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Chapter 634 – To Bring Trouble on Oneself

The five of them carefully flew down into the ravine. Wang Lin wasn’t in front but to the right. While flying down, he was also observing the walls of the ravine.

The walls were extremely smooth; it was as if they had been cut by a sharp weapon. When Wang Lin’s right hand touched the wall, he immediately felt a cold sensation enter his body through his fingers.

As the five continued to descend, the surroundings gradually darkened. However, this darkness was nothing to cultivators. They had celestial spiritual energy condensed in their eyes, allowing them to see everything.

The more they descended, more and more branching cracks began to appear, forming splitting paths like branches on a tree. Every branch was like a pitch black cave. Even with celestial spiritual energy condensed on their eyes, some caves were too dark to see into.

As the branching paths gradually grew in number, Du Jian’s body suddenly stopped in mid air. Murong Zhuo’s expression was still cold. When he saw Du Jian stop, he frowned slightly but didn’t speak.

The two women, Zhao Yixuan and Xu Fei, stopped and looked at their surroundings. These branching paths were like giant mouths waiting for prey to arrive.

“Everyone, I believe that there are some treasures inside these cracks. I believe that as we go deeper, there will be more cracks. Our goal in coming here is to obtain treasures, so now it will all depend on our ability.” With that, Du Jian floated toward one of the cracks.

Murong Zhuo hesitated for a bit before flying toward another crack.

Zhuo Yixuan lightly chuckled. “Why doesn’t Senior Apprentice Brother Wang look around? Maybe you will have some unexpected harvest.”

Wang Lin shook his head. His eyes were calm. He didn’t search his surroundings but continued to fly down.

Looking at Wang Lin’s back, Zhao Yixuan’s eyes lit up and she turned around to explore a crack on the side. As for the weak-looking woman, she closely followed Zhao Yixuan.

As Wang Lin flew, he turned around to look at where the two women went and began to ponder.

“Why do I feel something strange about those two…”

While pondering, Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and looked down. The ravine seemed to be bottomless, and Wang Lin had no idea how deep it went. They had already flown for a long time before they stopped just now, but they still hadn’t reached the bottom.

“Not even Bei Lou’s crystal was able to see the bottom of this Tide Abyss. The only thing I know is that here is a large, winding corridor linking the five entrances together. As for the exit, there is only one!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he no longer descended but instead flew back up. At this moment, he immediately detected a heavy pressure from above.

“So it indeed was like this. This is only an entrance and not an exit. If I try to forcibly leave through the entrance, the resistance will become even more powerful.”

After verifying the thoughts in his heart, Wang Lin stopped in the air and carefully looked around. There were many cracks along the walls; he only quickly scanned them before he withdrew his gaze.

“A lot of people must have come to the Tide Abyss over the countless years. Even if these cracks really had treasure before, I’m afraid they are all empty now.

“Another 1,000 feet down is one of the difficult-to-cross places that I discovered with the crystal.”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he floated in the air. Not long after, Murong Zhuo descended from above. He nodded at Wang Lin and stood beside him. After a moment of silence, he suddenly asked, “Fellow Cultivator Wang, are you familiar with this place?”

Wang Lin looked at Murong Zhuo and said, “There is an ancient tree growing on the cliff 1,000 feet down. This tree is extremely strange, so Fellow Cultivator Murong should be careful.”

Murong Zhuo was startled. He nodded and no longer spoke.

After some more time had passed, Zhao Yixuan and Xu Fei flew over with Du Jian close behind them.

When the five reunited, it was obvious that none of them had any harvest, and they continued to descend. Wang Lin’s speed slowed down slightly, making him fall behind the crowd. After pondering for a bit, Murong Zhuo hesitated and did the same.

Now it was Du Jian who was in front.

It only took an instant for the five of them to travel 1,000 feet. Wang Lin’s eyes were bright as he looked down to the right. Through the crystal, he found that there was an ancient tree growing there. The tree looked very normal and was not large at all. However, when Wang Lin first saw it through the crystal, he suddenly felt a sense of crisis.

Now that he was getting close, his eyes suddenly narrowed and he saw a withered tree about the size of a person growing from the cliff on the bottom right. This tree’s dense roots were spread out in every direction. Half of the roots were hanging in the air and the rest drilled deep into the cliff.

The position of this tree was somewhat ingenious; it was right above a gap. The roots were hanging down, forming a curtain that covered the gap. This was not the only ancient tree in this place. On the way down, Wang Lin had seen seven or eight other ones, but only this one gave him a sense of crisis.

There was a hint of a purple crystal glowing in the gap as if there was a treasure there.

This light looked very simple, yet it gave off a sharp aura. It was obvious from a glance that it was not an ordinary object. There was no need to use divine sense; one only needed to use their eyes to see that the purple light was a flying sword stabbed into the cliff.

As soon as Du Jian saw the purple light, his eyes lit up and he instantly stopped in the air. He carefully looked at the flying sword and exclaimed, “Heavenly Fate Sword!”

After he said that, even the two women, Zhao Yixuan and Xu Fei, were startled and looked toward the direction of the gap.

