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Chapter 553 – Celestial Crystal

For someone of Cao Yidou’s status to know of this was already strange, and Cao Yidou even said that almost every cultivator knew the identification method.

As a result, Wang Lin was immediately able to confirm that all of this was a scheme by the Blood Ancestor!

“Combining how carefree Yao Xixue was and Cao Yidou’s answer, I’m sure there is a way to tell the difference between real and fake Blood Soul Pills. However, I’m afraid that aside from the Blood Ancestor and his daughter, there is not a third person that knows!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined with a light of wisdom.

“This pill is fake! If the real pill can let them live once more, than a fake pill will send them to their death! Yao Xixue, since you are so vicious, don’t blame me for being ruthless!” Wang Lin looked at the wax pill in his hand. He was going to crush it, but he suddenly had an idea and put it away inside his bag of holding.

One of the main reasons Wang Lin was able to survive for such a long time and become so powerful was his cunning. Back when he was at the Core Formation stage, the Eighth Extreme Demon Lord 1 once said that this child was ruthless, bold, decisive, and cold. He was also very brave, thoughtful, strong-willed, and as cunning as fox.

These words described Wang Lin’s true self perfectly.

To be able to reach such an answer from one of Yao Xixue’s expressions and Cao Yidou’s casual words was something not even most of those cultivators who lived for thousands of years could do. Only those old monsters who had cultivated for tens of thousands of years who had seen through the human heart could see through it like Wang Lin.

It was like how back on planet Suzaku Wang Lin was able to see through Liu Mei’s Thousand Illusion Ruthless Domain from the two different personalities of two female disciples.

Although the heavens didn’t give Wang Lin excellent cultivation talent, his wisdom was honed by time to allow him to obtain cunning far beyond his years. This was all a cause and effect that created a balance in the heavens.

Wang Lin waved his hand and the bag of holding Yao Xixue left behind flew into his grasp. He spread out his divine sense and found that the amount of jades was indeed enough for him to reach the late stage of Soul Transformation like Yao Xixue said.

“Three days…” Wang Lin took a deep breath, and without a word, he pressed his hand on the ground. There was a flash of black light as his entire body entered the ground and disappeared.

Wang Lin was sitting in the lotus position underground with his eyes closed. He was surrounded by the celestial jades Yao Xixue gave him, and he was absorbing the celestial spiritual energy like crazy, causing the celestial jades to turn into dust.

A large amount of celestial jades was required to reach the late stage of Soul Transformation. Wang Lin didn’t rest at all as he concentrated on absorbing the celestial spiritual energy like crazy into his body. He didn’t have the time to fuse it into his body and instead condensed it into something similar to the demon crystal.

He had studied the demon crystal for a long time back at the Soul Refining Tribe, so he knew its structure very well. If demonic spiritual energy could be condensed into a crystal, then so could celestial spiritual energy.

Earlier, he wasn’t willing to waste celestial jades to try, but now that he had enough, he began his attempt. Once a large amount of celestial spiritual energy had accumulated, a change began to occur.

After condensing for a long time, a crystal much like the demon crystal formed, but this one gave off celestial spiritual energy as it slowly appeared inside Wang Lin.

The amount of celestial spiritual energy in this celestial crystal was 1/10th of what was in the celestial jades Yao Xixue gave him.

The absorption continued.

Three days later, it was another rise of the purple demon. Yao Xixue was standing on the ancient mountain thousands of kilometers from the army camp. Purple light shined on the ground, creating a very demonic atmosphere.

Yao Xixue’s gaze would occasionally look into the distance and show signs of anxiety.

“Time is almost here. Could he really have changed his mind!?” Yao Xixue frowned.

Just at this moment, a ray of light suddenly flew toward her directly like a ray of lightning, and Yao Xixue’s eyes lit up. The ray of light moved extremely fast. It arrived at the mountain and paused for a moment before landing on the peak to reveal Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was wearing white like Yao Xixue, and his hair was flowing in the wind, giving him an elegant look.

“You sure came right on time. Now I need to open the formation so that no one else will notice the abnormality here!” As Yao Xixue spoke, she slapped her bag of holding and took out several blood-colored statues.

None of these statues were big; they were each only about three inches tall. All of these carvings were of ferocious beasts that Wang Lin didn’t recognize. A blood aura slowly spread out from the statues.

Yao Xixue’s hand formed a seal and she muttered a chant. Then she bit the tip of her tongue to spit out blood and used it to draw a symbol in the air. She hit the symbol with her palm, causing it to immediately grow big and imprint itself on the ground.

At the same time, the statues moved on their own and each took a spot in seven different positions. Then there was a flash of blood-colored light and they fused into the ground.

