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Chapter 595 – The Simplest Divine Retribution? No!

Outside the Demon Spirit Land at the gate to the East Demon Spirit Sea, it was completely dark. There were specks of light in the distance lighting up part of the area.

Just at this moment, a ray of light light arrived from the void at a speed no cultivator or spell could achieve!

There was only one word to describe this speed, and that was… descending!

Descending has already broken the limit of speed. It can even be said that it can no longer be described with words. Anywhere in the universe, with but a thought, it can descend!

The red cloud descends from space. It comes from the void, and no know knows where it originated.

The moment this red light descended, an aura that would make all life in the universe tremble began to spread.

On planet Tian Yun, the All-Seer had his eyes closed and was preparing for the plan in 200 years. At this moment, he suddenly opened his eyes, and they revealed a mysterious light as he looked into space. His expression slightly changed and then his hand formed a seal. After calculating for a while, he frowned and muttered, “Divine retribution has descended… With the interference of the heavens’ might, I can’t clearly calculate everything. But I was able to calculate that the divine retribution descended on the Demon Spirit Land and has something to do with my planet Tian Yun… Strange!”

On planet Da Lou in the Da Lou Sword Sect, Sword Saint Lin Tianhou was standing next to a giant pill furnace, and his eyes were glowing.

“This Fundamental Good Luck Pill still requires a few auxiliary pills…” Just at this moment, his expression suddenly changed. He took one step before completely disappearing and reappearing in space above the the planet. He looked at the red light with surprise in his eyes.

“Divine retribution!” He frowned and showed a look of uncertainty on his face. After carefully watching the light disappear, he muttered to himself, “The divine retribution is descending on the Demon Spirit Land… Not good! Could it be that something happened to Greed?!” Ling Tianhou’s eyebrows were locked.

At the same time at a planet very far from the planet Tian Yun. From the outside, this planet looked to be covered in blood. This was a blood planet!

There was a blood pavilion on the blood planet, and a red-haired and red-eyebrowed man was sitting inside it. He looked to be about 40 years old and he was silently cultivating. He suddenly opened his eyes and a blood-colored light poured out of them.

He didn’t raise his head but silently experienced the shockwave created when the heavens’ might passed by. After a long time, he closed his eyes.

“Divine retribution descended on the Demon Spirit Land. I wonder how that child Xixue is doing…”

Not only those three, but many of the old monsters noticed the divine retribution when it descended.

Nothing could stop the red light from descending. Although the gate at the East Demon Spirit Sea wasn’t open, the red light still managed to pierce through it.

On the square in the imperial city in the Sky Demon Country, Wang Lin was silently floating there. After the drum rang for the 15th time, the domain inside his body started going through a metamorphosis at an unimaginable speed.

The Ascendant stage requires one to have enough celestial spiritual energy and their dao heart to be complete. Once both conditions have been achieved, they will fuse, and this fusion is ascendant!

This is the legendary “Facing One’s Dao!”

This fusion is a collision of one’s dao heart and celestial spiritual energy. The collision of the body and soul! An evolution from a human to a Celestial! This is the biggest death trial of reaching the Ascendant stage! Either this collision succeeds and one becomes an Ascendant cultivator, or it fails and they… die. There is no other outcome! A trial of death!

To seek dao, one must face trials of death!

Even those who cultivate a variant path can’t avoid this!

Unless… One stays at the peak of the late stage of Soul Transformation and never takes that step forward!

Wang Lin’s dao heart rang the drum for the 15th time and released all of the sadness within. His dao heart was going through a rapid metamorphosis toward completion!

Everyone around the square was silently pondering. In just one day, Wang Lin had made them experience too many incredible things, so his figure was now engraved in all their hearts!

Just at this moment, the lightning and thunder disappeared from the sky and a fiery-redness appeared.

From a distance, this red was boundless and seemed to cover the entire sky.

The expression of the young man on the boat suddenly changed. Then he let out a bitter laugh and said, “I seem to have forgotten about this matter, but this little guy is a cultivator. Back then I spent a long time in the dragon lake and had many elders help me. In the end, with the help of the demon drum and several years of time, I was able to hide the defying aura and didn’t cause a divine retribution.

“However, this is a test for this child. If he can resist this divine retribution, he won’t be affected by the heavens anymore after he reaches the Ascendant stage… And from the looks of it, this divine retribution’s power isn’t that great…”

Everyone in Sky Demon City noticed the change in the sky, and the people at the square were completely startled by this.

The red light in the sky quickly condensed into a large number of red clouds. These red clouds looked heavy as they floated over the imperial city.

As Wang Lin stood behind the demon drum, he looked at the sky and let out a deep breath.

