhuo hesitated for a bit before his right hand formed a seal and pressed it forward. The celestial spiritual energy in his body cycled and then a handprint made of black gas appeared. As his hand pressed forward, the black handprint shot out toward Du Jian, who was surrounded by the insects.

There was a loud bang as the black hand print actually went through the insects and even went through Du Jian as if they were all transparent. The black hand print went through everything and landed in the gap in the wall behind Du Jian.

This strange scene caused Murong Zhuo’s expression to suddenly darken. He stared at those insects with an extremely ugly expression. 

As for Zhao Yixuan, she looked at the insects with a profound gaze. As for Xu Fei, there was a hint of calculation in her eyes, but it soon disappeared because Wang Lin’s gaze seemed to sweep past her at that exact moment.

All of this happened in an extremely short period of time. When Wang Lin saw the insects completely ignore Murong Zhuo’s spell, his eyes immediately lit up!

Murong Zhuo took a step forward and then his hand formed many seals. He used spell after spell, sending various attacks at the insects. However, without exception, all of them flew right through the insects.

The crunching sound continued, and the rainbow-colored light around Du Jian rapidly dimmed.

Du Jian revealed a glimmer of despair, but at this moment, his mind suddenly became clear. He turned toward Wang Lin and anxiously shouted, “Wang Lin, I know some of Master’s secrets. If you save me, I’ll tell you all of them!”

Wang Lin completely ignored Du Jian and looked at the insects instead. These insects were extremely strange. At first they dispersed to attack everyone, but when they saw the rainbow-colored light from Du Jian, they all immediately gathered.

Zhao Yixuan played with her hair and softly said, “After these insects devour Senior Apprentice Brother Du, we will be the next targets. If we don’t leave now, I’m afraid there won’t be another chance.”

Just at this moment, the rainbow-colored light around Du Jian suddenly collapsed. His mind trembled as he immediately activated the last use of his life-saving treasure, causing the jade to shatter.

However, the crunching sound was like a knell that echoed in his heart, causing Du Jian’s heart to beat rapidly.

Du Jian clenched his teeth and said the biggest secret in his heart. “Wang Lin!!! I know the secret of your Purple Division; I know why Sun Yun betrayed Master back then. If you save me, I’ll tell you all of it!!”

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral as he looked at Du Jian. He waved his right hand and an extremely bright, golden light immediately appeared in his hand. This golden light was one of the 11 golden symbols from the cave.

This golden was very bright, like the sun, as it lit up all the darkness in the area. The insects surrounding Du Jian all let out a violent buzzes and quickly charged at the golden symbol in Wang Lin’s hand.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He knew that his judgment was correct. These insects were very sensitive to light, or more accurately, they fed on light!

Wang Lin backed up several steps as he slapped his bag of holding and a crystal brush appeared in his hand. With a wave of his hand, several more golden symbols appeared. The insects split off into groups as they surrounded each symbol and began devouring them.

Wang Lin’s right hand continued to move and symbols were formed one by one.

There actually weren’t a lot of insects at all, only a few hundred. However, because they were each the size of a fingernail and had illusionary appearance, it looked like there were thousands of them. The insects all swarmed around more than 10 symbols and started devouring them.

This scene startled everyone, especially the two women. For the first time, the two women revealed the same expression: shock!

These identical expressions landed in Wang Lin’s eyes, and they startled him. He finally understood why he always got such a weird feeling from these two. However, he didn’t have the time to deal with this matter. He immediately moved forward, arriving next to Du Jian, and his hand reached out.

Du Jian was, after all, a disciple of the All-Seer; he was the seventh disciple of the Red Division. Although he hadn’t reached the Ascendant stage, his spells were still amazing. At this time of crisis, he bit the tip of his tongue and spat out some origin soul blood essence.

This blood floated in the air and behaved like it was boiling and took the shape of little spheres. Even with Wang Lin’s cultivation, if he were to touch them, there would be holes in his body.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. The blood Du Jian spat out was immediately blown to the side with a wave of his sleeve. These spells that used the origin soul blood essence weren’t very complicated; almost every cultivator knew them. However, these were the spells that injured the user the most in order to kill the enemy.

Du Jian took this chance to immediately back up. He slapped his bag of holding and pieces of black sarcoma appeared in his hand.

There was reluctance to part with it in his eyes. Although this black sarcoma was ugly, it was filthy flesh he had spent decades refining. If only a tiny bit of it stained a cultivator, they would be immediately covered and invaded by filth. It was an extremely vicious magical treasure.

At this moment, he clenched his teeth and threw all of it into the air. The sarcoma all exploded in the air, and a cloud of filth immediately rushed toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes became even cold. As he stepped forward, he pointed at the filth with his hand and the underworld river appeared. The underworld river quickly swept all the filthy flesh away.

The underworld river was already the most filthy river in the world. When the sarcoma entered the underworld river, not only did it not weaken the river, it made it stronger.

Du Jian was indeed very strong among those of the same cultivation level, and this sarcoma treasure would make it so that he would never lose. However, before someone who had their own dao, like Wang Lin, it simply wasn’t qualified to deal with Wang Lin unless he took that last step: break the barrier around around his heart and step into the Ascendant stage.

Wang Lin’s right hand moved like lightning as he grabbed Du Jian, whose eyes were filled with despair. He didn’t ask any questions and activated his celestial spiritual energy to immediately cut off Du Jian’s origin soul from his body. Then he slapped his bag of holding and took out the restriction flag. With a wave, countless restrictions flew out, forming a sphere of restrictions just like the one that trapped Yao Xixue. Then Wang Lin threw it into his bag of holding.

