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Chapter 621 – Respect Scholar of a Generation

Sun Yunshan quickly answered, “The cultivation union is located between the border of the Fire Demon Country and the Gold Demon Country. That place is filled with miasma year-round, so it is well hidden.” After he finished speaking, he hesitated and then asked, “Brother Wang, are you planning to…”

Wang Lin smiled. “I don’t have much confidence in breaking your restriction. However, I presume it shouldn’t be hard for that Ancestor!”

Sun Yunshan took a deep breath, took a few steps back, and gave a Wang Lin a deep bow. He raised his head and his eyes were filled with excitement as he said, “Brother Wang, words can’t thank you for what you have done for me. If I can one day return to planet Tian Yun, I’ll definitely repay the favor!”

“Brother Sun, you don’t have to be like this.” Wang Lin shook his head and said, “In fact, even if you hadn’t shown up, I would still have to take a trip this cultivation union. This Ancestor has already provoked me twice, and if I don’t do something about it, there will be a third and fourth time. It will never end!”

“Brother Wang, no matter what, I’ll remember this!” Sun Yunshan’s voice was filled with sincerity.

Wang Lin smiled as he shook his head and put the broken jade inside his bag. He then waved his sleeves and disappeared from the tower with Sun Yunshan. When he was about to leave the Soul Refining Tribe, Wang Lin casually waved his right hand. Those remaining cultivation union cultivators were caught by Wang Lin and disappeared.

The war in the Fire Demon Country continued. The constant slaughter caused a large amount of blood to flow on the ground, so the entire Fire Demon Country was filled with the smell of blood.

It was hard to avoid the attention of the other seven countries when two countries went to war. Especially at this moment, when the Fire Demon Country was filled with constant slaughter and the Sky Demon Country had almost no soldiers left in its own country. For the remaining seven countries, this was an opportunity, an opportunity that rarely comes in tens of thousands of years!

At this moment at the border of the Fire Demon Country and the Gold Demon Country, a meteor streaking across the sky could be seen 5,000 kilometers away from the miasma. The light surrounding the meteor disappeared, revealing Wang Lin when he arrived outside the miasma. He waved his sleeves and more than 10 cultivators appeared next to him.

As for Sun Yunshan, he was standing next to Wang Lin. He was very uneasy and yet also very excited. These two complex emotions intertwined, making him a bit absent-minded.

“Brother Sun, hold on to the jade I gave you. Although the restriction inside can’t break the celestial seed inside you, in a moment of crisis, it can delay its effect!” With that, Wang Lin stepped into the thick miasma.

He had some speculations regarding the celestial seed. However, he will only be able to confirm them after he sees this so called Celestial Realm Ancestor.

A short old man was sitting in the lotus position inside the tower deep within the miasma. Three women were sitting opposite of this old man. All three of them were very beautiful, and one of them was Sun Yunshan’s little sister, Sun Ruonan.

Strands of pink gas came out from the mouths and noses of the three women. This pink gas formed wonderful fantasies that danced around the old man.

These illusory figures dancing around the old man gradually turned solid. Then they suddenly turned into beautiful celestials wearing colorful clothes. The old man inhaled and directly swallowed them all.

This short old man suddenly opened his eyes at the moment Wang Lin stepped into the miasma, and his eyes released a golden glow. At the moment his eyes opened, the illusory figures around him disappeared. The three women revealed very worn out expressions and their faces even showed signs of aging.

Wang Lin stepped into the miasma. This miasma was very thick, and as he moved within it, it surrounded him as if it were alive.

As Wang Lin walked forward, more and more miasma surrounded him, and ghostly wails came at him from all directions.

Wang Lin’s expression was cold as he said, “To try to use soul spell before me, you really don’t know your limits!” As he spoke, his hand formed a seal and he shouted, “Soul Vortex!”

His voice entered the seal his hand made and the surrounding miasma suddenly begin to churn as if it was boiling. The miasma began to gather before Wang Lin at a very fast speed.

This scene was as if there was a vortex before Wang Lin that was viciously sucking in all the miasma.

In almost an instant, all of the miasma surrounding this area was sucked away. For the first time in countless years, this place was exposed to the sun!

A fist-sized ball of miasma formed in Wang Lin’s hand and released a large amount of silk-like strands.

A white castle could be seen in the distance. There were almost 100 cultivators floating in the air outside the castle. All of them were in shock as they stared dumbfoundedly at the ball of miasma in Wang Lin’s hand.

Wang Lin’s expression was cold as his gaze swept the crowd, and he immediately memorized all of their faces. Some of them were in the group that entered with Wang Lin, and some of them were unfamiliar.

One of the people among the group made Wang Lin’s eyes light up slightly. This person was a middle-aged man wearing blue.

