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Chapter 565 – The Ancestor Returns

The demon general’s body shook violently and the waves around him began to surge like crazy. At this moment, everything before him was replaced by that giant palm print!

The moment the palm print appeared, it fell from the sky!

A feeling that he couldn’t defeat it, couldn’t resist it, and couldn’t even dodge it appeared in his heart. It was as if this palm was the heavens and earth, this palm could destroy the world, and this palm could destroy all life!

This feeling enveloped his heart, and his body trembled involuntarily. Although this palm had not yet fallen, the pressure it gave off destroyed his will to battle!

The demon general struggled to let out a roar, and an unyielding feeling appeared in his heart. As he stared at the rapidly descending palm, battle intent erupted from inside him!

“Even if you are the heavens, I have to fight! Even if you can destroy the world, I must fight! Even if you can destroy all life, you can’t destroy the will to fight in my heart!”

His body suddenly stood straight and he let out an unyielding roar. The waves around the demon general turned into countless sea dragons that charged at the sky.

When the palm print landed, the demon general’s battle intent reached its peak, but at this moment, a gentle breeze swept by him. The palm landed on the demon general and caused no change.

The demon general was startled. This expression hadn’t appeared on his face in a long time. What followed after was the uncontrollable, lingering sense of fear that one gets after walking by death’s door.

“You are already dead!” Wang Lin landed from the air and looked at the demon general.

The demon general’s expression was complex as he looked at Wang Lin with doubt in his heart. “What spell is this?!” he asked.

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral as he calmly said, “This spell has no name!”

The demon general pondered for a bit and then the waves around his body quickly disappeared. He looked at Wang Lin and said, “You haven’t fully learned this spell!”

Wang Lin’s expression didn’t change and he only said one thing. “You can try again!”

The demon general was very uncertain. Although he suspected that Wang Lin could only perform the illusion of the attack without any real power behind it, it was only his suspicion. Even if he was 90% confident, just remembering the life and death feeling he had, he wasn’t willing to risk it!

Even thinking about that palm caused his heart to tremble!

The demon general pondered for a long time before saying, “This is your ace…”

Wang Lin didn’t explain. He knew that the more he explained, the more openings he would show. He knew that the spell was only an illusion and that anyone would be suspicious. However, suspicion will remain suspicion; it was something the demon general couldn’t confirm!

That’s why he didn’t speak and only calmly looked at the demon general.

The demon general let out a sigh. He still didn’t have the courage to risk that 90% doubt against that 10% truth. If it turned out to be real, he could die!

“It could be that even with his cultivation, if he were to use the spell’s true power, he would suffer great backlash, maybe even to the point where his body can’t stand it and will collapse, so he only used an illusion…” This was the only explanation that the demon general was willing to believe.

His suspicion was still there, but it was forcibly suppressed by him.

Wang Lin calmly asked, “Where is Thirteen?”

“I’m refining a magical treasure that requires 18 people with strong bodies. I went into closed door cultivation this time to refine the treasure. Your follower, Thirteen, is later in line, so he hasn’t been refined yet!”

Then the demon general slowly said, “I can give him back to you because you are my commander, but you killed tens of thousands of demon soldiers and destroyed five kilometers of the city. This matter I can’t let go so easily!”

Wang Lin’s expression didn’t change at all and he said, “What do you want!?”

The demon general slowly said, “In three months, I need to return to the capital of the Sky Demon Country for a debriefing. During that time, there will be a competition between the demon generals. If you promise to help me, I’ll forget about the matter of you killing my demon soldiers. Otherwise, even if I die, you won’t be able to gain a foothold in this country!”

At this moment, he considered Wang Lin his equal. Not counting that illusionary palm, just the fact that Wang Lin could break his 10 collapse punch and withstand the Hundred Wave Demon Sea caused Wang Lin’s standing in the demon general’s mind to skyrocket!

“This person has the same cultivation level as me. If it wasn’t for the fact that his spells can’t compare to mine, this would be a difficult fight!” Thinking about spells, he suddenly remembered that palm, and the idea that Wang Lin’s spells weren’t a match for his completely disappeared!

“Compared to that palm, my spells are nothing… I’m afraid only the Demon Emperor can match that spell…” The demon general sighed.

Wang Lin pondered a bit and nodded!

The demon general let out a laugh. This laugh washed away all the unpleasantness from before. He smiled and said, “Good! From today onward, I, left wing general Mo Lihai, name you as my only vice general! If I can place in the top three among the demon generals, I’ll ask the Demon Emperor to make you a general!

“At that time, you will have your own city and 100,000 demon soldiers at your command. You will definitely have a bigger advantage than a majority of the foreigners!” With that, his right hand reached out and created a black vortex.

