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Chapter 581 – Demon General Competition

When Wang Lin opened his eyes, a sword-shaped shadow flashed across his vision.

Mo Lihai was sitting outside of Wang Lin’s room; he had been sitting there for three days. His face was extremely pale without a trace of blood. During these three days, he wanted to enter Wang Lin’s room many times, but every time he saw the black mist and the countless restrictions inside, he couldn’t help but stop.

With the date of the demon general competition slowly approaching, he became even more anxious, but he knew that Wang Lin had placed restrictions because he was at a critical moment in his cultivation and didn’t want others to disturb him.

While weighing the pros and cons, Mo Lihai sat outside the room and silently waited. Tomorrow was the day of the demon general competition, and it was going to be a grim struggle!

Mo Lihai’s anxiety had reached its peak. If Wang Lin still won’t come out today, then he will completely lose his qualification to compete tomorrow.

He hesitated for a bit before clenching his teeth, standing up, and stepping toward Wang Lin’s room.

Mo Lihai sent out his voice. “Brother Wang!”

Just at this moment, the black mist surrounding the room began to move as if there was a hole somewhere. A vortex formed, and all of the black mist was dragged toward that hole.

In almost an instant, the black mist disappeared without a trace.

Mo Lihai revealed a joyous expression as he stopped outside the room and stared at the inside.

The door was pushed open and Wang Lin slowly walked out.

At the moment he appeared, Mo Lihai involuntarily took a few steps back, and his eyes were filled with shock. Right now the current Wang Lin was once more different from before.

At the moment he saw Wang Lin, he had the feeling that he was standing below a mountain that reached the heavens. Although Wang Lin wasn’t tall, he currently had the air of a grandmaster, and this feeling filled Mo Lihai’s mind.

“You’re injured…” Wang Lin closed his eyes and all the aura he released quickly withdrew back inside his body without any of it leaking. Right now there were no fluctuations around his body; it was as if he was a mortal.

Mo Lihai’s feelings changed once more. If Wang Lin was like an immeasurably tall mountain before, now he was like a very deep pool. Although it didn’t look very deep, if he were to enter, he would die without a proper burial.

Mo Lihai took a deep breath and said, “I lost the battle against Mo Fei!”

Wang Lin nodded and walked out of the room. He looked up at the sky, and after pondering a bit, he asked, “How long was I in closed door cultivation for?”

“Tomorrow is the demon general competition!” Mo Lihai said. After pondering a bit, he added, “Mo Fei is very strong. He was able to withstand my Ten Collapse Fist Intent, and my Hundred Wave Demon Sea was reflected back at me with a rotating disk spell. It was that spell that made me lose!”

Wang Lin looked at Mo Lihai. “Rotating disk spell?”

Mo Lihai recalled the battle from few days ago and said, “Mo Fei is considered number one among the demon generals, and his spells are very mysterious. After he became a demon general and cultivated for three years at the dragon lake, no one has been able to force him to use a second spell besides the rotating disk!

“This rotating disk spell has the power to reflect all spells… It is very powerful!”

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral as he said, “Aside from the Ten Collapse Fist Intent and Hundred Wave Demon Sea, I don’t believe that bother Mo doesn’t have an ace!”

Mo Lihai looked at Wang Lin and honestly said, “I did use it. It’s the spell the Demon Emperor personally taught me called Burning Demon. I used it and was able to break through 17 layers of the 18 layers of the rotating disk before ultimately being defeated!”

“Brother Wang, I had an agreement with Mo Fei. The loser will give up on the demon general competition. Whether I can get the position of vice commander-in-chief will all depend on Brother Wang!” Mo Lihai’s heart felt bitter as he took two steps back and bowed deeply toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin calmly said, “I’ll do my best!”

Mo Lihai took a deep breath and clasped his hands. “Many thanks, Brother Wang. I won’t disturb you any longer. Tomorrow we will go to the imperial palace together!” With that, he clasped his hands once more and left.

His figure contained a hint of bleakness.

Wang Lin silently stood inside the courtyard and closed his eyes.

He stood there for the entire night!

Early in the morning, the sun rose and banished the darkness over Sky Demon City. As the sun shined on the imperial palace, powerful battle intent appeared in all eight cities.

Inside the imperial city in the ten thousand foot square, there was a giant war drum!

This drum was completely black, and it gave off an ancient aura that surrounded the area.

Teams of black-armored demon soldiers stepped out and surrounded the square, then one person suddenly charged out as fast as lightning. His pale hair flowed in the air like a god of war and his fist landed on the war drum.


A muffled sound echoed from the imperial city and spread across the entire Sky Demon City!

The people of Sky Demon City all knew that there was a Sky Demon Drum in the imperial city. It was only used when worshiping the ancestor, opening the dragon lake, and other important events.