The moment the man in blue saw Wang Lin, he was startled. He subconsciously avoided Wang Lin’s gaze and revealed a bitter expression.

He was the Heavenly Fate Sect’s Blue Division disciple that came to the Demon Spirit Land with Wang Lin!

“Make Way.” Wang Lin’s voice was very calm.

Just one phrase caused everyone to subconsciously scatter. None of their cultivation levels had reached the Ascendant stage. The highest level cultivator here was only at the peak of the late stage of Soul Transformation. When facing an Ascendant cultivator who could refine all the miasma here, they all wisely chose to retreat.

However, there were still some unwise individuals who believed they had the backing of the self-proclaimed Celestial Realm Ancestor. One of the young men wearing a daoist robe shouted, “So bold! Who are you!? Say your name! My cultivation union…”

This person hadn’t even finished speaking when Wang Lin’s cold gaze pierced into his eyes like a sharp sword. His words were forced back into his mouth by the blood that he coughed out.

Wang Lin cultivated the Celestial Slaughter Art and had a heart of slaughter, so this gaze was comparable to a real attack.

The bystanders all sucked in breaths of cold air. Every one of them all scattered even more. Even those that didn’t scatter the first time all quickly retreated even if it meant risking activating the restrictions inside their bodies.

A straight and open path leading to the castle opened up.

“Kill this person!” A majestic voice came from within the castle.

After the order came, all of the cultivators’ faces became pale and they all hesitated.

Luckily, just at this moment, a black figure suddenly came out from the castle and charged directly at Wang Lin.

One of the surrounding cultivators suddenly exclaimed, “Celestial Guardian!” No one knew if he had done it on purpose or if he was really that surprised.

Wang Lin’s expression was still calm and he didn’t even look at the person who charged out from the castle. He took a step forward and began walking toward the castle. Although his speed wasn’t fast, it caused everyone’s eyes to narrow.

At this moment, in these cultivators’ eyes, looking at Wang Lin felt like they were looking at the elders of their own sects. That aura and sense of ease was not something an ordinary cultivator could have!

Only those with a certain degree of self-confidence in their own cultivation could emit this kind of aura!

The Blue Division disciple looked at Wang Lin and revealed a very complex expression. He had heard some news about Wang Lin and personally saw Wang Lin’s battle against Chen Tao for the title of true disciple. Back then, Wang Lin’s performance caught a lot of people’s attention. However, it was only their attention. After all, this Wang Lin’s cultivation level wasn’t high enough.

However, at this moment, he didn’t dare to underestimate Wang Lin anymore. Not only did Wang Lin manage to somehow reach the Ascendant stage in such a short period of time, but more importantly, when he saw Wang Lin, he could vaguely feel the feeling he got when he looked at the All-Seer.

Although this feeling wasn’t strong, it did indeed exist. He was, after all, a disciple of the Heavenly Fate Sect and the All-Seer, so his knowledge was good. He naturally knew that this was an expression of dao!

To give off this feeling meant that Wang Lin had his own dao! In the cultivation world, those who have their own dao store it in their heart, gain enlightenment, and are also be able to fuse with it. Those people have the qualifications to build a foundation in this world!

In truth, all cultivators have their own dao, but to condense it into a corporeal form is extremely difficult.

“He… He actually reached this level already…” The man in blue felt very melancholy. At this moment, he forgot about the seed in his body. All his mind could think of was the difference between the Wang Lin who was a savage from a half wasted cultivation planet like Suzaka that was mocked by everyone and now, where he was someone who had his own dao and could be considered a grandmaster of his generation.

As Wang Lin continued to walk forward, the shadow quickly closed in, and when it was within 100 feet of Wang Lin, it used various spells. This person’s spells were related to beasts. These spells turned into various vicious beasts that opened their jaws to devour Wang Lin.

“Without the domain of an Ascendant cultivator, even if they have the power of an Ascendant cultivator, they are but an empty shell. Just one blow…”

Wang Lin pointed with this finger and softly said, “…will break it!”

A flash of black light came out of his fingertip, turned into a strand of black gas, and flew out. After Wang Lin reached the Ascendant stage, his origin soul and domain had fused, so now he had origin energy. With a raise of his hand, his attack would be a fusion of his domain and celestial spiritual energy. He also had his own dao, so all of his spells contained a trace of his dao.

The Finger of Death closed in, carrying Wang Lin’s dao with it. It pierced through the various illusionary beasts and directly pierced through the chest of the man in black!

The vicious beasts shattered, and the man in black died!

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to dodge, but he was someone who had forcibly reached the Ascendant stage. He didn’t have the qualifications to dodge the spell of someone who had truly reached the Ascendant stage!

“Who are you!?” A very dignified voice came from within the castle.

Even until now, Wang Lin hadn’t stopped at all as he walked toward the white castle.

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