There were specks of light inside the vortex. The demon general casually pointed at one of the specks, causing it to collapse. Then Thirteen’s body flew out and landed before Wang Lin.

His remark just now was to appease Wang Lin and use the position of general to make Wang Lin try his hardest. At the same time, he didn’t use Thirteen to threaten him. This showed that he was treating Wang Lin with sincerity!

However, this was only because he saw Wang Lin’s strength. Feeling the power of that palm was what made him give Wang Lin such treatment!

Although he suspected that palm, in the end, it was only suspicion, and as long as he could never confirm it, he wouldn’t risk it! The more intelligent someone is, the more likely they are to think this way!

Although the demon general had an open personality, having reached this level of cultivation meant that he wasn’t dumb. In fact, he wouldn’t lose to Wang Lin in cleverness.

“I’ll return in three months!” Wang Lin’s divine sense swept past Thirteen. He found that Thirteen had no injuries and was only in a coma. He grabbed Thirteen, took a step into the air, and disappeared over the horizon.

The demon general had his hand behind his back as he looked into the sky and shook his head. The five people who were equal to late stage Soul Transformation cultivators rushed in. When the five of them watched the fight earlier, their hearts were completely absorbed in it, and they weren’t able to pull themselves out for a long time.

The five of them only recovered now that Wang Lin had left.

One of the five said, “Demon General, I believe that his palm strike is fake. If you were to act, you could definitely kill him!”

“Even though I know that there is a 90% chance that that palm is a bluff, I can’t bring myself to risk it! Even if he only knows how to use an illusion, to make me hesitate so much means that he is indeed clever! To make it so what’s real looks fake and what’s fake looks real, this person… can’t be underestimated!

“Also, one year ago, against my 10 collapse punch, he had to use a secret technique to withstand up to seven collapses. Now, one year later, his cultivation has increased exponentially. He and commander Yao disappeared around the same time, yet only he came back, so there’s something hidden there! But it has nothing to do with me!”

The demon general’s words were directed at the five of them, but he was mostly muttering to himself.

The five of them silently pondered as they all raised their heads to look at where Wang Lin went to. A very complex feeling involuntarily appeared in their hearts.

Wang Lin floated in the air and spread out his divine sense. He found the Dark Prison inside the city and appeared before it with the unconscious Thirteen.

This Dark Prison was underground. Although there were restrictions placed all over the area, none of them besides the ones in the depths of the prison could stop Wang Lin.

With Hu Pao’s status, he couldn’t have been locked away in the deeper part of the prison. Wang Lin spread out his divine sense but was unable to find any trace of Hu Pao. He let out a sigh and then disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lin moved extremely fast. Now that his cultivation had reached the peak of the late stage of Soul transformation, his speed was several times fast than before. Even though he was carrying Thirteen, it didn’t take long for him to return to the Soul Refining Tribe.

Wang Lin appeared in a flash of light dozens of kilometers away from the Soul Refining Tribe. Before him, he could see the Soul Refining Tribe not far off!

Although the Soul Refining Tribe didn’t expand during this year, all of the members had been working hard on their cultivation. This 10 kilometer area was all under the control of the Soul Refining Tribe.

There was a thick, black fog in the sky above this 10 kilometer area. Sometimes soul fragments moved within this black fog, and sometimes ghostly wails slowly echoed inside it.

The people inside the Soul Refining Tribe had gotten accustomed to the ghostly wails from the black fog. The louder the wails, the more soul fragments were inside!

A majority of the people inside the Soul Refining Tribe were cultivating right now. They all had their souls out as soul fragments flew out of the soul flags and into the black fog. At the same time, soul fragments returned from the black fog and went back inside the soul flags.

After Wang Lin appeared, he took one step and charged toward the Soul Refining Tribe like a bolt of lightning. He let out a smile, as he had already noticed more than 10 people at 10 different locations carefully observing the area.

He was very familiar with these people; their duty was to stand guard outside!

Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out, and within 50 kilometers, there were more than 100 people on guard!

It didn’t take long for Wang Lin to arrive about 1,000 feet away from the tribe. This was where he stopped. After he stopped, a powerful gust of wind followed him and blew toward the tribe!

The moment he stopped, someone immediately saw Wang Lin. After a moment of shock, their eyes were filled with excitement.

“Ancestor!” A shout filled with joy quickly awakened everyone from their cultivation. In almost an instant, all of the tribe members stood up.

Ouyang Hua turned into a cloud of black mist as he charged through the tribe. He stopped about 10 feet before Wang Lin with a face full of excitement and respectfully said, “Welcome back, Ancestor!”

At the same time, all of the tribe members knelt down on one knee and said, in a chorus, “Welcome back, Ancestor!”

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