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Chapter 564 – One Palm

Wang Lin immediately felt an unimaginable force coming at him. A series of cracking sounds came from the pinky with the underworld finger and the force spread across his body.

Wang Lin’s body was pushed back by this force and two skidmarks was created by him. He was forced back 30 feet before he took a step back and stopped himself.

As the shockwave spread out, those demon soldiers that had their lives taken by the underworld finger turned to dust.

In addition to all of this, every building within five kilometers collapsed. The collapsing bodies and buildings created an air blast that spread out very far.

Only those several people that had cultivation equal to that of Soul Transformation cultivators or higher were able to survive in this storm.

At the same time, the slaughter gas formed from the celestial slaughter art flew toward Wang Lin from all the pieces of scattered flesh.

“What a powerful spell!” A low voice came from before Wang Lin. After the dust settled, the demon general’s large figure was revealed.

After he finished speaking, his body wobbled as he forced himself from being knocked backwards. The demonic spiritual energy inside his body moved like crazy to stop himself from being sent flying back. His eyes were like lightning as he stepped forward and crossed 30 feet in an instant. Then his palm reached out and hit the ground. This palm created a gust of wind, and the area within five kilometers seemed to have became a ocean.

The entire sea let out a roar from the demon general’s palm and charged toward Wang Lin like crazy.

“Withstand my Hundred Wave Demon Sea and then you are qualified to talk with me!”

Wang Lin’s body backed up and he immediately felt the change in demonic spiritual energy around him. Demonic spiritual energy was normally incorporeal, but this spell seemed to turn it into a real ocean. That palm caused the ocean to surge and crash down upon Wang Lin.

Compared to the 10 collapses, this Hundred Wave Demon Sea was even more powerful. The intent contained inside it was even stronger than the fist intent in the 10th collapse punch!

Facing the sea of demonic spiritual energy, Wang Lin suddenly had an idea flash into his mind!

Back on planet Suzaku, there was a rumor that a powerful cultivator used a spell to make the sea into a mist, thus creating the Sea of Devils’ unique appearance!

When Wang Lin heard of it back then, although he was shocked, he more or less didn’t believe it. However, today he personally saw the demon general turn the invisible demonic spiritual energy into a visible sea. Although this shocked him, it mostly made him think very deeply about this matter.

As the demon sea surged, waves began to stack up on top of each other until there were 30 of them, and Wang Lin was focused on continuing to back up!

Backing up didn’t mean he had failed, it was him buying time to think of a way to break it!

The 30 waves of the demon sea stacked together and chased after Wang Lin. Wang Lin’s hands moved quickly, creating restrictions to prevent the waves from closing in!

However, these restrictions were like thin paper before the waves. They quickly shattered and dissipated into specks of black light.

As the waves became more fierce, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He was about to take out some blood jades from Yao Xixue’s bag to help him resist when the golden symbol he absorbed from the second statue suddenly appeared in his head!

This symbol suddenly imprinted in his mind. But Wang Lin ignored it and took out a large amount of blood jades. He crushed them and waves of blood light filled the area.

This blood-colored light covered Wang Lin’s entire body. At this moment, the 30 waves arrived and landed on the blood-colored light.

There was a series of rumbles like angry waves hitting on a rock. The blood-colored light lasted for several breaths of time before immediately collapsing, and the waves closed in.

As the waves closed in, the golden symbol in Wang Lin’s mind became even clearer and more profound! Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Having reached his current cultivation level meant that his entire body had been tempered by celestial spiritual energy and he had full mastery over his mind, so random things shouldn’t appear in his mind during battle.

But at this moment, the golden symbol flashed violently in his mind. It seemed ready to break free and fly out from Wang Lin’s mind.

With the interference of the golden symbol, he couldn’t think clearly; even the movement of celestial spiritual energy inside his body was affected by the flashing, golden symbol. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Wind does not come from an empty cave for no reason, and the symbol might not have appeared in his head for no reason. He decided to open his mind and his hand sent out a restriction. The grey gas gathered before his body and his right finger quickly swiped across it!

With one stroke, the grey gas twisted and formed a symbol!

After drawing the symbol, Wang Lin felt his mind become extremely clear, and he had the urge to release the power inside him.

