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Chapter 545 – Commander

As Wang Lin stepped through the air toward the general, his long hair flowed behind him. He was like a demon god with a hint of ruthlessness in his cold expression. After breaking the seventh collapse, he was only 50 feet from the demon general.

The general of the left wing’s expression was very serious as he looked at Wang Lin.

At this moment, the eighth collapse surged out from the void like a flood and entered the world.

This eighth collapse displayed an unprecedented amount of power as it turned from incorporeal to corporeal and smashed into Wang Lin like a real flood.

With his body surrounded by demonic spiritual energy, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he walked directly toward the eighth collapse. At the moment his body touched the eighth collapse, the demonic flame around him suddenly intensified. It turned into a demonic aura that pierced directly into the heavens. Right now it felt like the entire world was filled with a demonic aura.

The eighth collapse hadn’t been destroyed yet, but the ninth collapse silently appeared.

Wang Lin slightly frowned. Although he had turned into a demon and had the ideals of a demon, his dao heart was still stable. However, if he continued to become even more demonic, it would be hard for his dao heart to not be affected.

Wang Lin was very familiar with the drawbacks of walking the demonic path.

At this moment, the eighth and ninth collapses arrived. Wang Lin quickly weighed his choices and immediately made a decision. He looked at the demon general, who was now only 30 feet away!

After letting out a sigh, rather than charging forward, he retreated. He retreated so quickly that his body completely disappeared, and when he reappeared he was more than 10,000 feet away.

The general of the left wing was startled. His eyes faintly flashed and he laughed loudly. “You know when to retreat and you understand when to make the right decision. Good!” With that, he reached out with his right hand, and with a series of rumblings, the ten collapse fists disappeared. At this moment, the heavens and earth seemed to return to normal.

“Although you didn’t break my ten collapse fists, you are strong enough to be a commander! I, the general of the left wing Yun Lihai, grant you the position of commander of Ancient Demon City and 10,000 demon soldiers!” As the general spoke, his right hand reached out. A green token suddenly appeared and he threw it at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral. After catching the token, he clasped his hands and said, “Thank you, General!”

“You can rest in the city first. Seven days from now someone will bring you to your barracks!” Yun Lihai looked at Wang Lin with a hint of admiration before his body flickered and completely disappeared without a trace.

After seeing all of this, Yao Xixue was about to speak, but Wang Lin didn’t even look at her before turning around and leaving.

Yao Xixue’s beautiful brow furrowed as she let let out a snort and left.

Wang Lin casually walked into the distance, and as he walked away, the demonic aura around him slowly dissipated. This was already the center of Ancient Demon City, so after half an hour, large streets and tall buildings appeared before Wang Lin.

Wang Lin sat silently while cultivating inside an inn.

He sat there for a total of four days and four nights!

His hair gradually shrank back to what it originally was. Although walking down the demonic path allowed his spells to reach unprecedented power levels, the drawbacks were also huge!

Wang Lin’s dao wasn’t the demonic dao, so when his body was filled with demonic ideals, it didn’t match his dao heart. If this lasted for too long, his dao heart would be affected, and Wang Lin knew that he would completely become a demonic cultivator. Also, due to the incompatibility with his dao heart, his mind would be overtaken by the demonic ideals. Then he would become just a monster without any trace of sanity.

He would only be able to keep his sanity if he devoted his heart to the demonic path like Situ Nan.

With Wang Lin’s mental strength, he would not make this kind of mistake. When he entered the demonic path, he was calculating in his heart how long he had been in it. He was constantly pondering about how to enter the demonic state without allowing it to affect his dao heart..

This was why he decided to retreat when the eighth and ninth collapses arrived. It was not that he couldn’t fight, but if he continued, his dao heart would be affected.

Also, the reason why Wang Lin decided to enter the demonic state aside from learning about the power of faith was to get an outer position. After showing his strength, even though he didn’t pass the eighth collapse, he knew that the general wouldn’t just give him an elder position.

If this Yun Lihai really was that blind, Wang Lin would have immediately left Ancient Demon City and returned to the tribe. At most he would just come back later and conquer this city!

After spending four days and nights in the inn, Wang Lin finally compressed the demonic ideals in his body to a single point and sealed it inside him. This demonic ideal was impossible to remove, and Wang Lin didn’t want to remove it because when properly used, it could increase his strength by a lot.

Thirteen and Hu Pao had arrived at the inn one day ago and had settled down in the two rooms next to Wang Lin’s. The reason the two of them were able to find him was because Wang Lin called out to them with his divine sense.

After several days of cultivation, Wang Lin walked out of the inn on the fifth day, with Thirteen and Hu Pao following closely after.

While walking on the road of Ancient Demon City, Wang Lin felt like he was in another world. There were many differences between here and the cultivation world; from the buildings to the environment, everything was different.

