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Chapter 615 – Whereabouts of Greed

The middle-aged man’s name was Hai Zhu. At the moment Wang Lin cut off his head, Wang Lin sealed his origin soul. With Wang Lin’s Ascendant stage cultivation, it was effortless to seal the origin soul of a late stage Soul Transformation cultivator!

Wang Lin took the head and left. He was like a spring breeze that disappeared in the blink of an eye. As for the Emperor’s jade, he didn’t take it back because it was useless to him.

However, it was something the Demon Emperor gave as a sign of good faith. If he hadn’t accepted it, he would have appeared a bit too domineering.

As he rushed away, he didn’t turn around to look at the 10 million demon soldiers at all. He stepped into the air and disappeared.

Wang Lin refined Hai Zhu’s head and devoured the sword energy. As for Hai Zhu’s origin soul, Wang Lin used the soul search spell. After Wang Lin obtained the information he wanted, Hai Zhu’s origin soul almost collapsed. Wang Lin threw Hai Zhu’s origin soul into the soul flag to be used as a primary soul.

“Not only do the people of the Da Lou Sword Sect in the Demon Spirit Land all have a ray of Ling Tianhou’s sword energy, there is also someone called Greed secretly protecting them… Greed… This name is very special, so I shouldn’t have heard of him. The appearance of this Greed from Hai Zhu’s memory is somewhat familiar, but I’m sure I have never seen this person before.” Wang Lin pondered as he flew.

“Greed… According to Hai Zhu’s memory, this person’s cultivation has already surpassed the Ascendant stage and has reached the stage of Illusory Yin… Only one step below Situ Nan’s Corporeal Yang stage…” Wang Lin’s eyebrows were locked. However, he suddenly stopped flying and remained motionless in the sky.

“Situ Nan!” Wang Lin took a deep breath and his right hand touch his bag of holding. A jade flew out of his bag and he grabbed it. After checking it with his divine sense, his expression became ugly.

If he hadn’t thought of Situ Nan, he wouldn’t have remembered that Situ Nan gave him a jade. There were several images inside this jade. The people recorded in the jade were the people that forced Situ Nan to abandon his body.

Originally, when Situ Nan gave Wang Lin the jade, he didn’t expect Wang Lin to actually encounter them. He just wanted Wang Lin to remember these people and to not provoke them.

Wang Lin also didn’t think he would meet one of them. Also, it was extremely easy for cultivators to change their appearance. Finding someone with just a few pictures was no less difficult than finding a needle in a haystack.

“If this Greed is indeed Situ Nan’s enemy, then he must know about the heaven defying bead…” Wang Lin touched the spot between his eyebrows. This heaven defying bead was Wang Lin’s biggest secret. It has been over 700 years since he obtained it, and the properties of the heaven defying bead were still extremely strange.

Back then only some rain was able to complete the rain element. However, it became much more difficult later on.

Now only the metal element wasn’t complete. However, Wang Lin had a feeling that the difficulty for completing the last element had reached a terrifying degree.

If he could completely separate the heaven defying bead from his body, Wang Lin wouldn’t have to worry. If he was really forced into a moment of life and death, he would calmly make a choice.

However, right now the bead had already fused with his origin soul, so there was no way to separate it from him. The only method was to extract his origin soul and refine it like when he refined Ling Tianhou’s sword energy. This was the only way to refine the heaven defying bead from his origin soul.

Wang Lin’s eyebrows furrowed hard.

“Where did the heaven defying bead come from… Why does the Cultivation Alliance care so much about this bead… This heaven defying bead has been with me for hundreds of years. Aside from the fact that time slows down inside it, there is almost no other ability. Even if you were to hide inside, if you meet a powerful cultivator, you won’t be able to run and will still be found.

“No matter how you look at it, this bead is just an ordinary item. Even though it can slow down time, it is only useful to low level cultivators. For high level cultivators, a large amount of celestial jades is much more attractive.”

Wang Lin let out a sigh. Then his eyes looked into the distance like sharp blades and he muttered to himself, “There were originally five Da Lou Sword Sect Disciples, with Chen Long as the leader. After Mo Yang’s death, although they weren’t sure, they became suspicious of me. With how the Da Lou Sword Sect normally acts, they should have sent someone to inquire about this, but they didn’t act.

“According to this Hai Zhu’s memories, this Greed was in the Fire Demon Country back then. He seems to have found some secret there. After those 10 years, Hai Zhu was the only one left in the Sky Demon Country. The other three have gone to the Fire Demon Country to meet with Greed…

“That’s right, that Zi Shu must have also gone to meet with them. However, on the way, he had killing intent towards me, so he was killed by me.”

“What exactly did this Greed find…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

“Unfortunately, thanks to Greed, I lost the chance to continue gathering Ling Tianhou’s sword energy. However, I can’t rush this matter either.” Wang Lin sneered as he used greater teleportation to teleport away.

“This war before me is the best chance for me to collect slaughter energy, so I can’t let it go. However, I only have the power of one person. This thing… Yes, I should do it like this!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and then he disappeared.

