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Chapter 552 – Blood Soul Pill

Yao Xixue’s beauty eyebrows furrowed. She already felt like her offer was very good and that she was extremely sincere. She had already said all that needed to be said and the reward was very good. She even suppressed her temper because she needed his help.

However, this Wang Lin continued to delay this matter, and this made her start to feel impatient.

However, without his help, she would have to wait until the Ascendant stage before she could break the restriction. Although she wasn’t lacking celestial jades, she still had to comprehend the heavens first. Comprehending the heavens could be short or long; no one knew exactly when they would gain enlightenment.

Also, she couldn’t allow the inhabitants here to know of this place, or it would start a calamity. Thinking about it over and over again, Wang Lin was the most suitable candidate! Seeing Wang Lin’s demonic form when fighting with the demon general made her even more confident that she could break the restriction with his help.

Yao Xixue looked at Wang Lin and began to ponder. She began thinking back to what Wang Lin had said before and seemed to somewhat understand his meaning. The four months Wang Lin asked for was just his leverage for more reward.

She felt a hint of contempt, and her voice naturally became colder as she said, “What more do you want? More celestial jades? Treasures? Spells?”

Wang Lin didn’t mind her tone and calmly said, “I don’t care about treasures or spells. Converting them into more celestial jades would be for the best!”

The contempt in Yao Xixue’s heart became seven stronger and she said, “My father’s blood cave has a lot of celestial jades. I’ll give you a token, and once you leave Demon Spirit Land, you can go fetch them yourself!”

Wang Lin nodded and said, “That is fine, but this matter is very dangerous, so I still need to consider it.”

Yao Xixue’s face suddenly became cold and she coldly asked, “How long do you want to consider for!?”

Wang Lin calmly said, “About three months!”

“You!” Yao Xixue was enraged. She waved her sleeves, causing the door to open, before turning around and walking toward the door.

Wang Lin calmly said, “I won’t see you off!”

Yao Xixue had half her foot out of the pagoda when she took a deep breath, clenched her teeth, and touched her bag of holding to take out a wax pill. She looked at Wang Lin with indifference in her eyes and said, “I’ll give you this and you will depart with me in three days. If you still don’t agree, then forget this matter!”

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and looked at the wax pill in Yao Xixue’s hand. This wax pill looked very ordinary without anything abnormal about it. However, as he continued to examine it, he saw the rows of fine symbols carved onto the pill.

These symbols flickered in a strange frequency that matched Yao Xixue’s breathing and heartbeat!

Wang Lin asked, in a serious tone, “What is this?”

Yao Xixue didn’t hide the contempt in her eyes and said, “You don’t even know what this is? Well, that is to be expected since you just became the All-Seer’s disciple. This is something unique to my father, the Blood Ancestor. It is called the Blood Soul Pill!”

“Blood Soul Pill!” This was the first time Wang Lin had heard about this pill, but his expression didn’t change at all. He didn’t know that if the cultivators back on Tian Yun heard this, they would all go crazy.

The value of this pill could not be estimated!

Yao Xixue coldly said, “This pill is named Blood Soul. It is not meant to be devoured, it’s meant for you to leave your origin soul and flesh imprint mark on it and create a connection. Even if your origin soul is destroyed, you can still reincarnate! To be more exact, it can die for you once!”

Wang Lin’s expression finally changed. He waved his right hand, causing the pill to fly out of Yao Xixue’s hand and into his.

Yao Xixue already knew that Wang Lin would want to inspect it personally, so she didn’t stop him and let him take the pill. As she looked at Wang Lin’s moved expression, she began to sneer in her heart.

Although that was a Blood Soul Pill, it was a failed one!

This was something her father created to prevent others from stealing. Although it also contained a drop of blue blood, it contained too many impurities and toxins. Aside from the father and daughter, no one else could tell the difference between the real and fake pills.

As a result, there was no need to be afraid of anyone trying to steal them!

If one placed their hopes on this failure pill, it meant that they had already thrown away half their life!

Wang Lin held the wax pill and immediately noticed the symbols on it. The frequency of the flashes suddenly changed to match his own heartbeat.

Clearly the frequency of the flashes depended on who held this pill at the moment.

Holding this pill, Wang Lin felt a strong sense of a blood bond. It was like this was part of his body; this feeling was very strong.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, then he raised his head to look at Yao Xixue and said, in a serious tone, “Give me the celestial jades!”

Without a word, Yao Xixue took out a bag of holding and tossed it at Wang Lin, then she said, “This is enough celestial jades for you to reach the late stage of Soul Transformation. I’ll give you the rest when we get back! Three days from now come find me in the Ancient Mountain at midnight!”

Wang Lin pondered a bit. After a while, he slowly said, “I will!”

Yao Xixue let out a smile and left. She wasn’t afraid of Wang Lin taking the things and leaving. She didn’t care about the celestial jades, and she cared even less about the pill.