Wang Lin coldly watched all of this and immediately noticed that the weak-looking woman named Xu Fei wasn’t looking at the gap but at the inconspicuous ancient tree. A barely noticeable hint of coldness flashed across her eyes.

Du Jian took a deep breath as he looked at the flying sword in the gap and said, in a serious tone, “I know this sword; it is a sword that belongs to my master, the All-Seer. Master gave out a total of seven swords, one to each of the seven true disciples, as magical treasures. However, over the countless years, three of the swords disappeared along with their owners.”

When he got here, he looked at Wang Lin. His face revealed look of hesitation and he said, “Junior Apprentice Brother Wang, you should have heard of Sun Yun, right?”

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral as he nodded.

Du Jian sighed and said, “When Sun Yun was in his prime, I was still an ordinary disciple and Master hadn’t accepted me into the Red Division yet. However, I remember this sword well. This should be the Purple Division sword that Master gave Sun Yun when he became the true disciple of the Purple Division!”

Wang Lin’s gaze turned to the flying sword in the gap. He didn’t speak.

There was a flash of coldness in Du Jian’s eyes as he clasped his hands at Murong Zhuo and the two women. “Brother Murong, Junior Apprentice Sister Zhao, Junior Apprentice Sister Xu, this sword belongs to my Heavenly Fate Sect and it is even the Purple Division’s sword. Could you all to give me face and give this sword to my Junior Apprentice Brother Wang? He is a disciple of my Heavenly Fate Sect’s Purple Division, so giving it to him is like giving it back to the original owner. Also, after he obtains the sword, his position in the Purple Division will be very different from now.” Du Jian’s voice was filled with sincerity.

Although Murong Zhuo’s eyes were cold, there was a hint of a strange light flashing across them. His words were short. “No problem!”

The two women naturally also had no objections. Du Jian looked at Wang Lin. His eyes filled with kindness as he said, “Junior Apprentice Brother Wang, although my cultivation level is lower than yours, I joined the sect before you. I hope you don’t mind me calling you Junior Apprentice Brother.

“This sword belongs to your Purple Division, so Senior Apprentice Brother will not steal it from you and won’t allow anyone else to steal it! I just hope that this sword will shine as brightly as it did when Sun Yun had it.”

Wang Lin calmly looked at Du Jian. Du Jian’s expression had nothing abnormal about it; he had a gentle smile on his face.

“Then thank you.” Wang Lin suddenly smiled. He looked at Du Jian as if he was watching a child trying to play some trick. This this person really thought that he was a three-year-old toddler.

When Du Jian saw Wang Lin’s smile, he suddenly felt like something bad was about to happen. He indeed did underestimate Wang Lin. In his mind, unless this bumpkin from a half-wasted cultivation planet had some incredible luck, how could he be accepted by the All-Seer as a disciple?

He had came to this place alone once before, but he didn’t come down here personally. Instead, he controlled a puppet with a bit of his divine sense inside. That puppet was attacked by this ancient tree. This scene frightened him so much that he didn’t dare come to the Cloud Sea for a very long time.

Only after he found Murong and the others did he finally make plans to enter this place today.

He was confident that Wang Lin wouldn’t be able to see through his plan. After all, the ancient tree was simply too ordinary, and along the way there were many similar ancient trees that had no offensive abilities at all.

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the half-moon blade appeared. He threw the blade, and in a flash the half-moon blade flew into the gap. The half-moon blade was simply too fast; it immediately picked up the flying sword and flew back to Wang Lin.

All of this happened extremely fast, so fast that the withered ancient tree didn’t even seem to notice what had happened. The half-moon blade flew back to Wang Lin and the purple flying sword landed in Wang Lin’s hand.

With the flying sword in hand, Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. With a squeeze, the sword shattered into pieces. Even the purple light disappeared completely.

How was this the Heavenly Fate Sword? It was clearly a sword made of iron that was made by someone to look like a magical treasure to use as bait for a trap.

Wang Lin looked at Du Jian. His gaze was still calm.

Du Jian’s expression was ugly as he backed up a few steps and apologized. “Junior Apprentice Brother Wang, I misjudged the sword…”

A hint of coldness flashed across Wang Lin’s eyes. He rarely provoked others, but if someone provoked him, he would be ruthless! This was the cruel cultivation world; if one was too weak, they would die.

After taking a step forward, Wang Lin’s right hand reached out and a gust of wind shot straight at Du Jian. Du Jian’s expression changed greatly as he quickly backed up and shouted, “What is the meaning of this, Wang Lin!?”

However, it was very difficult for him to dodge in this narrow space with his cultivation level. Even if he teleported, he wouldn’t be able to dodge Wang Lin’s spell, which was infused with Wang Lin’s dao. Although it wasn’t enough to kill Du Jian, who had the All-Seer’s life-saving treasure, it sent Du Jian right next to the ancient tree.

At this instant, A sharp shrill came from the tree. Then the ancient tree collapsed into countless finger-sized flying insects that charged out like a dense cloud.

How was this an ancient tree? It was clearly an illusion formed by the large amount of insects that had gathered here.

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