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Chapter 551 – Transaction

“There are two more cultivators in Ancient Demon City besides me. Among the two, one of them is only at the early stage of Soul Transformation, so they can’t help much. Only this Wang Lin, who can endure up to the demon general’s seventh punch, should be powerful enough… Only his personality is cold, so without any reward, I’m afraid it will be very difficult to get him to help me…”

Yaoi Xixue pondered a bit and then waved her hand before her. A white light covered her naked body and she was soon hidden behind a white dress.

Time passed by. Wang Lin continued to cultivate inside the Black Armor Army camp. After absorbing the demonic spiritual energy of more than 500 demon soldiers and Regiment Leader Sun, the demon crystal in his body broke past 1,000 ranks when he finally fused them all.

Absorbing demonic spiritual energy with a 1,000 plus rank demon crystal was several times faster than before.

Wang Lin didn’t care about any of the matters in the military camp. He spent all his time absorbing demonic spiritual energy to prepare for breaking into the late stage of Soul Transformation.

On this day, Wang Lin was cultivating when he suddenly opened his eyes and his expression fluctuated slightly.

“Fellow cultivator Wang, tonight at midnight, meet me on the ancient mountain one thousand kilometers from the army camp. Yao Xixue!”

Yao Xixue’s voice echoed inside Wang Lin’s origin soul like a cloud of misty smoke.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit before closing his eyes and continuing to cultivate.

At midnight on the ancient mountain 1,000 kilometers from the army camp, Yao Xixue stood at the top of the mountain dressed in white and silently waited. Time slowly passed by, and even after the sun gradually appeared over the horizon, Wang Lin still hadn’t appeared.

Yao Xixue’s expression was cold as she let out a cold snort. Then her body turned into a ray of white light and charged directly at Wang Lin’s army camp. She soon arrived outside the army camp and teleported directly inside. The formation around the camp had no effect on her; after all, she was one of the commanders as well.

In the army camp, many demon soldiers were practicing formations under the command of their regiment leaders. Yao Xixue’s appearance caught the attention of all the demon soldiers.

She moved extremely fast and flew directly toward the pagoda Wang Lin was in.

Outside the pagoda, Thirteen suddenly opened his eyes and stood up. He coldly looked at Yao Xixue, who was flying this way.

Thirteen shouted, “Incomer, stop!”

Yao Xixue’s expression was as cold as ice. She let out a cold snort and instead of slowing down, she flew even faster toward the pagoda.

At this moment, the squad leaders outside didn’t hesitate at all to charge toward the pagoda. Behind them, the demon soldiers released their demonic spiritual energy and quickly followed.

Seeing Yao Xixu closing in, Thirteen let out a roar as he took one step forward and threw a punch.

Yao Xixue didn’t even look at Thirteen as she pointed at the air. A ray of blood-colored light shot out and surrounded Thirteen, making it look like he was wearing a bloody cloak. Thirteen’s entire body froze on the spot like a statue.

Just as Yao Xixue was about to step into the pagoda, the 9,000 demon soldiers rushed over. One of the regiment leaders quickly shouted, “Commander Yao, stop!”

Yao Xixue’s face was filled with killing intent as she waved her jade-like hand behind her and a ray of blood-colored light appeared. The surrounding 1,000 feet were immediately surrounded by this blood-colored light, and the demon soldiers rushing over were blocked outside.

“I have private affairs with your Commander Wang, so don’t bother us!” After saying that, Yao Xixue walked into the pagoda.

At the moment she walked into the attic, a gentle breeze blew by. When the breeze landed on her, her expression immediately changed. Her entire body suddenly emitted a blood-colored light that only disappeared when the breeze finished passing.

Thirteen’s body was also hit by the breeze, and he immediately trembled and regained his ability to move. After hearing Wang Lin’s words in his ears, he didn’t even look at Yao Xixue before silently sitting back down.

“Fellow cultivator Yao sure has a bad temper.” Wang Lin’s voice slowly came out from the pagoda. There was no indication of joy or anger in his voice.

The coldness on Yao Xixue’s face was still there as she snorted and said, “My anger can’t match fellow cultivator Wang’s haughtiness!” With that, she walked forward three steps, opened the door, and went inside.

The windows inside the pagoda were completely sealed, so no light could enter. At the moment the door was opened, a bright ray of sunlight entered the pagoda.

Wang Lin was sitting in the lotus position in the darkness, his expression hidden by it.

Wang Lin’s voice was very cold. “Since you entered this place, if you don’t have something that will interest me, don’t blame me for ignoring you.”

He had reached the critical moment of his cultivation and was planning to go into closed door cultivation for several months to refine the demonic spiritual energy inside his body to reach the late stage of Soul Transformation. Now that he had been interrupted, he naturally wouldn’t give her any face.

Yao Xixue coldly said, “When I asked you to meet me on the ancient mountain, why didn’t you come!?”

“Why would I go?” Wang Lin frowned. He had only met this girl twice before. Counting this time, it was only the third time.

