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Chapter 570 – Zither Music

Scenes from the past flashed through Wang Lin’s brain. This process was very slow. Wang Lin slowly sorted through this memories as he sat inside the courtyard. The memories of him successfully using the Celestial Slaughter Art played slowly in his mind as he looked for similarities between them.

After a long time, Wang Lin let out a sigh. After carefully looking through all the times he successfully created slaughter energy, it seemed like they all happened by chance and there was nothing in common between them.

“Although, if there is one thing… On the day I killed Sima Yan, there was something strange… At that moment, I acted out of anger and was able to create a strand of slaughter energy…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up but then dimmed once more.

“However, this doesn’t make any sense, because there were strands of slaughter energy created when I was completely calm. There was also some slaughter energy created from demon soldiers, but as to which specific soldiers they were, it is impossible to tell.”

Wang Lin pondered for a long time, but he still couldn’t find anything, and his brows gradually furrowed.

“Cultivating the Celestial Slaughter Art is one of the key reasons I entered this place. I learned this spell to use it against Tuo Sen. Tuo Sen is very strong, so I will need a lot to go against him… Now that I have the Blood Soul Pills, I have a much better chance of surviving with these two combined. However, I only have a limited amount of Blood Soul Pills, so my priority is still this Celestial Slaughter Art!”

Wang Lin pondered. He had been cultivating the Celestial Slaughter Art for several years now, and creating the first strand of slaughter energy meant that he had reached the first stage. However, in order to master this spell, the difficulty was too high.

“I feel like there are some mysteries about this Celestial Slaughter Art, but the amount I control is too little to test.” Wang Lin raised his right hand and five strands of grey gas moved between his fingers.

“Only five strands… Even counting the one sealing Yao Xixue, it is only six strands!”

Wang Lin let out a sigh. He still hasn’t been able to see through the Celestial Slaughter Art. He was still quite confused about how the slaughter energy was produced.

He thought of many reasons, but each of those reasons only applied to one situation.

“It looks like I need to do a lot of tests and deductions to have a chance to understand the mysteries of the Celestial Slaughter Art!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and a killing intent emitted from his eyes.

He pondered a little before spreading out his divine sense and finding the two sergeants responsible for his living conditions behind the fake mountain.

The two of them feared Wang Lin’s spell from the bottom of their hearts, so they didn’t dare to stay near Wang Lin. However, the lord’s order was something they had to follow, so they decided to guard the entrance to the courtyard and didn’t allow anyone to enter.

Wang Lin’s divine sense swept past the two sergeants and he sent out a divine message.

Shortly after, the two sergeants walked into the courtyard. They stopped three feet from Wang Lin and respectfully said, “Greetings, Vice General Wang!”

Wang Lin calmly said, “I’m going out, the two of you lead the way!”

The two of them were startled, but they quickly nodded.

Wang Lin immediately moved forward several feet. The two sergeants almost immediately followed, but one of the hesitated for a bit before respectfully asking, “Vice General Wang, should we prepare a war horse?”

“No need!” In a flash, Wang Lin moved around the fake mountain and left the courtyard.

The three of them left the Mo Mansion with Wang Lin in front. The Mo Mansion was on the eastern corner of Hong City and was relatively quiet. He casually walked along the street.

Wang Lin didn’t walk very fast; he looked around and gradually made his way to the main street of Hong City. There was a river nearby along with many people, and shops filled the sides of the street. It was very lively.

Bursts of noise slowly drifted over as men and women walked on the street. The clothing in Demon Spirit Land was open-minded, especially the women’s clothing. Not only were they colorful, but they revealed a large amount of skin and were very pleasing to the eyes.

Everything before him caused Wang Lin’s tense mood from the last few days to relax. He walked the streets as if he was a mortal, and the celestial spiritual energy inside his body slowly hid itself like a river drying up.

Along the way, Wang Lin would sometimes stop outside a shop. Sometimes he would enter and sometimes he would just leave, but the amount of time he stayed was always very short.

He was like a passer-by as he slowly walked through this foreign city.

Wang Lin’s appearance wasn’t handsome, but because he was a cultivator, he gave off a very refined temperament. As a result, the more open-minded women among the crowd would sometimes place their gazes on Wang Lin as they passed by.

Wang Lin looked like a defenseless scholar with his white robe. As for the two sergeants behind him, in the view of the public, they looked like typical guards.