Wang Lin didn’t participate in the battle in the Fire Demon Country. He teleported for several days and arrived back at the Soul Refining Tribe inside the Sky Demon Country. After 10 years of development, the Soul Refining Tribe had taken proper form. It had become one of the four biggest tribes in the wilderness.

Wang Lin’s return caused the entire tribe to become very excited. Although many of the tribe members hadn’t seen Wang Lin, through word of mouth, Wang Lin had become something akin to the Ancient Demon. They all worshiped him in their hearts.

That valley was the holy land in their hearts!

After Wang Lin returned, he quickly called Thirteen and Ouyang Hua to pick up ten thousand tribe members. Wang Lin sent a strand of slaughter energy to each of those tribe members. Every time these tribe members killed someone, the vitality of the person they killed would be absorbed into that strand of slaughter energy.

The more these ten thousand people killed, the stronger the slaughter energy in their bodies would become. It could even turn into life seals to protect these ten thousand people in moments of crisis.

Then these ten thousand people were sent into the battle in the Fire Demon Country. Wang Lin didn’t let them join the Sky Demon Country but had them operate on their own. Wang Lin only had one order for them, and that was to continue to kill in order to nourish the slaughter energy inside them.

Ten thousand people weren’t considered much in a battle where tens of millions of demon soldiers were involved. Wang Lin understood this well, and that was why he also sent out Ouyang Hua and Thirteen. He gifted them treasures and gave them three months to lead the rest of the tribe members to devour the remaining three tribes!

He spent this time inside the valley and continued to engrave the imprint on the scattered devil inside his body. He used the remaining time to repair the restriction flag.

Three months quickly passed by. With the treasures Wang Lin gave Thirteen and Ouyang Hua, they were able to devour the remaining three tribes one by one. A large amount of foreign tribe members were forced to drink the memory-wiping soup and become members of the Soul Refining Tribe.

For these new tribe members who had never practiced the soul refining spell, Wang Lin took out the one-billion-soul soul flag, shook it, and a large amount of soul fragments flew out. Under Wang Lin’s control, the soul fragments flew into the tribe members’ bodies. However, rather than harming them, the soul fragments coexisted with them.

Then Wang Lin spread out his slaughter energy and fused it into these people. Just like this, the second wave of thirty thousand people was sent into the Fire Demon Country!

There were still a lot of people left in the Soul Refining Tribe. Wang Lin used the greater teleportation spell many times to move everyone out of the wilderness. The location he picked was the ancient battleground where the scattered devil used to live.

Wang Lin used a spell to form a tall tower where the devil tower used to be. Then he sat in the lotus position within. As for the tribe members, they began their new lives here.

A large amount of simple houses were built. Soon, a new tribe was formed here!

In the blink of an eye, another ten years passed!

Wang Lin didn’t take a single step outside the tower in these 10 years.

After the three large armies of the Sky Demon Country slaughtered their way into the Fire Demon Country, the Fire Demon Country naturally had their ways of dealing with it. They launched their counter attack and began an endless slaughter across many battlefields.

The ten years of war was merely the beginning.

During these ten years, waves of Soul Refining Tribe members with Wang Lin’s slaughter energy joined the battle. At the same time, the Soul Refining Tribe continued to grow. The savage tribes in the Fire Demon Country were now their targets.

Wang Lin seemed to have forgotten the battle in the Fire Demon Country. He spent 10 years cultivating inside the tower and engraving his imprint on the scattered devil. He was preparing! He was preparing to make himself even stronger before the 100 year time limit was up! This was the only way for him to complete the agreement between him and the Ancient Demon.

The endless cultivation during these ten years caused Wang Lin’s early stage Ascendant cultivation to become even more stable.

He could feel that although some of the slaughter energy he sent out disappeared, even more was coming in each day. As for the tribe members with slaughter energy, the more they killed, the stronger their slaughter energy became. This ensured their safety and made them even stronger!

To this day he had sent out a total of 100,000 strands of slaughter energy inside 100,000 tribe members. These 100,000 strands of slaughter energy continued to grow stronger each day.

“Using slaughter to nourish the slaughter energy. I would like to see how many strands of slaughter energy will be created once this war ends!” Inside the tower, Wang Lin opened his eyes. His eyes glowed like lightning as a powerful force spread out from the tower.

There was an empty area of 5 kilometers in radius around the tower. Beyond that was an endless amount of buildings. Looking from a distance, these building stretched out for hundreds of kilometers!

This was the new Soul Refining Tribe.

Every month tribe members would return with captives of the tribe members of the Fire Demon Country. Every month the Soul Refining Tribe was growing bigger!

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze. He slapped his bag of holding and the restriction ball sealing Yao Xixue flew out. He squeezed his right hand and the ball shattered. Then Yao Xixue’s figure appeared inside the tower.

Wang Lin’s expression was indifferent as he slowly asked, “Have you made your decision?”

Yao Xixue was no longer naked; she was now wearing a blue robe. After she appeared, her beautiful eyes stared at Wang Lin as she clenched her teeth and said, “What exactly are you thinking? In the past ten years I have already told you everything. What exactly do you want!?”

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