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Chapter 566 – Hu Pao, The Old Man, And The Armor

The central valley of the Soul Refining Tribe was an area that belonged solely to Wang Lin. Right now he was sitting inside the valley with Thirteen down on one knee before him. Thirteen’s eyes were filled with excitement.

It has already been three days since Wang Lin returned to the tribe, and Thirteen had been awakened by him with a spell.

After awakening, Thirteen immediately saw Wang Lin, and his heart was immediately filled with excitement. Wang Lin learned from Thirteen roughly what happened during this year of time.

After talking about Hu Pao, Wang Lin let out a sigh. Hu Pao disappearing from the Dark Prison was very strange. With his peak late stage Soul Transformation divine sense, he swept the whole city and didn’t find a trace of Hu Pao.

Hu Pao cultivated the soul refining technique that Wang Lin taught him, so in the end, the final control of the soul fragments belonged to Wang Lin. However, Wang Lin couldn’t find a trace of the soul fragments refined by Hu Pao.

“If Hu Pao didn’t die, then he must be in some mysterious place. There is no other reason why I can’t find him…” Wang Lin pondered for a bit before giving up on this matter regarding Hu Pao. He had already done his best.

He raised his head to look at Thirteen. One of the reasons he had brought Hu Pao and Thirteen to Ancient Demon city was to test them.

If the two passed his test, he would teach them new techniques. For Hu Pao, aside from soul refining, there was also soul extraction!

However, this soul extraction spell required much more effort than soul refining. Although Wang Lin had modified it, he wouldn’t casually teach it.

As for Thirteen, the original idea of giving Thirteen the Ancient God Tactic was immediately discarded. The Ancient God Tactic was something he could never teach!

However, during this year, Thirteen had passed Wang Lin’s test with flying colors. Wang Lin could feel that Thirteen would be completely loyal to him for at least several decades.

On planet Suzaku, Wang Lin had a lot of interactions with the Giant Demon Clan. When he killed the Giant Demon Clan Ancestor, he also obtained the Giant Demon Clan Ancestor’s bag of holding. Aside from that drop of ancient god blood, there were also some jades in there.

Among these these jades there was a record of a body cultivation method called the Nine Cultivations of the Titan. Back then, Wang Lin only quickly looked at it and forgot about it. Now he looked at Thirteen as he touched his bag of holding and a cyan jade appeared in his hand.

Wang Lin scanned it with is divine sense and thought, “This is it!” The Nine Cultivations of the Titan had a total of nine levels and was a body refining technique. After memorizing all nine chants, he wiped out the last three levels and threw it to Thirteen!.

Thirteen caught the jade with excitement. His gratitude toward Wang Lin was already indescribable. He knelt down on the ground, kowtowed a few times, and said, “Ancestor, Thirteen will only listen to you for the rest of his life!”

“Guard the Soul Refining Tribe well. Now go!” Wang Lin waved his right hand and a gentle breeze sent Thirteen out of the valley.

Wang Lin sat by himself inside the valley. The sky was covered by the black fog. This black fog was formed by the one-billion-soul soul flag, and using it to nurture soul fragments had the best effect.

“I felt safe leaving the flag here when I was at Ancient Demon City. However, the capital is too far away, so I can’t leave the flag here!” Wang Lin looked up at the black fog in the sky before closing his eyes and beginning to cultivate.

At this moment, far to the west of the Soul Refining Sect, almost half way across the Sky Demon Country, there was an endless desert.

This place was known as a very fierce place in the Demon Spirit Land!

Rumor has it that countless years ago, this was an ancient battleground of the Demon Spirit Land. Millions of kilometers of land were covered in corpses, and the ground was dyed dark red. Just one glance was enough to shock anyone’s heart.

Outside this ancient battleground there was an invisible restriction that cut off everything from the outside world!

At this moment, there was a young man sitting in this ancient battleground. Before him were more than 100 small flags. These flags moved without any wind and slowly circled around him.

A strand of black mist surrounded his body, and the presence of this black mist caused the large amount of souls that were sleeping here to awaken.

Every time a soul fragment awakened, a violent strand of black gas would charge out from the ground. It would spin with the black mist for a few laps before going inside one of the small flags.

There was a black-robed old man 1,000 feet away from the young man. This person coldly looked at the young man, and after one incense stick of time, he said, “OK, finish up!”

The young man nodded, then his hand formed a seal and all the small flags released a black glow and landed in his hand. At this moment, the young man opened his eyes!

The moment he saw the old man, he immediately stood up and respectfully said, “Hu Pao greets Benefactor!”