Nine times for the dragon lake, six for ancestors, and three for everything else.

The sound of the drum echoed between heaven and earth, and the entire Sky Demon City trembled. Countless people were awakened by the sound of this drum.

One by one, the demon generals led their attendants and helpers on the military road toward the imperial city.

All eight gates of the imperial city opened up. Many demon soldiers were positioned at the gates to check the identities of the demon generals before letting them in.

Today’s battle was going to be at the ten thousand foot square near the Sky Demon Gate. There was a powerful formation protecting it, so it wouldn’t be easily destroyed. On the eastern part of the square was a nine-story seating section that was more than a 1,000 feet wide. Countless officials of Sky Demon City appeared and sat down in their seats.

There was only one seat at the top, and that was for the Demon Emperor!

In the south and north ends of the square there were eight-story seating sections more than 800 feet wide. The top two floors of each only had four seats per floor.

Of those 16 seats, the top eight were for the commander-in-chiefs, and the bottom four were for the vice commander-in-chiefs.

At this moment, the entire square was extremely lively. People continued to be seated before the Demon Emperor arrived, and more and more people were showing up.

Among those people, some were yawning. It was clear that they would normally still be in bed at this time.

It didn’t take long before all the seats were filled except for the Emperor’s, commander-in-chiefs’, and vice commander-in-chiefs’. Sounds of whispering and talk began.

“This time Demon General Mo Fei will definitely be ranked number one; there will be no suspense!”

“Not so; Demon General Shi Xiao has heavenly cultivation. He also found an amazing helper, so Demon General Shi Xiao has the ability to fight for number 1!”

“You can’t underestimate Demon General Mo Lihai. That person’s cultivation is shocking and he has powerful spells. Let’s not forgot the spell personally taught to him by the Demon Emperor. He has the qualification to enter the top three!”

“Mo Lihai? You guys may not know, but he had a battle with Mo Fei and lost. The two sides agreed that the loser can’t enter the competition today!”

“Oh? Is that true? If that is true, then it is a pity for Mo Lihai!”

“Not necessarily so. Although Mo Lihai can’t compete, that doesn’t mean his helper can’t. However, his helper isn’t well known, so I’m afraid there is no chance for him to win!”

“Could it be beside those three, there isn’t anyone else who’s powerful among the demon generals? Rumor has it that demon general Yu Sen’s dao of slaughter has already reached its peak. He is the only person among the demon generals not holding a city and spending most of his time in the Fire Demon Country. If he appears, he will definitely cause a storm!”

“That is definitely so. There is also demon general Mo Wen. His spell is very special, and he inherited it from the dragon lake. That person is usually very low key, so no one knows his full strength. Today I hope to see just what his spells are like!”

“Everyone, don’t forget the ranked 4 demon general from 300 years ago, the Immortal Demon Xie Lian!”

“Xie Lan… The only female among the demon generals. Rumor has it that this person entered the competition 300 years ago with injuries and still won fourth. If she wasn’t hurt, then Mo Fei might not have gotten first place!”

Waves of debate echoed across the square. Everyone was guessing who would win the demon general competition this time!

After the old man hit the drum for the first time, he closed his eyes and just quietly stood there.

At this moment, he opened his eyes, and he moved so fast that he created an afterimage before he hit the drum!


The second sound from the drum echoed across the square, causing all of the talking to stop. The sound of the drum spread across the entire Sky Demon City.

This sound echoed across the sky like roaring thunder and completely drove away the last bit of darkness in the air and ushered in the bright sunlight.

As the drum echoed across the sky and the thunderous roar spread, eight rays of light charged toward the square. They didn’t use the gate but flew directly here.

Only commander-in-chiefs had this qualification!

Heaven, Xuan, Yellow, Universe, Eternity, and Desolate. The six vice commander-in-chiefs landed from the sky and took their seats on the second highest floors on the north and south seating sections. The Xuan Vice Commander-in-Chief’s face was extremely pale. The moment he sat down, he closed his eyes to cultivate and ignored everything around him.

After the six of them landed, a thunderous roar even louder than the Sky Demon Drum echoed across the entire Sky Demon City. The eight commander-in-chiefs walked toward the square in the sky. Among the eight, there were seven males and one female!

The eight of them clasped their hands at each other before going to their respective seats without saying a word.

The appearance of the eight caught the attention of everyone here, and everyone’s eyes were filled with admiration. The respect they had for these eight people was just below what they had for the Demon Emperor!

Even in the entire Demon Spirit Land, their names were extremely famous and almost everyone knew them!

Dong! The third sound from the drum echoed across the area like a thunderous roar several times fiercer than before. It spread out for thousands of kilometers and everyone’s ears were filled with this thunderous roar.

Their gazes all looked toward one place, and that place was the empty seat at the very top of the seating area on the east side of the square!

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