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Chapter 586 – Xu Liguo’s Rebellion Fails! (Part 2)

At this moment, there were sounds of explosions coming from inside his bag of holding. Clearly there was something going crazy inside his bag of holding. He waved his hand and increased the amount of seals on the bag.

After doing this, he coldly looked at where Xu Liguo ran off to and said, “Come back!” After he said that, the restriction he had left inside Xu Liguo’s body activated.

Xu Liguo’s wail came from the distance, but soon this wailing faded away. Wang Lin’s eyes became even colder.

“As I expected, unless this devil Xu Liguo was confident in going against the restriction I placed on him all those years ago, he definitely wouldn’t be so disobedient!” Wang Lin took a step forward and crossed over 1,000 feet with just one step.

Although Xu Liguo was able to resist the restriction through some unknown method, he couldn’t cut the connection between him and Wang Lin. With just this, Wang Lin could catch him.

Xu Liguo escaped at full speed. He used to be a soul, but now that he was a sword spirit, his speed was far faster than before. At this moment, due to fear, he was displaying his full strength as he desperately fled like a ghost.

“Fiend! I have contributed so much and yet you actually tried to kill me. Didn’t I just find a little beauty I love? Didn’t I just hide a little secret? Didn’t I just decide to find a chance to take the celestial sword and Little Black to run away? Uh…” Xu Liguo let out a sigh and realized why the fiend wanted to kill him.

After he met Little Black, he learned a lot of spells used by sword spirits. Also, with the help of Little Black, the two of them spent a lot of effort to finally loosen the restriction Wang Lin had placed in his body.

Xu Liguo was very timid, so he was always very careful. He used the moment when Wang Lin was in a big battle with another to loosen the seal in him, so Wang Lin indeed didn’t notice.

Originally, he was extremely proud, but he underestimated Wang Lin’s suspicion and scheming and allowed Wang Lin to see through his lies.

“Alas, if I knew this was going to happen…” Xu Liguo shook his head and quickly fled. He was very fast and soon he was about to escape from Sky Demon City. He turned around to look back at the imperial palace and revealed a trace of solemnity.

“Goodbye, my beloved little beauty. One day I’ll come back and find you!” This guy, even until now, only thought of his little beauty and completely forgot about this little brother, the black blade…

Xu Liguo revealed a hint of sadness before turning around, and he was about to continue escaping when he suddenly stopped. His expression changed slightly, but he immediately showed an expression meant to please and flatter. “Ma… Master, your speed is so fast. It seems your cultivation has increased a lot. You are indeed worthy of being my master. I…”

Wang Lin appeared 100 feet before Xu Liguo. His face was filled with indifference.

Wang Lin slowly said, “You sure have guts!”

Xu Liguo’s body trembled as he kneeled to the ground, hammered his chest, and begged, “Master, I know I was wrong, really wrong. I will never dare to do it again!”

Just as he got here, the restriction around Wang Lin’s bag of holding collapsed and a black light flew out of it without his permission.

The black light flew toward Wang Lin at an unimaginable speed.

If Wang Lin was still at the mid stage of Soul Transformation, it would have been impossible for him to dodge at this distance. Even now, at the peak of the late stage of Soul Transformation, it was still not easy.

But right now Wang Lin didn’t even look at that black light. This time he would completely subdue this black, half-moon blade!

Life seals quickly surrounded Wang Lin’s body, and when the blade collided with the life seals, there was the sound of metal colliding. The black, half-moon blade was bounced back.

Wang Lin reached out with his finger, but the black, half-moon blade managed to dodge it. Then it circled around once more and madly charged at Wang Lin. This time its target was between Wang Lin’s eyebrows.

The sound of metal colliding could be heard once more, and the black, half-moon blade was bounced back once more. This time it looked extremely angry as it backed up and to try to attack again. However, just at this moment, it suddenly turned toward Xu Liguo and seemed like it wanted to take Xu Liguo and escape.

“Interesting!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Now that he had the life seals battling it, the half-moon blade was a lot easier to deal with than the first time.

As the half-moon blade flew toward Xu Liguo, Wang Lin took a step and celestial spiritual energy immediately began to spread with his foot as the center. The celestial spiritual energy instantly spread over 1,000 feet, reacting with the seal inside Xu Liguo’s body and causing Xu Liguo to freeze for a moment.

Xu Liguo looked like he was really regretting what he did, but on the inside, he was cursing loudly at Wang Lin. That, however, did him no good.

At the same time, Wang Lin’s hand formed seals, creating restrictions that floated in the air. These restrictions created a larger, incomplete restriction.

The set of restrictions was missing one, and the missing piece was inside Xu Liguo!

Although Wang Lin spent much painstaking effort to set the restriction back then, it was still so much weaker than what he could do now. Now that the restrictions were activated, Xu Liguo’s body immediately began to involuntarily fly toward it.

The half-moon blade was very anxious and wanted to stop this, but Wang Lin arrived before it in just one step. It had to dodge and thus was delayed, and Xu Liguo watched that set of restrictions enter his body. His body trembled as he revealed a flattering smile and begged. “Master, see that? Now the restriction is also here, so please forgive me; I really won’t dare to rebel again!”

Wang Lin ignored Xu Liguo and reached toward the half-moon blade.

The half-moon blade wanted to dodge again, but Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he shouted, “Slaughter energy!”

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