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Chapter 585

Chapter 585 – Xu Liguo’s Rebellion Fails! (Part 1)


The day quickly passed by. There were six more rounds, and Wang Lin won three more battles. The demon generals had no help in two of the battles, so he only needed to win one fight to win each one. Xu Liguo also came back to Wang Lin’s bag of holding earlier.

It wasn’t certain if the girl sword spirit was scared off by Xu Liguo’s harassment. After turning to the sword, she didn’t come out anymore.

After the first day of the demon general competition ended, the various demon generals returned to their homes.

This round will last for seven to ten more days. Fortunately, winners don’t have to go, so Wang Lin was given a short period of time to rest.

The competition between the demon generals and slaughter between cultivators was not something Wang Lin wanted to see every day. He’d rather not think about this matter and preferred to go listen to the zither music while drinking wine. It was much more relaxing and carefree.

Compared to Wang Lin, Mo Lihai’s mentality was not as good. He would go to the competition every day and record any spells he thought were worth noting. Then every night, he would give the information to Wang Lin.

All of his hopes were on Wang Lin.

During these days, Wang Lin’s heart was completely immersed in the music to help him find his dao. He has been listening to this music for a while now, but he has always listened as a passerby who savored the taste of the zither music.

As for Xu Liguo, after meeting the sword spirit maiden, he would endless talk about it to Wang Lin. He simply wanted Want Lin to release him so he could go meet the little beauty.

On this day, the boat hadn’t arrived yet, and Wang Lin was lying on the side of the river while holding the wine jug. He looked up at the white clouds in the sky, and in his eyes, the clouds seemed to be undergoing a change.

“Many people often think that clouds are ethereal objects, but just like the zither music, they aren’t nothingness. It is the human heart that is ethereal… If the heart couldn’t be moved, then the clouds would be fixed, and if the heart isn’t scared, then the zither music goes away…” Wang Lin took a sip of wine. His eyes were filled with confusion.

“Ascendant, Ascendant, how can I make it so my domain meets the requirements to reach the Ascendant stage… At Nascent Soul stage, one comprehends one’s domain to reach the Soul Formation stage. At the Soul Formation stage, one makes their domain real to reach the Soul Transformation stage. At the Soul Transformation stage, one can fuse their domain with their body, but it still isn’t enough to reach the Ascendant stage. My domain has already fused with my body, and my dao heart was completed the moment Wan Er went to sleep.

“However, I’m still missing a step! What exactly is this step… Everyone comprehends different domains and thus all have different dao, so it is impossible to ask. Even if I were to ask, it would actually be disadvantageous, as it could lead me down the wrong path. I can only cultivate by myself and comprehend it by myself!”

The confusion in his eyes became even stronger, but just at this moment, Xu Liguo’s hysterical voice entered his brain.

“Master, let me out! That little beauty hasn’t seen me for a long time and must miss me greatly. Master, do you have the heart to break a blessed couple up? Ah, Master, let me out!”

Wang Lin frowned. This Xu Liguo had been going on endlessly throughout these past few days, so he sealed the connection between them. After a few days of silence, Xu Liguo actually broke the seal and began shouting once more.

“Wang Lin, back then you forced me and the great beauty apart, and now you are trying to forcibly separate me and the little beauty! What is in your heart? You must be jealous! Yes, you are jealous of my lucky encounters with love!” There was a hint of pride in Xu Liguo’s angry voice.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. Although Xu Liguo was loyal, the premise was that Wang Lin was several times stronger than him. And Xu Liguo’s new master must be weaker than Wang Lin, or at least not too much stronger, or else Xu Liguo’s loyalty would immediately disappear.

The Giant Demon Clan Ancestor was a good example. If it was changed to someone like the All-Seer, Ling Tianhou, or the Blood Ancestor, Xu Liguo would immediately sell Wang Lin out.

Aside from this shortcoming, this devil also had another problem. Once it met a woman, it would change into a completely different person. Wang Lin thought that this was fixed after all these years, but it looked like he was still the same.

However, Xu Liguo was naturally timid, so if he didn’t have backing, he wouldn’t dare to speak to Wang Lin like this. It seemed like Xu Liguo had hidden a lot of things after they left planet Suzaku.

The coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes increased!

Xu Liguo didn’t notice Wang Lin’s state of mind and continued to chatter on and on.

“Wang Lin, when you took the great beauty away from me, I thought you had some great use for her, but hmph, my poor great beauty was used as an adultery prop for you and that slut, Liu Mei..”

Wang Lin calmly said, “You’ve said enough!”

“Enough? That’s not enough. Let me out so I can find the little beauty and then it will be enough!” Xu Liguo’s voice became somewhat weak. He vaguely felt like something he said had ticked this fiend off, but after thinking about the spells he had learned during this time, his courage suddenly increased.

Just as Xu Liguo was about to continue, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the celestial sword flew out. Xu Liguo let out a happy cheer and immediately came out of the celestial sword.

A thick, black gas turned into a black mist before it turned into Xu Liguo. He let out a laugh and was about to fly straight to the imperial palace. However, just at this moment, Wang Lin’s eyes became cold, and his right hand reached out and grabbed the celestial sword.

He wiped his hand over the sword and the sword released a burst of light and trembled. Xu Liguo immediately turned toward Wang Lin and shouted, “Wang Lin, what are you doing?!”

Wang Lin coldly looked at Xu Liguo. This gaze was like a pot of cold water being poured over Xu Liguo, and he immediately awakened from his lust.

Wang Lin’s gaze immediately reminded Xu Liguo of the day Wang Lin refined him into a devil. Then various scenes of these past several hundred years flashed through his mind.

“This is a fiend. What isn’t he willing to do? He killed the entire Teng family and he killed countless people on planet Suzaku. I… I…” Xu Liguo trembled.

“Mas…Master…” Xu Liguo immediately revealed a smile to please.

Wang Lin coldly looked at Xu Liguo. The more Wang Lin acted like this, the more scared he became. Various scenes of Wang Lin’s past slaughters emerged in his heart.

“I gave you the body of a devil, let you rise up to a sword spirit, and let you stay in the celestial sword to protect yourself.” Wang Lin’s voice was calm, but when it entered Xu Liguo’s ears, he couldn’t help but secretly curse.

“Now I’m going to take it back!” Wang Lin’s left hand swiped past the celestial sword and Xu Liguo let out a miserable groan. His entire body trembled when Wang Lin wiped his connection to the flying sword.

Xu Liguo’s body immediately turned into a cloud of black fog. At the moment Wang Lin cut him off from the celestial sword, he felt the killing intent he hadn’t felt for hundreds of years!

“My grandma, this is real killing intent! This fiend wants to kill me!” Xu Liguo let out a scream and wanted to immediately escape. After he helped Wang Lin with the Giant Demon Clan Ancestor, he hadn’t felt this killing intent that followed him for most of his life!

“A tiger is still a tiger; no matter docile it becomes, it will never become a cat!” Xu Liguo bitterly smiled in his heart as he remembered this old proverb from his hometown.

Xu Liguo was just about to escape, but Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and countless restrictions appeared before Xu Liguo. Then Xu Liguo let out a scream before his body turned into a ray of sharp sword energy. He managed to break through the restrictions Wang Lin placed and shot off into the distance.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and he revealed a sneer. This Xu Liguo really had concealed a lot, like the ability to turn into a sword. This was something he definitely didn’t know back in planet Suzaku.

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