“This East Demon Spirit Sea is a world of its own, making it very mysterious. I just don’t know how this place formed. Could the rumor that this was the cultivation cave of a powerful celestial emperor before the Celestial Realm collapsed really be true…” Wang Lin couldn’t believe it. If the rumor was really true, then this celestial emperor’s cultivation was beyond belief. To be able to make his own cultivation cave the size of an entire world was too terrifying to imagine.

“Although it is a rumor, rumors don’t appear without a reason. If this is really the cultivation cave of a celestial emperor, then this is a realm he that himself created. So where did all these natives come from…” As Wang Lin walked through the city, he began to ponder.

“Could it be…” Wang Lin’s heart trembled, and he had a really crazy idea. Back in his village, some of the villagers would create an area with mud and use it to raise livestock.

Wang Lin looked at the world before him and then raised his head to look at the sky. He suddenly had the illusion that he was inside one of those mud pens and these citizens around him were livestock.

Wang Lin shook his head and bitterly smiled. He told himself that he was overthinking it, but the idea remained in his head and didn’t disappear.

Thirteen and Hu Pao followed behind Wang Lin. Thirteen’s expression was always cold, and his gaze was always on Wang Lin’s surroundings. If there were any suspicious individuals, he would immediately act.

As for Hu Pao, he didn’t think too much. His gaze always fell on the various buildings and stalls. His eyes would occasionally light up, meaning he had just spotted something that interested him.

Wang Lin had no interest in Ancient Demon City at all. After walking for two hours, he arrived at a restaurant that was bursting with people.

After becoming a cultivator, Wang Lin gradually lost interest in mortal food; right now he only needed to cultivate to satisfy his body’s needs.

Just food wasn’t enough to capture Wang Lin’s attention, but there were giant wine jars outside the restaurant. These wine jars were 30 feet wide and 20 feet tall. There were ladders around the jars where the staff would climb to get wine.

Seeing the wine jars, Wang Lin stopped and looked at the name of this restaurant.

Green Bamboo Restaurant!

There was also a pair of couplets on the side of the restaurant’s door.

“The bamboo and orchid fragrance welcomes the guest.”

“The aroma of the plum and chrysanthemum will send off the lords.”

Wang Lin looked at the door with interest. At this moment, one of the staff members at the door quickly walked up and smiled. “Sir, my little store’s green bamboo wine is a famous wine in the nine countries, so why not come in for a drink or two? Today we just opened a new jar, and the owner said that anyone who can drink 10 small jars without getting drunk will not have to pay for the wine. This kind of opportunity is rare, so why not come in and have a taste?” This staff member’s eyes were very good. Although he couldn’t see anything abnormal about Wang Lin, he could tell that Thirteen and Hu Pao were not simple. These two people were clearly guards, so that meant that Wang Lin had to have high status!

Wang Lin was interested in what this person said, so he smiled. “Then let me taste just what is so special about this green bamboo wine!” With that, he walked into the restaurant.

Thirteen and Hu Pao quickly followed.

The inside of the restaurant was very elegant, and it was moderate in size. Right now there were many guests talking and laughing with each other inside.

When Wang Lin’s group entered, the staff member quickly walked in and shouted, “Three honored guests!”

Just as he finished shouting, a waiter quickly walked out and said, “Sirs, please follow me. There is a top quality window seat available, so please follow me to it!”

With that, he led the way. When he got to the seat next to the window, he used the towel on his elbow to wipe it clean.

Wang Lin sat down. Thirteen and Hu Pao hesitated, but after seeing Wang Lin nod, they sat down across from him.

The waiter had good eyes and immediately asked Wang Lin, “Does Sir want to eat anything?”

Wang Lin softly said, “Bring three small jars of your green bamboo wine!”

“OK!” The waiter placed the towel on his elbow and left. Soon, he returned with three jars of wine and placed down some wine cups.

Thirteen quickly picked up the wine jar and knocked off the mud that was sealing it. He poured a full cup for Wang Lin but didn’t drink any himself. Hu Pao swallowed hard. Seeing as how Thirteen was not drinking, it would be inconvenient for him to drink. He silently muttered complaints in his heart, but none of it showed on his face.

Wang Lin picked up the wine up and took one sip. A flavor of wine involuntarily entered his heart. Wang Lin had only drank one kind of wine before, and that was when he was turning into a mortal on planet Suzaku. The wine Da Niu’s ancestor left behind.

In those several dozens of years, Da Niu would often bring him wine. Gradually, Wang Lin was filled with nostalgia about that wine.

“Time causes everything to change. I wonder if planet Suzaku is still peaceful… Time is ruthless, and Da Niu’s generation of mortals has died long ago. His descendants should still be alive…” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with nostalgia.

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