Wang Lin’s gaze was still on Yao Xixue until she was far away. He withdrew his gaze and began to ponder.

“This woman sure is carefree, not afraid that I would break the promise… However, there must be a reason for her to be so carefree. I guess this woman doesn’t care about celestial jades at all. To be able to give away so much at once, I guess her father, the Blood Ancestor, has a lot of celestial jades.

“However, this Blood Soul Pill is a bit strange. If this pill is really as she says, there’s no way a lot of them exist, so they should be extremely rare. I’m afraid it would be comparable to a real celestial spell!

“In order to get my help, she is willing to give one away. If I was her and gave it to someone, I would definitely have done something to it.”

Wang Lin revealed a sneer and muttered, “Yao Xixue, if you weren’t so carefree, I would have at most doubted you, but now I’m confident that there is some problem with this Blood Soul Pill!”

His eyes lit up as he touched his bag of holding and took out an ordinary soul flag. He shook the flag and shouted, “Cao Yidou!”

A black mist quickly came from the soul flag and took the shape of a person!

This person was the guide he had found for himself, Cao Yidou!

The moment Cao Yidou appeared, he prostrated on the ground and respectfully said, “Greetings, Master!”

Wang Lin didn’t waste any time and asked, “Do you know the Blood Ancestor?”

When Cao Yidou heard the name “Blood Ancestor,” his expression immediately changed. It took him a long time to recover and he said, “I know that the fame of the Blood Ancestor is something every cultivator on planet Tian Yun knows of! Rumor has it that he has challenged the All-Seer seven times, and although he lost every time, his cultivation each time was stronger than before. There is also a rumor that he is the third most powerful cultivator on planet Tian Yun after the All-Seer and Ling Tianhou. Although this is just a rumor, that just shows how powerful his cultivation really is!”

Wang Lin pondered for a bit and said, “Have you heard of the Blood Soul Pill?”

“Blood Soul Pill!!!” Cao Yidou immediately became excited. The level of excitement he showed was even more than when Wang Lin promised him a Soul Transformation body.

“Master, this Blood Soul Pill is something that can be considered one of the top three treasures on planet Tian Yun! This pill has the ability to steal from the heavens to change one’s fate by allowing cultivators to revive from the dead! This pill belongs only to the Blood Ancestor; no one knows how he got them!” Cao Yidou was very excited, and his speech became a lot faster.

Wang Lin opened his right hand, and in his right hand there was a wax pill giving off a strange flicker.

“Do you know what this is?”

Cao Yidou was startled and took a careful look at the wax pill. After a short while, his expression changed greatly as he muttered to himself, “Wrapped by the wax made from white lizard beast and has a total of 3,614 symbols engraved on it. It flashes along with the holder’s breathing frequency and gives off a feeling that it is your flesh and blood… Master, was I right?”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he nodded!

Cao Yidou suppressed the excitement in his heart and immediately said, “Master please drop a drop of blood on it!”

Wang Lin hesitated a bit before biting a fingertip and squeezing a drop of blood on it. The moment the blood fell on the wax pill, there was a flash of blue light. The blue light lasted for three breaths of time before disappearing.

“Flashing symbol on the wax and a blue light with a drop of blood! Yes, this is a Soul Blood Pill!” As Cao Yidou stared at the wax pill, his face was filled with greed.

Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy as he looked at the Cao Yidou and slowly asked, “Cao Yidou, with your cultivation, was your position in your sect high?”

Cao Yidou didn’t seem to hear Wang Lin at all. Right now the only thing in his eyes was the Blood Soul Pill. This pill was very important to him. He vaguely remembered that if he were to take the pill as a soul, it would allow him to condense a new body!

Looking at his appearance, Wang Lin frowned and let out a cold snort. This snort entered Cao Yidou’s soul and it was like a bucket of cold water was poured on him, causing him to immediately sober up.

After hearing Wang Lin’s question, he was startled before he bitterly shook his head. “Not high, or else I wouldn’t have been sent to planet Suzaku by the Corpse Sect to possess a body.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he said, “If your status isn’t high, why do you know so much about the Blood Soul Pill to even know how to differentiate between real and fake?”

Cao Yidou was startled once more and warily smiled. “Master, the method to identify the Blood Soul Pill is known by almost everyone on planet Tian Yun; it is not a secret…”

Wang Lin nodded as he waved the flag and called Cao Yidou back inside. He looked at the Blood Soul Pill and his expression became even more gloomy.

“If this is so precious, why is the method of identifying it so widespread and confirmed as the truth? There must be some ulterior motives behind all of this!”

“Blood Ancestor, no wonder he is an old monster who has cultivated for so long. With one easy move, he dissolved the crisis of carrying such a rare treasure. If I were him, I would have done the same!” As Wang Lin squeezed the wax pill in his hand, his eyes filled with clarity.

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