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Chapter 546 – Demon Soldiers

Those decades of living as a mortal were the most peaceful years he had, and also a period where his cultivation increased greatly

Although it has been many years, he couldn’t forget the things he experienced back then. Thinking about Da Niu made him sigh as he drank all of the wine in his cup in one gulp.

The way this wine was brewed made it very strong when you drank it, but then it gave a really memorable aftertaste. It was very similar to the wine Da Niu used to bring him.

Thirteen was still silent. He seemed to see that Wang Lin had something on this mind. The only thing he could do was pour wine for Wang Lin when the cup was empty.

Hu Pao had resisted for a long time, and after swallowing a large amount of saliva, he finally wasn’t able to hold out any longer. He looked at Wang Lin, then he quietly picked up a jar, broke the seal, and poured himself a cup. He picked up the cup, drank it in one gulp, and was immediately startled.

Just as he was about to pour another cup, he saw Thirteen looking at him coldly. He felt wronged, thinking, “I just want to drink some wine. The Ancestor isn’t even saying anything; why are you so noisy?”

Although he was thinking about this in his heart, he didn’t show it on his face.

Wang Lin drank one cup after another, and the nostalgic expression on his face deepened as he thought about everything that happened on planet Suzaku.

He suddenly had a powerful urge to leave this Demon Spirit Land, leave planet Tian Yun, and go back to the place that gave birth to him and raised him.

This urge became stronger and stronger until it occupied his entire mind. The cup shattered from his grip and the pieces pierced into his hand. However, Wang Lin didn’t even pay any attention to that because he was submerged in his nostalgia.

At this moment, if a cultivator saw Wang Lin, they would be shocked. After all, cultivators strived for strong dao hearts, so how could they allow themselves to be taken over by these urges and be submerged in such nostalgia?

Thirteen immediately noticed that something was wrong. He suddenly turned toward Wang Lin, showing a face filled with worry.

Hu Pao also noticed that something was wrong. The worry on his face wasn’t any weaker than Thirteen’s.

Just at this moment, the sound of armor clattering came from outside the restaurant followed by some loud bustling noise. Soon after, seven or eight demon soldiers wearing black armor entered the restaurant.

Their expressions were extremely arrogant. As soon as one of the waiters walked up, they pushed the waiter aside and said, “Bring your best wine and dishes, now!”

The waiter was pushed to the ground. After he got up, he smiled and nodded before quickly leaving.

Many of the customers inside the restaurant quickly paid and left, not daring to stay.

Those seven or eight people in armor pulled some tables together, sat down, and began to talk loudly.

Among those people, one person was sitting in the leader’s position. He was about 30 years old, his face was gloomy, and he gave off an oppressive aura.

After the wine and dishes arrived, he picked up the jar, broke the mud seal, and drank the entire jar in one go. Then he threw the jar aside and, intentionally or unintentionally, the jar shattered next to Wang Lin’s table.

Thirteen’s eyes became serious as he turned around to look at them. Then he took a deep breath and slowly turned his head back. He remained silent.

Hu Pao also frowned, but he knew that there was something wrong with the Ancestor. It was not good a good idea to cause trouble right now, so he suppressed his anger.

One of black-armored burly men loudly said, “Lord Commander, don’t you worry. When that person arrives the day after tomorrow, we’ll get all the units together and show that person who the real commander is!”

The gloomy-faced man wiped the wine off his mouth and said, in a serious voice, “Did you find out that person’s background?”

Another black-armored soldier softly said, “It is a foreigner. I heard that he was tested by the General but didn’t meet the requirements and was granted a commander position as an exception!”

“Hmph!” The person with the gloomy expression picked up another jar of wine and took another big gulp.

“Lord Commander, first thing when he arrives I’ll challenge him and see what kind of strength he has. According to the rules of the army, if his strength isn’t enough, even if it was the lord general that appointed him, he won’t be able to gain command of soldiers.”

“That’s right. Why did the Lord General make this new person the commander while demoting the Commander to vice commander!? There is no reason for this, and no one can sit around and allow something like this to happen!”

“Enough!” The gloomy-faced person took another big gulp and said, “I want to see what kind of skill this person has! Foreigners… there are strong and weak foreigners! It’s not like I haven’t killed a few foreigners myself! If this person is strong, we will use the Immortal Slaying Formation!”

After he said that, the surrounding black-armored soldiers all shut their mouths.

“Eh?” The gloomy-faced person frowned and said, “You guys scared?”

People were still paying their bills and leaving. Soon, there were only two occupied tables left. Aside from the table of the demon soldiers, there was Wang Lin’s table of three.

The cup in Wang Lin’s hand had already been crushed, but the look of nostalgia on his face became even stronger. Celestial spiritual energy began to slowly spread out from his body, and the demonic ideals suppressed inside him slowly became stronger and spread out.