Wang Lin did all of this very fast and neatly. Even though Murong Zhuo wanted to say something, it was already too late.

Wang Lin turned around and waved the brush in his hand, causing the symbols to fly back to him. The insects completely ignored everything that was going on and simple-mindedly devoured the golden light.

However, these golden lights seem to be infinite; no matter how much they devoured, it wasn’t diminishing at all.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he extended his left index finger. A finger of death shot out and went directly through the golden symbol as if it wasn’t there.

This scene of the spell obviously going through the symbol and all the failures from Murong Zhuo’s spells immediately caught the attention of the two women. There was hint of shock in Murong Zhuo’s eyes as he said, in a serious tone, “Spell immunity!”

After he said that, there was a hint of greed in Zhao Yixuan’s eyes. As for Xu Fei, her expression was neutral, but her pupils shrank. Only Murong Zhuo had no greed in his eyes, only shock.

“Fellow cultivators, let us continue!” Wang Lin’s expression was normal. The more than 10 golden symbols surrounded in insects circled around Wang Lin. This gave Wang Lin a very shocking presence.

Wang Lin’s body began to descend. Murong Zhuo didn’t say anything and did the same. As for the women, Zhao Yixuan and Xu Fei, they hesitated but followed. However, they kept their distance from Wang Lin; they were clearly afraid of him.

“Spell immunity…?” As Wang Lin flew, he secretly shook his head. He didn’t believe that there were beasts that had spell immunity, let alone these insects. If the spell had no effect, then the only truth was the spell wasn’t strong enough!

Wang Lin gathered Ling Tianhou’s sword energy into his fingers and touched one of the insects. The insect immediately trembled but didn’t die.

Wang Lin revealed a hint of shock in his eyes. He only had one ray of Ling Tianhou’s sword energy left. Using that less than 1% of the sword energy was already his limit.

The four of them continued to descend down the ravine. As for the dangerous places Wang Lin found with the crystal from Bei Lou, they were able to get past them with help of Murong Zhuo, though it was a bit slow.

During these times, both Zhao Yixuan and Xu Fei helped a lot as well, especially Zhao Yixuan. This woman’s spells were very mysterious. It often looked like nothing had happened, but the spell’s true power would silently display itself.

In comparison, Xu Fei seemed somewhat inadequate. However, after Wang Lin’s doubts arose, he observed more carefully. The more he saw, the more he was sure of his theory.

“I didn’t expect to meet someone from that sect here…” Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and no longer paid any attention to them.

As long as they didn’t provoke him, he didn’t want to expose those two women’s secret.

As for Murong Zhuo, his spells even made Wang Lin raise his eyebrows. His spells were extremely varied; even until now Wang Lin hadn’t seen him use the same spell twice.

Wang Lin believed that with his cultivation, he could win against Murong Zhuo, but at the cost of injury. It would be different if he used treasures, but how could Murong Zhuo not have any treasures too?

If Murong Zhuo’s escape spells were as amazing as the short old man’s, and if Murong Zhuo wanted to escape, Wang Lin wouldn’t be able to catch him.

“That short old man’s origin soul is sealed and trapped inside the soul flag. After saving Zhou Yi and dealing with matters of the Tide Abyss, I need to spend some time to cultivate these spells!”

On this day, with the help of Murong Zhuo, the two of them worked together and finally reached the middle-lower part of the Tide Abyss. Wang Lin’s heart trembled, but he immediately suppressed the feeling. Not even the crystal from Bei Lou could see below this part.

However, Wang Lin’s target was very close. According to Ancient Demon Bei Lou, he sensed Zhou Yi here. However, even with Bei Lou’s power, he couldn’t pinpoint Zhou Yi’s location.

Wang Lin clasped his hands. “Brother Murong, I have other things to do, so I won’t be following you guys down.” He pondered for a bit before looking at Murong Zhuo’s calm face and saying, “I’m happy to be able to meet brother Murong on this trip down the Tide Abyss. If you need me for something in the future, please feel free to ask!”

It was extremely rare for Wang Lin to say these things with his personality. Although this Murong Zhuo rarely spoke, he never held back when he needed to act and was never overtaken by greed.

Wang Lin didn’t say much more. Murong Zhuo revealed a rare smile as he nodded at Wang Lin and silently flew down.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit and sent a voice transmission to Murong Zhuo. “Brother Murong be careful of the two women. If I’m not wrong, they should be people from the Corpse Sect. One of them must be a corpse with an origin soul already awakened!”

Murong Zhuo didn’t look at the two women nor did anything to suggest he even heard Wang Lin. He continued to descend, but no one noticed that his eyes lit up for a moment and he became more on guard.

He had heard of the Corpse Sect. That sect was far more powerful than most cultivation countries. Almost every cultivation country would have a branch of the Corpse Sect. They were simply too powerful!

The two women also said their goodbyes and flew down. However, Xu Fei randomly played with her hair. A strand of hair flew off and affixed itself on the cliff.

After the three of them disappeared off into the distance, Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and his gaze fell on the cliff in the distance. He extended his right hand and the strand of hair flew toward him and was caught between his fingers!

“It looks like my warning was not enough!” Wang Lin let out a cold snort and rubbed his finger. The strand of hair caught on fire, but the fire was green. A strand of divine sense came out of the hair, but before it could condense, Wang Lin spat out a mouthful of origin energy. The divine sense immediately collapsed after colliding with the origin energy.

While descending the Tide Abyss, Xu Fei’s body trembled. Blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth and her eyes contained a trace of fear.

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