The moment the symbol appeared, the demon general’s eyes narrowed. From his view, this symbol had no power, but if Wang Lin was using it at this critical moment, it couldn’t be normal!

Wang Lin’s finger didn’t stop; it moved once more over the symbol. With another stroke, he created a two stroke symbol!

The demon general’s eyes became even more serious. When that symbol formed, he immediately felt like he was facing the heavens.

Wang Lin’s finger moved once more and the three stroke symbol was created. At this moment, the golden symbol in his mind melted into a golden force that fused with the three stroke golden symbol.

Just at this moment, a powerful force came from the symbol. This force was extremely powerful, and it caused the demon general’s heart to tighten.

He quickly increased the 30 waves into 60 waves and sent them forward.

After a series of rumbles, the symbol met the 30 waves, causing the waves to collapse, but the symbol dimmed after doing so. The golden symbol then collided with the next 30 waves, and they cancelled each other out.

But just at this moment, three strands of grey gas appeared where the symbol disappeared. They pierced through the demon sea and charged directly at the demon general.

The demon general’s eyes narrowed and he shouted, “Armor, activate!”

With one word, a curtain of demonic spiritual energy suddenly appeared seven feet before him. The three strands of grey gas collided with the curtain and shook violently before being bounced back. Now they were slightly dimmer than before.

The demon general’s eyes lit up, then he laughed and took a step forward. “What a powerful symbol spell! Wang Lin, I have indeed underestimated you. However, it seems the symbol has a lot more to it. How about you display it all and have a battle with me!”

Wang Lin coldly asked, “Where is Thirteen?!”

“We’ll talk after we finish fighting!” The demon general laughed and his eyes lit up like a torch!

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he backed up several steps and said, “Once I use my final ace, you will die for sure!”

“Oh? Then show it to me. If it can really kill me, I’ll be satisfied!” The demon general’s eyes lit up as he created another 40 waves that crashed toward Wang Lin.

“If I were to kill you, I would have no way to stay in this Sky Demon Country. Watch carefully, you will know yourself if you can withstand this blow!” Wang Lin didn’t try to take on the 40 waves. Instead, he flew hundreds of feet into the air and suddenly looked down.

The demon general’s eyes revealed a mysterious light, and with a thought, the 40 waves returned to him. Right now the 40 waves moved around him like 40 dragons, and the current him was like a Demonic Sea God!

Wang Lin floated in the air and closed his eyes. The demon general was far stronger than he thought. The ten collapse punch was only one of the demon general’s spells. This Hundred Wave Demon Sea should be his true killing move. As for whether the demon general had any more hidden abilities, although Wang Lin was curious, he didn’t want to find out!

Although this person’s cultivation was only at the peak of the late stage of Soul Transformation like Wang Lin’s, his spells were far more powerful than Wang Lin’s.

Wang Lin had to admit that he was lacking in terms of spells!

Even when using his treasures, he wasn’t confident that he could win. This was the first time in hundreds of years that Wang Lin had faced someone who had the same cultivation level as him and not only was he not confident that he could win, if he was just a bit careless, he would lose!

Right now he was also inside the demon general’s city. His goal was to save Thirteen, and if he suffered any injuries, the chance of the rescuing Thirteen would disappear. After Wang Lin learned he couldn’t win, he had the idea of a trick!

He floated in the air with his eyes closed and recalled the giant hand print he saw in the Celestial Realm. Back then, he spent a lot time next to it to learn from it, and then later he used it against Red Butterfly. However, that palm only had the shape and no power behind it.

However, this spell was something no one could see through. After all, the moment it appears, its pressure is already at an unimaginable degree.

That giant hand print slowly condensed in his mind, and his mentality changed to the way it was back when he was comprehending it. At this moment, his eyes suddenly opened up, and they showed a inexplicable color.

With one gaze, he looked down on the ground and felt like he was looking over the entire world. As for the demon general, he now looked like an ant.

When the demon general saw this gaze, his heart shook violently for the first time!

“This… This gaze is something I only feel when I look at the Ancient Demon in the temple. It is something not even the demon emperor possesses!” The demon general’s body trembled, and the waves around him began to rotate out of control.

Wang Lin reached out with his right hand and pressed down. This palm caused the sky to darken, and various mysterious forces gathered below Wang Lin and formed an incredibly large palm print.

Then he pressed down his palm!

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