Yao Xixue was startled. She was filled with anger earlier, so she directly came here. Now that Wang Lin retorted with that question, she didn’t know what to say.

After pondering a bit, Yao Xixue bowed and said, “This matter was me being reckless and I hope fellow cultivator Wang won’t take offense. I came here because I need fellow cultivator Wang’s help with something.”

“What is it?” Wang Lin’s words were brief. He didn’t want to waste too much time with her because right now was a critical moment for refining the demonic spiritual energy in his body.

Yao Xixue pointed behind her and the door suddenly closed, then a blood-colored light surrounded the entire pagoda.

“This matter is extremely secretive, so I have to be on guard. I hope fellow cultivator Wang won’t mind!” Right now Yao Xixue needed to ask for help, so she had to suppress her temper.

Wang Lin calmly said, “No problem!”

Yao Xixue pondered a bit and said, “There is a restriction I can’t break by myself. If fellow cultivator Wang helps me, once the restriction is broken, I’ll definitely have a great reward for you!”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and slowly said, “Right now I have important matters to deal with, so I can’t help you break the restriction. I hope fellow cultivator Yao will forgive me!”

Forget the fact that he really didn’t have time right now, even if he did have time, he wouldn’t agree so easily. After all, he had no relationship with this person, and if she couldn’t even break it with her cultivation, then Wang Lin didn’t believe he could help much.

Also, the most important part was that her words were very vague and obviously left out a lot. As a result, Wang Lin wouldn’t help her, and he had no reason to help her.

When Yao Xixue decided to ask Wang Lin for help, she already knew that he wouldn’t agree so easily, so she didn’t give up and said, “Fellow cultivator Wang’s cultivation is at the mid stage of Soul Transformation. If you want to reach the late stage of Soul Transformation, the amount of celestial jades needed is great, and if you wish to step into the Ascendant stage, the amount of celestial jades you will need is beyond imagination. This is just for increasing your cultivation level; to have to spend 500 years here, you must have a lot of celestial jades prepared just to be consumed regularly. As a result, I believe celestial jade is the most important thing to fellow cultivator Wang right now. I wonder if fellow cultivator Wang has enough? If not, I can provide them!”

Wang Lin opened his eyes and saw that in the dark room, there were two eyes bright as the moon looking at him. He looked at Yao Xixue and asked, “How many can you provide?”

Yao Xixue revealed a smile. She wasn’t afraid of Wang Lin giving too big of a price, but Wang Lin was not interested at all before. Now that Wang Lin had asked, she was confident she could satisfy him.

Yao Xixue calmly said, “I can provide enough for fellow cultivator to reach the early stage of Ascendant!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Yao Xixue’s words tempted him. Right now he indeed needed celestial jades. If he had enough, he would have already reached the late stage of Soul Transformation and wouldn’t have to absorb the demonic spiritual energy he worked so hard to collect.

What she said was correct. Although Wang Lin had just enough celestial jades to barely reach the late stage of Soul Transformation, if he were to use then all up now, if he was ever injured or lost celestial spiritual energy in the remaining 500 years, he would be at a huge disadvantage.

He had already considered this before, which was why he still hadn’t absorbed energy from any celestial jades. Instead, he gathered demonic spiritual energy to fuse with his celestial spiritual energy. He was saving the celestial jades for last.

Wang Lin even made up his mind that once he reaches the peak of the late stage of Soul Transformation, he was going to lead the demon soldiers outside and ransack every cultivator he met for celestial jades!

Yao Xixue quickly said, “How about it? If fellow cultivator Wang agrees, I can give you enough celestial jades to reach the late stage of Soul Transformation. As for the rest, I’ll immediately give them to you once we return!”

Wang Lin pondered for a long time and asked, “What kind of restriction is it?”

“I don’t know the name of the restriction, but once it actives, it creates a rotating wheel restriction with a total of 18 restriction seals. I can only break through to the 11th one, but I believe that with your help, I can break through them all!”

What Yao Xixue said was mostly true, but there was a very important thing she didn’t mention. Breaking this restriction was a matter of life and death. If you break through, you live, but if you fail, you die!

She failed four times, meaning she had died four times and consumed four extremely valuable Blood Soul Pills that her father risked his life to obtain!

There were only 13 of these pills, and a majority of them were in her hands!

Wang Lin pondered a bit, then his eyes narrowed and he asked, “Where is this restriction located?”

Yao Xixue pondered a bit and said, “I can’t say more until fellow cultivator Wang agrees. I can tell you that it requires a special treasure to enter the place. As of now, there shouldn’t be anyone besides me who can enter!”

“Although she concealed a lot from me, celestial jades are extremely important to me right now. If I have enough celestial jades, I can reach the late stage of Soul Transformation in a short period of time. Although reaching the Ascendant stage will require me to comprehend more about the heavens, with the celestial jades, I won’t have any worries! However, I can’t easily promise her; I must see what her bottom line is!” Wang Lin pondered for a bit and shook his head.

“I have to take some time to consider this. I’ll give fellow cultivator an answer four months from now!”

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