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Chapter 609 – Ancient Demon’s Blood Shadow

The drop of blue blood turned into Wang Lin. He reached into the air and his bag of holding appeared out of nowhere. Then he put on a blue robe before he took a step and used several teleportations at once. He disappeared without a trace.

His figure appeared countless kilometers away. Then he charged directly toward the capital of the Sky Demon country.

After the Blood Soul Pill absorbs a trace of divine sense and blood, it also activates another ability for a short period of time. At the moment of death, anything that is linked to the origin soul will be merged with the void. After one is resurrected, they can use the power of their soul and blood to retrieve the items stored in the void!

Back then, Yao Xixue used this function!

Back then, the All-Seer gave Wang Lin a life-saving treasure, but that treasure could only withstand the blow of an Ascendant cultivator. Although the cultivation of the 30-foot-tall old man was at the late stage of Ascendant, his true power far surpassed that.

There was also that mysterious existence in the black tower, so even if he had used the life-saving treasure, it would be hard for him to stay alive. That was why Wang Lin had decided to risk it with the Blood Soul Pill after he thought of countless possibilities!

Otherwise, he would’ve had to fight the existence inside the black tower, and that existence was simply too powerful. After Wang Lin became sober, he recalled what happened and was completely terrified. If it wasn’t for the stimulation of the Celestial Ascension Fruit, he would have already died countless times from the divine sense attack from the mysterious existence inside the black tower.

He couldn’t possibly spend the next 400 years inside the Demon Spirit Land consuming the Celestial Ascension Fruit to simulate his origin soul. Otherwise, before that person killed him, he would have completely lost his mind to the madness.

As a result, he had to risk it all. If he couldn’t heavily injure or destroy the existence inside the black tower, then no matter how far he escaped, he wouldn’t be able to escape that person’s divine sense attacks.

He was afraid that at the moment the effect of the Celestial Ascension Fruit disappeared, that existence would begin its divine sense attack once more. Wang Lin believed that he would have died for sure at that moment!

The existence inside the black tower never came out the entire time. It was obvious that it required the tower to exist, and this made Wang Lin even more determined!

He came out of teleportation and continued to fly toward Sky Demon City. He had two preparations to make. The first was already complete, and the second was to get help from the Ancient Demon!

Wang Lin secretly thought, “The matter from 10 years ago was delayed due to me breaking through to the Ascendant stage. However, that matter was extremely important, so I believe the Ancient Demon won’t go back on his word.” He flew even faster. There were still some remnants of the Celestial Ascension Fruit inside his origin soul, and now that he was sober, he could easily get rid of it. However, Wang Lin didn’t do so because he needed to keep it as a backup in case the black tower wasn’t important and the existence inside could still attack him using divine sense!

“If that is really the case, then I must be prepared to live the life of a fugitive.” Wang Lin let out a sigh. He and the existence inside the black tower had no previous grievances. It was the existence that attacked him first, but there was no right or wrong in the cultivation world; strength was the only thing that mattered.

After coming out of teleportation, Wang Lin was surprised to find that the celestial spiritual energy he had used up was immediately replenished. This meant that he could use greater teleportation multiple times.

It has to be said that the greater teleportation spell consumed a lot of celestial spiritual energy. Before, he would’ve had to spend time absorbing celestial spiritual energy from celestial jades. However, it wasn’t a concern right now, so he continued to use greater teleportation.

“It must be because those four drops of celestial spiritual energy completely fused with me when I self-destructed. After I resurrected, they must somehow exist in a special way inside my body!” After thinking about it for a bit, Wang Lin no longer thought about it. He had used greater teleportation many times now and the capital was not far away.

It could be said that Wang Lin rushed like he never did before during this trip.

“Unfortunately, I was under the stimulation of the Celestial Ascension Fruit, or else I would not have left that sword energy behind… However, I remember where that body was. I wonder if the sword energy will still be there if I go back.” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he became excited, but he knew that now was not the time to go back to the Fire Demon Country.

Wang Lin was only one greater teleport away from the Sky Demon Country’s capital. When he was about to take a step to teleport, an angry roar suddenly came from behind him.

“I want to see where you can escape to!”

A large man wearing armor appeared 10,000 feet behind Wang Lin. This person looked very dignified. His eyes lit up and then his body was covered by a monstrous amount of devilish energy.

Wang Lin’s expression changed and he took a step out. When his body was about to disappear, he turned around to look at the large man. This gaze almost made him exclaim.

“Ling Tianhou!!!”

This large man looked very similar to Sword Saint Ling Tianhou!

Wang Lin’s body disappeared and reappeared 50 kilometers outside of the capital. His expression was gloomy as his eyes lit up and he thought, “He is not Ling Tianhou! Although that person looks like Ling Tianhou, he seems to be much younger! In addition, that person lacks the aura that Ling Tianhou has, and their appearances aren’t completely the same. There are some similarities… could it be…”

Just at this moment, the large man wearing armor stepped out from the void behind Wang Lin. He stared at Wang Lin and asked, “Why aren’t you running!?” With that, his hand reached out and five strands of devilish energy shot out from the tip of his finger.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he suddenly asked, “Who is Ling Tianhou to you!?”

The large man’s right hand suddenly paused. A hint of confusion appeared in his devilish-energy-filled eyes.

“Ling Tianhou… What a familiar name…”

Wang Lin quickly backed up. His eyes became cold and he shouted, “The Da Lou Sword Sect’s Sword Saint Ling Tianhou!”

“Da Lou Sword Sect… Sword Saint…” The confusion in the large man’s eyes became even stronger and he began to struggle. Just at this moment, the illusion of a devil soul suddenly appeared between the large man’s eyebrows. He gave Wang Lin a vicious glare before letting out a sharp cry.

This cry caused the confusion in the large man’s eyes to disappear, and it was replaced by a devilish flame.

Wang Lin quickly retreated and shouted, “Ancient Demon!”

A powerful will suddenly charged out from Sky Demon City and descended before Wang Lin!

“You’re late by 10 years!” The Ancient Demon’s voice entered Wang Lin’s ears.

“Lend me your blood!”

After hearing that voice, a large amount of blood came out from the pores on Wang Lin’s body. This blood was condensed into the shape of a human, and the ancient demon’s consciousness descended upon it.

Wang Lin’s body trembled, as he had lost a majority of the blood in his body. His face was pale and he quickly took out a pill. Then he sat down in the lotus position and began to cultivate.

The devil soul on the large man’s forehead stared at the blood shadow before Wang Lin and shouted, in a mysterious language, “Bei Luo, you dare to hinder me?!”

The blood shadow moved and turned into a body with two horns. A demonic light appeared inside his eyes. He looked at the devil soul and calmly said, “You are only one of the nine scattered soul pieces of the ancient devil. Why can’t I hinder you?!”

“Language of the ancient gods!” Wang Lin opened his eyes and revealed a pondering expression.

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