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Chapter 610 – Mission Accomplished

The devil soul that came out from the large man stared at the Ancient Demon formed from Wang Lin’s blood. It then let out a sharp screech that was filled with penetrating power. The devil soul suddenly sank back into the large man and the large eyes revealed an unprecedented amount of devilish flames.

He then took a step forward and a giant illusion of the devil soul appeared behind him.

The eyes of the Ancient Demon formed from Wang Lin’s blood lit up. He casually waved his hand and a demonic fog suddenly appeared. The demonic fog wrapped around the large man and charged into the sky.

At the same time, a screen of demonic spiritual energy came down from the sky and covered the entire Sky Demon City. The Ancient Demon and devil started a great battle in the fog in the sky.

Bursts of rumbling sounds came from the sky. Sometimes devilish flames filled the sky, and sometimes demonic spiritual energy swept the area.

Wang Lin sat on the ground in the lotus position. His eyes were looking at the sky while he cultivated. It was as if his eyes could penetrate the fog in the sky and directly see the fighting happening inside.

This scene caused Wang Lin’s heart to tremble. The attacks of the Ancient Demon and the shattered devil held enough power to split the world in half. All of these spells caused the memories of ancient god Tu Si that had been buried deep in Wang Lin’s mind to surface once more.

Wang Lin’s eyes became brighter and brighter. As he continued to watch, he completely gave up on cultivating. Instead, his hand subconsciously formed seal after seal of various spells from ancient god Tu Si’s memories.

Although he formed these seals, they had no attack power behind them.

However, at this moment, through the mysterious connection to his origin soul, an oppressive power erupted on a small planet countless kilometers away from the East Demon Spirit Sea outside of the Demon Spirit Land.

The original body with a head full of red hair suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes looked like they contained the entire sky within them. At the moment his eyes opened, his hand began to move, forming various seals.

The original body’s red hair flowed and the stars between his eyebrows flickered. As his hand continued to change, the stars began to flicker even more frequently. Then his hands suddenly extended to both sides and he said, “Absorb!”

With one word, the small planet he was on began to tremble. Strands of spiritual energy moved toward the depths of the planet and were absorbed by the original body.

At the same time, Wang Lin also did the same motion in the Demon Spirit Land. He stared at the thick fog in the sky and slowly revealed a smile.

“The battle between the Ancient Demon and the shattered devil allowed me to understand some ancient god spells. The benefits the original body obtained can’t be estimated.”

This battle lasted for three days. The blood Wang Lin lost had already been replenished, as celestial spiritual energy cycled his body and stimulated his bone marrow to create more blood. As the celestial spiritual energy cycled through his body, he reached his peak.

While calmly looking at the sky, his right hand formed a seal and he pointed upwards. The underworld river suddenly appeared around him. Countless broken limbs could be seen inside the river, and there was a constant wailing coming from it.

“Shattered devil, although I, Wang Lin, am weak, I am not someone you can casually kill!”
Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the one-billion-soul soul flag appeared in his hand. He tossed it into the underworld river.

When the one-billion-soul soul flag entered the underworld river, the 100 million soul fragments came out.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and took out the restriction flag. This flag was damaged back when he used it against the divine retribution, and a lot of the restrictions inside it were broken. Although there weren’t many restrictions left, Wang Lin still threw it into the underworld river.

After that, it was the celestial sword! Although Xu Liguo was extremely unwilling, he didn’t dare to refuse Wang Lin right now. He could only endlessly sigh in his heart and think, “Forget it. We have already returned to Sky Demon City. That little beauty has been waiting for me for 10 years; I wonder if she was faithful…” As he thought about this, he was thrown into the underworld river by Wang Lin. Following him was the half-moon blade.

Then it was the Soul Lasher, sword sheaths, and Mo Yang’s sword. In the end, aside from the war chariot and the mysterious painting, Wang Lin threw almost all of the treasures he had into the underworld river.

The countless treasures inside the underworld river formed a very chaotic but very powerful force. Then Wang Lin took a deep breath and pressed his finger between his eyebrows. The 130,000 strands of slaughter energy turned into 130,000 life seals that protected him.

His eyes were still locked on to the sky. At this moment, his eyes narrowed and he flew into sky without any hesitation. His hand extended toward the ground and the underworld river flew into the air and condensed into a yellow light!

Not only did it carry all of Wang Lin’s treasures, it also contained his dao.

Carrying the yellow light, Wang Lin charged out. At this moment, in the thick fog in the sky, many parts of the armor of the large man had broken off. He had been forced to retreat many times and the devilish flame in his eyes had weakened, but he continued to release crazy roars.

The eyes of the Ancient Demon formed from Wang Lin’s blood lit up. He charged out and continued to use one spell after another. The large man coughed out blood and was forced to retreat once more.

“Accept your death!” The Ancient Demon let out a shout before the illusion of himself went inside the blood body. He then turned into a ray of demonic light and surrounded the large man’s entire body.