The old man nodded and said, “Very good! When the time comes that you can refine all the soul fragments in this ancient battleground with your soul refining skill, there is nowhere you won’t be able to go in the Demon Spirit Land!”

Hu Pao’s face was filled with excitement as he said, “This is all because of benefactor! You saved my life, taught me spells, and brought me here to refine soul fragments. Hu Pao will forever remember those things!”

The old man’s expression was still cold as he said, “If it wasn’t for the fact that your spell is strange and is something I have never seen before, I wouldn’t have saved you. In addition, your previous master returned to Ancient Demon City, fought with the Demon General, and saved Thirteen. I was one step too late!”

Hu Pao revealed a complex expression and said, “If I can refine all the soul fragments here, the first thing I’ll do is kill this Wang Lin!”

The old man looked at Hu Pao and said, “He did, after all, teach you the soul refining spell. Why do you insist on killing this person?”

Hu Pao pondered a bit before he sneered. “Although he taught me the soul refining spell, he had ulterior motives. If not for Wang Lin angering Sima Yan, I wouldn’t have been thrown into the Dark Prison!

“In the first few months in the Dark Prison, I had hopes for Wang Lin to come to save me, but as time passed by, that hope was destroyed. When I was being tortured, where was he? When I was being abused, where was he?

“In the end, all of my expectations for him to save me turned to hate. If it wasn’t for him, how would have ended up like this… Luckily, Benefactor rescued me, and on that day, when I woke up, I swore I would never be a slave a gain!”

The old man’s cold face gradually revealed a hint of a smile as he said, “Good. To have such decisive thinking, no wonder you are someone who caught my attention!” Then the old man turned around, took one step, and disappeared without a trace.

Hu Pao clenched his fist as he looked into the distance and muttered to himself, “Thirteen is too simple and is being cheated by Wang Lin. During those months in the Dark Prison, I realized that Wang Lin considers me and Thirteen disposable pawns! Wang Lin, one day, when I use my soul flags and release tens of millions of soul fragments, I want to see your expression! I want to see how you will resist my tens of millions of soul fragments!

“Once I cultivate the World Destroying Suppression method to the fourth level, I will have endless demonic spiritual energy. Wang Lin, Sima Yan, just you two wait!”

Hu Pao’s eyes revealed thick killing intent.

There was a pitch-black tower in the depths of this ancient battleground. This tower was dozens of feet tall and there were rings of light around it. These rings seemed to be able to absorb all the light coming at it. From a distance, the tower seemed to have an air of majesty around it.

The black-robed man’s figure appeared outside the tower. He took a deep breath and stepped into the tower. At the top of the tower, he knelt down on both knees.

Before him was a set of armor! This armor looked very old and was definitely not something from this era. If someone with discerning eyes were to see this, they would immediately recognize that this armor had some extraordinary history behind it!

It was still fairly intact and was completely black. There were countless patterns engraved on it, and they were all clouds.

These clouds were completely black, which gave off a strange feeling.

From a distance, this set of armor looked like a person sitting cross-legged in the room and gave of an irresistible sense of majesty. Waves of black gas came out from the armor and filled the tower.

Two ghostly lights suddenly appeared inside the helmet like a pair of eyes, and its gaze fell on the old man. At this moment, the world outside trembled slightly as if a celestial spirit had descended.

The old man took a deep breath and said, “Your subordinate has checked and found out that the demon emperor of the Sky Demon Country, Scorpio, should have already made the last step 1,000 years ago, but he is forcibly suppressing it!”

The ghostly light inside the helmet flashed and an invisible chill came out from the armor. The old man’s body and mind trembled and cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

After a long time, the ghostly light landed on the old man’s eyes as if sending a message. After a few breaths of time, the ghostly light dissipated and the armor returned to normal. The mysterious aura around the armor disappeared too.

The old man’s entire body was covered in sweat as he said, “Yes!” After that, he stood up and respectfully left the highest floor of the tower. Then he returned to the first floor and sat down in the lotus position. This time he was clearly more relaxed.

“If this child, Hu Pao, can absorb a lot of soul fragments, then combining the mysterious nature of the soul refining technique and my alchemy skill, his cultivation can increase rapidly in a short period of time. Then I’ll let him cultivate master’s Momentary Art to condense all his longevity and potential into just one hour of power so he can become one of the demon guardians!

“This soul refining spell is very mysterious, but I feel like there is some flaw hidden within it. However, master can’t be awake for too long, so I can’t waste his time on this small matter…

“If not for the fact that Hu Pao knows this mysterious soul refining spell, with his qualification and status, he wouldn’t be qualified to become a demon guardian! If this experiment is successful, I’ll have to go check out that Soul Refining Tribe!”

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