Thirteen softly called out, “Ancestor!”

Back at the demon soldiers’ table, the gloomy-faced man said, “If you’re scared, then scram now!”

One of the demon soldiers beside him quickly said, “Lord Commander, if we use the Immortal Slaying Formation on someone on our side, the Lord General might punish…”

“That person will be dead by then, and I’ll have my position back. Even if there is punishment, I’ll be there to accept it, so you guys won’t be affected.” The gloomy faced person finished drinking that jar of wine and threw it again.

This wine jar flew directly at Wang Lin’s table at an extremely fast speed. Thirteen’s eyes became cold and he grabbed the jar. At the same time, his expression suddenly changed, and he was pushed to the side and the chair under him collapsed immediately after.

Thirteen’s body was forced back several steps. He forced himself to swallow the blood in his mouth and stabilize his body.

The gloomy-faced person immediately shouted, “Scram! I’m in a bad mood today! Only the three of you have no eyes!”

Hu Pao’s eyes became cold as he stared at the table of demon soldiers. He could feel powerful demonic spiritual energy coming from each of them. He knew that he could win against just one of them, but against two, he would be in for a hard fight. Especially that person who threw the wine jar, whose demonic spiritual energy no longer leaked out. When Hu Pao’s eyes met this man’s eyes, he immediately felt pain in his heart and quickly withdrew his gaze.

Thirteen took a deep breath, then he placed down the wine jar, walked up to Wang Lin, and softly said, “Ancestor!”

Wang Lin seemed to not notice anything as he sat there motionlessly.

When the gloomy-faced person first entered the restaurant, he noticed Wang Lin and found Wang Lin very strange. It was as if there were two types of forces fighting to the death inside this person’s body.

The purpose of the first wine jar was to scout Wang Ling. The meaning of these two wine jars was obvious!

When the demon soldiers saw that Wang Lin’s group of three still hadn’t left, they felt very unhappy. One of the soldiers shouted, “You’re courting death!”

With that, he walked toward Wang Lin.

On the side, Thirteen’s eyes became extremely cold, and he directly threw out a punch. The demon soldier’s reaction wasn’t slow, but he was a bit shocked. In response, his hand turned into a fist and he cycled the demonic spiritual energy in his body. A demonic light suddenly appeared around his fist, then it turned into a fierce tiger that entered his fist and collided with Thirteen’s punch.

There was a muffled sound as the demon soldier coughed out blood and flew back like he was hit by a powerful force. He landed on a table and completely smashed it as blood gushed out of his mouth.

Thirteen was forced back several steps and blood came out from the corner of his mouth. He was already injured from when he caught the wine jar, and now he was forcibly using his power, causing his injuries to become even worse. Also, his right hand was completely numb now.

His body refining method was originally not complete, so when cultivating it, his strength was naturally lacking.

When Hu Pao saw Thirteen act, he reached into his robe and took out more than a dozen small flags. As he waved them, a cold, howling wind immediately appeared.

After the demon soldiers saw that one of their own was injured, they all stood up, filled with killing intent. These people had been on the battlefield for a long time, and once they released their killing intent, their power would increase several fold.

Only the gloomy person still sat there without moving. His gaze was still on Wang Lin.

“You savages dare to stir up trouble in Ancient Demon City?!” The demon soldiers sneered and then charged like fierce tigers.

The six demon soldiers all attacked at once, causing Hu Pao to curse. He immediately released the soul fragments inside the soul flags and they filled the restaurant.

Thirteen’s body mixed into the soul fragments and began the battle.

One of the demon soldiers quickly shouted, “Demonic spells! Brother, quickly, use demonic spiritual energy to break through!”

The six demon soldiers were extremely skilled, so they each spread out their demonic spiritual energy. In an instant, six strands of very powerful demonic spiritual energy charged out like raging dragons. These six strands each had at least 30 ranks of demonic spiritual energy. Moving through the restaurant, the six strands forced the soul fragments back.

Thirteen’s face was extremely pale, and Hu Pao secretly cursed. They looked at each other and both saw the determination in the other’s eyes!

Even if they died, they must ensure the Ancestor’s safety!

At this moment, Hu Pao suddenly felt like Thirteen wasn’t that annoying!

The gloomy-faced person’s expression suddenly changed as he shouted, “Withdraw your demonic spiritual energy! Quick!”

At the moment he shouted that, the six strands of demonic spiritual energy went out of control. Under the six demon soldiers’ confused gazes, the six strands of demonic spiritual energy charged toward Wang Lin and entered his brow.

At this moment, the look of nostalgia in Wang Lin’s eyes dissipated, then he let out a long breath and his eyes regained clarity.

“What a powerful demonic ideal!” Wang Lin’s eyes showed a hint of surprise.

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