“The heavens’ dao can’t stop my dao heart, but it can send punishment to erase my existence… This is divine retribution. I once saw divine retribution back in Qilin City in the Sea of Devils. Compared to that time, this is much more powerful…”

The red clouds gathered, and after an instant, red lightning began to gather. If the red lightning didn’t fall or release an aura, this scene would be extremely beautiful!

The young man on the boat looked at the bolt of lightning before letting out a sigh of relief and softly saying, “There are only two kinds of divine retribution that appear in the shape of a lightning bolt. It can’t possibly be the legendary second one, so I’m 90% sure it is the first one, the simplest of them all. This little guy Wang Lin’s luck is pretty good!”

Wang Lin looked at the sky. At this moment, he ignored everything else and only focused on the red lightning in the sky.

“I have had some encounters with divine retribution in my 700 years of cultivation… I attracted divine retribution when I refined the restriction flag… I changed Li Muwan’s fate and caused the heavens’ messenger to descend… This time I kept my lingering feelings and decided to defy the heavens while continuing to cultivate, and this also attracted divine retribution…” Wang Lin’s eyes were calm, but they were also filled with determination.

The red clouds in the sky suddenly began to move and condense together like crazy. The sky right now was like a red sea, and all of the waves were rushing toward the center. In the blink of an eye, the red lightning at the center started shining brightly, lighting up the heavens and earth!

Shortly after, waves of roars that seemed to come from primordial beasts came from the red lightning. Then a series of rumbles came from the earth and mixed together with the roars coming from the sky. At this moment, the red lightning descended!

It was like a meteor that suddenly fell from the sky and crashed down upon Wang Lin. A crazy amount of killing intent suddenly appeared. This was the killing intent of the heavens!

The heavens’ killing intent!

Sky Demon City, which was currently experiencing summer, experienced snow. The snowflakes fell from the sky, and every single snowflake contained the killing intent of the heavens!

The red lightning came crashing down in this snow.

There was only one sound left in this world, and that was the rumbling that represented the wrath of the heavens!

There was only one color left in this world, and that was the blood-red of the divine retribution lightning!

There was only one killing intent left in this world, and that was the heavens’ killing intent, which was more powerful than the killing intent one would obtain after slaughtering billions of people!

The heavens wanted to kill someone!

Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes, and they released a bright glow as more than 3,700 life seals suddenly gathered around his body. At the same time, he slapped his bag of holding, causing the restriction flag to appear. With one shake, a large amount of black gas appeared around his body, and there were countless restrictions flashing inside the black gas.

“No matter how angry the heavens are, they can’t erase my existence!” As Wang Lin laughed, he pointed at the red lightning in the sky.

At this moment, Wang Lin was as graceful as the sun and moon, his hair and clothes fluttered in the wind, and his eyes revealed an unyielding aura. At this comment, he was an indomitable man!

With one point of his finger, the black gas around him charged into the sky. The countless restrictions inside the black gas formed a black tornado that welcomed the divine retribution!

The red lightning descended and collided with the black tornado. At this moment, an unimaginable explosion echoed and rumbled across the land. The ears of countless people in Sky Demon City bled and countless people were knocked out due to the shock.

The spectators around the square suffered the same fate. Although the demon generals were better off, their demonic spiritual energy cycled through their bodies without their control. It was as if their bodies would collapse under this sound if they didn’t do this.

Only the commander-in-chiefs calmly looked at the divine retribution.

The black tornado made of countless restrictions clashed with the red lightning without any hesitation. At this moment, it was as if a giant hand had just crushed the black tornado, causing it to collapse!

The red lightning pierced through it and sliced it in half like a sharp sword. The tornado collapsed and the restrictions all shattered into nothingness.

“The heavens want to kill me, but I want to destroy the heavens!” Wang Lin’s body gave off an astonishing aura. At the moment the red lightning broke the restrictions, he suddenly lifted his finger and used the Finger of Death.

This wasn’t just one Finger of Death, but 100!

Wang Lin’s left hand touched his bag of holding and a large amount of celestial jades poured out, forming a small hill under his feet!

Wang Lin was standing on top of the small hill with the demon drum behind his back. As he looked up at the sky, a large amount of celestial spiritual energy entered his body through his feet.

The 100 Fingers of Death fused into one, transforming into a ray of black light more than 30 feet long, and charged out directly at the red lightning!

“I dare to defy the heavens to continue to cultivate, and keeping my lingering feeling means I wish to fight against heavens. Divine retribution, even if you can destroy my body, you can’t destroy my dao heart!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, and at this moment, the light from his eyes pierced through the red lightning and directly entered the red clouds.

An even louder thunder echoed across the sky as if it was answering Wang Lin’s dao!

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