However, there was still an aura about Wang Lin that was very different from this place, so there was no way for him to truly belong here. As a result, a faint feeling of sadness spread out from him.

Among the pedestrians, there would be pairs of men and women talking and laughing with each other. Compared to them, Wang Lin’s figure was very lonely…

As he walked among the crowd, the surrounding noise seemed to be part of another world. The pairs of men and women seemed to belong in another time and space. Nothing before him had the slightest hint of familiarity or connection to him.

An indefinable feeling appeared in Wang Lin’s heart, and he let out a sigh. This road was very long, but he didn’t want to continue walking down it anymore.

The day was getting late, and just as he was ready to leave, the sound of a zither that was filled with a faint hint of sadness entered his ears… This faint sadness and zither music strangely fitted Wang Lin’s mood very well and caused him to stop.

Wang Lin slowly followed the sound of the zither. Not far away from the street was a river. This was one of the inner rivers of Sky Demon City.

There were several boats on the river, and this zither music was coming from one of the boats.

Wang Lin silently stood on the side of the river, listening to the zither being played. With his eyesight, he was able to see a woman playing the zither on the boat…

This woman only revealed her back…

Her back was like her zither music, revealing a faint feeling of sadness and loneliness. Not far away from her were a few young people laughing and drinking. The sound of the laughter was very out of place next to the zither music…

Wang Lin quietly looked at the boat. As the zither music fell in his ears, he savored the sound and slowly found a sense of familiarity. At this moment, he remembered the peaceful valley back on planet Suzaku, his home with Li Muwan…

Wan Er’s zither music from those peaceful days still accompanied Wang Lin.

Wan Er’s zither music also contained a hint of sadness, but the Wang Lin back then didn’t understand it. This sadness was far too faint and ethereal.

After Wan Er left, Wang Lin never heard that zither music again. Today, thanks to hearing the same zither music, the sadness in his heart slowly resurfaced.

Before Li Muwan left, Wang Lin’s feeling for her had always been that he was moved and felt responsible for her hundreds of years of waiting. This isn’t love…

However, after Wan Er left, Wang Lin would unconsciously think of Li Muwan sometimes. At those times, his heart hurt a lot; it was as if he entered a forest of loneliness.

Inside this forest, the emotion that lay dormant in him slowly awakened.

It was like a cup of bitter water inside Wang Lin’s heart, creating ripples that won’t easily disappear. He always remember the panic in her eyes when they first meet…

Even though this zither music was obviously fake, Wang Lin could still feel Wan Er slowly walking out from the void toward him and entering his arms…

It was like back in the valley when he and Li Muwan would silently watch the sunset… waiting for sunrise…

It was always after one lost something that they would want it most. It was also when one parted that they wanted to come back.

During the years after Wan Er left, Wang Lin recalled her time and time again, making her more and more important. She was now engraved in his heart and would last until the end of time…

The day was getting late, and before the sky was completely dark, a ray of starlight suddenly appeared in the sky. Too many unimaginable things happened in the Demon Spirit Land. No one asked where the starlight or moonlight came from; that wasn’t important. What was important was that this starlight along with the zither music had touched the memories Wang Lin had sealed away.

The starlight imprinted in Wang Lin’s eyes, and along with the zither music gradually drifting away, it caused a feeling to slowly condense in his heart. This was a feeling of loneliness, and it stayed in his heart for a long time.

The zither music became softer and softer as Wang Lin raised his hand to touch between his eyebrows. It was as if he was touching Li Muwan inside the heaven defying bead, and he muttered, “Wan Er, we still meet once more… This is my promise to you…”

The boat slowly left, and the figure of that woman also disappeared.

At the moment the music almost completely disappeared, the woman seem to noticed something and turned around. She looked at the riverside in the distance, but it was too dark to see. Still, in this darkness, she seemed to see a lonely figure slowly walking away.

On the boat, the woman let out a sigh and began to move her hand as sad music played once more and filled the river… Although there was light on the boat, to her, everything was always dark, whether it was day or night.

Her jade-like hand moved in the darkness, and the laughter that came from the boat was quickly shattered by her zither music.

She sat the bow of the boat, and there was no light in her eyes, but at this moment, she was like a lotus flower blooming in the mud… However, this was a bloom that no one could understand and no one paid attention to…

The zither music still echoed throughout the area, but no one was seriously listening… Even if there was someone listening seriously, she couldn’t see…

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