Being surrounded by the demonic light caused the devil soul to reappear between the large man’s eyebrows. The devil let out a sharp screech and a sound wave spread out. Under the effect of the sound wave, the demonic light paused for a moment. Then the devil soul gave the ancient demon a vicious look and returned back into the large man.

At the same time, the large man backed up to escape!

Wang Lin was waiting for this moment! He charged into the sky like a meteor. The yellow light in his hand shined, and in the blink of an eye, he charged into the thick fog. He charged straight at the large man who was attempting to leave the attack range of the Ancient Demon.

As he retreated, the large man noticed Wang Lin’s approach. There was a hint of contempt in his eyes, as he didn’t consider Wang Lin worthy of his attention at all. He casually waved his right hand at Wang Lin as he backed up!

A gust of wind was created from his hand and then the 130,000 life seals around Wang Lin’s body began to collapse. 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 80,000…

As the life seals collapsed, Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. He forced himself forward and arrived before the large man just as all 130,000 life seals collapsed. Then Wang Lin threw the yellow light in his hand without any hesitation.

The large man let out a cold snort. Then his right hand formed a fist and punched at the yellow light. He wanted to shatter this yellow light!

However, at the moment his right hand collided with the yellow light, his expression changed greatly. There were too many different auras inside the yellow light, and all of them were merged by force by a strand of divine sense and dao. It somehow actually formed a force that could threaten him.

If everything was normal, perhaps it wouldn’t really threaten him. However, even though he was already injured, he had just started a great battle with the Ancient Demon only to suffer more injuries. Also, after losing the devil tower, his divine sense was trapped inside the armor. He was unable to spread out his divine sense and thus he couldn’t use a lot of his spells.

The yellow light’s power surged out and the large man involuntarily stopped for a moment. The price of this pause was the demonic light formed by the ancient demon caught up and completely engulfed him!

This demonic light was an extremely powerful spell of the ancient demons that could refine all living things in the world. The large man let out a miserable groan and began to release a large amount of devilish energy. This devilish energy was immediately refined, leaving not a single trace of it behind.

The devil came out from the large man’s eyebrows and shouted. “Bei Luo, if you kill me, Master will definitely not forgive you for this!” He also came out completely before turning into a ray of light and entering the armor.

Right after he did so, the armor left the large man’s body. The armor was surrounded by a monstrous amount of devilish energy and was about to charge out of the demonic light. “Abandon the mount to save the general” was the thought in the devil soul’s mind right now. Although he would lose the body, as long as the armor wasn’t lost, he could recover one day. At most he would just have to find another body.

Also, without the body, the devil soul believed he would be able to escape with his spells!

After the large man lost the armor, his entire body began to erode under the demonic light. Then his eyes dimmed and he fell from the sky.

The armor spent almost all of its devilish energy to escape from the demonic light.

The devil was very happy. As long as he could get out of the demonic light, he could use a spell to quickly leave. However, just as he became happy, that happiness disappeared. Wang Lin’s right hand moved like lightning and grabbed the armor right as it charged out.

Wang Lin would do whatever it took to get things done. After all the planning he did, how could he let this so called shattered devil escape at the last moment? If the devil escaped today, he would forever have to face the devil’s crazed revenge in the future unless he hid inside Sky Demon City forever.

Also, Wang Lin believed that the Ancient Demon would definitely help him at the last moment. Otherwise, the Ancient Demon would not have appeared at all. With Wang Lin’s cunning, he was easily able to see through all of this.

At the moment his right hand grabbed the armor, Wang Lin already expected the devil soul to enter his body, so he activated the remaining Celestial Ascension Fruit inside his origin soul. Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly turned blood-red and his entire body entered a state of extreme madness.

“You won’t be able to escape!” As Wang Lin shouted, he suddenly pulled his right hand back, dragging the armor back with it. The devil soul appeared from the armor and viciously stared at Wang Lin. The devil soul let out a roar before charging into Wang Lin’s palm and rushing toward Wang Lin’s origin soul.

At the same time, the armor turned into black strands. It wrapped itself around Wang Lin and then turned back into armor.

Wang Lin was now wearing a set of black armor, his eyes were blood-red, and his hair moved without any wind. Inside his body, his origin soul had reached its peak with the help of the Celestial Ascension Fruit. He began a battle with the devil soul that had lost most of its devilish energy.

The demonic light dissipated and turned back into the Ancient Demon’s blood shadow. He looked at Wang Lin with admiration in his eyes and smiled. “What a good strategy, to stimulate the origin soul to help resist against the devil soul. If I help you, then I will have done as you planned, but if I don’t help you, then the battle earlier will end up being pointless. You calculated that I would definitely help you… Good, this is your fortune, so I’ll help you!” As the Ancient Demon spoke, he grabbed Wang Lin. He also grabbed the large man whose body was eroding but hadn’t died yet. Then the Ancient Demon turned into a ray of light and charged toward the dragon lake outside of Sky Demon City.

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