The statues fused with the ground and then a mysterious force surrounded the entire ancient mountain. Wang Lin clearly saw that the symbol was only a catalyst and that the real power was from the seven statues.

This force was invisible, and if Wang Lin wasn’t within 100 feet of it, he wouldn’t have noticed it.

Wang Lin spread out his divine sense and was immediately surprised to find that he couldn’t see himself with his own divine sense.

This was the first time Wang Lin had encountered something like this. The divine sense was like a foreign object that he could control at will, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t find himself on the mountain.

This was like if a mortal were to look at a mirror only to see everything in it except for their own reflection.

Yao Xixue coldly said, “There is no need to check. Unless someone has the cultivation level of a demon general, there is no way to detect it!”

Wang Lin withdrew his divine sense and admired this formation very much. He asked, “Was this formation created by your father, the Blood Ancestor?”

“That’s correct!” As Yao Xixue spoke, she touched her bag of holding and a blood-colored compass appeared in her hand. She calculated the position, put it on the ground, turned toward Wang Lin, and said, “Remember our agreement! Once the rise of the purple demon reaches its peak, a ray of blood-colored light will come from the compass. It will only last one breath of time, so you must follow closely after me!”

Wang Lin silently nodded.

Yao Xixue pondered and said, “When we return, I’ll give you the remaining celestial jades and the blood token! In addition, I’ll also give you the correct method to using the Blood Soul Pill!”

Just as she spoke, the purple light from the moon reached its peak. It was like the heavenly dog swallowing the moon for mortals. The purple light instantly spread out, and the entire earth was covered in his purple light.

The sky and earth were filled with purple!

At the same time, the compass on the ground released a thick, blood-colored light. Compared to the purple light, the blood-colored light was like a sword breaking through the purple. Although the blood-colored light was small in comparison, it was very tenacious!

“Let’s go!” Yao Xixue let out a shout as she quickly moved and stepped into the blood-colored light. Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he moved like lightning and quickly followed her.

At the moment the two of them entered, the blood-colored light disappeared without a trace along with the compass.

The purple light gradually disappeared until it was completely gone.

The bi-annual rise of the purple demon passed by once more.

Wang Lin had experienced transfer arrays too many times and had a very strong resistance to the discomfort. When he entered the blood-colored light, he immediately realized that this was a pinpoint transfer.

That means that someone placed a transmission point at the location Yao Xixue was talking about. As long as one can access this transmission point, they can enter that place from anywhere.

However, it’s obvious that one has to be inside the Demon Spirit Land for the transfer to be successful.

After the short discomfort from the transfer array, Wang Lin saw the rapid-moving trail of blood under his feet. These blood trails formed a bloody formation.

Yao Xixue recovered half a breath later than Wang Lin. When she recovered, the blood trails under their feet had already disappeared.

“The movement of this bloody formation is similar to the formation created by the statues; they were clearly made by the same person. The Blood Ancestor is indeed not ordinary to be able to create a transfer array here. However, if given enough time, I can place a transfer array here as well!” Wang Lin quietly checked his surroundings.

This place was like space, with no difference between the sky and earth. There were only pieces of bright light, and under this light, everything was clearly visible to the eyes.

There was a rough, winding path about 10 feet wide that led off into the distance. This was the only path, and it was not fixed but instead fluttered left and right in a regular pattern.

Wang Lin was standing on a platform that was about 1,000 feet wide. The transfer array was secretly carved on this platform.

Wang Lin could see that Yao Xixue has come here many times. She sat down in the lotus position on the platform and said to Wang Lin, “Meditate to comprehend your domain. Only by obtaining the qualification mark can one walk on the Path of the Revered Beast!” She didn’t say more before she closed her eyes and began to cultivate.

Wang Lin looked around and walked forward. He stopped before the winding and empty path and looked at it with a serious expression.

With one look, Wang Lin’s pupils shrank. This wasn’t a small path, it was clearly the body of a dragon-like beast that was too large to estimate. Thinking of Yao Xixue’s words, this beast was clearly the Revered Beast!

“There is no memory of this beast in the memories of ancient god Tu Si. Unless Tu Si didn’t know of it, then it appeared after him. What place is this to have such a large beast…

“This place obviously wasn’t created out of thin air and was created by someone. Who exactly was so powerful that they could use this beast’s body as a path?!”

Wang Lin gasped, then his eyes lit up and he immediately began to ponder. He looked at Yao Xixue and thought to himself, “I must think of a way to get all the information about this place from her!”

He pondered silently for a moment before sitting down in the lotus position. He calmed himself, and just was he was about to dive into his domain, a thought suddenly entered his mind.

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